Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

It was a very windy evening as sixteen year old Mandy struggled home battling against the wind as she went, Mandy was very annoyed, despite being advised by her mum not to go out Mandy had gone out to meet up with her boyfriend Steve and had gone prepared for a good time and had worn a lose fitting skirt and no panties to give Steve easy access, Steve did not turn up, Mandy was battling against the very strong wind as she struggled along the deserted country lane doing her best to hold her skirt down which had blown up a few times, Tracy dropped her phone which slipped through a stye, Mandy tried to reach through the bars of the stye to get her phone but could not reach it so lay on her back and started to slide under the bottom bar but part way through she got stuck and no matter how hard to tried she could not get free and to make matters worse her skirt had blown right up and she could not reach it to lower it, Mandy could feel the wind blowing against her exposed love tube and after a few minutes she could feel her love tubes start to flow as she started to get aroused, Mandy saw the stray dogs that roamed the fields and when they started to sniff round her Mandy tried kicking them but the carried on sniffing and soon Mandy felt a wet patch on her love tube then a wet rough patch sliding over it and realised a dog was licking her and tried harder to get free but still could not free herself she then saw dog paws appear on the bar above her and a wet patch sliding over her leg and after a minute felt it on her love tube and to her horror realised that it was a dog’s dick and when it slid inside her love tube and start to thrust in and out, Mandy realised a dog was fucking her and screamed out no Mandy felt three other tongues licking her legs while the dog humped her after five minutes Mandy a wet patch on her face then a dog dick enter her mouth and start to hump, Mandy started to feel a bit more aroused and after a while started to enjoy being humped by a dog up her love tube and when the dog humping her mouth squirted it’s cum into her mouth Mandy gagged, she felt the dog humping her stop and his dick pull out but after a couple of minutes felt another enter he and start to hump and soon Mandy was groaning in pleasure and soon climaxed after a hour all the dogs had been in either her mouth or love tube and Mandy had climaxed three times, Mandy heard somebody shouting she then saw Colin a local creep who was two years younger than her chasing the dogs away, Colin managed to pull Mandy out from from bars as she stood up Mandy saw the bulge in Colin’s joggers and realising the wind had dropped ran home. The next day Mandy was on her own at home her parents away, Mandy saw Colin near her garden gate and went down to speak to him when she got there she saw Colin had a great dane with him and also saw a bulge in Colin’s joggers, Mandy saw the dogs dick sticking out and stared at it, Colin said ” want to borrow him” Mandy looked at Colin who said ” I saw you being fucked my dogs and sucking their cocks” Mandy looked at Colin who said ” I will bring him up if you want him” Mandy was feeling very horny and said bring him up, inside the house Mandy knelt Colin said ” do it naked” Mandy looked at him and thought what the heck stood back up and stripped Colin looked at Mandy’s firm boobs and said ” nice tits” after a few minutes Mandy was on her hands and knees with Colin watching as his dog pounded Mandy from behind, Colin was loving hearing Mandy groan and when she cried out yes as she climaxed Colin thought cool after Mandy had cleaned up and got dressed, Colin told Mandy all about “a dog club” and what happened there and left happy that Mandy was going to attend. Later when her aunt phoned her asking her to look after her two dogs Mandy said with pleasure and when she heard her aunts car in the drive Mandy went to the door and found her sixteen year old cousin Tracy with the two dogs Mandy took one dog lead and walked in the house with Tracy behind her one inside and to her surprise Tracy said ” this one fucks the best this one has the most spunk and as she left Tracy said ” see you at the club” not long after Tracy left Mandy was naked looking at the two dogs saying who is first.

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