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Hans did me a good deal on the room which I booked in advance for 6 months paid for with money sent by my Mother from the sale of my Motorbike back home, now I felt free to be myself when it pleased me. Petra liked us both being bi and she was keen to see me as the pussy supplier to men who liked young soldiers and I pointed out how I would enjoy her chatting up some of the very horny girls that were in the Golden Lamb on the weekends.

The room was fine it was warm and the bed was very large, the shower room was nice and the small area for coffee and food had a nice fridge. I would be able to buy rolls and cooked meats to eat when hunger struck. The TV was ok but I did not have it in mind to spend much time watching that.

The weekend came and I went to the room with a bag of things to make life a little like home and made a list of items I would buy to stay in the room, one of the cupboards was allocated to me for things I wished to leave behind and I had been given the keys.

Petra arrived and lay out on the bed cooing, she loved the new found freedom to do as she wished in private, it was great to find that German girls were far more forward than the girls back home, if they wanted you they said so and enjoyed an open view to sexual activities which came as a pleasant surprise to this new found bi boy.

She asked me if we could play and would I see to the need she had for her pussy to be licked and her arse hole rimmed as it turned her on. I was a little shocked with her straight forward way but hey, I had been thinking of how nice it would be to explore her lovely body with my tongue, lips and fingers. Her top was off before I could reply and the bra followed and her lovely globes settled to the freedom of clothing and looked fantastic, the left breast was slightly smaller than the right but its nipple was straight and full as I cupped the whole breast and clamped the nipple between my lips pulling it a little and making her shudder and moan with pleasure, my teeth teased the very hard nipple and she moaned loader. My hand needing her breast was feeling it swell and her obvious delight made her body shake as I continued now moving my spare hand up under her mini skirt to explore the shape of her bottom and the valley between the firm cheeks not covered by any panties at all. This revelation turned me on like like a bolt of lightning, and my cock grew hard and strained to be free in my trousers, while my hand followed the valley feeling for the button of her arse as it contacted the soft moist lips of her pussy and she shuddered. Her body was moving with every squeeze my hand applied to her breast and my mouth applied to her hard nipple and her bottom moved to meet my fingers exploration of her silk outer lips, pre lubricated by her needs. I bit her nipple at the same time as I squeezed her breast very hard and she shouted out for more pushing her bottom down on my hand making my fingers enter her now wet pussy but not just one finger but three were inside the warm silky delights of her pussy. The bearing down on my hand was taking my fingers to the knuckle, so I withdrew them a little and formed my hand into a fist. Withdrawing my hand from her breast, I turned her face down hitched her skirt up over her bottom, parted her thighs and probed her pussy with my unclenched hand moving it left and right, up and down to make the divine tunnel give access to my fist. She pushed back on to the exploring hand and her pussy fresh with new wetness took my now closing fist within her silky tunnel widening to meet its invasion of her inner depths. She was moaning and breathing very hard as she pushed harder onto my fist as I moved it in and out of her sensual tunnel of desire filling the tube with creamy juices as I speeded up my thrusts till the cry from her lips and the orgasm that coated my fist and wrist with her explosion of cum her bucking her bottom up and down as the wave of pleasure spread within her.

I dropped my trouser and released my cock from its prison and knelt behind her placing it between her bottom cheeks and sliding it down the crack to her soaking pussy lips where it slid straight inside her and her inner desire accepted it deep within her till the head felt a tight reception deep within her and was held by its exposed head. Her inner movement and my advancement towards the zone holding my cock head was giving us both waves of the highest pleasure and mine was reaching a fever pitch when my body contorted and the best climax of my life shot into the tight entrance I had found joining our gifts together and nearly blowing my mind, wow.

Petra kissed me and we both related how for us it had been a first sexual thrill of that magnitude and a real bond had been sealed with it. Next a shower was the best thing to bring us down to reality, after many kisses to each other and special little glances we went into the bar to meet the lads and her friends. Chas remarked that I looked happy and I assured him that I was but Mick had questions for me which, while Petra was greeting her friends and out of ear shot, he was looking for me to answer. First is Petra ok about our little friendship as he put it, I told him it was fine provided they had no objections to our relationship, he said they were cool with that to so I was then and with Petra’s return able to explain all about the room. I told them all as Petra had not yet known that the settee in the room was a pull out double bed meaning the guy’s could stay as well to avoid the tramp back to camp if we were not on weekend duties. At last a happy bunch of people settled into enjoying the evening, Petra having bought a girl over from her friends, she was called Helga and I had the joy of Petra on my righthand side and Helga on the left. Petra lent over me and so Helga could hear her told me I should watch for her wandering hands as she had declared her liking for me already. I laughed and gave Helga a wink. Most of the girls at this time wore little tops, mini skirts and socks, white in most cases to the knee and they looked very sexy to, plus a flash of panty was very common and drove me quite made for it. My own habit of not wearing any under pants could also be a challenge from time to time.

Chapter 4 will follow very soon, hope you have enjoyed my true story from my army time in Celle.

By Tommy

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