Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

The lovers meet again and experience the true sense of BDSM love, the girl gets tied up and crucified, she is a slave and there’s nothing she can do to resist the pain that is slowly turning into the pleasures one never felt…

Today was to be our next date. I got up earlier to prepare a surprise for you. ..

When you enter the room I’m wearing a silk top, silk trousers and high-heeled shoes. You come up to me from behind and kiss my ear and neck fondling my breast with your hands. You pinch my nipples painfully but I enjoy that. It is even pleasant and I let out a moan.

You start undressing me, take off my top and pants. All I have on now are my shoes and you see my surprise for you – a piercing on my vulva lip and a swollen pussy after the pump. You tie up my hands, put on the handcuffs and attach them to something high up, so that I’m left standing almost on my toes.

After that you put weights on my breasts and the piercing. Then you pat on my bust and the pussy and lower me down a bit to make me stand firmly on the floor. You spread my legs wider and fix them. Then you add some more weights to my pussy.

When you finish you suddenly decide to release my hands and bend me over the narrow desk so that my boobs hang down. You put a few clips on my tits. After that you approach to me in front and pass your cock over my lips. I start caressing it with my tongue and feel you penetrate my mouth slowly. Your thrusts are slow but soon you build the tempo and holding my head firmly you impale me on your cock. A couple of more moments and you ejaculate…

You set me free but don’t remove the weights. You position me in a doggy style on the desk, fasten my wrists to the ankles and insert a special hook into my butt. Then you remove the weights from my pussy, lube it up all the way and put your hand inside. Your fisting is great!..

You take the hook out of my butt and push your other hand inside. You fuck me with your both hands!!! After that you pull your hands out, unfasten me and put me on my back. Your hands now drill into me one after the other … my pussy – my ass… my pussy – my ass… I have a huge orgasm…

While I’m in the heaven you wrap my breasts tightly with ropes and put the clips on them. These clips are attached to my vulva lips and strained so that my pussy is always open. You spread it with some cream. You paint my vulva lips with a red lipstick. Next you help me to put on my transparent blouse and a mini skirt that doesn’t even cover my pussy. And… we go shopping!!!

You want to show me to everyone. We go to the shoe store and each time I try on a pair all the people around can see my cunt swollen and pierced. My hard nipples seem through the blouse well. We buy a pair of shoes for me and leave the shop… Everybody is shocked.

When we arrive home you tell me you want to pee but instead of a toilet you wanna use me… You insert a funnel into my butt and have a good pee right inside my butt. I shouldn’t let it flow out, not even a drop, otherwise you’ll punish me.

You ask me to fuck your ass. I obey and put the strap-on on so that your urine doesn’t flow out of me. I lube up your hole and start fucking you slowly. My hands fondle your balls and the cock. You cum rather quickly…

It is so pleasant for me to know I’ve pleased you well. I relax for a second and your urine flows out of my ass… You tell I will be punished.
You tie my both boobs tightly and fasten the ropes so that my tits are apart. You hang some weights on my pussy, turn my butt to you, bend me slightly and begin slapping my tender halves. It is painful but enjoyable as well. Then I feel you put something into my ass, it is a huge vibrator. You switch it on and a minute later I start shaking from the orgasm.

After that you take two pieces of ice and pass them over my breasts. It’s so nice… I relax but suddenly feel something extremely hot – you pour me with hot paraffin. It becomes hard soon on me.

Then you part my thighs and begin finger-fucking me. Gradually I lower on your hand and stimulate myself to orgasm…

You unfasten me and my boobs and carry to the bed where you go on drilling into my pussy and mouth. I climax again and crash out.

When I woke up the next morning nothing reminded me of the night we had spent together except for a small chain that was attached to my pussy… your surprise for me…

By Tommy

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