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An hour later he had finished. The window now closing with ease. She sat on the couch with him having a glass of wine. He had a beer.

“So how is everything ” she asked Ben.

“Not bad.” He said. He glanced over her body.

” Had lunch with Ange today.” Rebecca said

” Yes she said she had lunch with you.” Ben said to her.

” You know Ange and I talk about everything, there’s no secrets between us. ” Rebecca said

” Yeh ” Ben laughed.

” She told me about your sex life, as sisters do. ” Rebecca said

” Oh ” Ben replied looking down embarrassed.

” Its ok, your not the only guy with that problem. Ange knows it’s not her. ” Rebecca said putting her hand on his knee.

” I know, I get the urge, and ……

” ….erection !” Rebecca looked at him smiling.

” Erection!” Ben said.” But the minute I …”

” …Put it in my sisters pussy….” Rebecca said

” ..yeh. I mean it’s fine up till then, then it just loses its hardness. I try to keep it up but it doesn’t work. Its embarrassing.”

” Am I hot” Rebecca said.

” Yes you are.” Ben said. ” Just like your sister.”

” Look I have had the same thing happen with a guy as well.” She said sliding her hand up his thigh. To his groin.

” Really” he said pushing her hand away.

” Yeh why don’t you fuck me, and see what happens.” Rebecca said smiling.

” Are you serious ? ” Ben said.

” Let’s just say it’s a experiment to see if you can keep it up with another woman. I wont tell Ange. Our little secret. I know you want to fuck me. Here’s your chance babe.”

” Fuck I cant. I want to but….”

“… your afraid of embarrassing yourself if you cant perform and I’m your wife’s sister.”

” Yeh both.” He said.

” I wont be offended if you cant do it. Come on let’s play. Think of it as a experiment.” She said putting her hand on his chest kissing his cheek. ” Fuck me ” she whispered.

He turned kissing her lips. Her hand sliding inside his shorts and underwear feeling his hard cock and they kissed. Ben groaned as she fondled his hard shaft as they kissed. He put his hand on her knee. He slid it up and inside her thigh up her skirt. She opened her legs as he reached her groin rubbing over her underwear over her pussy. He lifted his arse as she pulled down his shorts and underwear below his knees. His hard circumcised cock at attention.

” Wow.” She said looking at his fat 8 inch cock. His huge vein running up the length of his shaft. His shaved balls. She stroked it as she kissed his. She then leant down guiding her lips over his knob and down his shaft sucking it. She caressed his balls and stroked his shaft as she sucked. She circled her tongue around his knob and licked up his shaft. He held her head as she bobbed up and down his cock.

” Oh fuck” he said putting his head back as she sucked his cock. She stood up he sat forward reaching behind her unzipping her skirt. She turned her back to him. He dropped her skirt revealing her underwear. He runs his hands over her boxer briefs. The lace turning him on. She bends over putting her hands on her knees. Ben sees her pussy bulging against the lace. He pulls them down her arse and her thighs revealing her shaved pussy. He drops them to her ankles spreading her arse cheeks leaning in licking her vagina opening and arse. He sits her down and kneels between her open legs admiring her wet pussy. He slowly licks up her pussy to her clit finding her vagina opening pushing his fingers inside her. She groans as he fingers her as he licks and circles her pussy. She holds his head feeling her pussy moisten as he licks up her juices. Her sisters husband between her legs. She groans as moments later she orgasms. She undid her blouse opening it up. He kisses up her body to her breasts kissing her cleavage. She leans forward he helps take her blouse off. He squeezes her bust her hard nipples visible through her bra. He bits them slightly as he licks them with his tongue. She reached behind her back undoing her bra strap. He takes it off admiring her naked breasts. He kisses and licks them fondling them.

He sits on the couch. They lean in to each other. They kiss as she strokes his hard cock. He fondled her breasts and then slids his hand between her open legs rubbing her pussy. She stands up and straddled him facing him. She grabs his cock rubbing her vagina entrance and slids down his shaft she groans as he penetrates her fully. She slowly rides him leaning back her hands on his knees. He fondles her breasts smiling at her as she rides up and down his cock. She spends up he watches his cock slid between her pussy lips.

It’s hard. He half expects it to soften. The phone rings behind him.

” Shit ” She says seeing the number. ” Its them the hob I went for today.”

” Answer it” He says.

She stops on his cock. It’s still in her as she answers.

” Hello Rebecca speaking” she says as Ben fondles her breasts. ” Yes…….Ok……..Yes……” She says listening watching him fondle her breasts and kiss them licking her nipples. ” Monday next week. Yes I will be there thank you.” She says and hangs up.

” So ” Ben says.

” I got it. Start next Monday.”

” Congrats.” He says his cock still hard in her. She starts riding him again as she kisses his lips. He cups her breasts as she rides him. She gets off and turns around sliding back down his cock her back to him he holds her hips as she bounces on his cock admiring her arse cheeks. She leans back. He fondles her breasts. Minutes later she gets off and sits on the couch. He kneels between her legs finding her vagina hole with his knob guiding it inside her. He watches his cock slid between her pussy lips thrusting in and out of her. He squeezes her breasts as he thrusts her.

” Have to cum.” He says.”

” Fill me up.” She says smiling.

” Don’t want to get you pregnant.” he replies.

” You wont, just fuckin cum in me.”

Minutes later he explodes in her filling her pussy with his cum. ” Oh fuck” he says.

” Oh yes ” she replies as they kiss. He thrusts her with short thrusts as they kiss. She rolls him onto the couch sitting down. She straddles him facing him sitting on his lap. His cum dripping from her pussy. She slids down his body to his softening cock lifting it with her mouth sucking it tastes his cum and her pussy juices. She stands up in front of him. He admires her beautiful naked body his cum dripping down her legs. He gets on his knees in front of her licking his cum of her. He licks her pussy putting his finger inside her wet cum filled pussy tasting his cum and her juices.

They go and shower and both walk back to the kitchen naked. They hug and kiss.

” It stayed up our little experiment worked.” she said.

” It did” he replied. ” Fuck Ange cant find out.” Ben says kissing her lips.

” She won’t. Our secret babe. Now get dressed and go home to your wife.”

” Yes” he says finding his clothes dressing. Rebecca saying naked. They hug again and kiss.

” Have to do it again sometime.” She says.

“Serious” he replies.

” Why not.” She says cupping his groin his cock hard again. She kisses him again as he leaves.

She goes to her couch and sits.” Fuck” she says turning on TV. She sits watching porn fingering herself for a hour.

She then went outside to her private courtyard naked and lay on the grass looking up at the stars.

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