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Money was always in short supply for us, and she always blamed me. We fell into that routine rut of just getting by, but I guess after 38 years of marriage, maybe we needed something new. She’s the good-looker blue-eyed blondie. I’m the always-been nerd. Did I suspect anything? No. Simple. After five back surgeries, sex was a chore to me. She had to beg. Sometimes when I felt okay, she would tell me to take my pills for ED. Once that worked really great; even I had to admit I was huge compared to normal.

She helped out in the church nursery Tuesday mornings while the Bible Fellowship leaders met to plan their classes. She took the classes every Thursday morning. She developed a few close friends. Her best friend was her Avon lady friend, and they often met for lunch to exchange cash for goods.

I went to work whenever I could, usually beyond the 40-hour work week. Most days I spent just studying amateur porn. I took special interest in cuckold, and watching wife videos. It never occurred to me that she might be cheating on me. I first became suspicious when our 40-year-old son began spending more and more time at our house, frequently chatting with her for long periods of time. I became jealous. Then there seemed to be more than usual meetings with her Avon rep friend Sue.

In my mind, I could easily envision her meeting up with another man and either doggin’ in his car, or meeting at a hotel for a good 1- to 2-hour fucking. When she no longer let me go down on her I became uncomfortable about our sexual experiences. And more and more she only wanted it when she was drunk. Sometimes she even said something about not remembering some times when she was drunk, as if embellishing an excuse for fucking with our son or someone else. And then she was drunk more and more often. It wasn’t until recently though, that I began to envision her out doggin’ for fun. As she’d come home from meeting her Avon friend, I fantasized about checking out her underwear for soilage or some stranger’s spunk.

I didn’t plan it actually, but soon I found myself taking more and more frequent breaks from work, and cruising by our house to peek thru the windows, trying to find her in the middle of some random indiscretion. Once recently, I tried to tail her as she went out to meet up with her ‘Avon lady.’

To my disappointment, I hadn’t caught her yet doing anything even questionable. And then, quite to the opposite, we enjoyed such a good fuck together. It was last Sunday night, and I took my Viagra a couple hours in advance. In bed, she at first declined, I persisted, and she declined again. I turned away, preparing for another night’s sleep without sex. But, then she turned, and asked if I took my Viagra. I said “Yes”.

“Are you ready?” she asked.

“I think so, yes,” my reply. To my surprise, she reached for the lube, then, rather clinically, prepared herself for fucking. I was indeed hard, and she remained clinical as I slid my cock easily between her slickened labia slightly before sliding deeply within her. She then began responding with subtle whimpers as I began to slowly alternate probing and pulling my swollen cock within her.

I worked my cock in and out for less than a minute before she surprised me by cumming on my cock. At first I was surprised, and then I responded by slamming, and then holding my cock hard and tight within her. I could feel her body beneath me tighten and tremble in her orgasm. Her breathing was tight and hard as her body shivered beneath me. Glancing down, I could make out the rippling of her abdominal muscles as her body quaked beneath me.

She smiled rather remotely, detracted as I asked her if she did cum. I continued probing her slowly with my cock. Her response was more of a moan, I assumed in the affirmative. I had yet to cum, so I continued to work my hard cock within her for what only seemed a couple of more minutes before her breathing hardened again. So I slammed my cock as deep and as hard as humanly possible and then held it tightly there deeply impaled within her. Our groins were tightly pressed together as her body again quaked and quivered beneath me. Her breathing stopped as her body tightened, and I again witnessed her rippling muscles as her body orgasmed beneath and around me. I could feel her tightening quivers around my hard cock as I held her there tightly for the better part of a full minute before her body began to relax in her afterglow.

I still had yet to ejaculate as I slowly resumed my fucking movements, sliding my cock out and then in, and then out and then in again, and again. It was perhaps another three to five minutes later before I finally tightened, just before beginning my ejaculation deeply within her. Again, I slammed my body hard against hers as my cock began dumping its load against her cervix. Her body responded yet again; her third orgasm for the night. As my cock exploded within her, this time I could not so much as feel her body tightening around my probing cock, but looking down at her abdomen was rewarded as her body muscles rippled. We did cum together for the final act of our nightly pleasure.

The next evening, she was rather remote and aloof. We had spent the day working together around the house, doing our usual chores. Then, late that evening, she dropped a bomb on me, announcing her unhappiness in our being together. I was floored, and her words were hurtful and mean. I reminded her that I love her, always. But that wasn’t what she wanted to hear.

To make the long story here short, we did stay together. Our relationship pretty much remained the same, as did my suspicions about her infidelity. I remained vigilant about trying to discover her regular movements, as if they would suggest any infidelity. But nothing new was discovered. She did meet up with her Avon lady friend as she was claiming. She went to church Sunday morning, and was not off with another guy. I was on the verge of giving up spying on her. And then it happened.

It was a pretty normal weekend. We visited with two of our grandsons at their soccer games on Saturday. Sunday she went to church as I did the usual yardwork. Sunday afternoon we went grocery shopping together. After putting groceries away I went to the hardware store and when I came home she appeared drunk, and our whole world was upside down. She berated me, accusing me of all kinds of things, from being a poor provider, to being too different from her to meet her needs. The final straw for me was when she accused me of being too lenient on planning for our financial future. I should have been firmer in our needs, suggesting, and saying I was not man enough to stand up to our kids when it came to finances and discipline.

“Hell,” I said, our kids are long gone and moved out. Why is this coming up now?”

She walked out. I wallowed in my despair, having been traumatized as a late teen, almost forty years ago, being accused of the same thing from a former girlfriend. That hurt, badly then. And this time was twice as bad, bringing up the old memories lumped on top of these new accusations. On top of that, I was finally beginning to think that this was the end of our long relationship. I was extremely depressed and sad. The next morning she apologized; sobriety can work wonders on a relationship.

Somehow we got past that, and again I began getting suspicious of her fidelity as our sex life waned even further.

A couple of weeks later, it was early on a Thursday afternoon that I left work for absolutely no reason at all. I headed towards our home when I passed her in her car, going the other direction. I made the turn around without attracting attention to myself, and then followed behind her. Several times I thought that I’d lost her in the light traffic. She crossed over to an older part of town, pulling into a parking lot for an older second-hand store, where I suspected that perhaps she was just shopping for some new antique. She parked on the side of the building, however, and not out in front of the store. She walked around to the front of the store, and entered thru the front door. I had a couple of twenties in my pocket, so I thought I’d surprise her with the extra spending cash. Entering the store, I looked around then began an aisle-by-aisle search of the small store. She was nowhere to be found.

Then I decided to try the back of the store for a hidden exit. The restroom corridor led to a back exit. I tried a couple of minutes scouting out both of the restrooms, which turned out empty. That only left the back exit door.

There was no visible alarm on the door, so I swung it open tentatively. It opened to a narrow hallway with only two other doors. The far door led outside, on the side where my wife parked her car. Her car was still parked there. Now this was very puzzling, leaving me only to try the unmarked other door.

Well, I never knew our little town had an adult theater. I tucked myself in the very back before scanning the theater. The screen was flickering as a couple moaned in imitation intimate passion up on the screen. In the center of the theater seats I saw my wife. She was sitting with someone; it was hard to make out whom. From all outward appearances, it was a man. They shared brief dialog as they watched the on-screen action in front of them. Her arm draped over on his lap, and his arm draped over to hers. As his face turned towards her, I could make out the clear profile of a very young man. Her face was turned away from me as she looked towards him, so I could only make out her profile when she looked towards the screen.

Their dialog tapered off as their arms started to display movement. By her profile, I saw her lips open partly. His arm movement was subtle, with twisting at his shoulder as he leaned in towards my wife. Her arm motion was obvious. My face flushed as it became obvious to me that her hand was jerking his cock.

Her mouth opened wider as they continued to hand-job each other. He turned his body towards her closer as he reached across, sweeping his right up under her blouse. Her gasp was almost audible mixed into the moaning of the video up on the big screen as the movie showed classic close-up big-cock-in-cunt pumping. Her eyes pursed as her focus became internally-centered. Her body began to arch slightly as her hips pumped gently forward into and against his fingers. His hand under her blouse was pulling and kneading firmer across both her modest-sized breasts.

He smiled as her breathing became more and more labored. With a sudden jerk of her body, she began to orgasm around his fingers. Her entire body shook in its seat as she rocked to and fro. He was fully facing her with his one hand at her groin while the other groped feverishly at her breasts. Her gasps and moans were just as loud as the ongoing video. Only two other patrons were there to watch both, the action on the silver screen and that in the stadium-style seats. I remained speechless and frozen as I watched her orgasm from that stranger’s touch alone. My own cock was hard and very sensitive. I think the only reason I did not cum too was because of the fever of my own jealousy.

One of the observers in the large room moved in closer to get a better view of the live action. He walked down to the row in front of my wife and slowly moved towards them, but stayed back far enough to not block their view of the screen. His cock was out in his hands as he watched. My wife and the boy seated next to her only gave him a fleeting glance as they began to move.

The boy leaned back in his seat as far as the old crusty seat would allow. My wife leaned forward and off of her seat, turning to face the boy as she dropped to her knees. From one shock to another, I could only watch in my aroused silence as her head lowered towards his waist, obviously taking his cock into her mouth. She blew him for the better part of five minutes as the video scene changed from the huge phony orgasm to a young teen getting seduced physically by her ‘Dad.’ By the time Dad got his hand inside his supposed daughter’s pants, my wife was visibly gulping down the young boy’s spunk.

Flipping her hair back, she raised up forward on her feet, turning while sliding back into a seated position upon the young boy’s cock. Her loud gasp gave me indication that his cock was parting my wife’s vaginal opening. A short pause as she gasped. His cock must be large. She let out a subtle gurgling start as she dropped fully on the hard young cock.

The visiting patron in the next row offered his cock to her mouth as she began to ride the young boy. Again I am shocked as she takes it into her mouth while impaling herself upon the young boy. Starting slowly, she rides him like a pro while holding the other cock up to her lips. After a minute or two, she speeds up as the cock in her mouth explodes in ejaculation. Again she gulps it all down, swallowing fully within her mouth until his body no longer shakes. She smiles as he nods his thanks, before tucking his cock back into zipped jeans as he walks off.

She glances at the man on the screen probing his daughter’s tight little bald pussy while continuing her bouncing on her young stud’s hard cock. His hands help her at her waist to accelerate her bounces until she’s giving him all she’s got. The old seat squeaks loudly as she pummels the young cock deeply within her. Two minutes later she arches her back, dropping hard onto the cock, choking a silent gasp. Her body begins to shake and quiver as the boy air gulps. They do cum in unison, hard and long. Their bodies lock tightly together as neither could move if the building fell down around them. Locked in immortal passion, they shake and quiver together as their bodies do their orgasmic thing. Her breaths are just loud gulping squawks. His are tightly held silent huffs. His every thrust pumping load after load of hot, sticky spunk as her womb shutters while milking in every last drop. Her head is cocked back as her back arches. Her every inch pushes with tightly fluttering muscles that force her opening deeply upon his thrusting hard cock.

Her bliss. Her ecstasy. Her raw slut desires. All these are peaked and centered right for this moment. This moment of raw lusting desire that fuels every slut and stud in the world. This display is raw and unloving animal passion. I am left stunned by its veracity. She cums and cums for what seems an eternity, long after his seed stops sumping their way into her body.

Her forehead glistens as her body begins to relax. His hands are already curled around to her front. Her mouth curls into a smile as she reaches down to stroke his cock, still large, but not quite as hard. It is still within her as she clutches at his balls while stroking the swelled base of his cock. She chuckles as it twitches within her. She knowingly works at its base as she lifts and drops on its length. In a moment it dawns on me her familiarity with this cock. She’s bringing him back for more as his hands knead at her breasts. His fingers twist and tease at her hardened nipples. This is a practiced dance, choreographed for maximum pleasure. Their passion is not new, but rather practiced.

I had not expected more, and yet they are both moving in unison, driving, building to another peak. He brings two fingers of one hand up to her mouth, where she draws on it hard and long. Her mouth releases his glistening fingers as he returns it immediately to her nipples. She glances back at him with a tight smile. Their lips meet in a passionate kiss. Tongues exchange probing licks as their open mouths suck and push together. Their bodies appear intertwined, his arms encircling her body as they both lean back. His hands work at her groin, pressing, kneading, and pulling across her swollen clit. Her gaze is skyward with open, pursed lips as his hands work feverishly across her pink skin. Her body bounces with sudden intermittent shutters. She’s approaching another orgasm. I can hear her shortened gasps as her heart beats faster and faster.

The wrinkles across her face gather and tighten as her lips spread wider apart. Her chest juts forward suddenly as her entire body kicks and quivers, a short pause, and then her body plunges against his impaling cock. Shaking, quivering fully engulfed in her pleasures of orgasmic bliss. His feet kick out as his ejaculation joins with her peaking orgasm. They bounce together in the creaking hard seat. Her guttural growl joins with his short gasps. They continue to shake and quiver together.

And suddenly they both stop. He’s finished. Her vaginal walls continue intermittent clutches around his cock, milking it dry with her last waning spasms. Her face smooths again, as her lips slowly curl into a devious-looking smile that exudes her inner pleasures. She looks back at him and he smiles, their lips joining in a short semi-passionate kiss. No words are exchanged as she dismounts his body, glancing around briefly as she stands. I duck in the shadows just in time.

I remained hidden for another ten minutes before assuring that she had definitely left. Her car was gone. I hopped into my car and sat aimless for another ten minutes, debating on my best course of action. I am mentally lost. I know that our relationship is over. After another 40 minutes of driving aimlessly around town, I pull into our driveway. I park next to her car.

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