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The beginning of the second footage showed Darnell and his team gathered round a table at the offices of the Department of Reparations. Darnell took a photograph from the file in front of him and passed it round. “This is today’s subject, Sandra Martin,” he said. “19, 5 ft. 6″, lives with a guy in a place on the outskirts of town.”

Jalen picked up the photograph of a dark eyed girl with long chestnut hair. “That is one hot white bitch,” he said. “Looks really sweet.”

“Don’t be fooled by appearances, Jalen,” said Darnell. “I’ve read her file. That is one racist white bitch. Her family were all in the Klan in the 50s and 60s during Civil Rights. One of her family served jail time for trying to bomb a black church. Her boyfriend beat up a black guy after a traffic accident. She got expelled from high school for taking down the Stars and Stripes from the administration building and running up the Confederate Flag.”

“Sound like real racist motherfuckers,” ventured Tyrone. “Where exactly is this place, Darnell?”

“It’s off the freeway, quite remote,” he explained. “Take us a while to get there. But keep your wits about you today, guys. These are some bad people. Don’t take any chances. We think she just lives with the boyfriend at this place. For all we know he could have some guns hidden. It’s out in the sticks, but there shouldn’t be too much traffic on a Sunday.”

The team checked their weapons and equipment. They piled into Darnell’s Ford Explorer. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, and they left the highway on to a side road.

The address was a single storey wooden house on its own piece of land marked by broken down fences. An old pick up and some discarded engines were visible under a car port with hard standing, next to a wooden shed. A dirt track led up to the front porch. They drew up outside and got out.

A huge black pit bull came running towards them, barking and snarling and baring its teeth. The animal lunged forward at Trevon. He swung his baton at the dog, and missed. Jalen stepped forward and sprayed its head with pepper spray. The pit bull stopped dead in its tracks, yelping and whimpering and trying to rub its head with its front paws. Trevon grabbed the dog by the collar and dragged it over to the fence. He tied it by the collar to a fence post with a length of rope.

A tall slim white male in his mid twenties suddenly appeared, wearing a baseball cap, sleeveless vest, camo trousers and desert boots. “What have you done to my dog? What are you fucking niggers doing on my property?”

He took a swing at Darnell, and Maurice felled him to the ground with a single blow to the back from his baton. Darnell quickly handcuffed his hands behind his back, and hauled him to his feet. “You better quiet down, motherfucker,” said Darnell. “Or we’ll spray you as well. Jalen, Trevon, check the house.”

An attractive white female with long chestnut hair appeared on the porch. The team recognised her from the photograph. No doubt this was Sandra Martin, the subject of today’s Reparations Order. She was dressed in a black leather mini skirt and knee length black lace up boots, and a tight red backless halter top. Her long hair was gathered back in a pony tail by a large black feminine bow.

Sandra Martin’s sweet face belied her language. “You motherfucking black bastards, what have you done to my boyfriend? Are you okay, Bradley? And why the fuck are you filming us?”

Darnell grabbed her ponytail and spun her round, pushing her hard against the porch and forced her arm behind her back. “Now hold still, or I’ll break your arm.” He cuffed her hands behind her back. Jalen reported that the house was empty.

Sandra and her boyfriend were frogmarched inside, kicking and struggling and screaming profanities. They were pushed down on to a leather sofa in the lounge. A bucket of half eaten fried chicken and some empty beer cans lay on the table nearby. Darnell identified themselves and produced the Reparations Order. This produced a further torrent of abuse. “You can go fuck yourself,” said Sandra. “I don’t fuck no stinking niggers.”

“You do today,” said Darnell. “We’re gonna breed you, baby. You’re gonna fuck all five of us. I’ve got 12 inches of prime Alabama blacksnake just for you. And some of these boys are bigger than me. We’re going to give you a beautiful little black baby, honey.” He turned to the others. “I’ve had enough of this racist bullshit,” he said. “Gag the pair of them. Make it tight.”

Trevon put a pair of leg irons on Bradley, looping them between the chain on his handcuffs and putting him in a hogtie. He thrashed around on the floor and wriggled in protest, but only succeeded in hurting himself. Tyrone took a large piece of wadded cloth from a holdall and forced it into his mouth. He took a large roll of silver duct tape and wound it tightly round and round his head, securing it in place and mummifying his lower face. Only a few muffled cries of rage escaped from behind the gag.

“Your turn now, bitch,” said Trevon. She shook her head and screamed obscenities at him. Trevon prised open her mouth and forced in the wadding. He taped the wadding in place and wound the roll of tape tightly round her head. Only a few muffled expressions and rage escaped through the wadding and tape.

“You listen good, baby,” said Darnell. “This is the way it’s going to be. We’re going to breed you, and that’s just the way it is. There’s nothing you can do about it. You might as well cooperate and enjoy it. Otherwise you’ll just get hurt. It’s up to you.”

This produced a further outburst of impotent rage from both of them. Bradley thrashed around on the floor helplessly. Darnell and the team hauled Sandra to her feet and unfastened her halter top at the neck, letting it fall to the floor, freeing her small firm breasts. Her leather skirt was unzipped and pulled off, followed by her knickers, exposing her shaven pussy. “Keep her boots on,” said Maurice.

Darnell gripped Sandra’s upper arms above her elbows with one of his huge hands. With the other, he fondled her breasts and pussy, penetrating her with his fingers. “You boys take her in the bedroom and breed her,” he said. “I’ll stay here with our racist buddy and keep watch in case anyone else turns up.” Sandra and Bradley thrashed around in impotent rage. “Better tie her hands and take off the handcuffs, it’ll hurt her otherwise.”

Trevon tied her hands securely behind her with rope before unlocking and removing the handcuffs. Sandra was half dragged into the small bedroom, followed by four of the team and Terrell, the cameraman.

Trevon went first, followed by Tyrone, Maurice and Jalon, all captured on film by Terrell. Sandra was thrown on the bed on her back and bound hands, causing her to arch her back and thrust her breast and pussy up towards them. They forced her booted legs wide apart and each penetrated her in turn, their massive lengths and girths stretching her aching pussy wide. She screamed through the layered gag, but only faint protests escaped through the wadding and tape. She struggled ineffectively with her hands bound behind her back. They all came deep inside her womb, their thick sperm covering her pussy and trickling on to her thighs. The four team members and Sandra were bathed in sweat, and Sandra lay still sobbing softly, tears streaming down her face. “White man’s woman, black man’s baby,” said Jalen. “White womb, black baby. We’ve just put a black baby inside you. Black goes in, black comes out. We’re all done, Darnell. You come here and get some.”

Darnell entered the bedroom and undressed. The other team members began to get dressed. Sandra groaned through the gag and shook her head vigorously when she saw his huge erect penis and realised it wasn’t over. Darnell lowered himself down over her and spread her legs. he rhythmically thrust slowly in and out of her stretched and aching pussy, kissing her firm breasts. To Sandra, it seemed to go on forever. He groaned and came inside her again, with Sandra exploding in orgasm. She had forgotten how many times she had come. It was like being fucked by an express train. She had never experienced anything like this before.

Darnell sank to the floor, bathed in sweat. Sandra lay motionless on the bed, her legs wide apart. “Does anyone want some more?” he asked.

Jalon said, “I was going to fuck her in the mouth as well, but this bitch would probably bite me. Terrell, you join in. Why don’t you fuck her in the ass instead.”

The prospect of being fucked anally roused Sandra from her torpor. She shook her head in protest, her eyes wide with fear. “Stick it to her in the ass, Terrell,” said Jalon. “Teach the racist bitch a lesson. Payback time, bitch.” The others echoed him. “Stick it to her. Stick it to the bitch.”

Terrell stripped and handed Jalon the camera. He advanced towards her, and she drew back on the bed in fear at the sight of yet another large black erect penis. He forced her over face down and spread the cheeks of her ass, penetrating her with his fingers. He penetrated her butt without using any lubricant, and slowly forced himself deeper and deeper inside her. The pain was unbearable. Darnell was nearly a foot taller than her, and his huge cock had seemed to go deep inside her pussy, past her belly button. But this was worse. She thought he was going to split her in two. Her ass was sore and bleeding. She could feel the sperm trickling out of her anus when he came inside her.

Darnell slowly unwrapped the layers of duct tape and plucked the wadding from her mouth. Sandra gasped and sobbed uncontrollably, curling up on the bed in a foetal position. She seemed broken and totally subdued. Darnell kissed her on the lips and turned to the others. “You’ve been bred, honey. In nine months you’re going to have a beautiful little black baby. Let’s wind up here,” he said. “Get dressed, guys. Don’t untie her yet.”

The team got dressed and collected together all their weapons and equipment. They removed Bradley’s leg irons and peeled away his gag. He was passive and distraught and didn’t utter a sound. They helped him up and took him into the bedroom, where they removed his handcuffs. Sandra Martin lay motionless on the bed, her hands still tied behind her. “You can untie your woman yourself, buddy,” said Darnell. “Breed strong, breed proud, breed black. Maybe we’ll come back again soon and pay you another visit.”

The team high fived and left.

To be continued.

By Nasus

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