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The subject of the fifth and final filmed Reparation Order enforced by Team 3 was Karin Johansson, a 24 year old outstandingly beautiful genuine Snow Bunny of the type who had given the Volunteers their nickname. While not exactly famous, Karin was well known in the Atlanta area as a very successful model who had a number of TV and film appearances to her credit.  She was a classic, stunning tall Scandinavian beauty with long, silky blonde hair, perfect body curves, wide expressive blue eyes, flawless pale skin and full captivating lips, and a voluptuous feminine bust. A gorgeous, natural Nordic beauty. Her file gave her height as 5 ft. 10, and her status as single.

Darnell and his team were bowled over as they studied her photograph in the Department’s offices one Friday evening. “Man, she’s fucking incredible,” said Trevon. “I’ve never seen such a beautiful white bitch. Do we really get to breed her, Darnell?”

“That’s the general idea,” said Darnell. “She is certainly one hot lady. But we have to carry out the Order just like all the others we’ve done. Apart from her looks, she’s no different from any of the others. There’s a note that Team 1 tried her address two days ago and had no luck, so it was passed to us to try as the next team in line.”

Jalon picked up her photograph and stared at the blonde goddess wistfully. “Please, please be at home, baby,” he said. “It’d be like Christmas coming early.”

The team made their way to the target address in Darnell’s Explorer. It was a large, luxurious Spanish style villa with an integral double garage. A red Mercedes convertible stood outside. “This looks promising,” said Trevon. “Man, we could be in luck.”

The team walked up the drive and rang the bell. Karin Johansson answered the door, wearing a short loose fitting white dress and sandals. She was even more stunning in the flesh. “Department of Reparations, Ms. Johansson,” Darnell said. “We’re here to serve your Reparations Order.” The other team members stared at the gorgeous beauty as though hypnotized.

Karin Johansson saw Terrell filming the scene and instinctively stroked her hair and struck a modelling pose. “Don’t be concerned by the camera, Ms. Johansson,” Darnell continued. “It’s just for internal use and research purposes.” She was probably the last person in the world to worry about being filmed.

“You’d better come in,” said Karin. The six powerfully built black men piled into the hall in their NCAAV clothing and equipment. She seemed quite calm and self-possessed. A small Scots terrier came bounding up towards them. “That’s just Trudi,” she said, picking up the dog and kissing her. “She’s very friendly. I’ll put her in the kitchen.”

“Is there anyone else in the house?” asked Darnell. Karin shook her head, and Jalen and Trevon went to check the address was clear. “Nobody else here,” said Trevon.

“Normal procedure, Ms. Johansson,” said Darnell. “I’m afraid we have to place you in restraints. Please turn round and place your hands behind your back.”

“Oh, okay,” she said. Karin turned and crossed her wrists behind her without any protest. Darnell quickly locked her wrists behind her back, and she sat on the sofa.

Darnell produced her Reparation Order. “It’s okay,” she said, smiling broadly. “All my recent boyfriends have been black. I’ve just broken up with my last boyfriend. I really like black men. I only date black men now. There’s no need for any Order. I’ve been doing my Reparations with black men for a long time now,” she giggled. The team looked at one another quizzically, wondering if maybe she was on something. They had never experienced this matter of fact reaction from white women before. Karin was totally relaxed, despite the sudden intrusion of six huge black men who had just handcuffed her in her own home.

Darnell took her into the master bedroom. Karin sat on a water bed with black silk sheets and looked from one to another in turn. “We can do it here, boys” she said. “There’s plenty of room for everyone.” Darnell reached behind her and removed the handcuffs.

She smiled at them and pulled the short white dress over her head, revealing her large firm breasts. She unfastened her sandals and stepped out of her knickers, revealing a shaven pussy. “Come on, boys,” she pouted provocatively. “What are you waiting for? Come and get me!”

The team finished undressing. All five stood naked in front of her, with Terrell filming. She looked from one to the other, admiring their powerful build and muscular, athletic frames. She walked from one to the other, and asked each one their names in turn, running her hands over their firm chests and six packs. She gazed open mouthed at their huge erect penises, and held each one in turn. “Wow,” she giggled, staring upwards into their eyes. “Aren’t I a lucky girl? Do I get all of you? You’re bigger than any of my black boyfriends.”

“You sure do, honey,” said Tyrone. “You’re going to be bred like you’ve never been bred before.” They formed a circle around her, fondling her breasts, pussy and ass.

Karin turned her back to Darnell. “Put the handcuffs back on me, Darnell,” she said. “I like it that way.” He quickly cuffed her hands behind her back again.    “Show me what you like, boys. Don’t hold back. Make me do whatever you want. Put it in my ass if you want. Treat me like your bitch.”

Darnell took her in his arms and kissed her passionately. She closed her eyes and began French kissing him. The others fondled her breasts and ass and she shuddered as Maurice reached between her legs. She reached behind her and groped for their erect cocks with her cuffed hands. She dropped to her knees on the carpet as they formed a circle around her, her thighs spread wide, gazing up at them. Her eager and expert mouth served each of their cocks in turn. Darnell had to warn the other guys not to jack off in her mouth or on her face. “Save it for her pussy,” he told them.

Karin worked her way round the circle. She kissed and sucked the tip of each of their cocks, then kissed their balls and worked her tongue up and down the length of their huge erections. She sucked each penis in turn, working her mouth along the entire length of their shafts. They were so big her cheeks bulged in and out as they fucked her mouth and throat. The team nearly came in her mouth several times, but managed to hold it back.

Darnell couldn’t wait any longer and pulled her off the floor by the upper arms. Mindful of her handcuffed arms, he arranged her standing against the side of the bed, her face and chest down on the silk sheets. He spread her butt cheeks and penetrated her with his fingers. Karin groaned with pleasure. The tip of his cock entered her pussy and his massive length slid inside her, penetrating deep into her womb. He thrust up and down, her thighs and upper body banging rhythmically against the waterbed. She thrust backwards against his cock. “Oh God, fuck me. Fuck me harder. Give it to me. Oh, oh. Oh God. Oh fuck. Agh, agh. Fuck me harder. Oh God, give it to me.”

Karin reached orgasm as he exploded and deposited his seed deep inside her. She shuddered and moaned and whimpered loudly as he withdrew. He turned to the four other guys lined up behind him. “Mind her handcuffs,” he said. “Do her doggy.”

Darnell sank down on the carpet, sweating and panting. Karin was insatiable. She reached behind her for their cocks and spread her butt cheeks to make it easier for them to enter her with their huge girths. As each one succeeded the other, she asked them to remind her of their names and encouraged them as each fucked her in turn. Jalen followed Darnell, then Trevon, Tyrone and Maurice. “Oh God, Jalen, you’re so big. Give it to me. Fuck me harder.” “Stick it to me, Trevon. You’re so hard. That’s so good. Give it to me.” “I need your big black cock inside me, Tyrone. Fuck me again.” “You’re so good, Maurice. Give it to me. Give me your beautiful black cock. Black guys are so good.”

Karin milked each in turn, her womb filled to overflowing with their black seed. Thick white seed trickled out of her pussy and coated the area between her legs. Each withdrew in turn and collapsed on the carpet, exhausted, but Karin was insatiable and ready to begin again with a new Breeder as the previous one finished. She eventually collapsed face down on the bed, moaning and panting. “Oh my God, I’ve never been fucked so hard in all my life.”

Terrell handed the camera to Trevon and quickly undressed. He helped Karin up from the bed and kissed her passionately, fondling her breasts. She responded immediately, ready for more. He lowered her to the floor, her hands still cuffed behind her back. He deep throated her and came quickly in her mouth. Semen coated her mouth, cheeks and chin and trickled on to her bust.

The team and Terrell were totally drained, but Karin struggled to her feet and kissed and rubbed up against each of them in turn. She laughed. “I told you I liked black guys,” she said, French kissing Darnell. “I bet you’ve never met a black cock whore like me before.” It was true. None of the team had ever met anyone like her.

To be continued.

By Nasus

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