Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Amy was sat in her dad’s broken down car miles from town, her dad had started walking back to the nearest town to get a mechanic. The town was forty miles away, Amy knew he would be gone for a couple of hours. The road they were on was a small country lane that her dad had said was a short cut but ended up admitting he was lost soon after admitting he was lost the car broke down. Amy got out the car and climbed into the back seat looked at her fingers and said ” no cocks, no toys you will have to, raised her skirt and slid her panties down and off then undid the top buttons on her blouse slid her hand inside and started rubbing her bare boobs glad she had not put her bra back  on after gym, after a few minutes Amy said ” come on boys where are you there is a 16 year old girl here that needs some cock” Cindy felt cramped in the back of the car unable to move about to much, she opened the car door moved her body down a bit so that her legs were hanging out the car with her feet on the ground, she was now able to lay flat, Amy undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse,  opening the blouse all the way pulled her skirt right up and started rubbing her hairless clit after a few minutes she brought one leg into the car and draped it over the car seat she then felt hot breath on her slit looked down and saw a dog, before Amy could move the dog had jumped up with it’s paws on Amy’s shoulders it’s heavy body on Amy’s, Amy yelled get off me you brute and tried to push the dog off but it was to heavy, Amy felt a wet patch on her leg felt it slide across and realised it was the dogs dick, again Amy tried to push the dog away again but failed she then felt the wet patch slide onto the lips of her pussy said ” fuck no” and pushed the dog  again” and again failed then to her horror she felt the dog’s dick penetrate her still moist love tube and slide right into her she then felt the dog starting to hump her she felt one of her nipples being licked Amy tried to push the dog away again but could not, then to her surprise it started to feel good she then started to relax and was soon enjoying it after a few minutes the dog pulled away from Amy and got down, Amy sat up and saw three girls about her age stood there all with dogs one said ” this one is best” Amy looked at the girls one of whom said ” our dogs fuck us” Amy’s phone rang  it was her dad telling her he would be about 3 hours after chatting to her dad Amy got out of the car one of the girls invited Amy to join them in the field, Amy followed the girls into the field where the girls stripped naked and got down on their hands and knees Amy watched as the dogs mounted the girls and start to hump them, after 10 minutes one dog got off the girl he was humping then another girl arrived with a dog but said the monthly visitor had arrived,  one of the girls looked at Amy and asked her if she wanted the dog, Amy removed her skirt got on her hands and knees and was soon being humped by the dog enjoying it. A couple of hours later Amy was sat in the back of the car when her dad arrived back with a mechanic who soon had the car working. As they drove the rest of the way home Amy asked her dad if she could have a dog.

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