Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

V’s hair swings over your face and tickles your cheeks as he thrusts hard between your legs, your ankles up over his shoulders, his elbows planted by your shoulders. His voice has long gone hoarse, his arms trembling, and his cute tears drop down on your cheeks. “Ah! Ah! Ah! Mer-mercy please, mistress, I-I can’t hold it back any longer!”

By ‘it’, he means his potentially soul-shattering orgasm. You’ve been making him hold it back while you’ve cum around his cock several times, soaking his thighs and his balls and making a squelching sound each time he sinks balls deep inside you. You grin tiredly and unlatch your claws from his back, electing to slick his hair back from his face and hold him by that cute little swoosh instead. “Mmm, you wanna cum inside me, baby? Fill me all up?”

“I do! I do, yes, please, yes-ah!” His teeth grind audibly as his voice goes guttural, like rock grinding against rock, punctuated by loud slapping as he picks up his pace and his force, ramming his thick cock so deep inside you that you yelp and clamp your thighs closed uncontrollably, tightening your pussy around him until he stutters. “I’m going to-going-to-cuuuUUMM!”

“Yes! Yesyesyes put your seed inside me, V. Cum for me, cum for me right now!” You snarl in his face, rutting your hips and enjoying the broken scream that escapes him when he cums on command.

V shakes like a leaf, his hips doing aborted thrusts as he settles deep inside you, his cock spurting and painting your insides white with seed. Impossibly, he cums and cums and cums, his orgasm never ending and his balls pumping out seed for what seems like forever. If he wasn’t collapsed on top of you, you could imagine a little bulge from how much he’s pumped into you, a cute little cum bulge just for you.

With his face planted into your shoulder, his shallow breaths fanning across your heated skin, and his still hard cock buried deep inside you, you purr and adjust so you have your legs wrapped securely around his waist and your arms around his neck. Keeping him close. Keeping him balls deep. “Mmm, that’s my good boy. Such a good boy, V, you filled me up real good, baby. Maybe even put a teeny tiny little baby inside me.”

V stirs long enough to blush and nudge your cheek, licking you gently and purring in his chest as much as a man can. “Allow me a moment of reprieve, my love. I can go again. As many times as you wish.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, V.” A dangerous smile crosses your lips and you wriggle against him, humping his cock until he joins your rhythm sluggishly. Even though he whimpers in over sensitivity, his cock throbs and hardens back to life, squelching and slipping in the cum he’s already pumped into you. “I might take you up on it.”

He flutters his lashes and bites his lip so hard he actually bleeds. “I-I am your slave. Slave to your will, my love. Whatever you desire, I will give you.” Then he winces as you spread your thighs and hook your knees over your elbows, pinning them to your chest. The move makes it easier for him to pound you deeply, to reach the very depths of you, and he quivers as he rises back into place, his hair falling over one shoulder as he tucks his knees under you to raise your hips. “Even if it pains me.”

Despite his words, he regains his strength impressively quickly, putting his hands on your breasts and squeezing them just the way you love, his palms rubbing over your nipples sweetly, and uses them as a brace to pound you as hard as he can manage. To his surprise, he barrels quickly towards his second orgasm once you cum around his cock again with the help of one of his hands, his thumb slipping over your combined juices and seed to hurtle you over the edge.

“So fucking poetic-!” You cut yourself off as you cum, your body going stiff all over and you shake like you’ve been tasered, your pussy milking his cock so well that he yelps and begs for permission. Begs like he’s never begged before. Begs until his voice is ringing in your ears as you come back down to earth. “Cum for me. You’re fucking breeding me again, baby, fuck you’re so perfect!”

Once again, V cums with his head thrown back and his hips ramming into you so hard you slide up into the headboard. The dull pain doesn’t register in your head, nor does the sound register in his. The only thought racing through his mind is that he must cum deep inside you. So deep that it’ll never slip out. And he accomplishes this. Somewhat, at least, because when he falls back onto his ass he inadvertently slips out of you.

Luckily for him, he spurted his seed so deep inside you that you’ll need to push in order to get any of it to seep out beyond what’s already drying around your pussy. Nevertheless, you refuse to feel empty after he’s filled you so well. “Come back here, V.”

It takes him a moment but he hears your command, turning onto all fours to crawl back up you. He jerks when you take his softening cock and cries out when you stuff it back inside you. “N-I’m sen-sensitive, please,” he whimpers tearfully.

In a show of mercy, you tangle your legs with his and pull his head down to your breast when you let him finally nap, his eyes fluttering shut as he dozes off to the feel of you running your hands through his still soft hair. On your end, you decide to get a little shuteye too. There’s enough time for breeding round 2 when you wake up.

By Tommy

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