Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

My name is Kelly have 2 boys,story is from 2-3 years ago,boys are now 14 and 12.So my kids started playing hockey and there was this coach very nice person and really attractive.My husband was always away on business,I never cheated till this.So as the season started to go by the more I wanted him.My husbands was a loser never good with the kids this man was like a great father figure for the whole team.Anyways one day I went out with fiends cause I wanted a drink I saw him at the bar with some of his friends.I said hello he said hi back,my friends said I think he likes you go talk to him I told them he’s married to this Spanish lady and has kids.To be honest I’m white with I would say pretty good looking parts,and he’s also whit and married a Spanish girl in my mind I was a bit pissed for how he was married to a Spanish.So he came up to me and said hey what are you doing here I said I’m with some fiends and my husbands away.We actually sat next to each other and talked alone my friends and his friends went there own ways.we were taking he sis s that hit and his wife were arguing a lot,we kept talking and drinking.So I said I was going to go home and see the boys and he said yeah I’m heading out and walked talking a bit and then he kisses me and I’m in shock but just kissed him back.The kissing got more intense and said my wife and kids are gone this weekend do you want to come over.We got to his house he took me to his bedroom and undressed me and himself then we got on the bed and started fucking,he did things my husband never did he came on my face.So after that night we started our affair,we were one day at his house on his wife’s bed having sex then his wife came back to find her husband on top of me,she stared screaming and crying and then eventually ran out the house.That moment we knew that we were both going to get a divorce so he continued to fuck me and then after that he filed for divorce and I filed for divorce.We both got the divorces and now live together with my kids.I know it might have not been the best way to get my happiness by screwing someone else over but I’m now happy.I have someone home everyday my kids who have a father figure and Sex almost all the time.There’s times where I feel bad because now his wife is lonely and kids barely see there father but what can I do.

By Yumiko

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