Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

She arrived early, she liked to be early. She walked into the store. ‘ Selling furniture’ she thought to herself. She did like the idea of been assistant manager from what she had been told the father was retiring and the son was taking over as manager.

She was greeted by Nathan a 35 yr old. He was tall slightly overweight a small moustache. She hated moustaches. He was dressed well in a suit and tie, and had nice cologne. She felt his eyes do the once over of her body. ‘ Eyes up pervert’ she thought as his father came over and introduced him. Alan was short and slim with a moustache and dressed in a suit and tie.

” Come upstairs” Alan said. She followed Alan up the stairs. Nathan followed behind her. She felt his eyes on her arse and legs. Probably by now a boner in his trousers. She smiled as they reached the office. Their was a leather sofa and a two seater opposite. A coffee table in the middle.

“Sit ” Alan said. She sat in the two seater crossing her legs as Alan sat opposite her. Nathan sat next to his father both now looking her over. She flicked her hair over her shoulder and waited for the first question passing over her resume. Alan opened it and looked it over. She caught Nathans eyes attracted to her legs. Probably hoping for s accidental look up her skirt. ‘ Should have worn no knickers’ she thought. She felt her pussy tingle. Why she didn’t know she wasn’t attracted to either of them.

‘ Sex with the boss. Umm’ she thought itching her knee. Nathan eyes following her hand. ‘ Flash him’ she thought. ‘ You might get the job. No then you would have to sleep with him.’

She smiled and answered all the questions selling herself. She was sure she could still taste her ex husbands cum on her lips from giving him a blow job all the way about three hours earlier.

She knew she had a high sex drive. Well losing her virginity at a early age at 14. She sat looking attentive but her mind elsewhere.

” Any questions ” Alan asked her. She re-positioned sliding her leg down shuffling crossing the other leg. She thought.’Will sleeping with the boss get me up the ladder’ she thought. She felt a itch above her nipple. She pretended to itch under her arm grazing her nipple now erect under her bra.

“No”she said. That covers it. They stood up and she said goodbye after been shown around the shop. The storeroom. ‘ Great place to fuck’ she thought.’ Try out all the beds.’

She arrived home after work that night. She opened a bottle of wine pouring a full glass. Minutes later there was a knock at the door. She opened it.

” What the fuck do you want” she said her ex boyfriend who she had broken up with 4 weeks earlier.

” Talk ” he said. ” About us, I miss you babe, I really do.”

” Fuck off ” she said trying to close to door his foot in the doorway.

” Please babe,listen.” he said ” We are good together.”

” Fuck off” she said again.” Ok why would I want you back.”

” We have had time apart,I miss you and I need you in my life babe. I’m sorry for been a jerk. I have changed. Honestly.”

” Really.” she said. She shook her head.” Why am I even talking about it. The answer is no.”

” Rebecca please , I love you babe I do.”

” Go now ” she said He stepped towards her reaching out holding her hips. She tried to push him away. He kissed her. She resisted. He kissed her lips again. She kissed back. His hand cupped her breast over her blouse. ” No ” She said pushing him back. His hand pulled her blouse open ripping two buttons exposing her bra and cleavage. “Go now.

He tried again she kicked in in the groin. He dropped holding crotch.

” Fuck off” she yelled. She pushed him out the door closing it and locking it. She sat on the floor against the door hearing is car start and sped off minutes later. She lifted her legs cradling then and resting her forehead on her knees. ” Shit ” She said..

For say for 20 minutes composing herself. She wondered why she even dated him they had sex twice and that was nothing to write home about. A girl from work introduced then saying he was a nice guy. He was a jerk.

She was with him for 8 weeks. She agonized whether to stop her fling with her ex husband. She was torn between the two of them. She loved the casual sex with her ex husband. She saw him twice why she was with her boyfriend.

She was startled by a knock at the door. ‘ Fuck ‘she thought’ Don’t give up do you’

” Fuck off or I call the police. ” She yelled.

” Its Ben.” a voice said.

” Shit” she said standing up It could have been the religious Mrs Nicolas, she knew she didn’t approve of the casual nature of her sex life. ‘ Been with one man all my life’ she once told Rebecca

” One moment ” She said she unlocked the door and opened the door.

Her sisters husband stood in the doorway. He was dressed in shorts and a singlet. He was a very handsome man. Short hair muscular and a touch of feminine as well. She liked a manly man. But she did like ‘ with the right man of course’ a bit of femininity.

” Hi” she said letting him in. ” I forgot you were coming ” she said seeing his red toolbox in his hand.

” You ok” he said as she lead him to the lounge window that was sticking.

” Yeh ” had ex around. Hes still the same old jerk.” Ben noticed the ripped blouse seeing her cleavage and bra lace.

” Good ” he said as she showed him window opening it pushing it hard and telling him how hard it is to close.

To he continued…..

By Nasus

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