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She had never been the same. Her pussy had never been so turned on with anticipation. She sat in the hotel room. She wore a lacy see through red bra and matching red see through g string and her school uniform. A red and black knee length pleated skirt and short sleeved blue blouse with the school coat of arms on the left breast. Her long blonde hair up in pony tails as instructed. Her fuck me heels on her feet. She had been waiting all day she couldn’t concentrate at school. Her secret meeting. He was in town on business.

Her phone buzzed with a text. Will be ten minutes it said.

She waited in his hotel room. She met him at lunch time in her school uniform.

She sat feeling so grown up. Her parents thinking she was away with friends for the night.

It was 6.25 pm. She sat sipping a glass of wine. She sat looking in the mirror at herself. She smiled.

I’m 16, sitting in a hotel room waiting for my lover. She heard a knock at the door. The knock they had practiced. She knew it was him. She unlocked it. He was their. He stepped in the room. 17 Stories up in the hotel. He closed the door behind her. They embraced and kissed his hands sliding and rubbing over her back.

” Missed you. ” She said.

” I’ve missed you to baby. ” He said. ” You look beautiful tonight in your school uniform. ” He said. She handed him a glass of wine. He sipped it. They kissed again.

” Hows your wife ? ” April asked Richy.

” Shes good, hows your boyfriend ? ” Richy asked.

” Hes good, I still make him wear a condom. ” She replied.

” Even though your on the pill. ” Richy said.

” Yeh, I only want important people in me with no condom. ” She said.

” I’m important, ” he said.

” Well you did get me on the pill, without my parents finding out. ” She said.

” No one found them ?’ Richy asked brushing her hair off her face.

” No they are tucked away in my bedroom. ” She said. ” If mum does find them. I will say they are Stella’s. Shes 18 now. She said she will say she left them at my place. She stays often enough. ” April replied.

” You turn 17 soon.? ” Richy asked.

” Three months. ” She said. ” I had only just turned 16 when I met you six months ago. ” April said.

” I have turned 29 since then. Richy said.

” Shit. ” April said kissing him undoing his tie sliding it out of his collar dropping it to the floor. ” Hows Nile’s ? ” She asked.

” Good. He sees Lola occasionally. ” Richy said.

” You naughty boys. ” April replied.

” Yes. Oh well. Its only sex aye. ” He said.

” True. ” She replied.

” Hows your brother ? ” Richy asked.

” Good. I mean we still play with each other. I let him shower with me and we have started having oral sex occasionally. But no sex. ” She said.

” Sure he would love to have sex with you. ” Richy said.

” He would. But no. There’s one place your brothers cock should not go. That’s your sisters pussy. As I say don’t mind him playing with me. But any further no way. ” She said.

” Well anyway. Enough about others. Its about you and me. You look tasty enough to eat young lady. ” He said undoing her blouse opening it seeing her red bra. Her erect nipples through the lace in her bra. ” Missed your body. ” He said sliding his hand down her back to her arse lifting her skirt feeling her arse cheeks.

She watched as he fondled her breasts leaning in kissing her cleavage kissing over her bra to her nipple licking it. She thought back to the morning after the orgy that night. Their time alone naked in the warm lake kissing and fucking. On the platform making love and talking. She felt she could tell him anything. But he was just her married lover. It was just sex. Her been on the pill because of her doctor lover. His strong hands gripped her breasts. She was on her second glass of wine. He stood kissing her lips. He pushed off his shoes. She undid his shirt taking it off. He lifted his singlet off. She sat on the bed undoing his trousers dropping them with his underwear.

She grabbed his hard cock. A cock she hadn’t seen for six months. She was sure it was bigger than she remembered it. Her mouth slipped over his knob down his shaft.

She felt like a young hooker, meeting a older man for a fuck for money. She was fucking for her contraception. Worked out for her. Only till shes 18 them shes a adult she can do it without her parents permission.

She loved fucking Richy. He was nice. She had sent him photos in lingerie, in her uniform, not nudes. But seductive ones. She sucked up and down his shaft. She couldn’t wait for his cock go fill her pussy with his cum. After losing her virginity when she turned 16 with no condom. Her pregnancy scare. She was relieved to get her period. Now she could not use protection.

She stroked it as she sucked. Those pornos she had watched with Stella and Lola paid off. Practicing on her brother. Most would find it gross sucking their brothers cock. She kind of enjoyed it. He got a blowjob from her on his 18th birthday. She felt everyone was growing older except her.

Her brother turning 18, Stella turning 18. Lola about to turn 18. Richy now a year older than he was after she fucked him six months ago. Well she thought I had only just turned 16 when her sex life all of a sudden flourished. She was playing with Lola and Stella before 16. From 14 she realised she was bi. She loved playing with girls. But not till she was 16 she decided she would lose her virginity to a boy.

She licked up his shaft, now really good at oral sex on cocks. She felt Richy tense up she knew he was about to cum. She was not afraid of cum either. Her brother had blown in her mouth a couple of times. She had licked up both Nile’s and Richy’s cum.

” Cum in my mouth baby. ” She said smiling up at Richy. A minute later he did. Cum shot down the back of her throat. She swallowed licking his cock clean his hand on her head. His fingers in her hair bunching her long blonde hair pony tails in his hands Her straightened long blonde hair with dark tips about a inch at the end of her hair. He looked down at her head over his cock licking and sucking it cleaning the cum off.

” Fuck April. ” He said. She stood up kissing him licking her tongue around her lips.

” Yummy Yummy. ” She said. She sipped her wine finishing it. She walked to the bar pouring a third glass. She stepped behind her. His hands on her arse kissing her neck, her ear. Sliding his hands around her hips onto her stomach pulling her into him. His eyes gazing down her chest from behind at her cleavage in her bra and her open blouse.Her soft tanned skin poking through the lace of her bra. She sipped her wine turning sitting up on the bench her legs open. He knelt down kissing down her front to her groin seeing her wet pussy lips through the lace as he lifted her skirt. He leant in kissing down her front over underwear. His tongue licking up.

” Oh fuck. ” She said as his phone rang.

” Could be my wife. ” He said.

” I’m here for a surprise visit, I’m downstairs. ” April joked.

He looked at his phone. ” It is, fuck don’t say that. ” He said. ” Shh please be quiet. ”

He took a deep breath and answered the phone. April went and lay on the bed on her side leaning on her arm. Her head resting in her hand.

Richy talked to his wife. April smiling and blowing kisses. She lay on her back and caressed her breasts, she slid a hand to her groin lifting her skirt rubbing over her pussy. She rubbed herself arching her back bending her legs and opening them. Her head back she slid her hands in her underwear rubbing her pussy sliding a finger inside herself finger fucking herself. A minute later she took it out and put it in her mouth seductively pushing it in and out tasting her juices then put it back in watching him talk to his wife on the phone.

Richy stood watching as he talked to his wife naked watching April on the bed her skirt up around her waist playing with her pussy. Her blouse open her beautiful cleavage in her bra.

She stood and sat on the edge of the bed reaching out holding his cock. He said goodbye after 10 minutes. She stood kissing him. She was feeling a bit drunk. She didn’t care. Richy poured his second glass. She hugged him and kissed him. He took off her blouse dropping it to the floor, he reached behind her undoing her skirt dropping it to the floor. She lay on the bed as he straddled her leaning in kissing her neck groping her breast he kissed down over her bust sucking her nipple lifting her back unclipping her bra lifting her bra off her breasts sucking her nipple.

He slid his hand between her legs rubbing her pussy. He needed to fuck her. Fuck her now. He kissed to her groin spreading her legs licking over her underwear. He pulled her underwear off her licking her bare pussy. He pushed his fingers in her pussy finger fucking her as he licked. He kissed up her body to her lips. She lay there slightly drunk as he grabbed his cock and plunged it into her, he lifted himself and thrust her hard groping her breasts as he fucked her.

He then after a few minutes stood pulling her arse to the edge of the bed. He opened her legs standing thrusting inside her holding her legs open.

” So your a big girl and going to have cum fill your pussy. ” He said.

” Yes. ” She said her breasts bouncing as he fucked her harder.

” Yeh ” he said moaning. ” Right on your hands and knees. ” He said pulling out of her. She rolled over onto her front her arse in the air. He entered her pussy again fucking her. He rubbed his thumbs around her anus gripping her arse as he thrust deep into her slapping against her. She was loving him in her no condom enjoying it.

She groaned as she orgasmed. Richy thrusting harder and harder pushing her face deep into the bedsheets. Five minutes later he cum shooting his juices into her. He filled her young pussy with cum. She didn’t have to worry about pregnancy. She felt him empty into her, his cock still deep in her pussy.

” Oh fuck yes. ” He said gripping her arse spreading her arse buttocks looking at her pussy his cock harder than ever emptying into her pussy yet she was only 16 and he was 29. She was so beautiful yet so experienced for a girl so young.

He withdrew and lay down she straddled his groin sitting up over his stomach. She leant back opening her labias with her fingers, both seeing his cum dripping from her pussy. She rubbed it over her pussy and stomach then lay on him kissing his lips. She felt drunk, but right now she would rather be no where else in the world than on top of her lover in bed with a pussy full of his cum.

She didn’t mind sex been payment for her contraception pills from her doctor lover. It was worth it. She enjoyed not having to worry about getting pregnant. She did know not even the pill is 100 percent certain but she could live with the better odds.

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