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Tony is our neighourhood aunt and we usually meets in corridor or whenever she come in my house. She is friendly to my hot mom Lousie. She is in her early thirties with lovely face….. Height of 5’5 feet….. Round dome shaped ass….. Nice tits and her inner beauty…… Still to watch..

I am moving towards my flat in the evening, when I saw her in balcony. Looking at me, she smiled and ask me to wait near her main door. She came out of her flat and…….. “Garry I need your help, my hubby is out of station for 2-3 days so if you can help me.

(Garry) why not aunty please say it

(Tony) I want to go to shopping mall, so if you assist me in your evening walk may be I can

(Garry) ok I will knock the door after an hour….. “.

I was exhausted after a day in college. I changed my dress and after refreshment took rest for half an hour. Now moved out of my flat for evening walk and walked towards aunt TONY flat. She came out and we both left apartment premises, she is looking hot as well as wild in her leggings and kurti. We both are walking towards shopping mall and she hold my wrist tightly………. “Garry I need special attention from you after shopping.

(Garry) I don’t understand your language

(Tony) oh so innocent you are, have any girlfriend ? And we reached mall. She took me in a lingerie store and I was bit shy but she bought pairs of brassieres and panties for herself. After a nice coffee in a coffee shop, we both walked back to apartment. Looking at me, she asked….. “Garry come inside for some time. ” I am sitting in her dinning hall..

I saw her both children in a room with a laptop, may be they are playing games. Its 6:45 pm and Tony came near me with an artificial libido and sitting near me…… “Garry see it, how I make myself satisfy in my hubby’s absence ? And tears came out of her eyes. I ask her…… “Aunty don’t cry if your children will see, what they will think. ” And I put my hand on her breast to massage. She came closer to me and I put my lips on her lips to kiss, kissed her face and Tony pushed her tongue in my mouth to suck. While sucking her tongue I am pressing her breasts hardly and her palm is on my penis bulge on pant. I sucked her tongue and she took me to her bed room..

I am sitting on bed and she walked away towards dinning hall. Came back and locked the room, looking at me she is on bed and took me in her arms. Now she is sitting on my laps with her legs wrapped on my waist. She put her lips on my lips and kissing my face, took my tongue in her mouth to suck. My hands are rubbing her back and slowly I lift her kurti to neck, she left my tongue and I took out her kurti to see her nice tits. Wearing a black brassieres to cover it. Tony is unbuttoning my shirt and she is in hurry to make me nude. I am now in my brief only and I pushed her on bed. She is on bed wearing a black brassier with a black leggings. Now I put my hand on her leggings and pulled it out to make her lower part nude. I can see a hot lady in her undergarments only. Her lovely tits, flat tummy, deep navel, strong thighs and sexy legs are making me wild..

I leaned on her and started kissing her face as well as neck. She is moving her palms on my back, now I put my hand on her back and removed her brassieres also to suck her tits, I am sucking it with other one getting pressed in my palms. She is in joy and I took other one to suck. She is rubbing her legs and her hand is on my hairs, my penis is in full erection in my undies. Now I moved down to kiss her tummy and belly. A hot aunty is on bed with my lips moving on her thighs, she is screaming in pleasure and my tongue is moving on her thighs..

I pushed a pillow inside her round dome shaped bum. She is hot as well as wild, stretched her legs wide apart, I unhooked her panty and she put her palms on her vagina to cover it but I leaned my face and my tongue started moving on her thighs to make her horny. Now her vagina is nude, glittering like a pearl with two labias like a frog adjoining each other, its reddish with no pubic hair. I put my lips on her cunt and my lips are making her horny and she is moving her bum up and down. Now I put my fingers on labia to make it open and my 1/2 of tongue is licking her glory hole. She is screaming in joy with her hand holding my hairs tightly. I am fucking her vagina fastly and….. “Ooohhh uuummm aaahhhh Garry suck my vagina you are really hot. ” And I took her cunt in my mouth to suck, left it after some time and moved to attached washroom to pee. She came inside and after refreshment we are on bed..

I am sleeping on bed and TONY while sitting near my waist, leaned her face and put her lips on my glans. She is kissing my dick and now soft upper part of penis, glans is moving on her soft face and lips. Like a wild lady she put the glans on her nose to smell and lastly, she put my 2/3 rd penis in her mouth to suck. She is sucking my penis while moving her face fastly. My penis is in full erection in her mouth and she took it out to lick it. Now she left my penis and came on my face. She is sitting on my face with her legs wide apart and I put my tongue to lick it for a while but took her vagina in my mouth to suck. My hand is moving on her bum and I am sucking her cunt fastly and she shouted……. “Ooohh aaahhh Garry drink my cum its dripping……. ” And I got the taste of her vaginal juice..

Tony is now on her knees and I took position to push my penis in her wet cunt. While holding her waist I am fucking her with speed and power. She is swinging her lovely bum to enjoy my penis in her cunt. We both are too hot and Tony is screaming in pleasure….. “Oohhh Garry your penis is too hard and hot love to have it weekly fuck me hard.

(Garry) oh tony your cunt is so sexy I will fuck you daily, move your ass fastly you bitch. ”

And after 10 minutes of fuck her vagina become dry and I took out my dick from her cunt. Now licking her vagina with my tongue and pushed my prick again in her cunt. Now my tiger is roaring inside deep cave and we both are enjoying every moment of fuck. Our sexual organs are ready to blow and I shouted……. ” Oohhhh uummm tony its out of my dick take my cum you whore…… ” And I poured juice in her cunt and she tasted it. After having rest for while I moved to my flat.

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