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Claire was married three children she had just turned 60.

Her fantasy was to have three guys at the same time. To be taken advantage of. She joined a dating site. Her husband wouldn’t know.

She found the right guys. She travelled out of town. She met them at the agreed address.

She wore a blue dress with a plunging round neck line. Her DD breasts been pushed up in the blue lacy bra. The dress sitting knee height. She wore white high heels. She had short shoulder length hair.

She was nervous as she knocked on the door and waited. She heard footsteps, the door opened.

” Claire ” the man said come in darling.

She walked in. A well dressed black man in trousers and a polo shirt.

As a white woman she had never fucked a black man before. He lead her to the kitchen.

Dale offered her a drink. Reggy and John came in the room, it was getting real. The three men she had arranged to fuck her.

Dale Black man. 34 6Ft 1. Muscular and bald.

Reggy Black man 36 6 ft average build short hair.

John, White man 30 6 ft average build shoulder length dark hair in a pony tail.

” Not bad ” John said standing next to her his hand on her hip.

” Yes ” Dale said. Very beautiful woman handing her a drink.

” So baby, ” Reggy said. ” You up for this. It could get rough. ”

” Oh yes been mauled by three sexy blokes, is my fantasy.

” Husband doesn’t know ” John asked.

” Oh fuck no. ” She said.

” Good ” Dale said unzipping his trousers pulling his cock out. They fell to the floor he stepped out of them. John and Reggy did the same getting undressed. Soon she was dressed in a room off three naked men, their cocks hard.

” Oh my ” she said.

” On your knees bitch. ” Reggy said. She got on the knees. Reggy lifting his cock to her mouth holding her head. She opened her mouth Reggy’s cock sliding in her mouth. ” Suck it bitch. ” He said. She sucked up and down his big black circumcised cock. Her hands on John and Dales stroking them as she sucked Reggy’s.

” Yeh suck it hard. ” John said. The other two cocks waiting their turn. For two minutes she sucked Reggy’s cock. Reggy took his out pushing her head to Dale, his cock entering her mouth. He held her head thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth as she stroked Reggy and Johns.

” That’s it slut. ” Dale said bunching her hair in his hand pulling her head up and down his cock. Minutes later it was Johns turn. Her head been pushed to Johns cock. John holding her head fucking her mouth.

After a ten minutes between swapping all three cocks in her mouth they stood her up. Their hands all over her body squeezing her breasts over her dress, her arse.

” Fuckin nice body for a old lady. ” John said. Lifting her dress seeing her black lacy G String.

” Fuckin G String aye. ” Dale said spanking her arse cheek.

Reggy unzipped her dress. They pulled it down her body. She stepped out of it. Dale unclipping her bra. They took it off her DD breasts falling out.

” Look at these tits boys. ” Dale said. Their hands taking turns to squeeze and fondle them.

They lead her to the bedroom. Each taking a turn to spank her arse as they lead her to the bedroom. They lay her on the bed. Reggy and Dale knelt either side of her. John between her legs pulling her underwear off. Her shaved pussy now out.

” Nice fuckin pussy to. ” John said. He pulled her to the end of the bed. He knelt on the floor and opened her legs leaning in. His tongue licking up her pussy. His finger pushed deep inside her, he finger fucked her with two fingers as he licked her clit and vagina lips.

Reggy lifted her head again forcing his cock in her mouth, she sucked him as Dale fondled and sucked her nipples.

” How does that pussy taste ? ” Reggy asked John.

” Fucking delicious. ” John said.

John continued licking and sucking her pussy tasting her juices.

Dale then slid his fingers down rubbing her clit, Johns tongue pushed inside her vagina opening. He licked and sucked her as Dale rubbed her pussy.

John and Dale swapped around. Dale started where John left off working her pussy with his tongue as she sucked Reggy’s cock.

Reggy took his cock out of her mouth turning her head to John. Her mouth still open she replaced Reggy’s cock with Johns. John holding her head pulling it up and down his shaft. Reggy sat playing with her breast sucking her nipples and fondling them.

Five minutes later Reggy replaced Dale at her pussy. He licked and sucked her clit and pussy lips as he finger fucked her. She held both John and Dales cock as she lay there swapping them around sucking then as as all three guys fondled her breasts.

For a few minutes they swapped around her breasts sucking them and fondling them.

” Sit up bitch. ” Reggy said She sat on the edge of the bed. They stood in front of her Reggy held her head, all three playing with their cocks. Reggy put his cock in her mouth she sucked it. They swapped around putting their cocks in her mouth.

Reggy groaned as she stroked it as she stocked Dales.

” Open your mouth bitch. ” Reggy said putting his knob on her tongue as he cum. His cum shooting into her mouth. She swallowed it, as it spilt down her chin onto her breasts. ” Fuck yes ” he said as Dale put his cock in her mouth. She sucked it as Dale groaned. He cum shooting cum down her throat. She gagged as she swallowed. Dale took it out spilling more cum down her front. Finish her of John. Dale said smiling. John cock finding her mouth. Cum dripping from her mouth as John put his cock in her mouth holding her head pulling it up and down his cock.

After a while he cum in her mouth she swallowed his cum. John taking it out shooting more over her breasts.

” Oh fuck ” he said smiling. They stood their playing their cocks smiling

” Taste good. ” Dale asked.

” Yes ” she said.

They lay her down.

” Lets fuck the bitch now boys. ” Reggy said. ” Who’s first boys. ”

Reggy lay her down Dale stood between her legs presenting his cock to her pussy. He rubbed it up and down her pussy. His big 9 inch cock. He then slid it into her.

She groaned as she felt his cock penetrate her They watched his cock slid in and out of her. Reggy and John knelt either side of her lifting her head John guided his cock in her mouth as Reggy fondled her breasts as Dale fucked her. Dale lifting her legs wide watching his cock in her.

John took his cock out she stroked them as she swapped sucking them. Reggy reaching down fondling her breasts as John slid his hand to her pussy rubbing her clit as Dale fucked her. Dale then took it out Reggy replaced him putting his cock in her. Dale stood watching five minutes later Reggy pulled out John sliding his cock in her. For ten minutes she lay there the three guys swapping in her pussy.

After a while Dale pushed his cock in her then a minute later cum deep in her pussy, followed by John and Reggy.

” Look at that cum filled fanny boys. ” John said. She lay there on her back cum oozing from her. Reggy sat on her left and Dale on her right fondling her breasts their other hands in the inside of her thigh admiring her cum filled pussy.

” Time to bring Chief in. ” Reggy said.

” Chief ? ” She asked.

” Yeh another friend of ours Reggy said smiling at Dale.

” You will like him. ” John said as Dale walked out the room.

Claire didn’t know what to do. Who was Chief. Dale then walked in with his Rottweiler.

” This is Chief ” Dale said.

” A dog ” she said trying to sit up. John and Reggy held her on the bed.

” Pussy ” Dale said to Chief leading him between her legs. He sniffed her pussy and started licking it.

” Fuck no. ” Claire said as Chief licked her pussy of the seeping cum.

” He loves cum filled fannies. ” John said. She struggled but couldn’t move been held down by Reggy and John. Dale lifted her panties off the floor putting them to Chief’s nose. Chief sniffed them and put his front legs up on the bed.

” Turn her over boys. Chief’s horny. ” Dale said.

” No no ” She said struggling. She was flipped over her knees on the floor held down by Reggy and John. Chief mounted her doggy style. Dale guided Chief’s cock to her pussy. Chief’s cock entering her. Chief fucked her fast she was been held down. Chief enjoying fucking human pussy his tail wagging.

” Fuck her boy ” Dale said smiling. Chief fucking fast.

Minutes later Chief cum inside her. He pulled out and sniffed her arse licking it.

She then dressed without showering and left.

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