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Sexual encounter with Neighbour’s

By Loverboy.


This is a true story which took place years ago   I was staying with my family in Bagalkot and had 3 beautiful children, my wife Kamala was a Government Teacher and myself was an engineer and working in a Private Company.  I got a good job in Hubli and shifted alone as wife had to get a transfer and would take time, in Hubli stayed with a close friend of mine and started searching houses.


One of my Colleagues Prakash asked me whether I was a Bhramin and when I confirmed to him that I was a Madhwa Bhramin  he invited me to to come and see his house which he wanted to rent, went and saw the house I liked it and agreed to stay there, when I went around the place I could gather that all the people staying in that area were Bhramins.


I was introduced to Prakash’s wife whose age must be around 35 her name was Meena, she was a damn sexy woman, she had lust written over from top to bottom, they had a son and daughter both were grown up and were in 6th and 7th.  But looking at Meena she did not look like she was mother of 2 grown up children she had maintained her figure. She had a  wheatish complexion and figure of 38-27-38- the kind of figures I had always fantasized about. I had always dreamt of having fun with other married woman,    I could feel the thirst of lust in her eyes.


She would always wear her sarees below her sweet and sexy navel and most of the time her protruding boobs could be visible if the pallu was not in place, which always would be disclocated. Her fleshy haunching hips below her narrow waist were also well projected back making big curves there, enough to make her look sexier Her breasts bounced sexily with her every step.


Every day after Prakash went for walking Meena who was also known as Baby would water the verandah and clean the steps and would knock at my place and ask me to get up, every day the first person I saw was this lusty woman who used to give me a tonic of excitement. She would always wear her sarees below her sweet and sexy navel and most of the time her protruding boobs could be visible if the pallu was not in place, which always would be disclocated


While discussing with Prakash came to know that they had a group who were specailised in singing songs, hymns at houses and at functions and all the groups wives would join for all functions.


Prakash and Baby  had a small function (Arshana Kunkama) in the house and all neighbours and Group ladies were called it was a ladies function but since I was alone they invited me also, that is when I met Sridevi, Vani, Geeta, Suvarna,Kamala,Rukmini all were Madhwa Bhramin like me and in sarees they all looked sexy and one thing was common in all they were religiously strict regarding community and they all did a lot of Madi. When they were asking about me informed them about my family and also told that I loved yoga and would like to take yoga classes.


 Meena had a friend who was her neighbor named sridevi she was a bomb she had one son who was  aged 5 year old, she lived with her inlaws who were damn strict and did not allow Sridevi to wear nighty or Chudidar, she had a  damn sexy waist which would be seen and which attracted me a lot, she had lesser flesh she use to always come to Baby’s house and they would chat for hours and there main discussion would be how their hubbys satisfied them or about some or the other Swami’s visit so that they could go and gossip with other women and have free lunch.


Baby used to run a chit fund and was also involved in lending money on loan to people, this she did with the help of her husband’s friend Shyam and Sreenath  Shyam was a handsome man and had other business like distribution of films, real estate and was also a womanizer, eventhough he had a beautiful wife Nirmala. Sreenath was working with a MNC company and also had a sweet wife named Rukmini and they had a son of the same age of Baby’ son. Meena with her lusty appeal would attract people towards her and she could easily manipulate in talking, infact people would fall for her glittery looks and sweet talks. Shyam and Sreenath were Baby’s lovers.  Baby got her sexual desires quenched through this two persons, I was the third person. 


One day While discussing with the women folk  I came to know that all these women after bath wear a piece of cloth called Madi and do puja to god and then wear clothes, I was eager to see them in the madi and was planning to do so but before that I had to seduce the family and attract towards me


This 3 women had never seen luxirous life not had been to hotels for dinner, so I decided to take all these three women Baby, Sridevi and Geeta to show  them about a better impression about me took Baby’s family and Sridevi’s family along with Geeta & her husband for a Dinner party at one of the best Hotels named Tirumala Classic and saw to it that everyone enjoyed the food till the brim, all the women folk were happy and also the men, they thanked me for a good dinner, this happened once again after a fortnight but now it was Naveen Hotel, while discussing I came to know that Geeta’s husband worked in Bangalore and would come down in weekends only and Sridevi’s husband Gopal was working in a  small scale company as a commercial officer, he was no match for Sridevi,


Sridevi was sitting just opposite to me then we were served dishes on the  table As the table which was fairly small, it was quite natural that my knee should touch Sridevi’s occasionally, and it did. I kept the touches light at the beginning, but as she didn’t pull away, I pressed a little harder and left it next to hers. We both smiled as she looked lovingly up into my eyes. I kept the conversation running with Geeta’s husband as best I could, and slowly rubbed my knee up and down.  Sridevi  pushed back even harder. The butterflies in my stomach began to jump. I was more than happy that my wishes were about to be fulfilled. Above the table, Sridevi continued to converse as though nothing at all was the matter.  Her lips parted in a slight gasp, but she did not move away. Soon my leg was caressing her leg lifting her saree upwards. I was now finding it difficult to concentrate on the food. It was getting too hot. I was worried  that either of the other ladies or men saw what we are up to. Now it was difficult for both of us to concentrate on food.
She teased me again, and her foot became more insistent against my leg. She looked at me, her lips half parted. Her eyes had become very dark now, and that intoxicating look was inviting and bemusing at the same time.
After the dinner when we came out I and Sridevi were walking in the front when she thanked me saying it was wonderful with a naughty smile.




Soon Genesh Festival came and decorations started that is when I installed a camera inside Baby’s bedroom without her or her family’s knowledge since there house was full of old things they would never know till they really looked for, then I went to Bagalkot to see my family and brought back them with me they met Baby’s family, Sridevi’s family and many more neighbours almost all the people around and then we had fun moving around Dharwad and Hubli alongwith Sridevi’s family  after 4 days stay I left my family back to Bagalkot.


 Sridevi’s inlaws were happy to see me around whenever I had a chance to visit them I would discuss regarding Madhwa scriptures, Vedas, this would make Sridevi’s inlaws very happy. I would on occasions do puja with Gopal’s father (Sridevi’s fatherinlaw) I had the freedom to move in the house freely, would always wait for an opportunity to get closer to Sridevi and feel her bums or brush against her boobs Sridevi reciprocated the feel Myself and Sridevi were coming closer to each other but she always maintained her self respect, but at times she would crack a joke and slap my thighs, to touch her on some pretext or the other would crack jokes and would give her a clap on her hand or thighs, this all took place in her house and it looked like a normal family friendship for which no one objected. Gopal would always come home late and had hardly time for Sridevi or her kid.  one day Sridevi called me to tell that her Mixer was not working, could I please check it I immediately went to her and asked her to operate it she was doing so when I went behind her my body touching hers and kept her locked in between and managed to repair the mixer, my prick was erect and was touching her bums in the center, she then said thanks and asked me how it felt locking her in that position for which I told her it was a fantastic experience & would want to feel her more & left immediately to my house as her inlaws and son were present in the house. I asked her to come to my house when she was free.




I started teaching yoga to whoever came to me but then I saw that women started coming for Yoga classes, Sridevi and Baby also joined, my criminal thinking started thinking differently I got installed 2 Close circuit cameras in my bedroom and hall and was connected to my computer system, I knew in the days to come I would want this cameras to take pictures of what went inside this room.

One day I went downstairs and knocked the door, after some time the door was opened by Baby’s son, both the children were ready to go to school and Prakash had already left for Morning shift, they asked me to sit down since their mother was in Puja and left, as the children went out  I entered the Pooja room to see that Baby had only a piece of cloth around her she was totally naked, she was surprised to me and shouted at me to go away, she got up when the piece of cloth she was covering fell off showing her lovely assets, this made me mad and I just embaraced Baby and started kissing her and started roaming my hands on all her body, at first instance she allowed me to caress her but after some time she shouted me to get out of the house, I had to leave but knew that she was on heat and sooner or later she would be in bed with me.


Next day again at the same  time went down and knocked the door, it was open and went inside and heard Baby taking bath, pushed the bath room door and saw the sexy damsel naked taking bath, she turned and asked me to go away, I was almost 2 feet away, Standing this close to her, I could smell the fragrance of her hair, the light scent of her perfume, sense her warm body against me. For several more seconds we stood there looking into each other’s eyes. Unable to read her expression I slowly lower my lips to hers softly letting my lips press against hers as she embraced me fully, letting me feel her generous boobs crushed against my chest. Not wanting to break contact with her, I started stroking her neck and head, running my fingers through her hair, massaging her tense muscles. I felt her start to relax and loosen up under my ministrations. Feeling a little bolder, I nuzzled closer in her neck and gave her several little soft kisses behind her ear. I felt and heard Meena moan softly, and her hands and arms started to subtly change their motions. Instead of just clinging to me, she started to return her stroking and massaging.  She kissed back with the experience of a hundred women. I stood still as her tongue worked its magic in my mouth, licking the insides of my oral cavity, tasting my breath until I was panting for her. When we broke the kiss, she moved her head back a little and we searched out each other’s eyes. There was fire in her eyes, something I had not seen before  She pulled my shirt out of my pants and unbuttoning it pulled it off me as I kicked off my shoes and socks. Loosening my belt unsnapped my pants and let the zipper down letting my pants drop to the floor. My cock was pushing out past my underwear and she massaged my erection with her hands, looking into my face and said,  ” I want to do this. ”   I pulled her and buried my face between the valley they create and inhaled the warm sweet scent as my mouth slides across and licks around. She gasp and throw her head back, savouring the feel of my teeth gently biting them while her hand held me close to her, no pressure, just a light touch to know she wanted this too I gently sucked a nipple into my mouth flicking it with my tongue. Her deep moan told me I found one of her spots. I attacked her boobs with fury. Sucking, nibbling, biting, trying to pry and probe every pleasure spot around her breasts. With a grunt, Meena’s hand slid downward, her fingers stopping at the waistline of my underwear. I held my breath a moment, as she slipped her hand, palm flat against my skin, under the waistline and between my body and my cock. She stopped moving then without a word, she slipped her hand around my shaft, getting a tight grip almost squeezing it. I felt warmth throughout my body, and I groaned low in my throat. She held me in her hand, while I continued suck and nibble her nipples. We just stayed that way, neither of us changing our position, for a few minutes enjoying the moment. I could feel every bit of her movement, I was feeling her rub, every bit of it and it was giving me a monster erection, the kind people refer to as ’throbbing’. My left hand travelled over her belly and down between her legs — her thighs parted as my fingers inched closer to find her already wet pussy. I stroked my finger over her wetness, sliding up to press against her clit then down over her wet lips.  “Please, ” she gasped,  “Yes, there, right there, ” as my fingers moved. I dipped the tip of my finger into her, she moaned loudly.  “Oh yes, put it inside me. Finger me! ” I slowly slid my finger in and out of her wet pussy.
Every time I pulled my finger out, I would circle her clit giving it a couple flicks then dipping my finger back into her pussy. Her breathing became heavy and I kept teasing her until she started begging. Her breathing became heavy and I kept teasing her until she started begging.  “Just do it. ” Meena(Baby) almost pleaded.  “I want to feel you inside me. ” I smiled back at her and said,  “What is the hurry,  “I want to take it slow and easy.  ” She dropped on bed pulling me with her.   fuck me now, I can not wait. ” she huskily instructed. Placing my lips against hers, I sucked her tongue hungrily into my mouth. Meena’s moans and pleading now lost inside my own throat as we continued grinding our bodies against one another. Breaking the kiss she began breathing noisily through her mouth…  “Oh   fuck me now ” She ordered with fire in her eyes as she reached down and grasped my dick in her hand. I traced my mouth over to her ears and whispered,  “I can’t believe this is happening, at that moment someone knocked the door and called Baby, immediately we covered ourselves and I hid under the bed,in the hall, Meena opened the door it was Shyam her first lover, she welcomed him inside and took him inside the bedroom making my safe exit out of the house.

One Evening Baby’s husband (Prakash) called me for dinner that is when Sridevi’s husband (Gopal) was also there and we had a few rounds of drink which Baby’s husband had brought, we were all getting high while   Meena came out from the kitchen she was wearing a silky nighty which showed almost all her curves, that is when from inside Sridevi also came out and  she sat next to her husband and started discussing,I got to know that Gopal’s mother had left for Mumbai and only Gopal’s father was in the house, we were in the midst of thinking of watching a Blue film that is when Meena and Sridevi also agreed to watch the movie with us   after dinner Baby and her husband, Sridevi and her husband came to my flat and we started watching Blue film.  Prakash brought eh drinks also with him upstairs and then we all had one more round of drinks before we started watching the blue film.  I had Vodka which I mixed with Fanta and gave it to Sridevi and Baby, the fanta bottle duly mixed with vodka was kept with them, and they were sipping it slowly, when every one was grossed in the movie   all of them were excited and then started an orgy of love making, Prakash with Baby, Gopal with Sridevi they were undressing themselves watching the movie, that is when entered in the arena and sat in the middle and started feeling Sridevi’s back Then slowly I moved down wards kissing n licking her complete body, her belly, navel, hips, thighs, feet. It was a lovely feeling. She was soft, white and her glowing skin made me feel like eating her, biting her all over.

Kissing and licking her like that I moved upwards to her lips. We smooched and rolled over. She was on top now. We were still smooching. My hands moved all over her back to her round ass cheeks, rubbing and caressing them. She started kissing me my chest, licking all around my stomach, navel. The feeling was great and I was getting more and more excited. She licked me all over my belly, hips and thighs and kissed the tips of my dick causing sensation in my whole body. I took her firm and tight boobs within my palms and started pressing them again. I squeezed her voluptuous boobs. She again sighed in pleasure. She asked me to mouth her boobs., before I could do so Gopal  started mouthing her boobs he was still conscious and also Prakash who also came near Sridevi and started feeling her other boobs both were liking her nipples one by one again and then kissed her succulent boobs. I left her and took baby’s boobs and started sucking her nipples. My tongue was working well on her hard pointed nipples. 

I kissed her sexy thighs. I kissed her sexy looking crotch madly. I kept kissing and licking on that zone. I rubbed my mouth over her silky sexy thighs. Baby  was tossing in complete restlessness.  She said stop all this why don’t you first give me the heavenly satisfaction you have already made me mad, I just want your thing in me, I very well understood that she instantly wanted strong strokes from me.      I separated her sexy thighs and positioned my self between them. 

Her pussy was wet. I pushed my hard erect dick tight inside her pussy. Oohhh, it was very hot. The hot lubricant inside her pussy eased my entry in to her. My hard and stiff penis had no problem in entering her pussy. I gave some pushes and was then completely inside her. 

She moaned in ecstasy “….ooofffffff……aaaahhhh…..” I told Baby that I was completely inside her. I told her that I had pushed the full length of my dick (lund) into her hot vagina. She told “…ooohhhh yyyeessss… that is fine  I was longing for it… …now fuck me at your will,  …” I started moving my torso to and fro. My penis was getting harder and harder. It was getting thicker and thicker.,Gopal came and started sucking baby’s boobs In the beginning I made slow movements. She held me within her arms and started moaning in low sexy voice “….uuuhh  ….aaaahhhh…..oooofff” She encircled her thighs around my waist. I pushed my fully erect cock a little bit more inside her with more vogour. 

Her voice became slightly louder. I went on fucking her gently. After some time She arched her legs and thighs up so as to give way more to me more inside her. I made more thrust. Baby was accommodating me more and more that way inside her. I increased my speed a little more.   please go on fucking me like that … …yes dear, come on fuck me like that … it is fine.. ..your are great.. … I feel really good.. ..It is giving me heavenly pleasure… … you know how to fuck… yes you are a great fucker.. ooohhh yes I like such fucking… ..dear please come on… …come fast..   Now I was on my knees. She lifted her hips up and parted her thighs well so that she could accommodate me more and more inside her. I held her hips with my hands and gave some support to keep her vagina up in position, right in front of my cock. I pushed my cock again into her hot and wet vagina and started fucking her. In that position I was able to fuck deep in her valley. I was fucking her deeper and deeper. Of course, that position was very much convenient for me to push my cock completely into her valley. 

I increased my speed. I was stroking hard into her. I was trying to push my cock more and more into her. My cock was going and coming fast to and from her vagina. I was stroking.  That is when Sridevi came and pulled me out of Baby and asked me to put my dick inside her and then   I went on pumping Sridevi like that with full speed. Ohhh, fucking Sridevi  was simply heavenly. Of course I had already made love to Baby  and then now Sridevi   After some time we were spent and were gasping fast. We were completely exhaust. We rested there in the bed. We were lying in complete nudity. Both the husbands had collapsed and Baby was furious on Sridevi to have pulled me and taken me to her.


 Baby came to me and said it is my turn now and then I put my dick tip on the opening of her juicy pussy and applied a little pressure and it slid inside and then I gradually increase my pressure until it reached deep inside her tight pussy.
I was pumping hard and fucking her wildely. Her moaning and shouting made me more horny and I increase my thrusts into her pussy. Soon she recovered the pain and responding positively and started enjoying my dick into her deep pussy. 

Soon I controlled myself, as I did not want to cum quickly. I wanted to prolong my sexual encounter with a sexy and hungry woman so I slowed down my movement. I wanted to use all the techniques of kamasutra which I learned and experienced with my wife.  Baby was at the peak of her sexual pleasure. My lips were constantly busy extracting honey from her sweet lips, my hands were completing their basic and important task to ride and slid to an from her peaks and valleys and my throbbing iron-rod was making its way throughout her wet, hot and tight pussy, making her fly in the open sky of lust. 

Fucking her in this position for about a minute, I opened her legs apart in the air and in opposite direction from each other an it gave my dick a complete penetration in her deep pussy. Then I brought the legs in the same L position and pushed them back touching her breasts and stomach. I was getting heavenly pleasure whereas I can not express the lust and satisfaction she was experiencing. Suddenly, I felt that my orgasm was building inside me, but I still did not want to cum so I removed my dick out of her pussy to give it a little rest, while my finger was rubbing her erect clit to keep her warm and horny. I must say that she had already had two orgasms till I removed my dick out. 


Both the women thanked me for satisfying them but Sridevi wanted more that is when asked her to come to my house anytime that is when asked Baby and Sridevi how come your both husbands did not object my touching you both that is when the secret came out that they they had a similar session with Shyam and Sreenath but in that session Sreenath’s wife Rukmini was also present. That is when requested Baby to have such a session again with Geeta also in,  she was surprised and said it is difficult but lets try


Since Sridevi’s motherinlaw was not there, I just thought I would peep in their house in the morning, Sridevi;s fatherinlaw asked me whether I required something that is when asked for sugar he told me to take it inside from the kitchen and was doing his Puja, went inside to see that Sridevi had just arrived from bathing only with a piece of cloth which called as Madi, her back was towards me, she was praying, I slowly went behind her and started feeling her back, she turned around and whispered to go away but I wanted this woman I pulled her to me and started smooching her she reciprocated my kissesShe unbuttoned my trousers and removed my dick from the underwear and started sucking it
  I parted her legs and fingered her moist pussy which was cleanly shaven.  . Instantly she let out a moan in ecstasy. I kept exploring her pussy with tongue. I licked her pussy slowly at first and then increasing the speed, I sucked hard. I licked furiously while she was moaning in deep pleasure, she stopped me and said stop and asked me to go home she will follow.



One day There was a function in Dharwad and we had to go there Baby, and her family, Sridevi and   Geeta requested me to take them in my car to so we planned and went to the function the car was jam packed, it was attended by all the Madhwa Bhramins and there I saw that almost all women were damn good looking and were sexy that is when all started moving towards the stage to take blessings of the Guru that is when my hands started roaming on Geeta’s back and in the crowd no one knew or could know my dick was in between her bum crevices, she did not object she was also reciprocating, this was a good sign to know that there were lot of Bhramin women who wanted to have sex with other men. I then proceeded to stroke her outside thighs from the outside just to tease her. She was facing the other side and did not say anything that is when my hand wen to her waist and started feeling the smoothness and softness, I knew that this woman was on heat I grasped her soft hand and guided it to my cock, in the crowd she played it with and said stop we have come here for godliness, all of a sudden lights went off, there was chaos. this was another oppurtinity to fiddle with Geeta, my hands started roaming on her boobs and waist she did not object, I prayed that lights should not come, I lifted her saree and started inserting my hand inside to feel her thighs, she objected and asked me hold my advances, at that same time lights came on and the fun had ended but after that the men and women were separated and then we had food and we reached home late in the night, while retunring home Geeta sat next to me in the car so when ever I had to change the gear I could touch her thighs.


Next day at 5.30 in the morning Geeta was at my doorstep I was just in my Bermuda and opened the door to see Geeta who was elegantly dressed to kill she was wearing a sexy nightie, I welcomed her in and went inside to take a shirt on me and started the cameras and computer and came back, Geeta   came forward like a slinky snake, her gesture provocative. I had to control myself, but she came uncomfortably close. I felt her hot breath on my lips and as soon as I looked up, she locked her lips with mine in a lingering kiss of passion. I felt her body weight suddenly upon mine and staggered against the wall. I wrapped my arms around her waist to regain some balance. I found her skin to be surprisingly velvety and moved towards the bedroom

Her hot body against mine and our lips locked together under the shower was s situation I had never dreamt of. When she was done kissing me, I asked, ‘what has gotten into you, Geeta? What is all this?’

  I have been looking for a guy to satisfy him and to have him satisfy me. But I never looked upon you in that light. Yesterday when we went to Dharwad your grinding your cock on me and the way you tried to feel me in the auditorioum, I knew you are the person who will satisfy my thirst.  I asked her how come you are not satisfied when you are husband is a handsome man and a cricketer and has given you two lovely sons, she said that was then when he was in lime light and young now it is years he has not given me the satisfaction which a woman required

As it is, I was turned on by her hot figure, but now with her intentions clear, I was eager for her. We hugged each other; I felt my hand sliding along her smooth and perfect figure. She held my erect cock in her hand and stroked it, she exclaimed that I had a pretty big one and also thick, this is going to give me happiness, when I asked does not brother give your happiness, she said have you seen his, he has just 4 inches long you have 7 inches long,. I rubbed my finger in her pussy. She squirmed and turned, her back facing me. I grabbed her from behind, my erect cock grazing her cute ass. I cupped her ample breasts in my hands and kissed her neck as I squeezed them. ‘Ummmmm!!!! This feels so nice!!’ she said.

I slid my right hand to her navel and tickled her there. She pushed her back more into me, surely enjoying the feeling. I squeezed her nipples with my left hand. She turned back facing me again and I propped her against the wall holding her hands high above her head. She had her left leg bent and propped for balance. I kissed her on her lips. My cock was rubbing on her navel. I pushed my tongue hungrily in her mouth, exploring it.

In the meanwhile doubting why Geeta had come so early to my house Baby had slowly come to our house and was watching the whole scenario and was hot.



Geeta was unaware that we were being watched by the hot and sexy Baby, Baby came inside the house and removed her clothes and came near me that is when Geeta was shocked and afraid, I pacified her, she had her hands holding the back of my head while our kiss. When I pulled my tongue out, I saw that she had her eyes closed in enjoyment of the passion. She slowly opened her eyes and looked longingly and lovingly at me. She found my cock and stroked it hard. I played with her breasts, kissing and sucking on them. God! However she had managed to keep them from being plundered by anybody!!

Baby came inside the house and removed her clothes and came near me that is when Geeta was shocked and afraid, I pacified her I parted Baby’s legs and fingered her moist pussy which was cleanly shaven. I pulled her panty aside and touched her naked pussy with my tongue. Instantly she let out a moan in ecstasy. I kept exploring her pussy with tongue. I licked her pussy slowly at first and then increasing the speed, I sucked hard. I licked furiously while she was moaning in deep pleasure.


She was almost crying and buckling to reach to my tongue. “Oh god, don’t stop!” She protested, pushing my face back down. “Like before… oh god… I’m so close, don’t stop, don’t ever stop….” I felt an orgasm building in her as her pussy contracted. “O my God!” She screamed, her body beginning to tremble uncontrollably as a powerful orgasm took over her body.


with one loud moan she came hard. I waited for her to recover while we became completely naked. Then I laid on bed on my back and Geeta come up and sat on my dick inserting my dick in her pussy hole. She was really tight. Once eased with the cock in her pussy, she started to up and down slowly while I played with her boobs.


Now she placed up and moaning heavily. I was too pushing upwards as her ass came down to thrust her hard. With each push, she would moan hard and I was in deep pleasure. While fucking she lowered her head to kiss my lips and I responded by kissing hard. I said in her ears, “I love you Baby got up and dressed and left informing Geeta to come over to their house for some discussion.


I bit lightly on Geeta’s neck and she crushed my body against her in an embrace. Her warm, smooth and soft body rubbing against mine was a great turn on for me. I kissed her from her lips to her cunt. She moaned with my every kiss. I kissed her cunt more than once as she moaned most when I kissed her there. I liked the sound of her moans. Eventually I kissed her cunt deeply, my tongue reaching inside her cunt. She held my head and pulled on my hair in pleasure. I inserted the middle finger of my right hand in her cunt while kissing her there. She squirmed again. She pulled me up by my head and said,   I can’t wait any more! Fuck me. Fuck me hard and deep! 

It required no further bidding. I parted her legs as she put her lips on mine for a long kiss, I fumbled with my cock to get inside her, but was unable to find the entry as I was unable to see down. She guided my cock with her hand; I slowly pushed my hard cock in her cunt. She bit on my lower lip  I slowly fucked her at first and then I increased my pounding inside her. She had her lips parted in a lustful pleasure. I couldn’t resist and kissed her on her lips. She responded to my kiss by hugging me by my neck and moving her body according the motion of my cock.

I kissed her bare neck and squeezed her soft breasts and increased pace as well. Her moans were louder, I kept on fucking her at an increased pace when I felt her tight cunt climax on my cock. ‘UhhhhnnnnnAAAAhHHHHH!! I AM COMIIING!! THIS IS FUCKING LOVELY FEELING!!! MY GOD!! MAKE ME FUCK AGAIN!!’ and bit my earlobe.

I increased my thrusts into her spurred with her bites on my ears.

I said, ‘I am about to cum too!!’

She said, ‘fill me with your cream, baby! Don’t pull out of me!! Ohhhh this is so good!! I thought I would never get this feeling.’

I came inside her hot cunt and filled it with my cream. She kissed me in silent thanks. My deflated cock was out of her now.

I said, ‘I never knew you had such a marvelous body, Geeta My God! You are super hot and the sexiest Woman  I have ever met this all went on till 7 and she dressed up and left inviting me to come over dinner to their house. 


In the evening I went to Geeta’s house for dinner and after meeting the whole family and after chatting Geeta;s husband asked me to have dinner at their house till my family shifted down that was a good excuse to visit their house quite often but it was also difficult as Geeta had 2 grown up boys and were very clever they would suspect any wrong moves.


Geeta’s husband giving me permission to come to their house every day for dinner gave me a license to visit their house her two children left for school in the morning at 7.30 and would come only at 4 and her husband would be in Bangalore till week end since he worked there. I started visiting Geeta’s house after 7.45  to have breakfast and to have a sex tonic.


Every day Sridevi , Geeta or Baby would take care of me as if I was a school going boy they would take care of me by asking me my  needs, I started feeling that better not to shift the family since it was better to have 3 lovely women taking good care of me.


Some parts of the story has been taken from the web as far as the names are also changed for secrecy but it is true that women are also interested in three some and foursome with one man.

By Yumiko

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