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“What the hell,” roared Michelle’s father as he took in the scene before him. There was his sweet daughter with her ass high in the air pointing towards him. Her pussy was clearly on display and he could see the dog cum dripping from her swollen lips to join the puddle between her thighs. The cause of his daughter’s condition was happily wagging his tail in front of him, his red cock still showing and shiny from his daughter’s juices as he to dripped onto the kitchen floor. The back door was wide open to garden but luckily their neighbours were far enough away that they wouldn’t have been able to witness his daughter’s slutty act.

“Go to your room,“ Michelle’s mother said quietly to her daughter as she looked for a floor cloth.

“Where’s Julie?” Michelle asked still in a post-orgasmic daze.

“Thank goodness she wasn’t here to witness you being a slut,” said her father, “now go to your room.”

Michelle trudged up the stairs with leaden feet as the enormity of what had just happened started to sink in. Her parents had caught her with the family pet and heaven only knows what would happen now. ‘Oh no’ she thought in a blind panic “they might send Chico away or worse”, and starting to sob as she thought,” I couldn’t live with myself if anything happened to him.”

Following his naked daughter upstairs John couldn’t help but notice how cute her ass was and the vision of her open pussy dripping with dog cum popped into his head causing stiffness in his trousers. Shaking his head to clear the thoughts he demanded, “Phone, tablet & laptop young lady, you are grounded 100% while I talk to your Mom.”

The next few days passed very quietly with Michelle’s Mom & Dad saying nothing but not letting her out of their sight, and even when they went out for the day the air was cool rather than frosty. One evening after she was going up to bed Michelle overheard her mother saying, “Maybe it would be best if I took Chico back with me, I have missed him a lot.” Michelle couldn’t listen anymore and crept away stifling a sob at the thought of being separated from her beloved Chico.

To her surprise her parents lovemaking was very noisy, and she had got herself off listening to her mother’s loud groans of pleasure as her father’s grunted and panted.

It was mid afternoon three days after the Chico incident that Michelle stepped into the shower after a day of lying in the sun under the watchful eye of her parents. As she started to soap herself all over under the deluge of water she started to relive what had happened just a few days ago. Feeling her nipples harden she tweaked them calling herself a dog slut under her breath, but rather than dampen her ardour she felt the heat between her legs increase. Leaning back against the tiles she spread her still swollen pussy lips with one hand and with the fingertip of her other hand started to rub her engorged clit. Michelle moaned and bit her lip as the orgasm tingled through her body and with lust now raging within her she needed something inside herself. Wrapping a towel round herself she felt in the bedside drawer for her trusty dildo that had accompanied her from America but to her surprise encountered a buzzing phone.

“Hello” said Michelle a little confused into the strange phone.

“Hello love,” said the familiar voice of her next door neighbour Julie, “sorry thought it was better I vanished pronto though would have been nice to have seen their faces.”

“I am so grounded & worried,” Michelle stammered back.

“Thought it best I laid low until I could get a few things in place, so how do you fancy dinner?” Julie purred.

Michelle nodded before she stammered, “yes” when she realised Julie couldn’t see her and the phone went dead.

Michelle’s brain was spinning as she tried to work out how the phone got there, what Julie meant about dinner and what on earth she meant about things in place. At the same time her pussy was screaming for relief and Michelle rummaged in the drawer for her 6” dildo and grasping it pulled it out. To her shock it wasn’t her normal dildo but one that clearly resembled a dog cock and as she wondered what the hell was going on the phone buzzed with a text, “thought this would remind you of Chico xxx.” Michelle looked at the dog cock dildo and moaned with pure lust as she pushed it into her soaking pussy. Lying on her back, her knees pulled up Michelle fucked herself hard with the dildo and could feel the plastic knot banging against her pussy lips. That feeling sent her over the top and arching up towards the thrusting dildo Michelle screamed as she peaked in her orgasm.

Michelle was still trying to recover her breathing when the phone buzzed with a text again, “be ready in 15 mins, pack an overnight bag xxxx.” Michelle stood and dressed quickly fascinated to know what Julie was going to do.

It was exactly 12 minutes later when her father shouted up stairs, “Mitchie get your butt down here, Mrs Smith from next door has kindly agreed to look after you for the day & overnight.”

Michelle shouted down, “Will be there in …. 3 minutes,” before laughing to herself as she stuffed a few items into a small rucksack. She paused as she picked up the dog dildo; still wondering how it got there, then stuffed it into the bag giggling to herself. The she bounced downstairs dressed in favourite sweatshirt and tight yoga pants with the rucksack over her shoulder. As she caught Julie’s eye and the slight frown she wore, Michelle altered her demeanour to dutiful daughter mode as she heard Julie say, “of course Mr & Mrs Lynch I will be more than happy to look after your daughter for the evening to allow you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity before Mrs Lynch has to return to America and Michelle will be good company while my husband is away.”

“Please call me Sarah, “ Michelle’s mother replied, “and you are so kind stepping into the breach at the last moment.” Then turning to Michelle said, “Mrs Smith, I mean Julie, will look after you this evening dear as your father has just been sent two tickets to see the Russian State ballet performing Swan Lake this evening and the tickets are like gold dust.”

“I have made up my spare room,” purred Julie’ “so you can enjoy your evening happy in the knowledge that she will be returned safe & sound in the morning,” Julie paused before continuing, “ Oh but what about Chico?”

“He will be fine,” Michelle’s mother replied quickly, “no need to worry about him.”

Michelle walked across the lawns from one house to the other still in shock and awe before turning to Julie and saying, “how the hell did you manage that?”

Julie just laughed throatily before saying, “your mom loves the ballet and she got two tickets out of the blue that were accidentally delivered to my address hence I had to deliver them to her and offer to chaperone you.” Michelle stared at Julie as she went on, “oh and by the way when using a dog dildo you really should take the knot, it feels so much better.”

Michelle’s jaw dropped as she stammered, “have you been spying on me?”

“That’s not the half of it love,” Julie laughed, “Now dump your stuff in the spare room we have a show to watch later but for now dinner.”

Over dinner the two women chatted though Michelle was conscious that she revealed far more than Julie. The topics ranged from Michelle’s work plans after returning to America through to travelling the world. Michelle was spell bound as Julie described some of the wonderful places she had been ranging from the Taj Mahal in India to the wild bush of South Africa. Julie didn’t mention much of life before her husband but clearly it was her second marriage and there was a significant other before that. As they finished the bottle of wine Michelle began to relax and saw how Julie’s eyes glittered with interest when Michelle mentioned her ex-roomie was a lesbian. Julie’s eyes glowed with fire when Michelle described how her roomie would often fuck her with a strap on.

“So you like pussy as well as cock then?” Julie said then laughed as Michelle nodded and blushed. “Nothing wrong with that,” Julie said, “after all I lived with a lesbian for two years before my first husband, so I enjoy pussy as well. Might even enjoy yours later.” Michelle felt her face and neck redden as she started to get wet at the thought of Julie between her thighs.

The subject of Chico had not been mentioned but once the dishes had been cleared away and both women sat curled on either end of a big sofa with a large glass of Baileys each, Julie fixed Michelle with a stare and said, “Chico.” Michelle flushed as Julie went on, “so how long has he been fucking you?”

“That was the first time,” Michelle stammered.

“Really,” Julie said quizzically as she raised an eyebrow, “wonder who his teacher was,” and then went on, “and whose idea was it for you to bring Chico over?”

Michelle thought for a moment, “it was Dad’s” she replied.

“And how did your Mom take the idea?” Julie asked.

“She was pissed at first then seemed resigned after a few days,” Michelle replied not sure where Julie was going with the questions.

“Explains a lot,” Julie said half to herself, “come join me in the cinema room.”

Michelle followed Julie admiring her ass in the light cotton trousers that clung to her in all the right places. Michelle was sure she wasn’t wearing any underwear and started to think again of Julie’s comments about tasting her pussy and wondered what hers would taste like.

Julie laughed over her shoulder, “stop panting dear it gives your lustful thoughts away and in answer to your unasked question I hate wearing underwear. Now we are here, take a seat.” Julie waved to the small room with half a dozen comfortable chairs round a large wall screen that flickered into life. The screen was split into nine screens and Michelle realised it was the inside of her home. As she watched the front door opened and her Mother & Father walked in and from the speakers Michelle could hear her mother humming one of the songs from Swan Lake. Julie flicked s switch on the remote and the nine screens became one showing the scene in high definition.

“That was wonderful,” Michelle’s mother cooed, “and we have the house to ourselves for the night so no more sneaking around.”

“Indeed,” said Michelle’s father as he reached round and scooped one of his wife’s breasts from her low cut evening gown running a thumb over her hardening nipple.

“Are we going to watch my Mom & Dad at it?” Michelle asked a little breathlessly as she watched the screen.

“Will you get yourself off like you normally do?” Teased Julie before going on, “I think you will learn a few things tonight.”

As Michelle watched the screen her mother stripped naked in their hallway and then knelt before Michelle’s father who was still dressed in his tuxedo. Michelle was a little shocked as she heard her mother speak words in a tone she had not heard before, “may your slut suck your cock sir?” She said throatily as she unzipped Michelle’s fathers fly allowing his cock to spring free. Michelle was impressed by the size of her father and could feel the dampness start again between her legs.

“You like your father’s cock don’t you.” Julie whispered as she moved next to Michelle and stroked a finger across her breasts that were heaving beneath her sweatshirt. Despite the thickness of the material Michelle could feel her nipples harden and she squirmed on the seat. Michelle could only moan in agreement, a moan that became more heated and louder as she heard her Mother speak.

“Can I suck your cock like you wished our daughter would,” Michelle’s mother groaned as she engulfed her husband’s now rampant cock. Sucking deeply until she almost gagged then withdrawing leaving her drool dripping from his cock. “Would you like her to suck your cock like this?” then sucked his cock back in deep.

“Where do you want him?” Michelle heard her father growl, his hands on her mother’s head as he slowly pistoned his hips into her mother’s mouth.

Breaking from her sucking for a moment she moaned, “here… Right here in the hallway like the slut I am… Not sneaking around in the bedroom like we have had to.”

Michelle was a little confused at her mother’s words, but the confusion was soon cleared up as Chico bounded into view. There was no confusion with Chico, as he clearly knew what was expected of him as he sniffed and started to lap at his familiar bitch. Michelle watched dry mouthed as Chico’s cock grew and started to drip pre-cum onto the hall floor.

Suddenly her clothing felt to tight for Michelle and she stood for a moment casting off her sweatshirt and bra before ripping off her yoga pants and tiny briefs, all the time her eyes glued to the screen. Sitting back in the chair she opened her legs wide to allow Julie, who had moved between her knees, easy access to her pussy. Michelle gripped Julie’s hair as she watched Chico mount and start to hump at her mother, his red cock leaving trails across her ass cheeks. Michelle nearly screamed with pleasure as Julie talented tongue started to delve deep inside, searching every nook and cranny.

On the screen Michelle saw Chico find the spot he was seeking and slammed home, driving his cock deep into Michelle’s mother. Michelle could hardly believe the words that came out of her mother’s mouth, words she didn’t even know her mother knew, “oh yes fuck my slutty cunt, use me Chico, fuck me like you fucked my daughter.” Michelle pulled Julie’s hair more urging her on as the scene on the screen captivated her. Michelle’s father was fisting himself as Chico humped Michelle’s mother and it occurred to Michelle as she heard the sounds from the speakers that this is what he had listened to on previous nights. Not her parent’s lovemaking but her mother being fucked by Chico as her father watched. The thoughts and sounds sent Michelle over the top and she flooded into Julie’s mouth, squirted her juices like she never had before.

Hardly had she stopped cumming when Michelle felt herself being dragged round behind the chair and bent over it. From somewhere Julie had produced a dildo and the pulling Michelle’s head up so she could still see the screen drove it into Michelle’s soaking pussy from behind and started to pump Michelle with the same intensity as Chico was riding her mother on screen. Michelle felt a knot bang against her pussy lips & realised the dildo was the same shape as a dog cock and she kept cumming over and over as she heard and saw her mother orgasm under Chico.

Michelle found herself panting with lust as she could see in her mother’s eyes, and from the sounds she was making, that Chico had forced his knot into her and was pumping her full of cum. Then Chico turned, still locked inside, and Michelle’s mother moaned and groaned in ecstasy as the dog knot pulsed in her pussy. As she stared at the screen she saw her father unload a stream of seed into her mother’s face coating her hair and cheeks with strings of seed. At that same moment Julie forced the dildo fully in so Michelle pussy clamped around the knot of the rubber cock. Flicking a switch at the base Julie watched as the dildo started to buzz and vibrate sending Michelle into the same multiple orgasms that her mother was having on screen.

Michelle felt drained as she slumped over the chair back, the dildo buzzing inside her still and mini orgasms shot through her causing her to shudder from time to time. On screen Chico had pulled out of her mother leaving a puddle of cum between her legs and to her surprise & excitement her mother turned and started to lap the cum from the tiled floor.

“Oh my,” Michelle moaned softly, “My mother a dog fucker, I would never had guessed.”

Julie laughed as she said, “shame she is going back to America so soon, whatever will your father do?”

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