Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

My wife’s best friend. She’s married with 3 kids but still young and beautiful. She’s only 26 yrs old. One day we went out and bar hopping till we planned to go home. While I was driving I heard she bitching at someone on the phone. My wife asked her, it’s her husband. She said he’s drunk and he’s at his friend’s house. I turned up the music and start acting silly. At home we drank and while me and my wife was up on each other, I decided to carry my wife to our room and start fucking. The moaning and head board bang against the wall. After we done my wife went to wash up and she told she’s gonna sleep and told me to go drink with her friend. I walked down and saw her sitting there with her sexy leg crossed each other. I sat down, she smiled. You lucky to have her as your wife. We drank and she talks and starts subbing and put her hand on her face. I sat next to her and hug her. It’s ok, everything will be ok. She looked at me, it’s always like this. I looked at her and we made eye contact and her beautiful eyes. She leaned towards me and kissed me on my lip. I pulled my back and said what are you doing, you drunk? Sorry she said, she leaned on my chest and her hand rubbing on my chest. She turned and kissed me and she sucked on my lip, she slid her tongue inside my mouth. She wrapped her arm around my neck and starts kissing. Her juicy lip, my wife is sleeping I said with soft voice. She grabbed my dick and starts stoking. I want it she said with her moaning voice. I start getting hard and I kissed her back. She moved down and start sucking me. Hmmmm ahhhh. She licks and sucks. Faster and faster. I finger her, she took off her undies and sat on me. Slid my dick inside her and she starts work it. She moved up and down and rock back and forth. I suck on her nipple and suck on her neck. She got down and stroking and sucking. She sucked faster and sucked harder. I cum in her mouth and she sucked the head. She licked and kissed the tip. She licked her lips and swallowed. She got up, wow your load taste good. Don’t worry she says. She went to bathroom and wash up. I sat and she came and sat next to me. I got up and tell her to rest. I went up and sleep.

By Yumiko

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