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This guy meets his wife’s female friend in the store and invites her to his place, he’s fucking the shit out of her and she takes pictures of that hot session…

Once, when I was buying some beer in our local shop, I stumbled over Emilia, my wife’s ex workmate. They used to work once. Emilia was tall and pretty charming, nice fanny and really big boobs! She always dressed an open necked cloth to accentuate this fact. I was always cock stand when saw her, various porn vulgar thoughts came to my mind when thinking of her.

So I suggested seeing her home. It was getting dark at the moment, the weather was gloomy. We walked down the avenue talking all and sundry. Son the subject turned into privacy and then I made her a sincere proposal. It took me long to explain everything in detail, and she might forgot about my suggestion if not pleased. It was about asking her to be photographed for me nude, she agreed.

Her vague reaction left me in a doldrums about what she was thinking of. I tried to bring to her notice that we would keep it a secret, nobody would learn that and I’d save only pictures on my computer (I had a pro digital photocamera) on a password. She had a really slim and sexy body, years passed by and it would be honest not to chase it, one had to savor the moment.

Emilia promised to think of my proposal, to give her consent or refuse in a few days and pawned her word. She was gonna take my words as an insult, so I might rely on her honesty. She behaved as if ready to sit on, thought we gad no still any agreement.

3 days passed. I was shaking nervously on every phone call, once, when she phoned but my wife happened to answer the phone, so she called the next day when I was alone. It was a morning, about 7 am. Emilia said that she didn’t mind to be photographed nude, but it should be a secret and asked me to be silent as a grave. If her husband or my wife knew that it would be an end fro us both. She also suggested no sex, only professional interest in photography. I breathed hard and was at loss what to say when Emilia asked me when we were gonna have a business. She also proposed doing it at hers. We had a few time, so I rushed to her home carrying all necessary photography devices: photoflashes, lamps, it took me quiet short to appear in their large apartment. She just laughed at my haste. I said that that was not a big deal in rush as I was ready to break al obstacles to seek her consent.

With shaking hands I set the light, where it was wanted, she watched me silently. When it was ready to begin, she confessed of having a shower already, but still was in a dark what way I were gonna shoot her: whether it should be a slow striptease or naked poses. I couldn’t help of asking her to pose nude. It was essential to take first session in a nude style.

Emilia also asked who was supposed to lead the action: me or her. I left this role to her. Finally she asked whether it envisaged a sluttish porn or elegant erotica, I said there must have a blend of all moments. It didn’t matter what style we should follow, the main point was to chase her with a strong exciting stimulation components. Emilia exclaimed as a joke that I was a horny one and my wife seemed to be frigid, as I was seeking for new adventures on side.

She had a makeup and nice hair already done, I noticed her a bit nervous. Emilia undid her top with trembling hands; both tits seemed to be waiting in the wings, now became a focus of my interest. I hardly came seeing this treasure. That was the great things! Her breast excited me madly and deeply.
She turned red and her hands trembled hard. Then she made herself to undo the jeans and panties as well. She stood straight, removed her cloth far aside, and asked me with a hoarse voice if she suited for the session. I didn’t get beyond the first word, stammered and uttered something like “Yeahh”. We both were anxious about the forthcoming photography. A stupid awkward pause ensued. This time she didn’t know what to do with herself, to pass away the time I gave her my photocamera and showed how to operate. While explaining all that I stroked her palms unwittingly, she didn’t resist, moreover grasping the camera she fumbled it instinctively like a toy, as I was caressing her boobs.

Allowing me caress her tits Emilia asked me hot to use it. Standing behind her and fondling her tit with one hand I stretched out my hand to show how to handle the camera. Taking pictures of different things wild and anyway she didn’t react on my hugs, now I caressed not only her tits but hips and fanny as well. Her pussy was not shaved totally, a tiny strip of Brazil bikini design. I was truly unaware of what I was doing at the moment, but I enjoyed the situation, she seemed to enjoy it too. And now my right palm fell on her down there, she bent her knees wide to let me more space while clicking the buttons of the camera and asking me whether it was right way to shoot. I opened her vulvar lips with fingers, and groped her clit: it protruded out like a rock over her pussy, it excited me more, and I began flicking the clit hard and pushing one finger into her opined pussy. Emilia stopped taking pictures and held still, then she began moaning as I increased the pace jerking it off faster and faster.

She couldn’t contain herself any longer and uttered:

“What a hell are you waiting for?”

“What do you mean?”

“Come on!”

“Excuse me?”

“Fuck me, can you hear me? Just fuck me!”

I lowered my trousers with underwear and put my cock in her hole.

“And what if I cum?”

“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill!”

Her words excited me very much, several furious thrust and my flicking of her clit with fingers made her come. She opened her eyes wide, opened the mouth and breathed hard.

“Fuck, what are you doing to me?” Escaped her mouth

However she didn’t cry so that the neighbors living next door couldn’t hear a sound! She breathed hard and started. Then I came too splashing my sperm in her cunt.

As the fuck went on I didn’t pay attention on that she was clicking the photocamera while fucking with me.

After an ardour faded away in a course of time, Emilia asked me to wash the hands and then she went out to have shower. When she got back to the hall I showed her the images she took while fucking. There were some images I liked a lot. She was gripping the camera at the front, focused on her body where I was jacking her clit as well those where she was chased with the opened mouth and my cock sliding in her pussy on the front view. She liked the images too.

“You gave me so much pleasure, o boy!”

“Well, haven’t you ever the fun like this before?”

“I have but not so hard! All the guys fucking with me cannot match you”

“It means that we have to meet more often…”

“Sure, deal!”

After this short talk we finally began the session. Emilia relaxed entirely and even broke loose, now she taking the most vulgar and sexy poses: moreover she didn’t even feel shy when I asked to set in a doggy style to shoot her butthole. Soon the camera memory filled with over 256 mb. The time was near 9 pm, so it’s time to round it off, she came to me close, stood in front so that my cock leant against her ass and whispered:

“I wish we had more time… come on!”

“What are talking about, horny girl!”

“You do have your camera’s memory all loaded?”

“That’s right!”

So I started fondling her body again, this time with no mist in the mind or any lusty longing for the flesh. With a normal male’s desire. Emilia turned her head and we joined our lips in a hot kiss.
“Tomorrow I’m gonna print these images” I said.

She didn’t tell anything smiling. We fucked in the standing position, then we got down, I put her in a doggy position and fucked from behind in the way it should be.

I went away just in time. No sooner had I saved these images on the PC as my son came from the school. Then a phone rang, it was Emilia.

“Hi, I love you so much, so much! I liked your cock! That was unforgettable! I want you fuck me once more! I’m waiting for you tomorrow!”

By Yumiko

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