The Attack

The day had begun like any other day in the small English town, sixteen year Steve who was a racist thug had stayed in bed as long as he could listening to his mum yelling up the stairs for him to get up and now he was sat at the breakfast table pulling faces at his sister Sara who was six years younger than what he was, after breakfast he set off for school with Sara following him and nagging at him to slow down, as they past the church Steve saw the police cars at the entrance and jokingly said to the vicar ” the police caught you have they vic ” then saw that all the graves were open, the vicar told him that grave robbers had been at work and had stolen all the bodies, Steve saw that there was about two hundred empty graves, when he got to school Steve found that there was a lot of talk about the missing bodies, after meeting up with his classmate Martin who was also a racist thug the pair went to the old derelict part of the school where students went to have a sly smoke, when they got there Steve noticed a strong smell but stayed, the four young Bengali girls were sat under the trees near the derelict school when they saw the zombies lurching towards the old school the girls looked at the zombies in disbelieve, Sara who was also going to the old school had seen the Bengali girls who were her age at the same time she saw the zombies who were now close to her brother and Martin she saw the two boys start to fight the zombies, Sara ran to the Bengali girls asking them to help, one of the girls said ” wow look ” Sara looked and saw that both the boys had been stripped naked by the zombies, the Bengali girl said ” they have big cocks ” Sara saw Martin’s dick was about seven inches and hairy, Sara heard the two boys scream out loud and soon realised that the zombies were raping the two boys she could see their dicks swinging about as the zombies thrust in and out of their bums, one of the girls said ” serves them right for bullying us, Sara ran back to the main school shouting zombies as she went, the other students thought that she was joking but started running in fear when zombies appeared, the entrance to the school was soon jammed up with panicking students, the zombies were soon on the panicking students and were soon ripping their clothes off them, Sara had been caught by zombies but had managed to break free but had lost her clothes and like many other students was naked, Sara ran to the school allotments as she got there she saw the two sixteen year old Bengali boys, one said ” look the racist bitch is naked ” Sara tried to run back but was grabbed by the two boys one said ” let us fuck the bitch people would think it was the zombies ” Sara then saw both boys get their erect dicks out and when the first one slid into her love tube she screamed, Steve and Martin were now laying on their backs in shock at having their bums fucked by zombies they were hoping the zombies would not return for more, at the school sixteen year old Jane was hanging over a desk naked with a zombie thrusting in and out of her love tube while her sister July who was four years younger than Jane was also naked and gagging on a zombie dick and one pushing into her bum, all over the school students were being stripped by zombies, nine year old Sally was watching as six boys who were sixteen had been stripped naked, Sally watched from the safety of a locked classroom as the naked boys fought the zombies off. Martin was staggering away from the old school towards the tree hoping to find safety when he got there he lay down then saw the four Bengali girls one of who said ” we saw you get fucked ” she then sat and grabbed hold of his dick and started to rub it after a couple of minutes Martin had a nine inch erection which the girl started to jerk after five minutes Martin squirted cum in three spurts. Sara was now laying on the floor after both boy’s had been thrusting in and out of her love tube making her cum twice. After a hour gun shots were heard as the army started to deal with the zombies. Nobody knew what caused the dead to rise but a few students were happy they had.