Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Mr Khan was just starting his last shift at the zoo where he had worked for forty years and now at sixty eight years of age he was retiring. After doing his checks and finding everything in order he watched the last member of the day shift leave then sat down to read the memos left by his boss, the first memo told him that Dawn Miller would be arriving about nine after her football practice to study the gorilla’s in connection with her school work, Mr Khan knew that Dawn was sixteen years old and a loud mouthed violent racist and was not looking forward to having her in the zoo, just after nine Mr Khan went to the main gate when he heard the bell ring, After he had let Dawn in she said in her usual offensive way ” you took your time you old fart” back in the office Mr Khan gave Dawn the usual list of what she could and could not do Dawn stuffed it into her bag and headed to the gorilla enclosure, Mr Khan had noticed that Dawn was still wearing her football shorts and jumper but when he had offered her a room in which to change Dawn had refused saying ” I don’t want a dirty old man spying on me, Mr Khan went to the canteen opposite the gorilla enclosure and watched Dawn as she made notes and took photos, after half a hour Dawn decided to go inside the enclosure to get better photos, Mr Khan was about to go and tell Dawn to come out when he saw two gorillas start pushing Dawn, Mr Khan reached for the dart gun as he did he saw Dawn had fallen to the ground he then saw one of the gorillas pull Dawn by her football shirt the flimsy material of the shirt ripped and Dawn slumped back to the ground as the tee shirt ripped clean off her body and when the gorilla pulled Dawn up by her hair Mr Khan saw her naked large boobs and thought I like what I am seeing, Mr Khan saw Dawn break free and run for the gate but a gorilla grabbed out and when Dawn’s shorts were ripped off leaving her naked Mr. Khan thought I dont need to spy I am getting a good view, Dawn was now being pushed around like a paper doll with Mr Khan liking the way her boobs bounced around as well as the sight of her love tube and bum, Dawn was able to run for the gate again but slipped and fell forward over a thick branch a gorilla ampled up to Dawn who was laying have over the branch. Dawn felt a wet patch slide over her bum cheeks and realised it was the gorillas dick and when it slid into her love tube Dawn screamed out help, Mr Khan thought the gorilla can manage dear girl he don’t need any help, Dawn hung over the branch as the gorilla pounded away into her love tube, Mr Khan stood in the canteen watching liking how Dawn’s boobs swung around after twenty minutes the gorilla left Dawn who fell to the floor, Dawn tried to crawl to the gate on her hands and knees as she did another gorilla grabbed Dawn and when Dawn felt it’s dick enter her bum again she screamed out again Mr Khan watched as the gorilla pounded Dawn’s bum thinking there is only another two and it is mating season, Mr Khan watched as the gorilla pounding into Dawns bum let her drop to the floor , Dawn was able to get to her feet, when Mr Khan saw hat Dawn’s nipples were erect he thought she is enjoying herself, Mr Khan watched as another gorilla rounded on Dawn and soon Mr Khan was watching as the gorilla pounded into her love tube, after the gorilla had finished Dawn was able to get out of the compound and lay on the ground, Mr Khan though better show willing got the dart gun and went to where Dawn was, After closing the gate Mr Khan told Dawn she should have not gone inside, Dawn ignored him got up and staggered to the office then after having a shower put clothes from her bag on and staggered home. The following day Mr Khan and lots of his mates sat watching the film from the zoo’s CCTV system of Dawns time with the gorillas.

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