Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Wendy I was walking in Times Square with my friend Joey and his girlfriend Monica and I looked ghost the way the most beautiful woman in the world was standing there looking into my eyes and at that moment I knew we are going to get her freak on tonight I walked up to her and I told her wanted talk to her so I pulled over to the side and I told her she was so beautiful and I needed to see her tonight she said that she had plans but she would be free tomorrow at 8 so I went home and I practiced all night with my wife because I knew tomorrow would be the best sex I ever had the morning when I woke up I felt a whole new thing coming on and then I realize I left my condom on from last night back to the shower and got ready as 8 approached I patiently waited for my night with the sexy redhead that I had met yesterday after that I went to her house and I asked me where we were going I told her to the bed so she followed me as we got into her room I thought I was going to have to make the first move but she was already getting started she pushed me onto the bed grabbed me by the shirt and ripped it off as she was doing that I was groping her and biting her neck she crapped my pants and took those off to I would doubt my dick but it’s too big and always prepared so I grabbed her and the rear down tore her pants off and that is when I put my penis into vagina and their moves back and forth in and out in and out back and forth she kept screaming Daddy and yelling harder and harder and suck Daddy fuck me very much.

By Yumiko

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