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Abigail slowly reached behind her and unfastened her bra, freeing her large breasts. They hung loose and she blushed as she dropped the lacy white bra on the bed, covering her bust with her hands.

“You’ve got some awesome titties, Abby,” said Maurice, the youngest of the team. “What are your measurements?”

“38D,” said Abigail, her face red with embarrassment and humiliation. She bent down and removed her high heels. Then she sat on the bed and unhooked her suspender belt. She took off her stockings and stood up, clad only in her black knickers. The team members towered over her. Darnell was about 6 ft. 5″, and the others were almost the same size. All except the cameraman were starting to get undressed. “Everything,” said Darnell, looking at her knickers. Abigail reluctantly thumbed the waistband down her hips. She was totally exposed and humiliated. Her bust and shaven pussy were on full view to the Bulls. If there’s one thing I like, it’s a nice shaved pussy,” said Tyrone, a tall well built firefighter.

The team members piled their clothing and shoulder holsters on the table near the window. They were all naked. Abigail stared open mouthed at their huge, muscular, toned athletic bodies and at 5 enormous erect black penises. “Oh my God, it is true what they say about black men,” she said, her hand over her mouth. Darnell’s must have been well over 12 inches and looked as thick as her arm. The others were scarcely any smaller. They must be at least twice the size of any of her white boyfriends. “You can’t all have me, you’ll split me in two. I can’t take all five of you. Can’t just one of you fuck me? I can give the others hand relief or blow jobs.”

Darnell smiled and shook his head. “Sorry, honey, we all get to breed you. We have to make sure you get your little black baby. Get me a length of that white rope and a gag, Trevon. Now turn around and cross your wrists behind you, Abby. I’m going to tie you up again.”

Abigail shook her head vigorously in protest. “Why are you guys tying me up? What can I do against six guys? You don’t have to do that.”

“It’s just procedure,” explained Darnell. “It’s for your safety and ours. There are weapons lying around here and people try to do crazy things during Breeding Sessions.

Abigail reluctantly turned and crossed her wrists behind her. Darnell made a thorough job of tying her hands tightly behind her with a length of white cord. The effect of having her arms bound behind her was to project her large bust and pussy even further, almost presenting and offering them to Darnell and his team.

“Now open your mouth,” said Darnell. “It’s fairly isolated here but we can’t have you disturbing the other guests.” Abigail was unable to protest further as he forced a red rubber ball gag into her mouth. “Head down,” he said. He drew the straps taut and buckled the ball gag tightly behind her head. She was totally under their control. They could do whatever they wanted to her, and she couldn’t even complain about it.

Darnell addressed the team. “Now remember, guys, you can use her mouth and ass, but when you come it’s got to be in her pussy. No jacking off over her face. We’re here to give her a black baby. Remember – Breed Strong, Breed Proud, Breed Black.”

Darnell was obviously going to go first. He kissed her hard over her gagged mouth, then her breasts, and fondled and kneaded her bust. He pushed her down on to the bed, on her back and bound arms. In that position it was as if she was offering her breasts and pussy up to him. He licked and fondled her pussy, penetrating her with his fingers. The other four surrounded her and kissed and fondled her face, bust and butt when they were able to. “Now spread your legs,” he ordered.

Abigail opened her legs and Darnell forced them further apart. exposing her pussy and holding her legs high in the air above her head. He lowered himself on top of her and penetrated her slowly. His large girth stretched her pussy as he thrust steadily and rhythmically in and out of her like a piston, steadily forcing himself deeper and deeper into her womb. Darnell bounced up and down on top of her, her legs wide. As he did, he kissed her gagged mouth and breasts vigorously.

It was just as well that Darnell had used the ball gag. Abigail panted and groaned through her gagged mouth. Without it, she would have shouted the house down. Muffled cries came through the gag. “Oh God, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh God, Argh, Argh, Argh, Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh, Oh. Oh My God, Oh, Oh fuck.”

Darnell’s broad thighs slapped rhythmically against her butt as he penetrated her. He groaned and exploded inside her, depositing his black seed deep inside her womb as she writhed in orgasm. He withdrew and sat on the floor, panting and sweating.

But there was no respite for Abigail. Jalon took over and climbed on top of her. He forced her legs apart and thrust in and out of her for several minutes until he too brought her to orgasm as he came deep inside her. Jalon had the fine physique of a construction worker and he was no less well endowed than Darnell. Trevon, the sports coach, took over next and repeated the process. Thick creamy sperm started trickling from her stretched pussy on to her thighs.

Abigail started moaning and shaking her head vigorously in protest. Darnell pushed her head forward and quickly unbuckled the gag. “What’s wrong, honey?” he asked.

“Please,” she croaked tearfully. “I cant take your weight on me any longer with my hands tied so tight behind me like this. I can’t feel my hands any more.”

Darnell gave her some water from a bottle and inspected her tightly bound wrists. They had turned blue. He untied her hands and rubbed her wrists to restore the circulation. “Get me the cuffs,” he said. Darnell handcuffed her hands in front of her. He pushed the ball gag back into her mouth, pushed her head down and buckled it behind her head. “Okay, Tyrone, Maurice, you’re next. Do her doggy this time. It’ll be easier for her.”

Tyrone, the firefighter, arranged her face down on the bed, gagged and hands cuffed in front of her. He brought her butt high in the air and penetrated her from behind. He thrust in and out of her till he came as well, with Abigail exploding in ecstasy. She had obviously never been fucked like this before.

When he had finished, Maurice, the youngest of the team, lay on his back on the bed and pulled Abigail on top of him in a cowgirl. He brought her off again, and she lay exhausted on the bed, her pussy and thighs covered with thick sperm trickling from deep inside her. All five had now come deep inside her womb. If that didn’t succeed in knocking her up, then nothing would. Darnell unbuckled the gag from her mouth. She lay there panting and gasping, totally exhausted. “Oh my God,” she said, “I’ve never been fucked like that before. That was incredible.”

Darnell kissed her and then brought her a Coke from the refrigerator. She gulped it down gratefully, her hands still cuffed in front of her and the gag hanging loose round her throat. He turned to the cameraman, who was still filming. “Hey, Terrell,” he said, “You’re being left out.  Give the camera to Maurice and come and give her a blow job.”

Terrell needed no second bidding. He wasn’t as well built as the team members, but he wasn’t  small either. He unzipped his jeans and forced Abigail’s head down on to his erect penis, both hands on the back of her head. He thrust deeply into her mouth and throat, her cheeks bulging in and out, till he groaned and ejaculated in her mouth. A thick wad of creamy white sperm flowed from her mouth and  cheeks and trickled on to her breasts. Terrell got up and took the camera back from Maurice.

“Does anyone want to go again?” asked Darnell. There was no reply. “Okay,” he said. “I will.”

Darnell buckled the ball gag back in place. He positioned her face down on the bed, with her hands cuffed in front of her. He placed a pillow under her pussy   to raise her butt in the air. Abigail groaned as he inserted his fingers into her anus and smeared it with lubricant. He knelt behind her, his hands grasping her breasts. He slowly penetrated her with his huge cock, and eased himself deeper and deeper inside her. Abigail screamed through the gag. “No, you’re in my butt. You’re hurting me. Get it out.” But Darnell carried on till he came inside her butt. Sperm trickled out as he withdrew.

Abigail lay exhausted on the bed. Her pussy, ass and mouth were sore and aching. Sperm was trickling from her pussy and butt. Darnell unbuckled her gag. “That really hurt,” said Abigail. “Your cock is huge, and I’ve never been fucked in the ass before.”

Darnell unlocked her cuffs.  “You’ve been bred now,” he said. “Have you been black fucked before?”

“No,” said Abigail. “It was my first time.” She smiled. “But it won’t be the last.” She seemed to have forgotten about her fear of becoming pregnant. Somehow it didn’t seem to bother her any more. She kissed and embraced Darnell and the others in turn. She felt like a complete whore. She had been used like a fuck toy or rag doll. But she had never experienced anything like the past two hours in all her life.

“Get cleaned up and have a shower,” Darnell said. “Then get dressed and we’ll take you home.”

To be continued.

By Nasus

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