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Hi guys, I am Manish from Bengaluru. My age is 25 and an average looking guy. I am writing story after a long time, hope you all doing good. Thank you for the readers who gave comments on my previous stories.

Coming back to the story this happened a few days before, with my ISS reader from Bengaluru, she messaged me after reading my previous story, and we were in contact for a long time. We planned to meet many times, but it could not happen to meet. Finally, the day came to meet. She came to pick me at my place, and she was looking sexy in sari. Her age was 30+ having firm boobs and sexy smile on her face. As I sat in the car, I kissed on her palm. She started driving to her place. While going to her home was moving my hands on her thigh. She was smiling at me.

We reached her place. She went in first. I followed her she told me to sit on the sofa, and she went into her bedroom. After some time she came out of her room like a sex goddess. Wearing white top and red short skirt with drinks and glass in her hand. I was looking at her body structure may be 34-30-36. Her boobs and ass were looking big and firm because of the top. She sat beside me made a peg to both of us. She offered me a drink. I was able to see her chocolate thighs. We finished the first round. She smiled at me and came to me kissed on my lips. We were exchanging our saliva. Her lips were juicy, and I was feeling her back while kissing. We stopped kissing and looked at each other’s face and started kissing again. She made another peg. We were having a sip, because of her movements I was happy seeing her blue panty clearly (I told her before to wear blue color). I went to keep my hand on her panty, but she closed her thighs and gave a naughty smile. She finished her drink.

I moved towards her I started kissing her from the toe. Slowly moved to her pussy. I pulled her skirt down and removed her top. She kissed my dick on my pant removed my pant and shirt. My dick was waiting to come out she placed her foot on my dick rubbing it, and she pulled my underwear down. She was looking at my dick. She came close kissed my dick head and poured some drink on my dick and started licking it. I was too happy with her licking. Took my dick in her mouth and she gave me a nice blowjob. She drank all my cum. I pulled her back and removed her bra was sucking one and squeezing another boob. She started moaning slowly and pulling my head towards her.

I was licking her navel and kissing her upper body. I came to her love hole. I was feeling her pussy over the panty. Rubbed her pussy over her panty her panty was wet because of foreplay. I placed a kiss on her panty and slowly removed her panty. It was a clean shaved chocolate color pussy. The smell of her pussy was superb. I was teasing her by moving my hands on her pussy. She shouted fuck me then I started rubbing her pussy, slowly inserted my finger and finger fucked her till she had an organism.

She woke up and took my dick into her mouth. Took out a condom and put it to my dick, and she came over me. I love women riding me because of their boobs movement. I can feel their boobs also later we changed into the missionary position and some more position.

I followed her placed a kiss on her ass cheek and spanked her ass. She told to wait outside the bathroom. I said her let’s bath together. She said at least wait for two min. I asked why she said with a shy face I have to pee. I told I want to see you peeing. She said no way and going to the washroom. Once again she told me to go out. I said no. I want to see you peeing. She said OK and sat to pee I was watching her pussy. I told her to stand she stood up and completed her pee. I said I want to pee on you she sat in front of me I peed on her head and face. We had the bath with romancing and cleaned each other’s body. We were nude and came to the hall finished our dinner. We had few sessions full night with some rest in between. Again we together had the bath in the morning. We were roaming nude in the home. Finished our breakfast.

I told her to prepare some tea. She went to the kitchen after 2-3 minutes, I followed her and hugged her from behind. Kissed on her neck as we were nude my dick was feeling her ass. I lifted her up to sit at the top of the kitchen table, widened her legs and inserted my dick. We had a nice fuck for few minutes. We were full tired because of our continuous action and need some rest we went to the bedroom and slept for some time.

She gave me some amount and dropped me at my place. I made her wear the skirt while going I was enjoying her body. She greeted me bye with a smooch.

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