Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

My night out with the boy’s had opened up a whole new set of feelings in me and in bed that night I had dreams of them sharing me in more sexual delights but sober and at my invitation and it was wonderful.

I had promised to meet the young German girl Petra the next day at seven and yes I was looking forward to it a lot. We had met at the last week as I went to order food and she had started to talk as we waited to place our orders, she was dark haired and slim with a sexy look on her face as she smiled so I was attracted to her from the first glance. After our short chat my order was taken and I left the bar to sit with my friends armed with that smile and her name, I felt rather smug, more so as she was German and we had some kind of bond.

Yes like all young soldiers going on a date I showered shaved and slashed after shave all over me to give a good impression to her. Back then in the early 60’s it was the thing guy’s did and not many soldiers were dating the German girls so I felt lucky to have the chance.

I arrived at the pub The Golden Lamb and there she was the smile still as bright and sexy as ever, Petra ushered me to the back of the bar were my intro had taken place with the boy’s and we sat down.

Like a flash a large guy came over with a tray and asked for our order but Petra knew him and introduced me. We had a good few drinks and time came after some light petting and a few heavy kisses for us to make tracks to Petra’s home, we stopped and kissed and my naughty hands wandered under her top to find a warm firm breast with a hard nipple on, larger than I had imagined and her reaction was perfect. She kissed me so hard on the lips and her tongue forced it’s way into my mouth, her hands went strait to my trouser zip and with gasps of air her warm hand found my cock freeing it from my trousers. With a rasping voice she told me she had seen the boy’s playing with it last night and had found herself wanting to be part of the fun. We shuffled into a dark gate way and she pulled her top up exposing both of her lovely breasts but her hand returned to my now very active cock pulling it and my balls totally out. She knelt and stroked my cock as it was guided into her lovely mouth and she sucked, licked and bought me to near climax. My slurping young lady pulled me to the ground and said she wanted me to cum on her breasts but she would bring me off with her hand, I said nothing and enjoyed the feel of her small hand working me hard till a great shudder bough my cum thick and fast all over her breast and she moaned with delight and rubbed my seed into her skin. Now kiss my nipples and pull my breasts so I can join you in my climax to she said, I squeezed her breasts hard, nibbled her nipples tasting my cum on them as my desire drove me on to bring her to orgasm, she let out a cry and convulsed under me lifting her hips up and shacking.

I wanted you in me she said as we came down from our high, I have my period so wanted as much as I could, hope that was ok. I kissed her and told her I felt very lucky to have found her knowing she had a very full menu of sexual desires. I asked her what things she liked most and how about protection, her reply was very pleasing as she was on the pill and explained that seeing me with the boy’s had turned her on and made her think of her fantasy’s of which one was to have a man who was bi as she was bi. She had trouble when her fancy had been for a girl and chatting them up had taken her away from her guy for some time had lead to a break up of the relationship. She had never admitted to them that she fancied a girl so I was the only guy who knew but she felt after what I had been up to she was safe we could both be happy.

I told the Chas and Mike that I was going to see Petra but if we could sort out a safe place were we knew our enjoyment could continue I would be very happy with the situation. They both smiled and said they were worried I would dump the nice times now I had Petra in tow, yes they were shocked when I told them she had seen them playing with my cock but it had turn her on.

I went to see Hans who was starting to be a good friend and had shown me a lot of German that would help my relationship with Petra. I asked if he knew were I could get a room at the weekends were the boy’s and I could stay so we did not need to hike back to camp drunk. Hans laughed and said he had a room at the back of the bar upstairs that was large and was used now and then for private parties, he would let us have it every weekend for a small price as we spent so much in the bar, now I was happy. Petra was happy to as we could get to it without eyes being on us for our fun to.

More to come in Part 3.

By Tommy

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