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I just started high school. Living in dead small shit hole town. My wireless parents only cared about drinking and getting stoned and going out. Our house falling down and dirty.

I didn’t have any friends or anything much my clothes were ones I found or gave to me and I know lot of them were female jeans and shirts. While my parents wore new stuff and everything.

Well I had enough so one morning I just got up grabbed some stuff and food packed it in a back pack then left. I had no ideal where I was going or what would happen to me. I really didn’t care. Knowing no-one else would either.

Well I had been gone for a couple of days walking and sleeping where I could find dry place. I happened one night find house and shed. I figured I stay in shed that was away from the house. Well next morning it was pouring rain and I was getting ready to go when I heard a female voice. I jumped up and got out running toward woods and that was last thing I remembered.

When I woke up I was completely nude and in a bed. Then a older woman came in dressed in very short tight dress and high heels and makeup and lipstick. She was in her 50’s guessing.

She asked me a bunch of questions an I told her stuff. Then I said that if she could please give me my clothes and I would go. I said thank you for everything. Well she said that she was sorry but she got rid of them. I said that I didn’t want to be a bother or anything else on her. And I wasn’t going to some home to live or back from were I left.

Well she said no. Handed me a robe and pink slippers and took me to the bathroom an had a hot bubble bath and made me get in. As I was soaking she washed my hair which was down past my back. She said that it was thick and nice. Then she asked me why I didn’t have a single hair on my entire body. I said I don’t know why I have never had any except for my eyebrows and eyelashes and hair on my head. She said she would love to cut my hair and stuff. I said ok well I got out of the tub and she said that she didn’t want me to take this wrong way or get mad or upset but I was not big and have a feminine looking body. I said she was not first person to say that and how my parents made fun of me and said mean things to me.

Well she asked me if I would like to change my looks and life completely. I said I would but I don’t know what she meant completely. She said that I could be like her. I said ok but I really didn’t know what she meant by that.

Well I let her cut my hair. Then she gave me a glass of soda I asked her for. Well she must have put something in it because I went out like a light.

I don’t know how long I was out for but it had to be a good time. When I finally did I was in the living room and then realized what she meant by like her.

I couldn’t believe it I was completely like her. I was wearing makeup and lipstick and mini dress and corset and g-string thigh high stockings and high heels and earrings and necklaces, bracelets my finger nails done and painted and toes painted to match. I had at least d-cup silicone breast glued on my chest. I felt different down between my legs so I looked she had sewn everything down there to look like a woman’s virgia and it did. I got up and could not believe that she also did my eyebrows they were thin and arched feminine like a woman’s. I didn’t know that I could walk in high heels but I did like it was natural and they were very comfortable for 5.5 inch spike heels.

I went looking for her I was confused about it. But I honestly could believe how good I felt an how much I loved feeling of stockings and heels and everything else on me. I found her out on the back porch she said that I looked beautiful and hot as a woman. I didn’t know what to say except that I didn’t expect this when she meant be like her. She asked me if I liked being a woman. I said yes I did.

Well I been here for a few weeks being completely Paula 24 7. Well in those weeks I became more and more feminine. She had me douching and everything else. One thing that I got kind of nervous about is when she started to have me play with real feel an life like dildos sucking them and they she started with a small one at first then bigger and bigger ones and started to use them on my girly-boi-pussi-hole. Well I got where I love it and played by self.

Well the whole time here she had been giving me shots and pills to take 3x a day well I found out that they were female hormones replacement drugs. Well I never said anything to her about it hell I was wearing the best long lasting smug proof non-transferable makeup and lipstick and mini dresses everything else money could buy. She came in my room one day and said that she had to talk to me.

Well she asked me how I would feel about a man feeling and touching me an kissing me passionately. Then she asked me if I would like to suck a real cock and having a real cock in my girly-boi-pussi. Well I said that I have been thinking about it alot but I was nervous about asking her about it. Well she said that she knew that I will like it.

Well a few days went by after that an then she called me to her room. She had me put on a purple and black corset with garter straps and thigh high seamed stockings and 6″ sandal type high heels and purple sheer g-string. Different earrings and necklace and bracelets and rings. Then gave me a sheer short robe to put on.

Well we went down stairs and she had me sit on the love seat. The door bell rang. She told me to stay there. Well she came back in with a older gentleman. She told him to sit by me. He introduced his self and then she called me out to the kitchen. She said that he was very generous with money. I asked her if I was his date meaning a escort. She said I was.

Well I went back into the room and sat down beside him. He felt my stocking covered thighs and kissed my lipstick lips. Well I lead him upstairs.

I did a little sexy dance for him and then gave him a bj and let him fuck my gurly-boi-pussi. Well after we were done and he got dressed he handed me $ 1500.00. I walked him out he asked if he could come over next week and I said yes.

Well after he had gone. I went back to the living room and was thinking about it I heard well (mom as I called her) come down stairs with a man she was dressed about the same as I was.

Well I was sitting on the couch with my legs crossed. She came in and sat down by me. She said to me that understand that if I don’t want to do what I did anymore. I told her that he asked me if he could see me next week and I said yes.

She said that she meant more than him. She said different men. She said to me that I would be a great escort, slash prostitute like her. I said ok but do I get to wear sexy naughty lingerie like this. She said yes. I told her that I would like to do a few times and see. She said that be ok with her.

So for a few days it was one or two men a day. Then more as time went on. I also started to spend weekend with certain men.

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