Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

The day was nice when this young soldier left camp with his two friends for a drink in the town. I was just 17 and in Germany and out with Chas and Mike, we had not known each other long as my arrival from England was just three weeks ago.

The Town was nice and the pubs full of friendly people so we soon settled in for a night of music and drinking, me trying Snaps for the first time and slowly getting light headed. Chas and Mike had been stationed in the town for over a year and had tested all the drinks and other delights so teaching me was fun for them.

Time went quickly and I had really had a good time when Mike who was sitting next me at the table put his hand on my leg, it did not bother me in my state so he moved it to my crotch.

The messages going through my brain were confused as I knew it was wrong and if caught could lead to me leaving the Army but still the feeling so far was nice. We were in a dark corner of the pub and not in view of other people so I relaxed and allowed him to access my zip and open it. His hand found my cock without trouble as I wore no pants when in my street clothes and the feeling of his hand on my cock sent a sensation through me that I liked and my cock started to harden and fill his hand making me shudder with delight.

Mike told Chas, who sat the other side of the table that he had got me tamed and Chas got up and squeezed in beside me on the bench seat. He told me he was glad that I had let Mike touch me and that they both thought I was nice and sexy, why him saying that made me feel good I could not say but my cock in Mikes hand rose to its best ever hardness.

With a lot of care they managed to remove my trousers from the area of my crotch and both took turns to handle my cock, now showing a dribble of pre cum on its scarlet strained head, Chas noticed and bet over letting his tongue collect it and send a dolt of pleasure charging through my body making me thrust my crotch forward and send my cock into his waiting mouth. Such feelings as at the moment I had never had in my life before and I so wanted more.

Mike broke the dreamy spell on the moment by telling Chas he thought it was time we left and found a place were we could be totally free for our fun. Chas smiled and asked me if that was ok, my week reply was, “yes lets go now”. I struggled back into my trousers and we left the pub but not before a German girl called Petra had asked me if I was coming back the next day, Saturday, I said yes and she said could we meet up around 7, I replied quickly yes and out thee door we went.

The boy’s were showing me the old town were a nice park was and now it was so dark I could see the reason, we headed for a circle of bushes that they seemed to know and as we arrived they had me in a gentle sandwich. My trousers fell to the grassy floor and my shirt followed, Chas was kissing and teasing mu nipples while Mikes hands were exploring my bottom and the stiff cock which hung between my legs. I just gave my self over to the pleasure I was feeling and felt so high on its freedom, this was so nice.

They moved me around just as they wished and Chas had his trousers down and his lovely cut cock hard and twitching firmly in my mouth which I sucked without command and worked on at fever pitch with my tongue, his pre cum tasted good I wanted more. Mike had his tongue in my arse and was probing its entrance with his wet fingers to which when shoved hard in me did give a little pain but I had no desire to stop him and kept busy on Chases cock.

Mike had me open a little now and had also dropped his trousers, now probing me with the head of his cock which I now felt was large, he pushed it hard now and gained a little within my bottom which he now told me was my pussy. Again he applied force and with a sharp pain I felt him enter into my virgin pussy, he was slowly drawing his cock back and forth into me and with that I even started to push back on him gaining more pleasure as he was deeper inside me helped by the lubrication of his pre cum. I was tight on him and knew it would not be long before he would cum as was also the case with the cock I was sucking and taking down my throat. It was swelling and twitching so much. Chas came and my mouth was filled with warm thick cum, salty to the taste and so much of it I had no option but to swallow it down and wow it tasted nice and I recovered every drop from my lips and chin so not to waste it.

Mike started to shudder behind me and exploded his cum inside me leaving a thrilling feeling as he came my legs shaking as he withdrew his large cock. I turned quickly and took hold of it and sucked on it but was shocked by its size and wondered how I was able to take it it was now filling my not so little mouth cleaning mine and his juices from his weapon. They made me bend over and first Chas then Mike licked the cum from my pussy giving me another thrilling feeling.

I have never known why I was willing without any thought to go ahead with what the boy’s did to me but it opened a locked door in my life that had been knocked on just ounce before at my boarding school when a senior lad played with me and sucked my cock, I had enjoyed it but felt guilty about it but now I knew I was bi.

There is more to tell and my stories are true, Jules.

By Tommy

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