Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

She smiled as she returned to the bedroom. In her hand a white floral string halterneck bikini. He laughed as he held out a pair of black speedos.

She took off his tie and shirt and singlet. She dropped his trousers and underwear. He took off her dress. She could see his cock in her GString. She stood naked un taping her breasts. He took off her bra and underwear as she pulled his speedos up her legs and up over her arse and pussy. She stood topless in front of him. He removed her underwear standing naked. He pulled her bikini bottoms up his legs. He folded his cock into them. A noticeable bulge in them. She helped him put in the string halter neck top. They stood looking at each other. Her step dad in her bikini with a long blonde wig on. She stood topless in his speedos. Both of them seen each other naked. They walked out to the private courtyard to the pool. They took out a glass of wine and sat.

” Here we are. ” he said.

” Yep, how does my bikini feel ? ” she asked.

” Different ” he said. ” Not much room for certain bits and pieces.” He said.

” Funny womens clothing isn’t made for mens bits and pieces” she said smiling.

” No” he said smiling at her.” You have nice breasts you know.”

” Thank you Elaine” she said.

” Could you imagine mum walking in right now.” Kelly said.

“Oh no ” Ian said.

“I love those photos of mum.” Kelly said.

” Its been something shes always wanted to do, have nude photos taken of her. But then she suggested having them taken with another guy. ”

” They are awesome.” She said.

After an hour in the pool. Kelly stood up in front of her step dad. He looked at her breasts.

” Would Elaine like to fuck me” she said.

” Is she allowed,” Ian said.

He reached out fondling her breasts smiling at her.

” Elaine’s allowed, Ian’s not.” She said

Elaine flicked her blonde hair behind her. She pulled Kelly into her. She licked her nipples fondling her breasts. She kissed up Kelly’s neck to her lips kissing her. Kelly tasting Elaine’s lip gloss. She slid her hand to Elaine’s groin feeling her cock as they kissed. Elaine went back to Kelly’s breasts licking her nipples. Elaine sat up on the edge of the pool. Kelly pulled Elaine’s bikini bottoms to the side pulling her cock out. She stroked it and slid her lips over her shaft sucking it as she stroked it.

Elaine moaned looking down at Kelly sucking her cock. Licking around her knob and shaft. After a few minutes Elaine cum. She filled Kelly’s mouth with Semen. Kelly swallowed it. She slid back up her body kissing Elaine’s lips. Elaine caressed and sucked Kelly’s breasts again sitting her on edge of the pool she pulled Kelly’s speedos down. Her shaved pussy on display. She leant in licking Kelly’s clit. Kelly groaned as Elaine licked down to her vagina opening. Elaine put her finger inside her pussy, slowly finger fucking her tasting Kelly’s sweet pussy juices. Kelly groaned as Elaine pleasured her. She held her long blonde hair as she licked her pussy out.

After while Elaine stood up admiring Kelly’s wet naked body. Elaine still dressed in Kelly’s bikini. She rubbed her knob on Kelly’s clit all the way to her vagina pushing deep inside Kelly. Elaine thrust Kelly hard. Her penis pleasing her. Kelly’s legs open holding Elaine’s bra top watching her fuck her. Her long blonde hair down her back. Kelly lay down her legs wide open. Elaine watching as her cock slid in and out of Kelly pussy. Elaine groaned. Five minutes later Elaine cum. She filled Kelly’s pussy with cum. She smiled at Kelly as she emptied herself into kelly’s pussy. Kelly smiled at Elaine. ” Nice baby ” Kelly said.

Elaine and Kelly got out of the pool and they showered. Elaine turning back into Ian.

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