Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Hi guys… This is Karthi.. Aged 29, 6.1″ tall, not fat and not too slim 71 kg weight, thick beard and moustache finally my cock size is 7″ thick cock that can satisfy anyone. I am working in IT. Her name is Ananya married, both are same age, 5.5″ tall, 61 kg weight, 32c perfect round boobs, curvy figure (32, 30, 34), she plays like shy housewife and a caring women… Her husband and I are friends for over more than 5 years. Most of the time he goes out of town, which was more convenient for me. At initial we are just good friends like hi bye friends. She has a caring personality which I like most. Suddenly over the last 6 months I am getting a vibe from her, the way she looks at me. She insisted me to come to her home often. Since she is my friend’s wife I kind of hesitated actually. I even thought of giving her advice even though I was little tempted. One day I got a call from her husband (Manoj) asking me to come to his home on weekend and to have drink. Out of curiosity I asked “what about your wife? Is she not home?” “No she will be joining us. Is that ok for you?” Manoj said. The moment he said I knew something is going to happen that night so without a second thought I said “yeah… It’s ok”. I was mentally prepared of what might happen.
We booked a room through airbnb (basically we all are from Chennai). They both reached the place before me. I came half hour late. Manoj came down to that apartment to pick me up. We bought few cigarettes from nearby shop. I was literally afraid that something bad might happen. My first priority was my friendship with Manoj I don’t want to spoil it. When I came to the room I saw Ananya wearing a purple night pant and black top bit was skinny little it was not tight but I could see the her boobs shape. She noticed me and pretended to look somewhere. Naughty me… We were standing in the portico and enjoying the view and talking about old times. After a few minutes Manoj went to take bath before drinking. Its only me and Ananya now. I could sense lusty feel around us we were looking in eyes. I asked her “how is your life going?”. “Its going” saying that she came towards me and kissed me. I could feel her soft lips against mine. She was holding my neck and caressing my hair. I kissed back. I was feeling little blank at that moment. She stepped away. We were gazing into each eyes. “Shit..” She said… Again she stepped close to me and we kissed. She turned away started to look somewhere, in a moment after Manoj came out. He was wearing shorts and T-shirt. I also changed my dress to shorts. We were standing there like nothing happened and watching the stars stood side by side and started talking about old times. I got a call from our old friend of our standing by the side of her and was talking in call. Her husband was on the other side of her. While Manoj was talking to him I slipped my left hand inside her top caressing my tender points of her waist. I was doing in such a way that Manoj couldn’t notice. She closed her eyes and was feeling my intense touch. Her skin was so soft. It felt so nice to pinch her waist. She leaned a little towards me such that her right boobs touched my right hands. She was full on truffle butter. The lights were off only the kitchen light was on… Mild chill air was breezing through the portico. Went to bedroom. Standing there thinking of all the possibilities that can happen in a next few min.. Finishing my call came back to the hall.. Were I saw she and Manoj were ordering foods through swiggy. The food came in half hour. We were behaving like nothing happened. I was literally in some fantasy world, looking at me she sat in the sofa opposite to me.. Its a type of slope deck chair. After a four rounds Manoj was so high we finished eating dinner and she took him to bed. I thought ok all was over nothing will happen after this. She came out after 2 hours. Manoj was sound asleep. I was sleeping in the sofa. She came and sat by side. I was so mood on I grabbed her to the sofa. She leaned over and we kissed for a while. I sat up straight took her to my lap. I held her tight.. Slid my hand inside her tees and squeezing her boobs, lust air filled around us…. Felt chillness in my stomach.. Her hip moved in auto. We both not even bother to think of Manoj.
Unbuckled her bra moved my hands from boobs to her ass grabbed her ass then to her pussy. Her pussy was wet. I stretched her made her to lie on my lap. Cupped her fully in my arms holding her tightly, she started to tremble I could feel her fast breath. I slipped into her pussy into her sweet place and as well as licking her neck. I said “wow you are so wet dear”… It was so sensational.. I wanted to fuck her that instant so hard. She removed my T-shirt and started licking my neck. Her tongue was rolling on my skin, licking every inch of my hairy chest.. And nipples. I was so wild biting her boobs hard and biting her hard nipples. She was caressing me on my back. We could feel both of our breath. She was moaning my name “Karrrthii” violently.. “If you feel this intense how will you feel when I put my dick in your pussy” the moment I said.. She grabbed me hard against her chest. As if she doesn’t want to let go. I could felt her breath calming. She stood up took my hand walked towards my bedroom. She was lying in the bed I went to turn off the light.. She called me with stretching her arms I came on top of her touching her curves pushed her top up.. Holding her hip, My hands were little cold I loved to see the way she trembled. Then marched to her brace.. Unbuttoning the hook of her brassiere… Cupped her boobs and squeezed “your boobs got bigger” saying that I squeeze so hard like wheat ball.. She moaned loud… She enjoyed even in pain. I could feel the pleasure… We started to kiss deeper.. Lying in the bed we are facing each other.. Biting her lips.. Even my mind said to slow down.. But I couldn’t take off. She grabbed my beard hair.. Stocking my hair.. Pulled her so close to me. It was alluring.. She climbing on me started to kiss me vigorously. Licking me all over my neck… Chest.. The lusty desire increased.. Quickly lifted her hip placed her on bed removed her pants, perfectly shaved pussy started fondling her wet pussy… Caressing her pussy lips and inner lips with two of my fingers…. Uhhhhh uhhhuh.. She was in no control. I could feel her pussy oozing wet she grabbed my playing hands and climbed on top of me. She was again licking my chest and way down to my belly. I started to moan. She really know all my weak spots. Her nipples were so hard as it touched the shaft it erected little more high. She licked my big shaft, took in her mouth way down to her throat and rolling her tongue on the knob. Deliciously sucked and pulled again slowly licking softly sucked and pulled. I was in heaven felt tempted and ticklish at the same time. I was about to cum in her mouth so I pulled her up kissing her lips sucking the juice… Mmmmmm… Lying on top of me. She grabbed my cock rubbed against inner lips of her wet pussy… Pushed my cock into her pussy as it went deep. Hitting me in, moving my hips in a rotation… Uhhhmmmmm… At that moment I knew this isn’t over. I was so high and want to turn her so wild, so I fingered in nipple of her pussy rubbed it harder she tremble and moaned loud.. Uhuhhhhh.. She shut her eyes tight and moved her hips faster in a rhythm. I could feel hitting her uterus… Uhuhhhh… Karthiiii… Squeezed my muscles. I really don’t want to wake up Manoj so grabbed her neck pulled me and kissed. I came in few seconds. We were lying on each other arms for half a night then she went to her room. I woke up late nearly at noon. Knocked their room. I could hear them having sex. I went to take bath. When I came out they also came out. We were acting like nothing happened.. We went for a movie and came to the room stayed upto eve played games. Then we checked out of the room went on with our lives..

By Yumiko

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