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She got home. It was 4pm. A long day at work. She was tired and intolerant.

Kelly 25 Long auburn hair. 5 9. Green eyes Size 14 C she wore a blue and white striped V Neck, halterneck jumpsuit with blue highheels giving her an extra 2 inches in height.

She stepped out of the car looking forward to getting into the bath her boyfriend away with mates at a stag do. She was supposed to be working late but was tired so finished early

Ian. 52 Was inside. His wife away for the weekend. He was in the kitchen.

He wore a black short dress with black bra and lace underwear. He often dressed in his step daughters clothes. His wifes were to small for him. He was 5 10 she was 5 7. Kelly clothes seem to fit him nicely. He would carefully put them away afterwards. He stood feeling sexy in her clothes. He sipped a glass of wine. He didn’t hear her coming. He went to the upstairs bedroom. Her room he sat on her bed his legs crossed kneeling her underwear in his fingers.

He stood walking into the hallway down the stairs to the kitchen as Kelly walked in.

” Kelly ” he said seeing her standing there.

” Ian ” she said ” What the fuck.”

“Shit ” he said feeling embarrassed his beautiful step daughter seeing him in her clothes.

” Oh my god ” she said. ” Wow”

” Please don’t tell you mother.” He said.

” Wow ” She said putting her handbag down looking at her 52 yr old step dad in her dress. She walked up to him and walked around him. She lifted the back of the dress, Ian pushed it down.

” Kelly ” he said.

” My underwear to ” she said.

” Can we forget about this. ” he said. ” It wont happen again.” He said.

” I had a feeling my clothes were been disrupted. Now I know why. My favourite dress with a tear in it.”

” Sorry” he said.

” Well you like dressing in my clothes. ? ” she asked.

” Your mothers are to small for me.” He said.

” Mine fit nicely by the looks”

” Yes.” He said.

” Well ” she said. ” I should feel really pissed off, but I actually find it a turn on.”

“Turn on ” he said relaxing.

” Yeh ” she said ” Mums away this weekend, if you want to wear my clothes , I don’t mind.”

” You don’t mind. ” he said.

” Come to my room.” She said. He followed her to her room. ” Sit ” she said. He sat on her chair by her low dresser. ” You need make up” she said.

She sat in front of him. She put on make up. Eyeliner, lip gloss. She finished a twenty minutes later. He looked in the mirror. ” Wow ” he said. She had some girls wigs left over from a party. She put on a wig. Long blonde hair.

” Transformation complete” she said.

” Wow ” he said. They both went downstairs and opened a bottle of wine.

” We need a name” she said sitting on the couch with her cross dressed step father. ” Elaine” she said.

” Yes ” he said. ” You need a suit on ” he said.

” Your suit.” She said.

” Yeh come on.” She followed him to his their bedroom. She loved his legs in her dress. She stood in front of him as he pulled out one of his suits. ” This one ” he said laying it on the bed.

” Nice ” she said.

“I will leave you to change into it.” He said.

” Your not going to help me into it.” she asked reaching behind her neck unclipping the clip holding the top of her jumpsuit up. She unclipped it pulling it down her body and stepped out of it.

” Wow ” he said seeing her in her strapless bra her C Cup cleavage. Her black g string over her pussy.

” Its ok ” she said,” Do I have to wear your underwear to?” She asked.

” You don’t have to.” He said she reached behind unclipping her bra taking it off, her breasts hanging free. She slid down her underwear taking them off.

” Put these on ” she said handing them to him. He couldn’t believe she was naked in front of him. His hard cock. He pulled down her black underwear.

” A G sting ” he said. She saw his cock as he slid them up his legs, she watched as he positioned his cock un her G String. She reached behind her back bunching her hair. He opened his drawer pulling out a pair of his underwear.

She grabbed them and smiled as she stepped into them pulling them up her legs over her arse. ” Back in a minute ” she said. She came back with tape.

” Have to tape my tits.” She said. ” There are some dresses that my breasts need to be taped so there are no accidents.” She said taping them.

He watched as she put in his singlet over her taped breasts. She slid his trousers on and shirt doing up the buttons. She put on his tie and socks. She then put on his jacket. She did a twirl.

” Wow.” He said smiling to her. They both laughed.

” Oh shit ” she said. They both went down stairs and cooked tea in each others clothes. She walked past him lifting her skirt spanking his bare arse. Seeing her g string up his arse. They sat together and ate tea, drinking wine laughing and joking with each other.

” This feels weird ” he said.

” It does ” she said. ” If mum could see us ”

” Yes ” he laughed.

” You look kind of hot” she said looking at him in her dress and make up and blonde wig.

” You as well ” he replied.

” So how long have you been dressing in my clothes.” She asked.

” Six months.” He said.

” Really.” She replied.

” Yes,it started with looking at your mothers clothes. They don’t quite fit. One day I walked past your room and saw a dress on your bed. I was naked so I walked in and tried it on. It fitted. Then I looked in you underwear drawer and found a pair of underwear and put them on. Then I tried on one of your bras. I looked in the mirror and felt sexy. I put everything back carefully. Thats how my cross dressing thing started. ” he said.

” Ive sort of known for a while that my clothes are been looked through. I was going to blame my step brother. But its you.”

” Yes sorry.” He said ” I knew it was wrong, but couldn’t help it.” He said.

” So do you go through my laundry basket.” She asked.

” Sometimes ” he said.

She laughed. She smiled. “Look at us.” She said smiling. ” You have seen me naked.”

” Yes, you look beautiful naked.” He said. Id love to photograph you ” he replied.

” Really ” she said. ” What nude.”

” Yeh, Ive only photographed your mother naked.” He said.

” Have you ” she said.

” Yes do you want to see them. ? ” he asked.

” They went back up to the bedroom. He pulled out some disks from the safe and put them in the computer. They looked at them. Kelly looking at photos of her mum dressed, in lingerie and nude.

” Wow ” she said.” Mums a good model.”

” She is ” he said. ” Now whats on this one, she cant know Ive shown you ok.”

” Ok.” He put the disk in and the photos came up.

Kelly’s mum with a tall muscular black guy. She was dressed in all sorts of pose. As they scrolled through the photos. Her mum getting naked. Her lingerie. The guy now naked. Her mum now naked.

” Wow ” Kelly said smiling at her step father. She looked at his legs sticking out of her short skirt.

” What do you think. ? ” Ian asked.

” Yes,” she said I would.

” Must be time for a swim.” She said.

” Yes. ” Ian said.

” I will get you a bikini.” Kelly said standing up. ” Suppose I will have to wear a pair of speedos ” she said.

” Yes ” Ian replied.

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