Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Tina was sixteen years old and had managed to get a part time time job doing cleaning work at an Indian owned office block her best mate Amy who was the same age also worked at the same office block as a cleaner, both girls were known to be loud mouthed and caused trouble, Tina was due to start work at eight in the evening and work through the night till seven in the morning. It was nearly half past eight when she turned up for work, the office owner had a go at Tina for being late telling her she was a loud mouth yob who need teaching a lesson and if she was his daughter she would get a real good spanking on her bare bottom and be lead by dog chain to control her, Tina looked at him and said what, the boss said ” you say pardon not what” Tina replied sorry I meant pardon, the boss then said from now on you will call me and my sons Sir is that clear, Tina said ” yes sir” he then said ” you deserve a spanking for being late do you agree” and when Tina said ” yes sir” the boss smiled and said ” my two sons and daughter will train you” Tina replied ” yes sir” the boss called his kids together, Tina saw sixteen year old pike who had so been nicknamed by his nan his brother who was four years younger and nicknamed boo and his sister who was two years younger and nicknamed missy after telling the trio they were to train Tina fully in the way of the family and she was to have a spanking for being late and Amy was to get the same left for the evening, spike said follow me and lead into a side room Tina saw the collars and chains on the wall and stood still while missy fitted one to her, Spike pulled it and took Tina into another room and told her to get her panties off, Tina reached under her skirt and took them off, spike then said ” your skirt is very tight get it off” Tina said yes sir” and took her skirt off, boo was stood in front of her and smiled when he saw her naked tube, spike said ” punishment can wait till the end of the day and put the cane away, Amy then walked in looked at Tina who said ” they are in charge” Amy said ” yes ok” and when missy got a chain and collar Amy sat while missy put it on her, spike told Amy to take her skirt and panties off Amy said yes sir and did as she was told, boo smiled at the sight of the second white love tube, spike looked at Amy then Tina and said ” get those blouses off” both girls did as were told, spike then told Tina bra off and soon Tina was stood naked her ample boobs being admire by boo and soon like Tina Amy was standing naked spike told missy to take Amy to the floor above to work, missy pulled the chain and said ” move bitch” Amy went with missy and on the floor above missy said to her ” your nipples are erect” Amy knew they were well stiff and said sorry missy told her to lay on the table Amy did then to Amy’s surprise missy slid a finger into her love tube and after finding it wet said ” you dirty bitch your wet” Amy said sorry missy looked at boo and said deal with her, boo went over and inserted two fingers into Amy’s love tube and started to finger her, missy started to rub Amy’s boobs then looked at Amy and said ” that is right bitch I am a lesbian” then started to suck Amy’s nipples. Tina was stood looking at spike who said you got nice fucking tits then started undoing his trousers and freed his eight inch erection and told Tina to kneel and when she did he pushed his dick into her mouth telling her to suck, Tina did as she was told and started sucking the Indian dick in her mouth. Amy had just reached her second climax, boo pulled his fingers out of Amy’s love tube and after making her lick them clean pulled Amy to her feet by the chain, spike groaned and shot his cum into Tina’s mouth which she swallowed, Tina then saw Amy being lead back in the room, Amy was made to stand by Tina, not long after the boss walked into the room and said we have company and six Indian boys walked in, Tina knew them all from the estate where she lived and knew they were all sixteen, the boss said and we have another cleaner, and Amy’s sister Sharon who was the same age as missy walked in naked wearing a chain her small nipples erect, boss and his three kids got chairs and sat and watched as the boys all pulled their erect dicks out and were soon hearing three white girls groaning as the boys thrust in and out of their love tubes. At half past seven the three girls were walking home wearing tight shorts and fish net tops their hands tied behind their backs being lead by three Indian boys and when Martin who was two years younger than Amy and Tina walked round the corner he could not believe his eyes his three arch enemies who gave him aggro because he was a peeping tom with their boobs fully exposed and when the boys said to him ” would you like to play” Martin said ” yeah” and was soon rubbing Amy’s boobs and after twenty minutes was walking up the road hardly believing that he had played with the boobs and love tubes of the three girls. The following night it was just Amy at the office with spike and was standing naked when Martin walked in, spike said my guest for the night and ten minutes later Martin was thrusting in and out of Amy’s love as she sucked spikes dick half way through the night Tina and Sharon appeared as arranged and by the time he left Martin had thrust in and out of their love tubes., In the morning the three girls went home happy that they had a week to recover before their next shift which spike and Martin were looking forward to.

By Tommy

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