Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Emma Allwood sat on the chair, and unhooked and removed her bra. She was a well endowed woman and her large breasts hung free, attracting admiring glances from the Black Bulls. Then she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her knickers, pulled them down her thighs and stepped out of them, revealing a patch of blonde pubic hair. She was a natural blonde. Darnell and the team stood and watched with growing bulges in their trousers. She was a very attractive woman, maybe just slightly overweight. She seemed to hesitate, then stood up and looked at Darnell and the others.

Scott Allwood sat motionless in the armchair, his eyes tightly shut and his gaze averted from his wife, his head bowed towards the floor or the adjacent wall. “Please don’t hurt her,” he begged. “Just do as they say, Emma.” Darnell went over to him and placed a reassuring and sympathetic hand on his shoulder. “Don’t worry, buddy,” he said. “It’ll all be okay.”

Emma Allwood made no attempt to cover herself up, as many other women subject of Reparations Orders had previously. She sat on the edge of the four poster bed, and turned to Darnell. “Can I put my nightdress on?” she asked calmly. “You probably think I’m crazy, but I’ve only ever been naked in front of my husband. You can do whatever you want, but I just don’t feel comfortable being naked in front of other men.”

Darnell nodded. She went to the wardrobe and put on a short lacy black satin nightdress. It was sleeveless and low cut with shoestring straps. If anything, it enhanced her bust, and the hemline was mid thigh. Most of the team had probably bought similar items for their wives and girlfriends as Valentine’s Day presents.

Darnell and the team piled their equipment in the corner of the room, and finished undressing. All except Terrell, the cameraman, were now naked as well. Scott and Emma Allwood both stared at them in amazement. Darnell was 6 ft. 5, and of similar build. The others were scarcely any smaller. Their muscular, athletic physique betrayed their sporting and ex military background and current occupations like firefighter and sports coach. Emma gasped open mouthed as she observed their huge rampant erections. She had never before seen any man so well endowed. They were easily all twice the size of her husband. They all seemed at least 12 inches in length, with corresponding girth. Darnell was the largest, but the others weren’t far behind.

All five moved slowly over to where Emma was seated on the bed. She stared up at Darnell and the others. “Please be gentle with me,” she said. You’re all so big. You’re huge.” Scott Allwood looked up from the armchair. Please don’t hurt her,” he said. “Please be gentle with her.”

“We will,” said Darnell reassuringly. “He lifted her up from the bed and took her in his arms, kissing her passionately on the lips. The others fondled her ass over the nightdress and touched her crotch underneath it. She made no attempt to draw back or resist. Darnell lowered her gently on her back on to the large bed.

“Shouldn’t we use the restraints on her, Darnell?” asked Trevon. It is the policy.

“Not this time,” said Darnell. Scott Allwood was handcuffed with his feet bound. That was enough. Emma Allwood looked more beautiful than ever. She was wearing pink lipstick and grey eye shadow. Darnell lowered himself on top of her, kissed her full lips and fondled her large breasts over the nightdress. She remained passive and compliant, submitting to Darnell’s attention. The other four climbed on the bed, stroked her hair gently, and kissed and fondled her in turn as they were able to. They had never been as gentle and restrained with a white woman before during any of their many other Breeding Sessions.

Darnell pushed up her nightdress and forced her legs apart. He entered her, his large girth stretching her pussy, kissing her mouth and breasts, and pulling the flimsy nightdress down over her shoulders. Emma moaned and arched her back, thrusting up at him. She closed her eyes and put her arms on his shoulders. She was passive at first, but as Darnell slowly thrust his huge cock progressively deeper inside her, Emma was unable to control herself and began to respond passionately. She closed her eyes and kissed him, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth, scratching his back with her nails. Darnell was turned on by her response. He worked up a rhythm of deep thrusts, bouncing up and down on top of her. Emma gripped his arms tightly, moaning and panting softly. She was quieter than most women Darnell had known, but one of the most responsive. She came to orgasm as he exploded inside her, depositing his black seed deep inside her womb. He kissed her and withdrew from her. She lay motionless, her legs wide apart. Darnell sat on the edge of the bed, his huge erection spent.

“Just do what they want, Emma,” said Scott Allwood. “It’ll soon be over.”

It was unclear if Emma now wanted it to be over. As Jalen replaced Darnell and climbed on top of her, she immediately responded, kissing him passionately with her eyes closed. He fondled her breasts and thighs and pushed her legs further apart, without encountering any resistance or protest. As Jalen entered her and thrust in and out, Trevon approached her from the other end of the large bed, inserting his erect penis into her open mouth to maintain his erection. Emma sucked his shaft without further prompting. She was now taking two huge black cocks simultaneously. Trevon had to control himself to wait his turn and avoid coming in her mouth. His seed had to go into her pussy. As Jalen came deep inside Emma, she shuddered and moaned softly. Trevon immediately replaced Jalen between Emma’s legs and took his turn, without giving her any respite. She was now fucked for the third time, and thick, creamy white sperm slowly began to leak out of her pussy. From her reactions it was obvious that she’d never been fucked like this before in all her life.

Tyrone and Maurice took over from Jalen and Trevon, two more huge erect black penises entering her mouth and pussy simultaneously. Emma was moaning softly throughout and writhing and squirming in ecstasy, like a true black cock whore. After both of them had come deep inside her womb, she lay on the bed exhausted and sweating, her legs wide apart, touching her cum covered pussy. Darnell and the others kissed and fondled her in turn. She seemed ready for even more.

In what was by now a routine, Terrell handed the camera to one of the team and quickly undressed. He didn’t want to fuck her pussy sixth in line. Instead he helped Emma gently off the bed and placed her in a kneeling position on the thick bedroom carpet. He stood over her and forced his erect cock deep inside her mouth and throat, thrusting inside her like a piston, her cheeks bulging in and out, his hands on the back of her head to control her. He groaned and came inside her mouth. When he withdrew, a thick wad of creamy white sperm covered her mouth and cheeks and trickled down on to her chin and chest. She had now been fucked by six huge black guys in under an hour.

Emma lay exhausted and motionless on the bedroom floor, her womb filled to overflowing with black seed and her stretched pussy sore and aching. “I love you, Emma,” said Scott Allwood. “I love you and I’m here for you.”

Darnell helped her up from the floor and replaced the shoestring straps of her nightdress on her shoulders. He kissed her mouth and she immediately responded passionately, her tongue darting in and out of his, standing on tiptoe with her arms on his shoulders. The others kissed and embraced her in turn.

Darnell took her into the shower to get her cleaned up. They showered together. Darnell led her back into the bedroom and handed her a short dressing gown to cover her matching nightdress. She smiled as he slid it over her shoulders. She did not appear unduly distressed. He sat on one of the leather armchairs and pulled her towards him to sit on his lap. He hugged her and she buried her head in his chest. The other four and Terrell all took a very quick shower and got dressed.

“Please, can you let Scott go now,” said Emma. Darnell cut the zip tie around his ankles and unlocked the handcuffs. Scott Allwood sank down further in the armchair, silent and subdued. He made no attempt to get up.

“Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Allwood,” said Darnell. “We’ve just made a beautiful little brother or sister for young Emily. That was awesome.

The team collected their equipment together and left. Another white woman had been black bred. Another black baby was on the way.

To be continued.

By Nasus

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