Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

It was a week after her first experience with dogs and Mandy was waiting for her cousin Tracy to turn up and when she did the pair started walking towards where the dog club was being held on route Tracy told Mandy that when they got there they would be assigned a handler who after they were naked would put a dog collar and chain on them and rub a oil that dogs loved over their body then lead the girls round a room while they were on their hands and knees and let the dogs do their work. When they got to the club Mandy saw Colin there with his dog on a lead when she pointed Colin out to her cousin and told her that Colin was two years younger than they were, Tracy said that’s ok as long as a dog is fucking me I don’t care and as she stripped Tracy said we are both sixteen his brother Mark is four years younger and he will be here somewhere once both girls were naked they went into the fitting room where Mandy saw Mark who approached her with a bottle of oil in his hands and said to her ” I have to oil you and put a collar on you” Mandy could see a friend of Marks oiling Tracy’s body and lay down and soon Mark was rubbing oil into Mandy’s boobs then into her love tube then once he had fitted her with a collar and chain Mandy went down on her hands and knees and allowed Mark to lead her to the main room where Mandy saw that everybody was naked as Mandy looked around she saw Marks twin sister being shafted by a great dane and Tracy being shafted by another dog when Mandy looked behind her she saw that Mark was now naked and had a three inch hair less erection, lead Mandy across the room where she saw Colin stood with his dog and saw Colin had a seven inch erection then felt a warm wet patch on her bum and smiled as it slid across her bum and enter her love tube and start to hump away then after a minute Colin’s dog was pushing his dick into her mouth and started humping away and after a few minutes Mandy felt the dog in her love tube pull out but soon another dog had taken it’s place as it thrust away Mandy gagged as her mouth was filled by dog cum, after a hour Mandy had lost count of how Many dogs had humped her or how how many times she had cum and was laying on a table as Mark washed her down and when he started to squirt warm soapy water into her love tube Many flinched but soon relaxed then felt Mark insert his fingers and wriggle them about. Later as she walked home with Tracy Tracy said ” did you enjoy it” Mandy smiled and said when is the next meeting I hope it will be soon.

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