Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Tony was a bi sexual man who was age forty five years old, he had recently been released from prison where he had served a prison sentence for having sex with an underage boy, the boy had been willing but the pair were caught by the police. Since being out of prison Tony had received a lot of hate mail as well as verbal abuse in the streets round where he lived. One of the biggest culprits had been Steve the sixteen year old brother of the boy Tony had had sex with. Steve and his girlfriend Cindy gave Steve verbal abuse when ever they saw him and would also spit at him. One evening Tony had been walking through the deserted park when he saw Steve standing near a tree having a wee, Tony got a good view of Steve’s seven inch hairy dick hanging down from his joggers and thought nice much bigger than what his brother has got and then quickly left before Steve saw him. A few days after seeing Steve have a pee Tony was walking round the derelict farm on the outskirts of town when he saw Cindy standing by a barn and guessed she was bunking school, Tony saw that Cindy’s blouse was wide open, he could see her ample boobs were covered by a flimsy black bra, Cindy looked straight at Tony and made no attempt to do her blouse up, she said I know you saw my boyfriends cock the other night, Tony did not say anything he just looked at Cindy, tony was surprised when Cindy unclipped the catch on the front of her bra and pulled it apart revealing her boobs, Tony smiled, and when Cindy said ” how would you like to fuck me ” as she did she unclipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor and stepping out of it then walking into the old barn, Tony waited a minute then went to the barn doors looked in and saw Cindy laying naked on the ground with her legs apart, tony saw that her nipples were well erect, he looked at her love tube and walked over to her undoing his trousers as he went, tony knelt between Cindy’s parted legs bent forward and slid his dick into her love tube and started to thrust in and out, when Cindy felt tony’s dick slide into her love tube she let out a deep sigh, each time Tony pushed in he pushed in deep causing Cindy to cry out in pleasure and after five minutes Cindy let out a deep cry as she climaxed, Tony continued to thrust in and out of Cindy’s love tube causing her to climax two more times before he pulled his dick out of Cindy’s love tube and squirt his come over the floor, after ten minutes Cindy got dressed and said ” Steve is fucking useless he cums so quickly ” as she left she gave tony a DVD saying enjoy and left, that night Tony watched the DVD and saw it had Steve in the shower with a nine inch erection which he jerked off squirting cum in four spurts, there was also a scene of Steve and Cindy naked on a bed having sex, Tony thought this is ace. A few days later Tony was on the derelict farm again when he saw Cindy again and this time really enjoyed a blow job from the girl who swallowed all of his cum. Tony made regular visits to the farm meeting up with Cindy. Steve continued giving abuse unaware of Tony’s big secrets.

By Yumiko

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