Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

I was walking through the red light district and decided to see if I could steal some money so I see a prostitute with money in her hand and run past her grabbing the money, she grabs me and says “You do as I say or I call the police, what do you choose”. Naturally I chose to do what she said so she told me to follow her to her house and I did. I followed her down to the basement where she put handcuffs on me and attached me to a metal bar on the wall then proceeded to strip me naked. She then masturbates me until I am just about to cum and then she brought out a very long cane and started caning my erect cock I began crying due to the painful caning once my cock went limp from the caning I was then led over to a big metal frame and told me to lay on a padded bit which I did then she clipped some handcuffs around my arms and lifted my legs up and attached by my ankles and around my knees to the frame and began spanking my bottom with her hand. It got very warm and red quick I could see as there was a mirror across the room and then she began spanking my backs of my thighs, they burned quickly and got red she then came and spanked my inner thighs which hurt so much I cried. Then she put a cock ring and ball divider on me very tightly and forced me to take some viagra and she masturbated my cock and until I was ready to cum and then she spanked my balls with her hand, I was screaming and sobbing from the pain. She then picks up a paddle and proceeds to spank my already sore bottom and thighs with it then she moves to my balls and brutally spanks them with the paddle I am screaming and her daughter comes down to the basement and she sees her grabs her pulls down her PJs and panties and orders her to stand in the corner, we went to the same school and I knew and had a secret crush on her. She then continues paddling my balls she then drops my legs down and picks up a strap and straps my penis and balls very severely until I came. Then she left the room and went upstairs me still attached. I whispered loud enough for her daughter to hear me to come over to me and she did, I told her how I felt about her, she kissed me and the door opened at the top of the stairs and she ran back to the corner. She had in her hand something I couldn’t see what, she placed it on a table next to me I saw it was wax, she started waxing my genitals which hurt a lot. After she was done she undid the handcuffs and gave me a paddle and told me to beat her daughters bottom. I softly whispered to her sorry and began spanking her sexy bare bottom, I made it nice and red and she was crying. She then said we can both go, I asked her if I could stay with her daughter she said “yes”. We both went up to her bedroom and got into her bed and cuddled together and I played with her cunt, she then told me to spank her bottom more which I did, after that she went and got: paddled, whip, belt, flogger and a cane. I began paddling her bottom and thighs and then she said stopped, rolled over spread her legs and told me to paddle her cunt then she pushed me over rolled me over and took her hand to my bottom, it hurt but it made me very erect then she used the paddle on my bottom and it hurt even more but I still got more horny and erect, she rolled me over spanked my balls with her soft hand which made me need to cum but she wouldn’t let me and paddled my balls which I nearly came and she told me to fuck her so I did as I was she was spanking my bottom which I liked. After I came she spanked me with everything she got on my bottom, thighs, penis, balls, bottom hole and I did the same to her but on her vagina, bottom, thighs and bottom hole. We do it now every night.

By Tommy

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