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Hi My Dear readers,

This is Buddy Cool with a new story.

For those who don’t know about me, let me introduce myself am an average looking guy of 29 plus with height of 5.5 and residing in Bangalore since birth

To be honest with the readers I love mature & elder women because they are well experienced, well shaped, good in bed and they know how to get satisfied by younger guys and how to pay them for their expenses.

The story is a bit lengthy so please co-operate dear readers.

After my story was published one day I received a appreciation email from a lady named Vanitha (Name changed for privacy & not willing to hurt females sentiments and….) and she said that she loved my story and wants to try my services and asked me how much do I charge for sex service and bdsm service and I replied her sex service 7000Rs. Per day (for 06Hours) and BDSM Service 16K and materials she needs to purchase for the service and she agreed and asked what are the things she has to purchase and I sent her the list and she asked me the date and I fixed the date after 15th December 2018 and she agreed and daily we used to chat in Gmail at least for 15-20 minutes and one day she spoke about her personal life that she was 35yrs old and working in a private school as XYZ and her husband left her and her daughter after her daughter turned 04years and he is married to another woman and they are living in another state and she said that its almost 08years since she had sex and she came across my story when she went to her friend’s house and she saw the stories that she was reading and she took a pic of the screen and went home and read the stories and she came across my story and she said that she wanted to try it once after reading my story her desire awakened for sex and was unable to control it and she said that she is living in her own ancestors independent house and she resides in 02nd floor of 03BHK only with her daughter and her parents will be going out of station for hometown and she will send her with them and she said to fix the date in that time so I had agreed and her daughter is 11 and years old and really cute chubby baby.

And on mails and talks I asked what is sex position that she loves the most and she said that she loves to be dressed as married woman who is going to loose herself on the first night and the position she said in point wise ( not explained in detail as per her request)

  1. Missionary Position in the beginning of sex
  2. She likes to ride on top
  3. Doggy
  4. 69 Positions standing
  5. Flying and Butt fly

And I asked her what about BDSM she said that she doesn’t know about it but she searched the internet and found it interesting but she also said that she was very much afraid to try as the pains will unbearable and she was feeling nervous and was afraid if her body take that much pains and tortures… I replied her saying that its all our way of thinking and assured her that I will give her that much Pains as I know how it’ll feel and I said only 40% she will having pains and if maximum means it’ll be only 45% and not more than that and she agreed and finalized the amount and she agreed to pay 23K for both sex and bdsm and both should be on the same day cause next day her friend will be coming to her house and after that her parents will be back and I agreed to her request…

So the day finally arrived and she sent me her house address and asked me to come by 10am and finish by 06pm and I reached her house by 09.15am and went and rang the door bell she was in nighty and she was busy cleaning the house as she opened the door I was lost in her boobs and her dress which was revealing her body and she asked what I want and I said that I am hear to meet Vanitha and she said that she is Vanitha and I introduced myself and she asked me to come in and have a seat and she went to the kitchen to bring water and her ass was inviting to grab and whack it immediately and ass fuck it then and there itself and I controlled and waited and she bought water and gave me to drink and she asked me that why I came early and I said that I like to be before time as I don’t like my clients to wait for me and she said that she has to take bath and I need to wait and I said you do your work and I’ll start my work and she was damn horny and she saw me with a kinky saliva smile and winked and she said to wait and she went to take bath and she played the music and went inside the bathroom she started to take bath and the door wasn’t locked and I forgot to tell her stats they are 36-26-35 and bit chubby but damn sexy curvy hot, I knocked on the bathroom door and she without turning back showing her ass asked cant you wait for 15minutes and I said my service time started the moment I entered the house and she is only wasting her time and she said ok start your work and I removed my clothes and placed them on the table and went inside the bathroom and touched her back and she moaned “Hmmmm” and slowly I kissed her back and started roaming my hand on her body and slapped on her ass heavily and the sound was heavy and she moaned and then I started to kiss her and turned her towards me and she dripping wet bottom and I liplocked her lips and started to kiss passionately and she too responded nicely and started to slowly explore her and  she was getting aroused for seconds and she hugging tightly and was pulling me and I raised her left leg and started to finger her pussy and she was moaning and can’t describe the sound that she was making and that too in the bathroom and I started to lick her clean shaven pussy and her tummy was well shaped and after few minutes she cummed in my hand and I saw her and she smiled in shyness and said that we’ll continue in the bed and we both cleaned ourselves and I lift her up and threw her on the bed and pounced on her and liploced her and after 15minutes of passionate kissing we broke the kiss and started to pinch her nipples and she was moaning and breathing heavily and I took a condom and was about roll on my penis when she said that its her duty and I gave her and she gave a blowjob and then she rolled the condom on my penis and said now I can fuck her and slowly I opened her legs wide and she closed her legs In shyness and I leaned forward and  kissed her lips and slowly opened both her legs wide and started to insert my penis inside her vagina, damn shit it was very tight and she was moaning with pain as she had not been vagi fucked so I pulled my penis out and I leaned and liplocked her started to kiss and she was responding well and suddenly I pushed my penis inside her vagina and she moaned heavily and  was catching both the end of the bedsheets and I fucked her for almost 40minutes non stop and then she rolled and she started to ride on me and I was pinching her juggling nipples and she was riding me like a crazy whore and I started to slap her breast and it turned red and she cummed and she fell on my chest and we liplocked and said let me take some rest and even u too take rest and I said rest is for u but my best is not yet completed and I turned her and started to insert penis inside her butt hole and she was screaming and said its paining and I hit on her ass very tightly that my finger marks were imprinted on her beautiful ass (ladies u can imagine how reddish it would have been) and I took her bra-panty and inserted into her mouth and in one force I inserted into her butt hole and she was crying plus moaning and I ass fucked her for almost 25minutes and cummed in her ass and she was saying that her ass is paining badly and I kissed ass-pussy and removed the panty-bra from her mouth and she sighed and I kept my penis near her mouth and she started to give a blowjob and I cummed in her mouth and she drank all without wasting any and I said lets start and she said after lunch we’ll start and she started to serve the lunch naked and she sat next to me and I was having my lunch and simultaneously finger her pussy and she was not able to have her lunch peacefully and I finished my lunch and still she was having and I went and stood behind her and started to massage her boob  and she was getting aroused and I slowly tied her hands to the chair and started to hit her boobs and she was cry-moaning badly and I took the vibrator and inserted into her vagina in full raise and she was moaning heavily and I shoved my penis into her mouth and she began to suck and fucked her deepthroat and she spilled my sperm on her boobs and I cleaned it and started to whip her ass and she was unbearably moaning as the cane was hot and her ass turned red and I started to ass fuck her and she was crying like hell and I breast canned her and swear those beautiful melons turned strawberry color and finished my fuck and left my BDSMX marks on her body and undid her hands and she sat exhausted and I liplocked her and kissed her took her to the bedroom and threw her and pounced on her like a hungry tiger about to feed his hunger and I put the condom and in shot inserted my penis inside her vagina and fucked her and she was reciprocating well and I bit her nipples and almost tore her pussy and left my bite marks on her stomach, thighs and pussy and removed my penis and she said to come on her boobs and I cummed on her boobs and I liplocked her and kissed and we both went for shower and ass fucked her in the bathroom and she soaped me well and even I soaped her and cleaned her pussy and I signalled her towards my penis and she understood and took my penis in her mouth and gave blowjob and I cummed in her mouth and she cleanly sucked it and we finished our shower and we both cleaned ourselves dry and she went to the kitchen to make Coffee and I was getting dressed and there was an envelope on my shirt and I opened it and when I counted the amount it was 25k(2kx12 and 500×2) and I went to the kitchen and hugged her behind and started to kiss her neck and my penis was getting an hardon and I removed my pant zip and inserted into her ass and fucked her in the kitchen and still she was making coffee and I took a glass and squeezed her milk from the boobs and I was about to cum and she understood and took a glass started to stroke my penis and I cummed in the glass and she gave me the coffee filled glass and she took the cumm filled glass and poured the coffee and I caught hold by her waist and we walked to the dinning hall liplocked and I sat on the single seat sofa and she sat on my thighs and I was drinking coffee and massaging her boobs and she had kept the coffee on the table and and was caressing my hairs and I finished my coffee and I booked for a cab its arrival time was showing as 20 minutes and I saw her and she lay on the sofa and I took the last piece of condom and rolled onto my penis and fucked her and cummed on her stomach and she blew my penis and sucked it clean dry and zipped my pants and I asked for a pussy pic and she took my phone and took a selfie from boobs to pussy and also her ass and gave me the phone and she said that she’ll call me very soon after new year 2019 begins and we liplocked each other and my cab arrived and I bid her farewell and left from there and she mailed me saying thanks for the satisfaction and she said to be in touch and I asked her can I publish it and she gave the permission and said to not use her real name and address and I assured her privacy and have published this story.

For feedback and contact email me. I apologise for any mistakes made.

Thanks & Regards

Buddy Cool

By Tommy

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