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Michelle had slept most of the way from New York down to Jamaica, tired from both her physical exertions of being anally fucked by a dog yesterday and the mental exhaustion from the tension that had built up leading up to the final test to be accepted into the DS club. Just before she fell asleep Michelle whispered to Julie, “So has everyone been though the same thing?”

“Yes,” purred Julie, “Every member, myself, your mother and everyone you meet who is a fully-fledged member.”

Michelle drifted off to sleep, her head on Julie’s shoulder, as she imagined her best friend and mentor Julie moaning with pleasure as she was fucked in the ass by a dog. The weird thing in her dream was that Michelle suddenly pictured Julie as Mary Poppins and she giggled in her sleep as Mary Poppins / Julie was fucked by a large dog.

Michelle was still tired and struggled to keep her eyes open as Julie whisked her through Montego Bay airport, seeming to breeze through passport control showing both passports with almost a cursory wave and out into the bright sunshine. The large Mercedes was waiting and a smiling chauffeur opened the door as their bags were loaded into the boot. Silently the air-conditioned car whisked them to the docks and into a parking bay where seaplanes were parked bobbing gently on the waves.

Within minutes they were both strapped into the seats, as the seaplane bounced across the bay before lifting into the air. Conversation was impossible with the noise and Michelle rested her head on Julie’s shoulder and started to fall asleep. As she drifted off she felt a hand under her light summer dress stroking her pussy over her panties making her moan quietly with pleasure. As her groans got louder they were drowned out by the engine noise and Michelle felt Julie’s finger slip under her panties and into her moist folds seeking her clit. Michelle shuddered to an orgasm and then fell asleep, her ass still throbbing from yesterday’s anal fucking.

Michelle felt Julie shaking her gently awake and leaning close to ear said, “We are nearly there.”

“Where?” Said Michelle looking down at the tiny island that was a blob of green in a sparkling blue ocean that glittered in the sun.

“Perro Mundo,” Julie said quietly, “Dog World, our own very private and very discrete island where we can relax and play to our hearts content. It has its own kennels and dog handlers and can accommodate guests both human and canine. Now buckle up we are coming into land.”

The seaplane bounced on the skids then taxied to a floating pontoon where Julie and Michelle alighted before watching the plane taxi turn around and take off, fast disappearing into the blue sky.

“What now?” Laughed Michelle looking at the shore, “Do we swim the rest of the way?”

“You can if you want,” Julie said, “But I am going to wait for the boat,” pointing to a small motor launch that was making its way out to the floating pontoon.

As they stood on the boat moving towards the island Julie pulled her dress over her head and unclasped her bra, she wasn’t wearing any knickers as was her norm, and then placed the clothes in a plastic bag.

“Clothing is optional here,” Julie said standing before Michelle in just her sandals, dark glasses and a large floppy sun hat that had appeared from somewhere.

Michelle removed her own clothing quickly and pushed into the bag along with Julie’s clothes, which Julie handed to the captain who hadn’t blinked during the two women’s disrobing. “The staff here all very discrete aren’t they Ronald?” Addressing the boat skipper by name.

“Yes, we are Ma’am,” Beamed Ronald knowing that they were incredibly well rewarded for looking after the guests, to the point that when they stopped working they would never have to want for money in their simple island life style.

“Oh I have a little surprise for you?” Said Julie with a smile as the boat pulled up at the small jetty.

“What is it?” Said Michelle as they walked across the sand towards the beach hut where other women were sitting naked at the bar. Before Julie could answer Michelle spotted Chico sitting there and yelled loudly with joy and pleasure, “Chico.”

On hearing his name Chico turned and raced to his mistress his tongue flapping as he leapt on her knocking her to the ground. Michelle ruffled his fur and head murmuring, “Oh I have missed you boy so much, I can’t wait to get you alone.”

“You don’t have to wait,” Julie said looking at Michelle.

Michelle looked past Julie and could see round the swimming pool at one sun bed a woman was lying with her legs apart as a golden retriever had his head buried between her thighs licking her to an orgasm. On another sun bed, a woman was knelt over it and a large brown dog was vigorously fucking her as a couple of women sat rubbing themselves as they watched with interest.

Michelle felt the lust rise in her and moved to all fours on the sand, patting her ass in invitation to Chico who quickly mounted her. Michelle reached between her legs and guided his already hard cock home sighing as he slammed deep. Feeling his soft fur rubbing on her back Michelle felt his dew claws dig a little as Chico pulled his bitch back onto his cock.

Julie walked the few feet to the bar and greeted the women in turn who were watching Michelle and Chico rutting just a few feet away. “Ladies meet Michelle our newest member and of course her lovely Chico who I am sure some of you have met already.” A couple of the woman nodded and as a group they raised their glasses to Michelle as a toast of welcome.

Michelle looked up and smiled then groaned loudly as Chico drove his knot home and began to pump his seed into Michelle reclaiming her as his bitch. “We share our dogs here if they are outside your villa,” Julie said as Michelle grunted and groaned as Chico filled her full of his cum.


A few hours later Julie showed Michelle her private villa which was like a massive open plan studio apartment with a breakfast kitchen area at one end leading to a massive double bed at the other end. There was a huge walk in shower that could be accessed from either the bedroom or from the private pool are outside. One wall was pure glass folding doors that opened out onto the deck surrounding the pool, and tucked in one corner was some kennels and in the other a small BBQ area.

“Grab some sleep if you want,” Julie said pointing to the bed, “I need to catch up on some emails and will then organise dinner.” Michelle wanted to protest but the bed looked so inviting she lay on it and was asleep in minutes.

A few hours later Michelle woke to the rhythmic sounds of someone swimming lengths of the pool. Wandering out naked and still half-asleep Michelle watched Julie power up and down the pool in strong steady strokes, her naked body glistening in the water. Michelle sensed rather than saw the shapes either side of her and looking down couldn’t help but let out a yelp as she saw two huge Dobermans observing her as silently as they had appeared. Julie stopped her swimming and looked and started to laugh, “Meet Dieter and Max, my babies who live on this island and are very popular boys. Now come in the water and don’t worry about them, they are harmless… well pretty much.”

Michelle dived gracefully into the water, swam to Julie and put her arms around her, kissing her hard on the lips, “This place is paradise,” she moaned into Julie’s mouth.

Julie reached under the water and stroked Michelle pussy lips gently and said, “That reminds me I haven’t given you a present for passing the final test, is the anything you would like?” As Julie’s two fingers entered her Michelle leant forward and whispered in Julie’s ear then gripped her shoulders to stop herself from sinking. Julie smiled as she said, “If that’s what you want then that’s what you shall have.” Removing her fingers Julie swam to the side and climbed from the pool onto the decking, the water dripping from her body. Whistling softly Julie called, “Dieter, Max, here, play time,” as she got to all fours by the edge of the pool and put her ass in the air.

From her position in the water at the edge of the pool Michelle had a wonderful view as she could see up under Julie, and watched in awe as one of the two dogs mounted her and thrust his fat red cock deep into her pussy.

Julie moaned deeply as Dieter, it was always Dieter first as the elder of the two brothers, drove into her forcing the air from her body. She could feel the soft fur rubbing against her back as he slammed in and out, his cock swelling even further as he fucked her. Julie could feel the knot demanding entry and with a contended sigh relaxed and allowed Dieter to force it in it, her pussy lips sealing round it.

Michelle was in raptures as she could see Julie’s tummy swell as Dieter pumped her full of cum and sliding her hand between her legs began to rub herself as she watched. Michelle could hear Julie moaning with pleasure and orgasming on Dieter’s cock., and as Michelle stared up. she saw Dieter tug himself free and a spray of his cum hit her in the face as his cock swung free of Julie’s pussy lips. Before the first dribble of cum could escape from Julie, Max was on Julie’s back and drove his cock hard into her forcing his brother’s cum back into her pussy.

Max may have been the younger of the two dogs but was the more energetic, and also the slightly better hung. Michelle reached out with her free hand and touched Max’s cock as it slammed into Julie mashing her fingers against Julie’s pussy lips. Sliding her fingers under Michelle squeezed and tweaked Julie’s clit causing her to scream in ecstasy as Max pumped her hard. Max forced his knot deep into Julie and began to pump her full of his seed as Michelle disengaged her hands and swam to the side, before climbing out of the pool.

Michelle lay down on her back so that her head was touching Julie’s and when Julie lifted her head they locked eyes. Michelle’s eyes were blazing with lust and she could feel the warmth of the tiles on her back and the sun on her front as she planted the soles of her feet on the ground , her knees bent and far apart as she rubbed her clit.

Max had pulled out from Julie after filling her full and Julie moved so she was squatting above Michelle’s face, a foot either side of her head, so Michelle looked up into Julie’s open pussy. She could see the first drops of the mixed cum started to hang down and opening her mouth waited for it to fall. As the first dollop fell Michelle swallowed eagerly and opened her mouth again.

“Your gift,” Julie murmured as the first dribble of urine splashed from her open pussy onto Michelle’s face. The dribble turned to a steady golden stream as Julie pee’d onto Michelle’s face and open mouth, the urine mixed with the combined dog cum.

Michelle was close to cumming when she heard Julie issue a command to the dogs who were standing either side of her and as she looked Julie grasped both of their cocks firmly and directed the flow of urine that erupted from the fat angry red cocks. One stream was directed to Michelle’s nipples and the powerful flow sent shock waves through her body, and Julie directed the stream from the other cock to Michelle’s belly hitting her rubbing hand. Moving her hand away Michelle felt the forceful stream strike her clit sending her into a huge climax. Michelle arched up to the stream orgasming as the warm flow played across her clit while at the same time swallowing all that Julie could supply her from her pussy.

Eventually the urine stopped and Michelle lay there in dazed post orgasmic bliss rubbing the pee and seed into her skin moaning as she touched any sensitive parts.

“Happy?” Julie smiled down at Michelle.

“I love you,” Michelle burbled.


The two women washed each other in the shower before sitting and devouring the pasta meal that had been delivered by an immaculate waiter clad in white.

“This place is wonderful,” sighed Michelle as she lay on her back next to Julie on the sun bed, her legs wide apart as Chico lapped happily at her pussy. “I wish I could stay here forever,” she said dreamily as she felt Chico’s rough tongue start to hit all the right spots.

“Well,” said Julie, leaning up on one elbow and turning so she could watch Michelle and talk at the same time. “Maybe not forever, but how does six months sound? With a possible extension if you wanted for a further six months. We will get it classed as a post graduate course so you will get educational credit for it as well, let’s call it voluntary veterinary care.”

“Really?” Said Michelle her brain suddenly alert, “How would that work?”

“As you can see some of us keep dogs here in the kennels and they need exercising and their needs catering for. Sometimes there are periods where there are not enough guests for the dogs to have access to which is where our resident kennel bitch comes in. It’s her job to make sure that any spare dogs are serviced on a regular basis.”

“How do I apply?” Said Michelle panting at the thought.

“The job is yours,” said Julie leaning over and kissing Michelle’s nipple then standing, “I will let Robert know you will be starting today.”

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