Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Now on the bench sitting next to Helga and Petra both dressed and looking sexy, my naughty mind started to work over time, I knew Petra had asked Helga to join us with her own desire to seduce her and see my reaction to her having the girl with me in the room watching them at play. The looks from Petra confirmed my thoughts as she winked and nodded towards Helga as the girl’s attention was averted.

My heart did skip a beat or two when Chas caught my attention and told me he and Mick would not stay to long tonight as they had caught duty in the morning and needed to make sure they were sober and all the kit was up to standard for parade at 7am, a quick down the hatch and off they went leaving me with two very sexy girls who were having a horny guy sat between them. Petra smiled and put her hand on my thigh and her lips on mine, we will be able to have the room for our own fun tonight then she whispered and have room for Helga to I hope. I should make it clear Helga was only 16 but had the build of a girl of 18, firm bra less breast under her top made no hiding place for two firm nipples stretching the satin and revealing the form of her breasts. Those two juicy forms were enough to make a part of me erect and obvious within my trousers and the target for Petra’s hand as she smiled at Helga who blew her a kiss.

The night was great cool music and lots of happy people, Han’s even sent over a round of drinks and gave me a knowing look with a big smile. Petra asked Helga if she was enjoying her nights entertainment and with a strait reply Helga said she thought the night would improve when we were in the room as she was feeling very naughty, to prove it she looked at my crutch and her hand joined Petra’s on my cock, all I could say was oh shit. I had to do a move myself so my left hand went to the hem of Helga’s flared Mini skirt and my right to Petra’s crotch as her skirt was so short it had exposed her panty less pussy. Helga laughed and turned her body at an angle towards me allowing my left hand to bring her skirt up to the exposure of her white panty crotch and I could not fail to notice a damp patch as my fingers explored her now opening thighs. I can’t say it is easy to explore the thrill of two nice pussies in such a position but the first came from Petra’s wet open outer lips feeling so warm and silky to my touch. Helga had placed her lower body so that still not available for others to see in the bar, I was able to slide my fingers under the side of her panties and through her bush follow the trace of dampness her panties had shown till, oh yes she moved her pussy on to my searching fingers smiling round me at Petra. I told you he would like you, Petra said, we will be able to enjoy our selves soon in the room and see how many times you are able to cum my girl.

I made sure my finger exploration did not go to far as yes it was great the girls were wet and with a little dirty conversation they were both looking to leave so we could expand our sexual fun. I was leaking pre cum and my cock was very jumpy at each touch, my mind to was full of the need for some good sex. Right lets go now I said withdrawing my hand from Petra’s pussy and trying to do the same with Helga who resisted the departure of the fingers within her wet pussy, must we she cried out to Petra, yes sweetheart if you wish for what I think you do we must go upstairs.

On arrival in the room Helga walked round and gave it the thumbs up, walked over to Petra and kissed her lightly on the lips, I love it she said. I got some drinks sorted and made sure the two girls sat next to each other on the settee and I was next to Helga who was leaning against Petra snug and close. Petra caressed her and kissed her neck and I watched the shudder pass through Helga’s body as she did so, Petra had her arm coming round her waist and the fingers of her hand were working at the waist fastening of the skirt making Helga chuckled, you can pull it off Jules if you wish. I needed no second telling so I knelt in front of her and slowly with care I pulled her now free skirt down her tanned legs and removed it completely. She shuddered a few times as my fingers touched her inner thighs during the removal and now she opened her legs as if to say more please. Petra was not slow she had the bottom hem of her top and gave her instructions to put her arms up, Helga did so and her to was raised over her head revealing two superb breasts and those brown thrusting nipples I had been drawn to in the bar. The top gone Petra moved from behind her told her to stand up which she did like a robot and told her she was going to take her panties down with her mouth and teeth. Helga chuckled and said, yes please I would love that. Petra took the waist band of her white panties in her mouth kneeling in front of her, both her hands on the girls outer thighs and slowly she lowered Helga’s panties down past her very wet pussy. Helga helped the operation by her own hand guiding the back down over her bottom, Petra’s hands now pulled them to the floor but her head went forward and her tongue lightly touched the girls pussy searching between its lips while her fingers wanked her now hardening clitty hood.

I dropped my trousers and sat on the floor watching how Helga was surrendering to every touch of Petra’s hands and to her body, the left arm now raised Helga’s right breast was now firmly cupped in Petra’s hand and being squeezed hard with the nipple trapped between the fingers like a vice. Helga was panting and moaning as Petra stood and guided her to the bed where with care she laid her back her legs dangling over the end. Taking he girls legs and parting them fully exposing her pink inner lips and her wetness as she knelt and started to eat lick and enter her pussy with her fingers tongue and lips not forgetting her clit which was slapped and sucked till Helga’s body jumped and moved up to meet that inner exploration her head thrashing back and forth as the pleasure became so powerful she could no longer stop her climax and rewarded Petra with a flood of silky juices Petra quickly dispatched down the throat licking her lips not to waste a drop.

Petra moved her body over Helga and stared to suck her breast and swipe the hard nipples with first her finger then her tongue this sent Helga mad with delight and her breathing and noises gave away the arrival of another climax which dribbled from her pussy and Petra dropped back to recover every drop of her juices. The girl was panting and shaking as that tongue went to work on her Helga crocked out that she was in heaven and had never felt such pleasure before with a boy. The result was Petra told her to turn over on her belly and as she did so smacked her bottom in a playful way.

More to come so if you like please let me know, Jules.

By Tommy

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