Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

When my girlfriend not home I just watch movies or house work. It’s raining and lightning flash through the sky.

Its 10pm and I just done showering and ready to go to bed. My phone ring and ask for me. It’s a girl voice. Hi, it’s me Amanda, what you doing? Nothing, what you doing and where your husband? Somehow you come across my mind and I call you, if you ok with it. I’m ok, where you at? I’m in your neighborhood. Can I stop by and hangout with you? If you want too, yea! Door rang, I open the door, I saw her soak in rain. Come in. We hug and she said it’s been awhile since I’m back here. So how you been? Everything good with you and your husband? She shivering and her clothes are wet. You want to put on dry clothes and dry your clothes if you not in a rush, sure! You can change in my room. You want long white T-shirt? Sure. You want to wear my short or just T-shirt. T-shirt be fine. I be down stairs. She came down, still look beautiful like I saw her. Came back and sat down. You want any beer and food? Beer that’s fine. I sat down and look at. Your husband knows you over here? No and I really don’t care what he thinks. I’m not gonna ask about him then. How you been doing she asks? Just work and work on the house. You haven’t changed a bit. You do too I said, still beautiful and sexy as always. Thanks and she smile. I look at her, she seem sad. I move close to her and put my arm around her. Everything will be ok I said. She look at me, thanks for letting me come here. She grab her beer and I saw a bruise and mark on her wrist. I grab her hand and look at it. Did he do that? She nod her head, her tear run down her cheek. I pull her close to me, wipe her tear from her eyes. She lean on my shoulder and rub on my arm. Let’s drink and sing. I put on the song we used to sing. We sing and look at each other. I got up and reach for her hand. She grab my hand and I pull her up. She lead me out, dance around me. She stand in front of me, I grab her waist and pull her close to me. I wrap my arm around her, she grind on me. She lean her head back and lean her face on my face. She turn around and pull me to her. She look at me and we make eye contact. She lean over and kiss me on my lip. She look at me, I kiss back. I wrap my arm around her and hug her tight. She pull my head down to her and we kiss. She kiss with passion. I push her head against me and we kiss. I feel on her back and slowly on her butt and I squeeze it. She nibble on my neck. I lift the shirt up, move my hand inside and feel her butt cheek. ahhhhhh ohhhh she moan softly. I lift her up and carry her to the couch. The thunder rumbling and rain come down hard. I put her down, she pull me and sit and she sat on my lap. She moving her hip and her butt grinding on my dick. I lift off her shirt, grab her boob and suck on it. Ahhhhh ahhh I kiss her neck and on her lip. She lift my shirt off and start kiss down. Her hand rub my shaft. She got between my legs and kiss my belly and move down. She pull down my short and grab, slowly stoking my dick. I lean back, she kiss the head, lick my shaft. Stroking it and she start sucking it. I move her hair from her face and see her working my dick. She got up and slide inside her. She moan and kiss tightly. She move up and down. She kiss on my neck and breath deeply. Ahhhhh ahhhhh. She got up and got on the couch and bend over. I slowly rubbing her pussy, and slide my dick between her pussy. I put it in and slowly push in. Ahhhg ahhh she bite on the couch and she move her ass back and forth. I start go faster and harder. I pull out and jerk it. She turn around and grab my dick and start sucking it. She put it deep and suck it hard. She stroke it and I cum. She suck it and lick on it. She stroke it and suck on the the head. She just swallowed it.

By Yumiko

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