Seaching for Big O

Searching for Big O

By Xandria

February 1st 2003 12:30am

Dear Diary,

Something happened tonight…

I can’t believe I’m about to write it all down, but I desperately need to tell someone, and I know that I can never say this out loud.

I’m blushing a little as I write this, but it was just so hot, and I’d undressed to have a cool bath, when I caught my reflection in the full length mirror. Confused, it took me a moment to realise that the beautiful woman reflected, was me! I’d never really taken much notice of my developing body before, but I’m sure aware of it now.

Shock and disbelief filled me as my eyes traveled over my firm, slightly tanned body. Strong calf muscles stretching up to my long, smooth thighs and meeting at the tuft of black pubic hair covering my small mound. The slight widening of my hips, dipping inwards for my slim waist. Eyes traveling higher, firm breasts rising and falling faster as sweet quivers began to spread through me. Unable to pull my gaze away, I ran a single finger down between my breasts, enjoying the little thrills as my fingers caressed the underside of my breast, running another down my flat abdomen, gently stoking my fingers over my sensitive pussy.

A sudden, indrawn breath caught my attention. Eyes flicking to the refection of the door behind me, I found to my horror that it was open, and in the doorway stood my very besotted looking Uncle! His mouth hanging open as his eyes moved over me, something shifting in his loose black pants. He turned his back, seemingly coming to his senses.

“Ummm “, he cleared his thought nervously, “Sorry, I um – just came in to say goodnight, Janice and I are turning in early “. He laughed a little, nervously, “I’ll – umm – remember to knock in future “, before leaving me alone, closing the door behind him, as I called a shaky goodnight in return.

I fell onto the bed, my face glowing red with embarrassment.

My Uncle Matt had caught me admiring my nude body in the mirror…

My Uncle Matt had caught me touching myself while admiring my nude body…

My Uncle Matt had gotten a hard-on from watching me!

But that’s not the worst part…As I lay there, remembering the way his eyes had moved over me, the movement in his pants, I felt that down low, tickling heat begin in my pussy. I had to admit that getting caught was kind of a turn-on, and seeing Uncle Matt becoming aroused as he watched me…

My hands began to stroke and caress my breasts again. One hand traveling slowly down my flat abdomen, trembling as it stoked closer and closer to my now very wet pussy. Moaning softly, my inner muscles tightening in anticipation, my fingers gently parting the delicate lips, as another began lightly tapping and stroking my sensitive clit.

My mind wandering as the sweet sensations grew. As my strokes became faster, I wondered what would have happened, had my Uncle not turned his back. What would have happened if he’d come in further and closed the door behind him.

I imagined him gripping my slim shoulders, unable to control himself as he crushed my soft lips with his own. His hands stroking down my arms and over my hips to grip my tight ass. Pulling me firmly against his rock hard erection. Whispering my pet name, “sweet thing “, into my ear, telling me how much he wanted me, had always wanted me. Spreading my thighs wider bending my knees to give my fingers better access, as they worked rapidly on my singing clit. I felt my muscles tightening, screaming for something to grip onto, as I rode the sweet waves of my orgasm. Racing towards something, just out of reach, just out of sight, the pleasure growing stronger as I drew closer, but I just couldn’t reach. I had to bite back my scream of frustration as the sensations began to fade.

I got so close this time…Damn I don’t even know what it is I’m reaching for, all I know is that every time, I feel myself moving towards something stronger, more intense, and the frustration that fills me when I can’t make it, is overwhelming. Through the wall I heard the rhythmic movements of Matts’ and Janices’ lovemaking, heat spreading again as I heard him moan and grunt his release.

Guilt and shame fills me as I write this. I long to feel Uncle Matts’ strong hands and mouth on my hot body, to feel his cock stretching my tight virgin pussy.

What would he be like? Would he be rough, taking his pleasure hard and fast with little care as to mine? Or would he take it slow, caressing hands, exploring mouth, bringing my willing body to peak after peak before finally enjoying his own release?

February 7th 2003

Dear diary,

It’s enough to make me want to scream in frustration. I’ve started wearing less and less around the house. Desperately trying to make him notice me again as more then just his niece, but as the woman I have become. But he doesn’t seem to have noticed anything! His chaste kisses and hugs are driving me insane. My mind and body crying out for him to “accidentally ” stoke my tight ass or firm breasts. But nothing…Nothing!

But his lovemaking with Janice seems to be getting more and more intense. Night after night this week, I’ve lay in bed listening to their now, more vigorous coupling, my fingers stroking at my quivering pussy in time with Matts’, loud grunts and moans, and I swear I heard Janice whimpering once after he’d finished, he was insatiable these days, and she was afraid she wasn’t really satisfying him anymore, he just always seemed to need more then she could give.

I can’t help it, it excites me that she’s unable to satisfy him. Makes me wonder if he needs something – someone – else to satisfy his, now raging libido.

Damn-it! Doesn’t he know he only has to open that door and I would be his sexual slave? God I want him so much.

I want his hands on me

His mouth on me

I want to taste his salty skin, slide my hot mouth over his hard cock.

I want him to be my first, to fill my virgin pussy, and flood my with his cum

February 14th 2003

Dear Diary,

Things have become much worse, or maybe better, I’m not quite sure how I feel yet. Maybe after I’ve written this down, I’ll have a different perspective on the whole episode…

After listening, shamelessly to Matts’ frisky lovemaking to Janice over the last few weeks, I decided that I needed to see for myself. I’m still not quite sure how I came to this decision, but the next thing I knew I was sneaking up the hall to Matts’ room. The door was ajar, and I pushed it open just a little. My mouth went dry and my legs weak at the view that greeted me.

Matt lay on his back, looking up at a rather stressed looking Janice between his spread bent knees. Holding her head tightly as he thrust his cock into her sucking mouth, suddenly growling in vexation, pulling her away. For the first time I saw his large cock. It was a monster! My mind reeled with fearful arousal as I imagined that cock, stretching, filling, ripping my tight virgin pussy in two.

I watched my hand slowly stroking my firm breasts, as he pulled her astride his hips. Delivering a sharp slap to her soft ass.

“Now – tell Uncle Matty your sorry “, he spoke, his voice quiet, dangerously calm. I knew that Janice wouldn’t dare disobey him and I was right.

“I’m sorry uncle Matty “, she whimpered, scared but obviously aroused by his domination.

“It’s alright sweet thing, I’ll forgive you this time “.

My breath caught as I heard him use the pet name he had saved for me, since forever! The light sound of my shocked gasp was enough to gain his attention. His eyes focused on me, in my oversized, only half buttoned shirt, one hand stroking my rock hard nipples, the other, moving quickly south towards my hot pussy.

Our eyes locked. I watched, too terrified to move, as his face darkened, a wicked smile forming, as he gripped Janice’s waist, his eyes never leaving mine as he held her in place and thrust his full size into her. His lips twitching with the pleasure it had obviously sent through him, but his eyes stayed glued to mine. Sitting up, watching me over her slim, trembling shoulder, as he began to move her body forcefully on his hard shaft, his now almost black eyes, burning into my own.

“That’s it Sweet Thing “, he began to speak, “Show me, honey – show me what you’ve brought for Uncle Matty “, he spoke to me, holding Janice in place as she tried to move.

Knowing what he wanted, I unbuttoned the rest of my oversized shirt, letting it drop to the floor. Thrilling at the deep groan he gave as his eyes moved over me, pulling Janice down harder on him.

“Oh yeah Sweet Thing, that’s what Uncle Matty likes – Is this what you want? You want to be Uncles little whore? “, his voice harsh, moving the woman kneeling above him faster, thrusting deeper. I heard her moan, and saw her back quiver, obviously she was enjoying the way he was talking, but she could have been a blowup doll for all he cared, his attention was focused solely on me.

“Touch those titties for me; let me see you stroke those nice hard nipples “.

I obeyed blindly, eyes still locked, gasping at the thrills my stoking fingers were causing.

“God Damn you look good Sweet Thing. Now move that hand back down to your sweet pussy for me, Stroke that clitty for Matty “, his voice gruff, out of breath, as he moved the surrogate pussy faster, harder on his hard cock. Again I obeyed, working my ready clit in time with his violent movements, gripping the door frame tightly as the sensations grew. Once again I was racing towards something. That, just out of reach entity. My head tipped back, eyes closing, as waves of ecstasy flowed through me, that entity still out of reach, but I had gotten closer then ever before…

Eyes flickering open again, I was greeted by Uncle Matts’ cheeky grin. I watched as he thrust, once, twice, and a third time before letting out a deep groan, crying out, head falling back, as he pumped out his own rapture within the woman still astride him, his movements changing to long slow stokes as he came back down to earth. I knew at that moment that it was time to leave. Quickly, before he could regain his senses, I turned and ran back to my own room, locking the door before falling onto my bed, confused, scared, and more aroused then I had ever been…

Oh god what have I done? How am I going to face him tomorrow?

What will I say?

What will he say?

February 5th 2003 11:00am


He’s gone. Janice said that he’d received a call early this morning, and had to go away for an emergency business trip to Sydney.

I know I’m going to have to talk to him again. And shit is it going to be tense – but at least it won’t be today!

I might go to the beach this afternoon. I’m not sure that I want to be alone in the house right now with Janice either. She’s bound to sense something. Maybe it’s time for me to consider living on campus…

February 19th 2003 8:00pm

I’m so sorry I haven’t written in so long, but the last few weeks have been busy. I know I’ve taken the cowards way out. But I think it was the best thing to do.

I left while Matt was away, He should be back by now. I wonder if he was angry when he found out I’d gone, or maybe relieved.

Anyway I’m now living in the Uni Dorms, and it’s not bad. The occasional party when I’m trying to study, but hey…My room-mates’ nice, her names Vicky and she’s so pretty. Shoulder length blond curly hair, and a lovely fair complexion. So far we seem to like the same kinds of music and movies, I’m sure we’ll be great friends.

Ah just one problem…Her boyfriend Jake is hot!!!

NO! I promised myself that I wasn’t going to have any more sexy thoughts about him.

Mmm o.k one more he he he.