Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Steve was a well known sixteen year old thug who many people did not like or trust and would do their very best to avoid him if they saw him in the street they would cross the road or turn back to avoid him, there were many residents of the small English coastal town where Steve lived wished that he would leave town and go and live some where else, Steve had been dating Sharon for just over a year, Sharon’s parents did not approve of their daughter dating Steve and had tried to talk Sharon into dumping Steve and finding a different boy friend but Sharon would not dump Steve and continued to date Steve. Sharon’s sister Sara who was two years younger than what Sharon was supported her sister saying it was up to Sharon who she dated. It was late one afternoon when Sara was cutting through the abandoned scrap yard as she walked home from school when she saw Steve’s bike laying on the ground near to the old office, Sara walked towards the office as she did she saw Jane who was her sisters best friend come out of the office doing her blouse up as she did, Sara could see that Jane had a glazed look in her eyes, Jane did not see Sara who walked to the office went in and saw Steve doing his jeans up and not wearing his tee shirt, Sara realised that Steve and Jane had been having sex, Sara looked at Steve and said to him you have been cheating on Sharon you have been banging Jane ” Steve looked at Sara and said ” wow your clever are you jealous do you want some of my cock as well ” as he spoke Steve stopped doing his jeans up, Sara said your with my sister ” Steve lowered his zip and pulled his dick out, Sara looked at Steve’s seven inch dick as he walked towards her when he got to her Steve cupped Sara’s boobs saying ” come on your sister will not know ” Sara said ” it would be wrong ” as she spoke Sara saw Steve’s dick rise to a nine inch erection, Steve started to unbutton Sara’s blouse as he did Sara said ” it would be wrong ” Steve had Sara’s blouse fully open and pulled her bra open and started to massage her ample boobs saying who needs to know as he did, Steve started to lick and suck on Sara’s nipples and raising her skirts as he did, Sara mumbled ” we should not be doing this ” as she spoke Steve guided Sara over to an old table an gently lay her on it then pulled her panties down and off then bent forward and started to lick her love tube, Sara was soon breathing heavy as Steve gently squeezed her erect nipples while licking her love tube, after a few minutes Steve stood up pulled Sara closer to him and slowly pushed his dick into her love tube as he did Sara let out a deep groan, Steve started to thrust in and out of Sara’s love tube pushing in as deep as he could while still squeezing her nipples, Sara lay groaning in deep pleasure then after five minutes cried out ” yes yes yes as she climaxed, Steve continued to thrust in and out of Sara’s love tube making her cum a second time before he pulled his dick from her love tube and squirted his cum over the floor, Steve looked at Sara and said to her ” you have a nice tight cunt I will have to fuck you.

By Yumiko

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