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Julie placed her hands in a steeple and studied Michelle’s face as the girl stared at the picture of her mother and the mystery woman, both naked with their asses in the air, ready for Chico to decide which one to mount.

“Yes, one of the is your mother,” Julie said with a smile, “and who do you think the other one is?”

“Ummm,” Michelle stammered, studying the photo, “you? …. but how?……. what?…….. where?……. when?”

Julie threw back her head and laughed at her young companion’s bewilderment, “I have known your mother since before you were born, and we have stayed in touch over the years, as we have very similar interests.” Julie continued, “a few years back, while your father was on a business trip and you were away at college, my company had sent me to New York, so I popped up to see your Mum, and she introduced me to Chico.”

“So who took the picture?” Michelle asked, “Dad?”

Julie snorted with laughter, “no not your Dad, he thinks he’s the only person who knows about your Mom and Chico, and that it was his idea to convince your Mom to try it. There’s no easy way to say this, but the reality is, your Mom has been fucking dogs for years.”

“You’re kidding me, right?” asked Michelle, still in a state of shock, thinking about her demure mother, successful attorney, and former President of the P.T.A.

Julie just smirked and shook her head, indicating that she was not kidding all.

“So if Dad didn’t take the picture, who did?” Michelle asked quizzically, still staring at her mom’s bald pussy and spread ass, and Chico’s hungry look in the picture.

“You remember your neighbour, the widow, Mrs Brown, or White, I think.” Julie said, trying to remember the woman’s name, but only recalling it was a colour.

“Mrs Greene?” Michelle yelled out in shock. “Not snobby, old Mrs Greene, who used to walk her pair of pedigree Dalmatians around the neighbourhood with her nose so high in the air it looked like a shark fin?” Michelle’s voice trailed off as she was trying to picture the old woman in a sexual way, “No way! She didn’t … did she?”

Julie smiled like the cat that had ate the canary as she said, “Oh, she most certainly did. Both of them, one right after the other, although it was a closely guarded secret that only your mother and the rest of us in the DS Club knew.”

“DS Club?” Michelle asked.

“Yes, the Dog Shaggers Club,” Julie replied with a giggle, having come up with the club name herself almost 30 years ago, “most have been friends since college and we have shared many things over the years, from boyfriends, to dogs, to boyfriend’s dogs, and have always kept it secret from the men in our respective lives. Over time, the club has grown and decreased as members have come and gone, but we always remained true to each other.”

“Let me guess,” said Michelle sarcastically, “the first rule of DS Club was, ‘you don’t talk about DS Club!’” paraphrasing the famous quote from the movie Fight Club.

“Brilliant!” Julie responded in her lyrically English accent, unaware of the source of the quote, “and the only reason I’m telling you any of this, is that you’re the newest member of the club.”

Michelle started to connect the dots as she looked at Julie’s face, realising now that it had all been an act between her mother and Julie about not knowing each other, and then she got to wonder about how much of what happened was pre planned. Before she could speak however, Julie read her like a book and continued. “Your mother phoned me before you and your Dad arrived, and she told me she was sending Chico over with you, and asked me to look after him for her. She also asked to see if you were similarly inclined, and having witnessed your actions in the kitchen, I knew you were. When the rest of the women at the club saw the latest video of you performing with Chico, they confirmed that you clearly had the fever, and that you were a natural born dog shagger.” Michelle blushed deeply as she realised that her performance on the patio with Chico had been seen by the many women of the DS Club, trying to guess which of her mother’s friends and neighbours were also in the group.

“So if you have known my mother for that long, there must be some juicy tales you can tell me about her past,” Michelle asked, feeling herself get wet at the thought of her prim and proper Mother’s brazen acts of debauchery.

“When she married your father,” Julie reminisced, “I couldn’t attend the wedding, but did attend the hen party the week before, and that was a wild night, a very wild couple of nights indeed.” Julie smiled at seeing her young friend squirm in her chair, simultaneously desiring the gory details of the story, while wishing she did not know this seedy side of her mother’s personal life.

“Please tell me, please tell me,” said Michelle begged in a voice like a child at Christmas, demanding she be allowed to open her presents early, excited about be able to learn something about her mother’s kinky past.

“OK,” said Julie, deliberately drawing out the anticipation, “but before I tell the story, there are some rules to which you must agree.”

Michelle eagerly nodded her head in response.

Julie went on, “first, you don’t breath a word to anyone who is not named in the story.”

“Cross my heart,” Michelle quickly replied, tracing an “X” over her left breast, her nipples clearly visible through her thin top.

“Second,” Julie said, and paused dramatically, watching Michelle’s excitement and impatience clearly growing, before breaking the silence, “for the duration of the story, you will be naked with the dog dildo inside of you, but you may not cum until I give you permission.”

Michelle was so turned on that she shed her clothes in record time, before she realised that her dog dildo was still at home, in her bedroom. She bent to pick up her strewn clothes, so she could dress quickly and run to the house, and physically jumped as Julie barked, “DID I TELL YOU THAT YOU COULD GET DRESSED?”

“But… but..,” stammered Michelle, holding her black yoga pants to her chest in a feeble attempt to cover her body, “I am naked and people might see me when I go back to my house.”

Julie nodded and smiled unsympathetically, “Then it’s best if you are quick about it, unless of course, you don’t want to hear the story.”

Michelle blushed, then peeked around the doorway, scanning Julie’s large back garden. She surveyed the landscape between the two cottages, planning out the fastest route that also provided the most cover, should anyone happen by. Praying that her father hadn’t come home, Michelle ran like a fleet footed deer along her strategic path, darting her head from side to side to make sure she was not seen. When she reached the door of her cottage, she didn’t even bother to listen for her father, and burst into the kitchen and up to her bedroom, taking the stairs two at a time. Her heart was pounding in her chest, as she closed her bedroom door behind her and leaned against it, taking a moment to catch her breath. She made a beeline to bedside table and pulled open the drawer, her small breasts still rising and falling rapidly, as she tried to control her breathing. “FUCK!” she yelled loudly, as she slipped her hand under the pile of panties to the back left corner of the drawer, where the dildo should have been. She started frantically tearing her underwear out of the drawer, until she was standing amid her strewn panties, staring into an empty drawer. She was certain that the last time she used the dog dildo she had carefully hidden back in her top drawer, but now it was gone. In a panic, she emptied the contents of the next drawer down, adding her bras to the multi-coloured pile of undergarments on the floor, again without locating the dildo. She repeated the process with the remaining drawers, until her room looked like a bomb had hit it.

Sobbing with frustration and fear, Michelle was startled by the soft buzz of the secret phone Julie had given her, beckoning to her from under her pillow. She grabbed the phone and clicked on the new message icon, and stared indignantly at the picture of her dog dildo sitting on Julie’s kitchen table above the message, ‘Looking for something? ;)’

“Bitch!” Michelle exclaimed, and the phone buzzed again, as if it heard her.

“I may be a bitch, but I am not YOUR bitch, so you will WALK back to my house SLOWLY… NOW!’

Michelle looked up to the corner of her room where the camera was hidden, and resisted the urge to flip it off. She wrestled with the emotions running through her brain, her feelings for Julie, her desire to know more about the secret side of her mother, and the pure lust that Julie and Chico had unleashed inside her. As she turned toward the door, she felt the wetness between her legs, and reluctantly, yet obediently, opened the door and started the slow walk back to Julie’s kitchen.

About midway between the two cottages, Chico burst out of a bush and ran joyfully towards his Mistress, sniffing and poking his nose into Michelle’s crotch as she walked. Every so often Chico’s tongue would dart out at Michelle’s pussy, trying to lick at her juices that were collecting on her engorged labia, and she couldn’t help herself but to stop and let him have a little lick, unconcerned about who may be watching. By the time she reached Julie’s cottage, Michelle was soaked, and could feel the juices running down her inner thighs. Chico was licking at her frantically, drawn to the strong smell of his young bitch in heat, and he couldn’t understand why she hadn’t yet assumed the position so he could mount her.

Michelle tried turning the handle, but to her surprise, the door was now locked. The yellow sticky note stuck to the door caught her eye, which simply commanded, ‘the veranda.’ Michelle walked around the corner and saw Julie sitting at a wrought iron patio table, sipping tea from a delicate china cup, the pot beside her steaming gently. Gone were the casual sweats & top Julie was wearing when Michelle started her naked odyssey. Julie was now dressed in a manner that Michelle had never seen before. The black leather dress seemed moulded to her body and the multitude of shiny steel zippers which adorned the dress, led Michelle to wonder, ‘if all were undone, would the dress would simply fall to floor in pieces?’

The zipper running up the front of the dress was fully undone, giving Michelle a view of the promised land that lay concealed in shadows. But what really got Michelle’s pulse racing were the stiletto heeled, black leather boots that rose past Julie’s knees, and stopped half way up her thighs. Michelle drank in the scene before her with a lingering, lustful look, and could feel the warmth between her thighs increasing, as her eyes darted between the shimmering leather and the red dog dildo, which sat on the table beside to the steaming teapot. Smelling her increased arousal, Chico poked at Michelle with his nose, but she hastily pushed him away, her focus and attention fully captured by her leather clad neighbour.

Julie had not yet acknowledged Michelle’s arrival, as she was engrossed in a Skype conversation she was having on her tablet, which was propped up on its stand, with a familiar looking book that was open beside it.

‘My DIARY??!!’ Michelle silently screamed inside her head, as her heart leapt into her throat at the realisation that Julie had been reading her personal diary.

“One moment love, she is here now, so I will speak to her about what I have found,” Julie said to the unseen person on the other side of the internet, then turned and locked eyes with Michelle with a stare that seemed to penetrate to her very soul. Julie’s long fingernail slowly tapped and caressed the book, and purred with a wicked smile, “I see you like to write, and have quite a vivid imagination.” Julie stressed the word ‘vivid’ in a manner that set Michelle frantically wracking her brains as to which diary entry Julie was referring. Then it dawned on her, the night she was caught fucking Chico by her parents, and she was so pissed at Julie sneaking out unseen leaving her to deal with her angry parents alone. Michelle felt herself colour from her toes to the roots of her hair, as she recalled the fiery lines she had written. Michelle opened her mouth to speak, but Julie raised a finger to her lips, indicating silence.

“Oh please, allow me,” Julie sarcastically offered, “I am sure we both would like to hear this,” as she nodded to Skype conversation still active on the tablet. Julie cleared her throat theatrically and read Michelle’s words aloud, “’I would love to make my neighbour Julie strip before me and force her to parade around naked like a worthless whore. Then demand that she fingers her own slutty cunt until her fingers are slick with her juices. Then I would fuck her with the strap-on that K gave me, ride her like a bitch, slapping that firm white ass until she begged for mercy.”

“Should I go on?” Julie inquired with a half smile, as Michelle attempted to stammer out a reply, before Julie again held her fingers to her lips, “Hush child, I’m dying to find out if I might enjoy being a worthless whore.”

Julie closed the diary and smiled sweetly at Michelle, before pressing the camera direction icon button on the tablet. “What I have just done,” Julie explained with another wicked smile, “is enable the forward facing camera, so you should probably smile because you are now broadcasting, and I’m sure you’re wondering to who, or rather to whom?” Julie laughed quietly at her own quip, before continuing, “It’s good that your faithful pup Chico has followed you, as it saves me calling him or you using the dog dildo,” pointing to the large angry red rubber dog cock sitting on the table.

Julie’s voice suddenly hardened, her words cracking like the sting of a whip, “Now young lady, you have a choice. You will perform with Chico, and if it’s good, then the only one who will see this broadcast is the person at the other end of this conversation. If it’s rubbish however, half-hearted in any way, then I will stream this little vignette to the internet and let the viewing public decide your ultimate fate.”

“You can’t!” Michelle demanded in one final burst of defiance, “if I refuse to comply, all you will have is a boring video of a me standing here naked, which is no biggie,” as she folded her arms under her pert breasts and stared back boldly, with what she hoped was an equally hardened look.

Julie threw her head back and roared with laughter and then glanced at the camera and said, “my, my, my, your girl has spirit.” She turned to Michelle and added, “who said anything about ‘this’,” waving her hand around the veranda, “I was referring to your performance with Chico on your patio yesterday, and before you ask, yes the video is locked and loaded, so if I don’t click the deletion code, it will be released to the internet automatically in… ,” glancing at the Tag Heuer on her wrist, “58 minutes exactly.”

As Michelle listened to her options with horror, she realised she was trapped, and in a classic ‘damned if she did, and damned if she didn’t’ situation. She slowly sunk to her knees and looked up at Julie with a resigned look on her face. Fully aware that she was now on camera, Michelle assumed the position, dropping her shoulders to the deck, and putting her ass high into the air. Despite the dire situation, she knew in her heart that Julie would never deliberately hurt her, but whether she would shame her seemed to be an entirely different question.

The air was warm and Chico could smell the excitement emanating from Michelle’s pussy and as if sensing the palpable tension he tentatively stuck out his rough tongue and took a long lick of Michelle’s pussy. The loud groan of pleasure that escaped Michelle’s lips at finally having contact on her aching vagina told him everything he needed to know, and Chico started to lick his young bitch in earnest causing Michelle to pant with pleasure. Never one to do anything half-assed Michelle decided that if she was going to be exposed as a dog slut then she would be the best damned dog slut on the internet, and she looked directly into the camera and moaned “oh yes Chico… lick my cunt… your tongue feels sooooooo good.”

Julie smiled encouragingly at Michelle and then glanced at the screen, to see the expression on the woman’s face who was watching the action on the other end. As the majority of the screen was filled with the images of Michelle pushing herself against Chico’s probing tongue, Julie could tell by the look of sheer bliss on Skype partner’s face, that she was excited by what she was seeing. While the small insert of her guest’s image only showed her head and shoulders, by the position and movements of her arms, it was evident that her hand was down between her legs, pleasuring herself as she watched Michelle being licked by Chico. Julie glanced back at the action on the veranda and could see that Chico was now visibly aroused, his red cock hanging from its sheath and dripping watery precum. “Mitchie, I think your dog needs attention,” Julie sang to Michelle, while nodding towards Chico. Michelle turned her head to see his dripping cock, and crawled under him, taking him into her mouth and carefully sucking the veiny red cock, swallowing the copious amounts of watery fluid that flowed into her mouth. Looking back at the tablet, the woman on screen had given up any pretence of modesty, and had placed her feet up on the desk, slowly fucking herself with a dog dildo that was very similar to the one that sat on the table next to Julie.

Chico broke free of Michelle’s mouth and started to dance behind her, trying to get into position to mount his bitch. Michelle steadied herself on her forearms and pushed her ass up in the air, knowing that the camera would be getting a full view of her wet and open pussy inviting Chico to fill it with his throbbing dog cock. In a totally wanton display she reached between her legs and pulled her pussy lips further apart and moaned, “mount me Chico… fuck my brains out… take me like a dog slut I was born to be.” As if he understood English Chico leapt onto Michelle’s back and jabbed wildly at her with his angry red cock. When he finally found his mark he buried his cock fully inside her with a single violent thrust causing the air to explode from Michelle’s lungs with a whoosh.

Michelle struggled to catch her breath, as Julie’s previous words to her Skype partner reran through her brain like a thunderbolt…’your girl has spirit…YOUR GIRL has spirit.’

Finally realising who was watching this private Skype stream, Michelle moaned a single one word, as Chico’s knot slid inside her, “Mom?”

Julie’s laughter tinkled through the air as Michelle rocked back against Chico, moaning in pure ecstasy as Chico fucked her to her first orgasm. “Looks like you have been rumbled, Sarah,” Julie smiled at the tablet, as she watched her life long friend and co-conspirator bring herself to a climax almost simultaneously with her daughter.

A little while later Chico disengaged himself from Michelle with a plop and a river of cum flowed out of her battered pussy. Exhausted and in a state of post orgasmic bliss Michelle crawled to Julie’s feet, laying her head in the older woman’s lap which enabled her to see the screen. Chico’s head was cradled in Michelle’s lap and every so often he would turn and take a long lick at her pussy making her squeal with pleasure.

“Don’t you need to defuse that web bomb thing?” Michelle asked in a sleepy voice a little anxiously now the reality of being splattered all over the internet started to sink in. To her surprise the fit of laughter that she heard in response was actually coming from her mother on the screen.

“You are a bad woman, Julie Cookie, pulling that old trick on her,” Sarah said smiling, before saying to Michelle, “there is no net bomb, silly girl. When she tricked me there was no film in the camera, I guess she modified the threat for modern technology.” Julie smiled at them both as Sarah continued to address her daughter, “Julie, bless her heart, agreed to help me get you involved with Chico, and I suggested she use the same idea she did with me all those years ago.”

“I should have videoed you both,” Julie laughed, “would have made a fortune off your episode on your hen night in Mexico, Sarah, how many was it again?”

“Hush woman,” Sarah laughed, “not like you were shy in coming forward, I seem to recall, but we don’t need to talk about it.”

“Oh but we do,” Julie smiled, “after all, I promised Mitchie here a story and since she kept up her end of the bargain, a story she shall have.”

Sarah blushed deeply down to her roots, and her daughter wiggled in delight, as Julie began recounting the story from almost three decades prior, “Once upon a time, a long long time ago, in a land called Mexico, there were these two fair maidens…”

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