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This is a work of complete fiction. It just popped into my brain and I wrote it down. No one under legal age may read this, if you know what’s good for you. No one over legal age should read this for the same reason. Please feel free to repost this in any non-pay site but it would be nice if you could let me know where. All characters used in this story are a parody of any real or fictional person. Comments are always welcome and appreciated.

This story started out as a little drabble and just escalated from there into something along the lines of a novella. Please to enjoy.

The Dresden Files: What The Cat Saw
By Muhabba
Story Codes: M/FFFF, Magic, MC

Butters hurried as fast as his skinny legs could carry him down the small flight of stairs that led to his friend’s apartment. Butters was answering a urgent message, not from his friend Harry Dresden Wizard of Chicago and the White Council, but this friend’s young apprentice. Molly Carpenter, teenage wizard in training, spent most of her time studying magic in the sub-basement laboratory. Harry lived in the basement of a boarding house in the middle of Chicago and how he managed to squeeze in enough room for himself and his young apprentice, Butters didn’t know.

Butters blushed at the thought of “Molly” and “squeeze” in the same sentence. Molly was a very fit, teenage girl and looked every bit like a Nordic pin-up; pale skin, large breasts, slim waist, wide hips, long legs and stood at nearly six feet tall. Butters himself could only be described in one word, nerdish; with his fashionless haircut, thick glasses and social awkwardness. He wasn’t ashamed of it, he was very proud of his mind and simply took it as fact that a girl like Molly, at any age, was out of his league.

Using the magic amulet given to him by Harry, Butters opened up the magic wards used to protect the small basement apartment and entered. The second he crossed the threshold he stopped in utter shock. There in the small, flame lit apartment, curled up in an erotic heap on the floor was Molly and two other girls he almost recognized. He may have recognized them right off the bat if his brain hadn’t shut down in astonishment. From what he could see of the girls laying suggestively in each other’s arms, was that all the three girls were wearing were old, thread bare T-shirts.

The three girls were all laying down with their arms and legs wrapped enticingly around each other. Their hair was mussed and a light sheen of sweat covered their glistening, young bodies. Their T-shirts covered their chests and the upper parts of their arms and possibly extended to their mid-thighs. The shirts were definitely old and nearly transparent and clearly showed their erect nipples as they panted erotically. Whatever Butters had missed had clearly stopped just before he rushed into the apartment.

“Shut the door Butters. You’re letting all our heat out,” Molly giggled, her voice startling Harry’s large, gray tomcat Mister. As the cat leapt up onto a nearby bookshelf Molly disentangled herself from the group on the floor.

“Andi and Georgia!” Butters shouted suddenly.

“Yes?” Both of the young, nearly naked girls said in unison.

“The door please, Butters. Harry has neighbors.” A sly grin played at Molly’s lips as she moved to stand, her tight T-shirt bunching up around her firm thighs.

“Right, right. Sorry. I just couldn’t… just couldn’t remember everybody’s names and then it hit me… all the… suddenly.” Butters didn’t move, couldn’t. He just continued to stare at all the exposed young, sweaty flesh. “The… y’know, college kids were… werewolfs, um… werewolves.”

“Butters. The door.” Molly smiled, enjoying the effect that she and the others were having on the slightly older Medical Examiner. She stood straight up, her large heaving breasts straining against her T-shirt, stretching the material and making it even more see through.

Butters stumbled backwards toward the door, not wanting to look away as he struggled to close the door that had originally been damaged by a zombie attack. After a few moments of struggle and finally looking away, he finally managed to close the door. “Right, right. It’s just that it hit me all of a sudden. Andi has red hair and Georgia is blonde,” Butters continued talking as he turned back around. “And I see your hair is a nice shade of pink today.”

When Butters finished shuffling back around he found Molly no more than 3 inches in front of him.

“My hair isn’t the only thing on me that’s pink, Butters,” Molly cooed as she ran her fingertips over her hard, pink and obviously pierced nipples.

Butters could only gulp air for a few minutes as he stared at the teen girl’s impressive chest. “Yeah, um… I… I can see that. Mo… Molly? Are you… you know, feeling all right?”

Andi and Georgia walked up behind Molly as she spoke. “Never better Butters. Andi and Georgia came over to help me with some studying and then I wanted to show them a spell.” The two werewolves laid their heads on Molly’s shoulders as she wrapped her arms around their waists, all three girls smiling seductively at Butters. “But something must have gone wrong. It was supposed to be a fire spell but instead of a flame it raised a different kind of…” Molly licked her lips, “…heat.”

Molly took Georgia by the hand and walked towards the shabby couch. Butters couldn’t lie to himself, he enjoyed watching them walk away from him. Molly with her full, round ass and Nordic body topped with shocking pink hair and Georgia’s long, lean , willowy body and dark blond hair. Andi, the shorter and more voluptuous one with dark red hair, grabbed Butters by his belt and tugged him into the room. Molly and Georgia flopped themselves onto the couch and began cuddling while Andi shoved Butters on to the recliner next to the couch and climbed onto his lap.

Andi squirmed around on Butters’ lap, making sure his obvious erection was pressed up in between her plump ass-cheeks. Butters chocked as he tried to speak, “Ach, umm… ah… sorry about that.”

Andi growled deep in her throat, almost like the wolf she and Georgia could magically transform into, “Most definitely not a problem,” before leaning down and kissing Butters deeply, her tongue caressing his lips before plunging into his mouth. She used one hand to hold the back of his head and her other hand to bring one of his hands up to her large tits. As his hand make contact with her overly endowed chest she moaned into his mouth, “Mmmm… so good Dr. Butters. So good.”

Andi shifted around, her T-shirt raising up to her waist and slid her naked ass against Butters’ erection. The exciting friction shocked him back to reality. “Wait! Hold on! Molly said there was a spell! We’re not acting like ourselves. Wait! This should be…” he was shocked back into silence by the scene unfolding on the couch.

Molly was kneeling on the floor in front of Georgia who was sitting on the edge of the couch cushion with her long legs spread wide open. Molly’s tight, white T-shirt had pulled up to expose the teen goddess’s firm, pale ass. Both girls were in the middle of a deep kiss as Molly humped her groin in between Georgia’s slender legs. The girls kept giggling and whispering to each other as they stole glances of Andi grinding against Butters. Molly pulled away from the kiss and stuck out her tongue.

“Holy cow! That could reach the bottom of her chin!” Butters thought to himself as Andi continued to grind her plush ass against him.

Georgia leaned forward and sucked Molly’s long, pink, tongue into her mouth. She bobbed her head back and forth as she sucked on the adolescent apprentice wizard’s wet tongue, very much like giving a blow-job.

Butters was in complete shock, not even capable of blinking. He couldn’t take his eyes off the teenage girl and twenty something young woman creating the most erotic display he could ever possibly see. He barely even noticed as the overly developed young woman squirming against his lap began to unbutton his shirt.

On the couch the two girls went back to kissing, their pink tongues wrestling in their mouths. Molly quickly jerked her hips up against Georgia’s over heated groin and caused the co-ed to shout out in pleasure.

Molly pulled her face back from Georgia’s and smiled lustfully, enjoying the sexual power she had over the slightly older girl. She was definitely feeling like the dominate one today.

Georgia flopped back on the couch. The sudden change in position pulled her T-shirt up and exposed her glistening pussy. Georgia’s pubic hair was nearly a shade darker than the hair on her head and she kept it neatly trimmed, just long enough not to be prickly but not nearly long enough to be a 70’s bush. Molly licked her lips at the sight of Georgia’s wet cunt. All the girls had enjoyed each other several times already but her mouth still watered at the sight of Georgia’s drooling pussy.

Molly smiled wide as she placed her hands on Georgia’s slender thighs and slid them up Georgia’s fevered, silky skin. As her hands continued upwards she grabbed Georgia’s T-shirt and began lifting it up over her hips farther; up farther to expose the college student’s slender body, up farther to expose her lower torso and smooth abs, up farther to expose her slim waist and puckered belly button, up farther to expose her chest and finally up enough to expose Georgia’s small tits. Georgia had the smallest breasts of the three girls, a firm A-cup topped with light brown nipples that were hard as little stones.

Molly pulled Georgia’s T-shirt off completely, exposing her totally and looked over at Butters with a devilish twinkle in her eye.

Andi was pulling Butters’ arms out of her now completely unbuttoned shirt. Butters had a skinny, pale chest with cute, pink nipples. Molly saw that Butters was looking past Andi and his eyes were flickering on her exposed ass and Georgia’s nude, panting body.

Molly tuned back to Georgia and leaned over her to kiss the naked college student. Her greedy hands cupped Georgia’s firm tits as she slid her tongue into Georgia’s gasping mouth. Georgia reached around Molly’s toned body and began kneading and massaging the teen girl’s firm ass-cheeks.

Butters licked his dry lips as Andi continued to strip him. Molly was almost completely sideways to him and every time Georgia squeezed her magnificent ass he could almost get a glimpses of her pink pussy.

Molly broke the kiss and began licking, sucking and kissing her way down Georgia’s neck to her chest. As she reached Georgia’s heaving chest she gave a hard squeeze to the slightly older girl’s tits and pinched her nipples causing her to moan out loudly. Georgia could no longer reach Molly’s pale ass so she trailed her hands up, pulling Molly’s T-shirt up and revealing more and more of the teen girl’s exquisite, young body.

Butters watched with rapt attention as Georgia slowly pulled Molly’s T-shirt up farther and farther and his expectation grew more and more. Suddenly disappointment filled him as Georgia stopped just short of pulling Molly’s shirt all the way off and leaving just the bottom swell of the Nordic pin-up teen’s dangling tits exposed.

Andi pulled Butters’ shirt completely off and threw it across the room. She was now straddling his lower legs and slowly sliding her pussy up and down, soaking his pant leg as she undid his belt and began on his pants. She was soooo horny. Even after they had all three spent the entire morning fucking she still needed to cum. A small orgasm caused the voluptuous young woman’s body to shudder as she finished opening Butters’ pants and reached in to firmly squeeze his cock. “Oh my God. This can’t be. No way,” she thought in delighted shock. Andi placed her hands on either side of Butters’ head and turned him so she could see his eyes. “Enjoying the show, Dr. Butters?”

Butters nodded dumbly.

“Then you should really like this.” Andi stood straight in front of Butters and quickly pulled her T-shirt off, exposing her overdeveloped body completely.

Butters nearly came in his pants.

Andi was shorter than average with a dramatic hourglass figure. Nicely shaped legs rose up to wide hips and a small waist. She had a slight belly that was still firm and her red pubic hair was trimmed into a tiny strip of hair above her glistening pussy. Her small waist rose up to her chest which held two of the larger tits Butters had ever seen. Andi’s jiggling breasts were easily double D, maybe 40 but no less than 36, and sat like a shelf on her chest. There was not a bit of sag but they still wobbled around nicely with each panting breath and were capped by hard, pale pink nipples. She had paler skin than Molly and Butters could track the traces of blue veins under her skin.

“Milk jugs,” Butters silently thought to himself as he openly drooled and the feast of firm tit flesh in front of him.

“I take it you like them, Dr. Butters.” It wasn’t a question and Andi shook her shoulders to cause her pendulous breasts to sway back and forth.

Butters couldn’t speak, couldn’t moan, couldn’t move and refused to blink.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Andi giggled. She bent down, her giant tits wobbling, and grabbed Butters’ pants and yanked them down past his knees but leaving his tighty-whitey underwear on. “Oh, yes way,” she thought to herself. One of Butters’ main reasons for being socially awkward was now trying to rip it’s way out of his underwear. “He has a fucking log for a dick.”

Andi licked her lips hungrily at the thought of what was about to happen. She and the other girls had spent hours fucking each other but had decided that they needed a cock. They made a list of who they could call (both Andi and Georgia were shocked when Molly had suggested her own brother) and had finally decided on Butters. They figured he would be the easiest to bombard as they had never even heard him mention a girlfriend, ever, and he would be the most likely to keep quiet afterwards. And now staring at the tree trying to grow out of his lap she knew that they had made the right choice.

Andi straddled Butters’ lap and growled as his massive underwear covered cock made contact with her naked, heated, dripping cunt. She pulled Butters’ shaking hands up to her overly developed chest and smiled wide as he gripped and squeezed her soft tits and his eyes locked onto her hard nipples. She used her hands to brace herself against Butters’ chest and began rolling her wide hips back and forth, rubbing her sizzling cunt against his throbbing cock. “Oh good, Dr. Butters. You feel so good.”

Butters squeezed and massaged Andi’s giant tits with an almost scientific detachment. “So soft and silky. Plump but firm. And oh, so, so warm. Almost feverish,” he thought as she continued squeezing the heavy jugs. His wide eyes followed Andi’s pale nipples as they moved around with every squeeze and tug. He bent his head forward and surrounded his head in the grinding Andi’s glistening, creamy cleavage. “I could happily suffocate in here,” he thought. As Butters enjoyed the silky tit flesh surrounding his face he began to lightly kiss and suck his way around the heaving breasts until he reached one of her hard nipples and began to suck on it.

“Oh yes, Dr. Butters. Yes, yes, yes. That feels so good,” Andi cooed as she began humping her steamy pussy harder and faster against Butters’ straining cock. She wrapped her arms around Butters’ head, keeping his sucking mouth against her tits where it was doing so very good.

Butters’ keen analytical mind was working overtime, conflicted against the scientific detachment of analyzing everything that was happening to him and the almost animalistic need to cum. He sucked more and more of the abundant flesh being shoved in his face, pulling each nipple into his mouth and rubbing them with his tongue, one after the other. His fingers started a rhythm as they worked on Andi’s massive tits, alternating between squeezing the pliant flesh and stroking the silky skin. Butters could feel the effects his new tactic was having on Andi as she moaned out loud and humped her drooling cunt faster and harder against his throbbing meat.

The girls on the couch were now wrapped in each other’s arms laying down on the couch, slowly fingering each other’s wet pussies and staring in rapt attention at the show occurring only a few short feet away. Molly had been wanting to eagerly lick out Georgia’s gushing cunt but watching Andi dry hump Butters was too good to miss. So Molly had stood up and climbed onto the couch with Georgia, they kissed passionately before cuddling next to each other. Each girls’ fingers quickly found the other girls’ pussy and began slowly sawing in and out, soaking the couch.

“Have you ever seen a cock that big?” Georgia whispered into Molly’s ear before gently nibbling her earlobe. Molly could only shake her head “no” as she pulled her fingers out of Georgia’s cunt and licked the juices off. A sudden memory of childhood sent a throb through her pussy. She had been 8 or 9 years old, needing to pee and had ran into the restroom. Her father was naked and covered in water as he had stepped out of the shower, his penis soft but still thick as it dripped water. Molly nuzzled into Georgia’s neck, making sure she could still see Andi and Butters before sliding her fingers back into Georgia’s pussy.

“Your pussy tastes so good,” Molly whispered as she enjoyed the feel of Georgia’s pussy gripping her fingers and the sensation of Georgia’s fingers slowly sliding in and out of her.

Butters’ tongue and fingers were working magic on Andi’s mountainous tits. “Oh God, oh fuck, oh God, oh fuck…” she began chanting, feeling herself approaching orgasm. She pulled his head more firmly against her heaving chest as she continued humping him.

Butters’ scientific mind was keeping him from becoming over-stimulated and cumming too soon. He was far too concerned with figuring out what would work best with Andi. Pulling together a dozen different theories based on everything Andi had said or done since he had entered the apartment he believed he had found the best way to get the best results. Butters squeezed hard on Andi’s voluminous breasts, sucked hard on the nipple in his mouth, lightly bit down on the hard nub and jerked his hips up hard against her thrusting groin.

“Oh Fuck, Dr. Butters! I’m Cumming!” Andi’s body tensed as she came, smashing Butters’ head into her quivering chest and soaking his tighty-whities with her cum.

Slowly Andi relaxed and released Butters’ head. He gasped out, sucking in a much needed breath. “I almost did suffocate,” he smiled to himself.

Andi rested her head against Butters’ shoulder, her voluptuous body still blocking his view of the couch. “Wow, Dr. Butters. You sure know what to do with a girl’s breasts.” She sat up a little to stare into Butters’ eyes. “Thanks.” She gave a quick glance behind her to check on Molly and Georgia.

“Well, it really wasn’t a problem, really. I just gauged your reactions whenever…” Butters was interrupted as Andi suddenly kissed him, plunging her tongue into his mouth.

Butters flailed around underneath her as Andi attacked his mouth with her warm tongue, giving the girls on the couch time to re-positioned themselves. She broke the kiss to let Butters take a breath as she took a quick peek behind her to make sure Molly and Georgia were ready. She giggled watching them get positions and then turned back to Butters.

“Miss… um, Andi, I think perhaps we should try to get to the bottom of…” Butters was interrupted as Andi place a finger against his lips.

“Shhh. Quiet. You haven’t cum.”

“Well, no. But that’s not important. We need to…” Andi pressed her finger harder against Butters’ lips.

“Shhh. Stop interrupting. You haven’t cum.”

“Yes, but…”

“Shhh. You haven’t cum.”

“I know, but…”


Molly’s sultry voice called out from behind Andi. “Andi, be fair. He helped you out, now it’s your turn to return the favor.”

Butters tried to interrupt as Andi slid off his lap and onto the floor to kneel between his legs, “No, no, no. We need to figure out what caused…” but was stunned back into silence. The girls on the couch had re-positioned themselves.

Molly was laying back on the couch her T-shirt stretched tight against her out-thrust tits and bunched around her waist. One of her long, shapely legs was planted on the floor with her other leg draped over the top of the couch. Butters would have had a complete and unobstructed view of her teenage pussy if it hadn’t been for Georgia’s head between Molly’s legs.

“Let Andi return the favor, Butters,” Molly purred as she stroked one of her own firm tits with one hand and the top of Georgia’s head with the other.

Georgia wrapped her arms around Molly’s nude thighs and quickly began lapping away at her pussy. The girls had decided to tease Butters by not letting him see Molly completely nude until the very end. Both Georgia and Andi had agreed that Molly had the best overall body; tall, firm, young and so fresh. So they decided he would only get tiny, little glimpses, to tease him and to keep him hard enough for all of them to enjoy a turn.

Georgia began nuzzling and lightly kissing around Molly’s drooling pussy, making sure to keep away from the younger girl’s swollen labia. She couldn’t move her head too far in any direction to make sure Butters couldn’t see the horny teen’s pussy so Georgia had to make sure not to move around too much. It gave her only a relatively small area to play around with so she make sure every little kiss, lick, suck and nibble counted. Georgia nibbled at the upper sections of Molly’s inner thighs where her legs met on either side of the young wizard in training’s wet cunt. Molly’s tender flesh tasted salty on Georgia’s tongue as she bit down on little bits of Molly’s flesh. “She’ll have some bruises now,” Georgia thought as she smiled evilly. After each little, toothy nibble Georgia would kiss and lick the hot skin before blowing on it softly causing Molly to shiver.

Georgia’s mouth and tongue were driving Molly crazy with desire. “Oh fuck, Georgia! Fuck that feels so good.”

“You taste good,” Georgia mumbled around Molly’s hot cunt.

“Your tongue, Georgia. I want to feel your tongue in me. Please Georgia, please. Make me cum with your tongue,” Molly pleaded with the older girl.

Georgia looked up past Molly’s heaving body and smiled devilishly.

Butters was still gaping in opened mouth silence at Georgia going down on Molly. He was so turned on he barely noticed Andi pulling down his straining tighty-whities and releasing his long, hard throbbing cock.

Andi licked her lips and smiled at Butters’ fully exposed and massive prick. She slowly raised her hands up to grasp the base, needing both of her hands to encircle it completely and smiled wider.

The instant Andi’s greedy hands made contact with Butters’ large tool he snapped back to reality. “Wha? Andi… no. We can’t. Something is controlling…” Butters lost the ability to speak as Andi quickly rose up and sucked his soft, velvet cock-head into her mouth.

Andi took a moment to enjoy the feel and taste of Butters’ cock in her mouth. Her wet, warm tongue slowly swirled around the head as she moaned in lust deep in the back of her throat, the vibrations sending tingling sparks of pleasure shooting down the throbbing tool.

“Oh, Andi,” Butters moaned as his hands gripped the arms of the recliner, nearly tearing into the fabric.

Andi began slowly sliding her mouth down Butters’ shaft, taking in inch after inch of hard cock past her stretched lips, across her warm tongue and deep into her mouth. Andi prided herself on her cock sucking ability, honed to perfection on her boyfriend but was only able to swallow maybe half of Butters’ tool. Her lips were stretched as far as they could go and her mouth was so full of the monster-sized prick that she could barely move her tongue. “He’s delicious,” Andi thought as she moaned around the meat in her mouth and began to slowly jack the base of the mighty cock.

Andi raised her head up, leaving the tip of Butters’ prick in her mouth as she continued to slowly jack the base and took a deep breath through her nose before she began lowering herself back down. As the warm head pressed against the back of her mouth she forced herself not to gag and began trying to swallow, easing the thick tube of flesh into her mouth she managed to squeeze in three quarters of Butters’ cock into her throat.

“Oh Geez, Andi!” Butters shouted out at the feel of this voluptuous young woman trying to deep throat his cock.

Andi continued massaging Butters’ dick with her throat before the burning in her lungs became too much. She raised her head up allowing the massive spit wet cock to slip out of her mouth as she continued to slowly jack the base and smiled with pride at her accomplishment. “Wow, Butters. You’re so big and you taste so good.”

“Uh… Thanks?” Butters was confused by the complement. He’d been embarrassed by his penis size since junior high having been the brunt of so many locker room jokes. And most of the few girls he’d been with had always been put off by his size and it was this echo of embarrassment that brought him back to his senses once again. “Andi, I appreciate the complement but seriously, Molly mentioned a spell and I think we’ve been, well… bespelled. We have to get a hold of Harry.”

“Of course, Dr. Butters.”

Butters stared at Andi in confusion, “You believe we’re all under a spell?”

“Of course, Dr. Butters. Molly, Georgia and I figured that out after the second 3-way we had this morning.”

“You mean all three of you were… wait, never mind. So you agree we need to call Harry?”

“Well, sure. We can’t just keep fucking for the rest of our lives. At the end of our 3rd daisy chain Molly noticed that the spell wasn’t fading. So we decided to call for help.”

“Did you get a hold of Harry?” Butters asked, trying to concentrate on Andi’s words and not the fact that the naked young woman was continuing to jack him off.

“Nope. So we decided to call you,” Andi giggled at Butters like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“Well, o.k. But there’s nothing I can do. We should get a hold of Harry.”

“Sure thing, Dr. Butters.” Andi loved the feel of Butters throbbing dick in her hands.

“O.k. good,” Butters sighed in relief.

“You want to call him after you fuck my tits?”

Butters was struck dumb as Andi released his cock and raised up as she wrapped her pendulous tits around his pulsing meat. The instant Andi’s silky flesh made contact with his cock Butters drew in a sharp breath as Andi moaned out loudly.

Andi used her hands to pump her tits up and down as Butters’ hot cock throbbed in the deep valley of her cleavage. Normally she was a rather shy girl but had always secretly loved the effect her tits had on people and watching Butters’ face as she pleasured him filled her with a sense of pride. She released her mountainous tits and grabbed Butters’ wrists, bringing his hands up to her chest and giving him control of her sweat slick tits. “Here Dr. Butters. You do it now. Fuck my tits.”

Butters gripped Andi’s tits, his fingers sinking into her soft flesh, and pressed them against his aching dick. He began rubbing the large orbs up and down his shaft keeping a slow rhythm as she squeezed the silky flesh. “Oh God. This feels so good,” he gasped out. “I’ve never done this before.” Butters kneaded and massaged the young woman’s tits and began picking up speed as he started raising his hips up and down.

Andi smiled in lust and erotic pride as Butters really started fucking her tits. She loved the feel of a hard cock rubbing in-between her breasts. Because of the impressive size of her tits a cock was usually swallowed completely in her cleavage, but not with Butters. His dick was so long that whenever he thrust himself up the top 2 or 3 inches would poke out below her chin. Andi bent her head down and took the exposed tip of his cock into her wet mouth. She lovingly sucked and caressed his cock head and moaned at the taste of his pre-cum on her tongue.

Butters gripped Andi’s tits as hard as he dared, afraid of hurting the young woman or leaving bruises. The feel of this lust filled and be spelled young coed’s heavy jugs wrapped around his shaft with her mouth sucking the top of his cock and her tongue swirling around the tip was pure heaven. He felt slightly ashamed of himself for taking advantage of the be spelled college student but the absolute need to cum had overridden his morals. Either that or he was be spelled as well, he couldn’t decide.

“Oh God, Butters! Her tongue feels so good!” Molly yelled, drawing Butters’ attention back to the couch.

Molly and Georgia had slid back to the position they were in before being distracted by Andi and Butters. Molly’s T-shirt was bunched up under her heaving chest, exposing her pale abdomen. She used one of her hands to palm, squeeze and massage one of her full tits over her shirt as she used her other hand to keep Georgia’s head firmly between her toned thighs. “Fuck, Butters! Fuuuck! Her tongue Butters… it’s so good. Oh fuck, Butters! She’s got her tongue inside my pussy, Butters. Fuck! She’s got it inside of me, Butters! She’s fucking me with her tongue and it feels so… fucking… good!”

Butters was enraptured. A titty ride with a blow job and a lesbian porn show all at the same time. He’d never imagined something like this in his most deprived, adolescent fantasies.

Molly kept up her commentary as Georgia ran a hand up the teen girl’s body and underneath her T-shirt to her free tit. Georgia squeezed the unbelievably firm orb and pinched her pierced nipple. “Fuck, Butters! Her hand feels so good on my tit, Butters. She’s squeezing it, pinching my nipple and it feels fucking great.” Molly took a moment to readjust her T-shirt over Georgia’s questing hand, making sure Butters still couldn’t see her yet, before returning it to squeeze her other large breast.

Georgia continued to lap at Molly’s drooling cunt. She plunged her tongue as deep into the young girl’s quivering hole as she could, slowly drawing it back out and caressing to top of teen’s hot pussy. Georgia drew her tongue out completely and dipped it down to Molly’s puckered asshole, circling the tight hole before running her tongue up to the young wizard’s hard clit. She circled the small nub of flesh and used her free hand to push her middle finger into Molly’s dripping pussy.

Molly gasped as Georgia returned to licking her asshole and fingering her cunt. “Oh God, Butters! She’s licking my asshole. She licking my asshole and fingering my pussy, Butters. Oh God! She rubbing inside of me, Butters. She feels so good, Butters. I want to cum so bad, Butters. I need to cum!”

Molly had been staring at Butters, waiting for him to look like he was ready to cum. And right now he looked like he was about to explode. When she yelled out she wanted to cum it was a signal to Andi and Georgia to finish them both off. “I want to cum so bad, Butters. I need to cum. I need it so fucking bad,” she pleaded.

Andi reached up and replaced Butters’ hands with her own and pressed her tits as hard as she could around his shaft and sucked harder at his throbbing cock head.

Georgia gave Molly’s asshole one final lick before raising her mouth up to her clit. She used her free hand to place a finger at the entrance to Molly’s puckered, spit wet ass as she gave a quick kiss to her soaking wet pussy.

Andi released Butters’ cock and began using both of her hands to jack at his massive prick as she plunged the head into her warm mouth and began sucking hard.

Georgia quickly slid her fingers into Molly’s tight ass as she sucked on the girl’s hard, little clit and lashed it with her tongue.

“Oh Fuck, Butters! I’m cumming!” Molly shrieked out, releasing her tit and using both of her hands to grip Georgia’s head.

Butters came as Molly shrieked in pleasure. Andi pulled his cock out of her mouth with a pop and let him cum all over her jiggling tits. Molly’s sweet juices gushed from her cunt as Butters was coming and Georgia lapped at her pussy, trying to swallow as much as she could. As Georgia licked at Molly’s drenched pussy Butters finished shooting his impressive load as Andi sucked him back into her mouth to swallow his last few shots. As Butters collapsed back into the chair Molly’s body relaxed into the couch as she came down from her sexual high, her chest rose and fell as her large tits rose up and down on her chest with each breath.

Georgia smiled up from between Molly’s twitching thighs at a job well done. She sucked the last few drops of Molly’s cum before sitting up and straightening Molly’s legs out as she pulled the well-fucked teen’s shirt down.

Butters had his head thrown back in complete bliss as Andi crawled out from between his legs and shuffled on her knees over to the couch. She didn’t want to lose any of the cum covering her swaying tits so she made sure to move slowly. “Georgia, Molly. Look what Butters gave me,” she giggled.

Georgia smiled seductively and slid her long, willowy, nude body off the couch and over to her voluptuous, cum covered friend. Molly took a deep breath, pushing her wonderful rack out further, before looking up lazily and smiling. Molly slid off the couch, flashing her pale ass at Butters, and joined her two naked lovers on the floor. Not even speaking Molly and Georgia leaned down and began licking and sucking Butters’ cum off of Andi’s giant tits. Andi cooed as she wrapped her arms around Molly and Georgia’s heads, encouraging both girls to nurse at her chest.

The wet, sucking sounds coming from the front of the couch raised Butters’ attention and he slowly looked up. He moaned out at the sight of Molly and Georgia sucking his cum from Andi’s massive breasts. Molly’s eyes locked onto Butters’ and she stared lustfully at him as she swallowed his cum. His cock hadn’t softened after cumming and the sight in front of him only aroused him even more. “Is the spell affecting me, too?”

Molly and Georgia’s hands wandered over Andi’s plump body, caressing her every nook and cranny. One of Molly’s hands slid between Andi’s thick ass-cheeks and caressed her puckered, little asshole before slowly sliding inside. As Molly pushed into Andi’s ass Georgia’s guesting fingers found their way between Andi’s sticky thighs to her gooey cunt. Both Molly and Georgia slid their fingers in and out of Andi’s needy body and quickly settled into a practiced rhythm. Andi’s moans quickly turned into ragged gasps as Molly and Georgia took her closer and closer to orgasm.

Andi held tight to Molly and Georgia’s heads as they both nursed at her heaving chest, her hips rocking back and forth, desperate for their fingers to fill her, to make her cum.

As the girls continued to work on Andi’s lush body Butters sat numbly in the recliner. He wasn’t sure if he couldn’t move or if he just didn’t want to. He hadn’t been this conflicted since his time in the psych hospital. Was he really so horny that he was taking advantage of 3 young, fresh, ripe, bespelled girls? Or was it the spell having an effect on him as well. “The spell. It has to be the spell.”

Suddenly Andi shrieked out as an orgasm tore through her over-developed body. “Oh God, Dr. Butters! I’m cumming!”

Butters’ eyes locked onto Andi’s quivering body as she slid bonelessly onto her side and Molly and Georgia’s fingers slid out of her tight holes. Butters licked his lips as he watched Georgia slide her cum covered fingers into Molly’s mouth and let her lick them clean.

“Yuuummm…” Molly moaned. “She’s delicious.” Molly made sure to hold her T-shirt down as she stood up to give Georgia plenty of room to lay down next to Andi. She put an extra swish in her hips as she glided over to the still very erect Butters. “Mmm… Butters. Are you ready?” She bent at the waist, giving him a quick peek down her shirt before plunging her tongue into his gaping mouth.

As Molly finished tongue raping Butters’ mouth he began sputtering, “R… r… ready for whaAAA…!” and then was cut off as she gripped his throbbing dick.

Molly the Nordic pin-up began to slowly jack and massage Butters’ dick as she pulled up on it firmly, encouraging him to stand. “Ready to fuck Georgia of course.” Butters made his way to his feet as Molly led him by his cock over to Georgia. Georgia was lying flat on her back, her long, dirty blonde hair flared around her head, her slender legs spread invitingly open and her pussy gleaming with anticipation. Molly whispered into Butters’ ear, her cloth covered breasts pushed into his chest as she continued to jack him off, “You and Andi put on quite the show.” She used her free hand to cup his heavy balls. “You made dear Georgia so excited that she’s about ready to…” she licked his ear lobe, “…pop.”

Georgia spread her legs further apart and raised her arms up to Butters. “Yes, Butters. Yes, please fuck me. Please, please, please.”

Molly knelt down next to Georgia and tugged down on Butters’ cock to encourage him to kneel between Georgia’s spread legs. “Fuck her good, Butters,” she whispered as he got on his knees, “I want to taste her cum on your cock.”

Butters would have cum right then and there if Molly hadn’t released her hold on him. He closed his eyes in an effort to compose himself but visions of Molly sucking his dick danced behind his eyes. He took a deep breath to steady himself and decided that he too was a victim of the sexually charged spell and there was nothing he could do about it.

“Fuck me, Butters. Fuck me good. Fuck me good and make me cum,” Georgia pleaded with a devilish glint in her eye.

Butters looked down at the absolute vision at his feet. Georgia flat on her back, completely, beautifully naked and panting erotically. Small, firm, tits high on her chest, capped with hard, little nipples. Toned legs spread wide and enticingly at the juncture was her wet, gleaming, swollen pussy. Her wet, pink labia were slightly parted and giving a glimpse at the pink treasure inside. Her eyes looked hungrily at him and her long, dark blonde hair was mussed as it flowed around her head. “Jesus,” he whispered.

Georgia licked her lips and began mewling like a needy puppy. “Fuck me, Butters. Fuck me now. I need it. I need you. You and your thick cock, Butters.”

“Fuck her good, Butters,” Molly whispered as she pushed gently between Butters’ shoulders until he was kneeling over Georgia’s writhing body. She gripped the base of his cock, feeling his pulse race and positioned his throbbing cock-head at the entrance to Georgia’s drooling cunt. “Now, Butters,” she whispered. “Now.”

Butters slid the first few inches of his dick into Georgia’s tight hole causing the young college student to gasp out. “Let me know if it starts to hurt,” he worriedly told her.

“I will,” Georgia panted. “I will. Now fill me up. Fill me full.” As Butters began sliding deeper into her pussy she began moaning in pleasure. “He is so fucking HUGE!” she thought. Nobody had ever filled her, stretched her like Butters was doing. It felt like he was slowly pushing a phone pole into her. Her wet pussy felt stretched to the limit and she shuddered in bliss as his giant dick slid deep against the slick, hot walls of her pussy.

In the past Butters had unintentionally hurt a couple of girls with his massive dick so he made sure that he took it slowly as he entered Georgia’s tight pussy. “Just because we’re under a spell,” he thought to himself, “is no reason to hurry.” “When you rush, that’s when accidents happen,” he muttered under his breath, still sliding into Georgia’s hot body.

It was amazing to Georgia, writhing underneath Butters’ skinny body, that he still hadn’t slid himself completely inside of her yet. “Just how fucking long is his cock?” she thought to herself as she listened to Butters mumbling under his breath. “Butters? Did you… (mmm) just tell… (fuck you’re big) tell yourself not to… (groan) not to hurry?”

“Um, yeah. I didn’t want… didn’t want to, you know, hurt you?”

“Butters. Oh sweet, sweet Butters.” Georgia spread her thighs as far as they could go and gripped Butters’ skinny forearms. “Thank you for thinking of my safety. Now Knock It Off And Fuck Me! I can’t wait anymore! I need you to fuck me, right now!”

Molly knelt behind Butters and gripped his slender hips. “You heard the lady, Butters. Fuck her now!” She pushed him forward and he slammed the rest of his thick, long, throbbing dick into Georgia’s burning cunt.

“OhFuckButters, Yes! Yesss!” Georgia screamed out as she raised her slender hips upwards and wrapped her slim, toned legs around Butters’ pale ass-cheeks. “Fuckmefuckmfuckmefuckme…” she chanted as she began sliding back out, and out, and out. “Fuck, you’re so long, so thick. You feel so good inside of me, Butters. Fuck me hard!”

Butters slid back into Georgia and then quickly back, in and out, fucking her faster and harder. His hip bones slammed repeatedly into her thighs, sure to leave bruises but neither one cared. The horny young woman, women, wanted him. Him. Skinny, little Waldo Butters. He was in heaven. Spell or no spell this was the greatest night of his life. Two beautiful, werewolf, college coeds and a teenage, Nordic sex goddess all begging for his dick. With every thrust of his cock he could feel himself bumping into Georgia’s cervix. In and out, thrusting harder and faster. He took in the sight of Georgia’s slim, panting body with her long hair mussed and spread around her head, her small tits jiggling with each of his thrusts and covered with a light sheen of sweat that glowed in the firelight.

Georgia gasped out as Butters bent forward and began noisily sucking on her erect nipples. “Fuck yes, Butters! That feels so good. Lick them, suck them, bite them. You feel so good inside me, Butters. Fuck! Fuck me. Fuckmefuckmefuckme! I could spend all day with your cock fucking me.” She wrapped one of her arms around his head to hold him to her heaving chest as she used her other arm to brace herself on the floor. Butters felt like a jack-hammer fucking away inside of her. She’d never had so much dick rubbing against her G-spot with every thrust. With every one of his quick fire thrusts she made sure to lift her hips up to rub her sizzling clit against his groin. She fucked back against the skinny Medical Examiner as much as he was fucking into her needy body. She felt inflamed, on fire. Her sensitive tits were rising and falling on her chest with every panting breath. Butters’ sucking mouth and wiggling tongue working on her hard nipples, her ass-cheeks sliding back and forth on the rugs, the delicious pain in her thighs as his hips fell against them and her hot pussy stretched and filled like never before. “Oh Fuck, Butters! You’re making me cum!”

As Georgia came her wet cunt clamped down on Butters’ invading dick and her spasming pussy shot him over the edge. The small medical examiner shot up, releasing Georgia’s tit and buried his cock deep into he writhing, young coed and came. “Oh geez, Georgia! You’re making me cum!” Thick ropes of hot cum shot out of him and filled Georgia’s eager pussy. Georgia’s pussy felt like it was rippling over his dick, milking him dry.

Butters slumped over Georgia’s body as she gripped him tightly in her arms and legs and rode out her orgasm. “Mmm, Butters. Thank you. I don’t think I’ve ever cum like that.” She released Butters and he slid limply off of her naked body and onto the floor beside her. His dick pulled out of her now well-fucked cunt with a pop and she could feel the mix of his and her cum slip out of her body and pool underneath her ass-cheeks.

“(Pant) You’re… (pant) you’re wel… (pant) welcome,” Butters breathlessly answered. His glasses had slid halfway off his face and he straightened them as she rolled onto his back, his now soft cock draped over the top of his thigh.

Molly grinned mischievously at the pair of exhausted lovers before bending down and lapping at Georgia’s sloppy cunt.

“Jesus, Mol. Give me a minute,” Georgia groaned.

“Mmmm,” Molly moaned. “No can do. You two taste great together,” she grinned as she continued happily slurping away at Butters’ and Georgia’s cum.

As Molly bent over her thin shirt rose up, uncovering her glorious teenage ass to Butters’ hungry eyes. He licked his lips and felt himself start to thicken as he stared at Molly’s perfect, pale ass. From the bottoms of her bare feet up to her slender waist was completely naked and exposed to the skinny Medical Examiner. Butters moaned out in lust.

Molly looked over at Butters’ slowly hardening dick and smirked. She sat back up and made sure to keep her legs closed so he couldn’t see her wet pussy yet. “Andi? I’m being selfish,” she cooed as she scooted over to Butters’ side. “I’m eating up all the cum.”

Andi began crawling in-between Georgia’s out spread legs, her pendulous breasts swaying back and forth. “I was enjoying the show but thanks anyway.” She laid down and began sucking the left over cream from Georgia’s cunt and waiting for the show between Molly and Butters to start.

Molly wrapped her delicate hand around the base of Butters’ giant, cum sticky cock and started to slowly tug up and down. “No problem sweetie,” she cooed at Andi. “There’s more than enough to share.” The teen knock-out licked her pink lips as she stared hungrily at Butters’ prick in her hand. Even soft she could barely get her hand around it. She bent down, keeping her knees together but letting her shirt rise up to expose her pale ass and licked Butters’ swollen cock head.

“Oh geez,” Butters whispered as Molly’s warm, wet, pink tongue made contact with his prick.

“Yum,” Molly giggled as she licked the tip of Butters’ cock. “You taste great.” Molly gave long, slow licks up and down his shaft, enjoying the taste of his cock and cum mingling with Georgia’s. She wrapped her hands around his massive prick as she ran her tongue down to his large, heavy balls. She bathed each large orb in her warm saliva, not wanting to miss a bit of the salty taste. When she was sure she had licked up every bit of cum she trailed her tongue playfully back up Butters’ long shaft and peered up into his face. “Ready, Butters?”

“Ohgeezgeezgeezgeez… Oh God yes, Molly,” Butters panted. He traced his trembling hand up Molly’s toned thigh to her silky, full, rounded ass-cheeks and squeezed. “Please suck me, Molly. Oh Please.”

A quick throb echoed through Molly’s pussy as Butters squeezed her naked ass. She scooted away a little so he couldn’t reach in-between her legs to her needy pussy yet. She bent forward and used her tongue to draw in the skinny Medical Examiner’s swollen dick and wrapped her soft lips around it.

“Oh yesss…” Butters hissed as he squeezed Molly’s silky ass-cheeks hard enough to leave bruises later. “Oh God, yes.”

Molly rubbed her tongue along the underside of Butters’ monstrous prick as she sucked more and more of his meat into her mouth. She lovingly sucked in inch after inch of meaty cock, letting it fill her mouth and slowly push into the back of her mouth. She wanted to start off strong as she felt the giant dick hit the top of her throat and she gripped the shaft harder with one hand as she began to massage his cum filled ball sack and started to swallow.

“Oh, wow!” Butters gasped out as he felt the teen goddess begin to swallow his prick. No girl had ever been able to do what Molly was trying, not even Andi had been able to deep-throat him completely.

Molly kept swallowing Butters’ dick, her tight throat gripping and massaging his large tube of flesh. Far too much cock filled her mouth to let her move her tongue and her breathing was cut off as tears started to fall from her ice blue eyes. She continued trying to deep throat the cock, refusing to surrender. Her lungs began to burn for air but she refused to let anything stop her. Once Molly Carpenter started something she made sure to finish it. She got her stubborn streak form her mother but she also got her father’s almost compulsive need to see any project through to the end. “And my father,” she thought to herself still swallowing, “what a cock he has.” After what seemed like an hour of trying to swallow an anaconda she could finally feel Butters’ pubic hair tickling her nose and his heavy balls on her chin. She moaned out around the cock with equal parts lust and pride.

“Oh geez, Molly!” Butters moaned out as Molly swallowed his entire length. He could feel her moans vibrating along the length of his shaft. “You feel so good. Oh so good, Molly.”

Molly raised her head up and let Butters’ dick fall out of her mouth with a loud slurping sound. She smiled over the top of his prick with pride as she resumed jacking the slab of meat and Andi and Georgia applauded and shouted with glee. She looked past his cock and breathlessly asked, “Well, Butters? How was that?”

“Ohohoh…” Butters gasped out. “No one… no one’s been able to… swallow me like that before. Geez, Molly. You’re like some kind of teenage sex goddess or something.”

Andi and Georgia giggled out loud from behind Molly as she continued to stare and jack off the slightly older man. “Thanks. You can chalk it up to a misspent youth. Remind me to tell you how I managed to pass my algebra in high-school. Now stand up.”

“Wha… why?” Butters stammered as Molly released his cock and balls.

“Ever face-fuck a teenage sex goddess?”

In a flash Butters was off the floor, stumbling over his feet and almost jabbing Molly in the eye with his spit-wet cock. “Oh geez, Molly. Sorry, sorry. I’m such a klutz.” Behind them Georgia and Andi were choking back tears of laughter.

Molly was also giggling, actually flattered that after everything that had happened so far that Butters was still flustered by her. “No problem, Butters. Now don’t choke me but I want your cock in my mouth and you to face-fuck me ‘til you cum. Got it?”

“Oh yesyesyesyes…” Butters chanted as he held his cock in front of Molly’s angelic face. He watched as she parted her wet, pink lips and leaned closer to swallow his dick. The young girl stuck out her warm tongue, lapping at the underside of his dick-head and drew in his monster of a cock into her mouth. As the soft head entered her mouth she sealed her full lips around it and started circling the tip with her tongue. “Ohhh Molly. That feels so good.” His eyes were locked on the top of her head, not wanting to miss a moment of this cock sucking, teenage, Nordic angel swallowing his dick.

Andi and Georgia reclined back, nestled in each other’s arm, enjoying the show and running their hands over each other’s naked bodies. Georgia snorted in amusement as she watched Butters frozen in place like a deer in head lights with just the tip of his cock in Molly’s mouth.

Andi chimed in, “Uh, Butters?”

“Ah, yeah Andi.” Butters didn’t move. He just stood stock still with his cock-head in Molly’s mouth.

“Have you… um… have you ever done this before?” Andi asked in amusement.

“Oh. Ah, no. Most girls got scared off before… um… yeah.” Butters still couldn’t look over at Andi. His eyes were only for Molly who was still running her wet tongue around the tip of his dick.

“I can guess why,” Georgia snorted. “But fear not. We’re professionals around here,” she said as she shuffled on her knees over to the couple. “First. Firmly but gently grab the sides of Molly’s head.” Butters did as instructed, softly holding onto Molly’s silky, pink hair. “Now slowly begin pushing your wonder cock into her mouth. Be careful you don’t choke her. And pull back out when you reach the back of her mouth.”

Butters looked down worriedly at Molly. “You stop me if I start to hurt you. Promise?”

Molly tried to smile around the giant prick in her mouth as she quickly nodded yes. As Butters began slowly pushing his cock into her eager face she ran her delicate hands up his skinny legs and cupped his pale ass-cheeks and gave them an affectionate squeeze. “Not too bad,” she thought. She braced herself for when he would reach her throat, not wanting to gag and spook him but he turned out to be a perfect gentleman. As soon as he throbbing cock-head reached her throat he immediately began pulling back out. She looked at the naked Georgia out of the corner of her eye and gave her a wink and a thumbs up.

“Very good, Butters,” Georgia cooed. “Just don’t go past there and you’re free to face-fuck her silly.” She looked at Molly with a sly, mischievous smile on her face. “Do it, Butters. Face-fuck this little wanna-be wizard silly. Let her taste a real cock.” Georgia reached up with one hand and began massaging Butters’ heavy balls as he slowly glided in and out of Molly’s young mouth. She licked her lips with hunger as she watched the Medical Examiner slowly speeding up his thrusts. “I have got to taste that,” she thought as she licked her lips, suddenly jealous of Molly and Andi. “I hope the spell works the same on him as it did on us. Cumcumcum… for hours and hours and hours,” she thought as she worked at Butters’ balls.

Molly moaned in lust deep in the back of her throat. She had never had a cock like this, so long and thick and veined. She’s rebelled sexually in a big way when she’s hit puberty and there was a long line of men she satisfied since. But this… the skinny, little, nerdish, polka loving Medical Examiner had the King Cock of all cocks. She loved the way it stretched her mouth. He must have the biggest and most delicious cock she would ever have. And she wanted all of it. As he pulled his giant cock out she’s lick along the big vein underneath and as it stopped at the entrance to her mouth she lashed and circled the plump head with her tongue stud. And as he pushed it back in she sucked hard, moaning to send vibrations through her mouth and over his hot meat. “Tastes sooo fucking good,” she thought to herself. She could feel her saliva slip out of her mouth to cover her chin and slide down to her heaving chest. “So, so, sooo good. I could spend all day with this in my mouth.”

As Butters gained more confidence that he wasn’t going to choke Molly he gripped the teenage, cock-sucking, playboy goddess’s head more firmly and thrust faster. He could feel Molly’s hands on his ass-cheeks gripping him more firmly as she started to bob her head back and forth to meet his thrusts. “Oh Molly. So good. So, so good, Molly. Oh so, so, so good,” he panted under his breath. Her wet tongue, warm mouth and pink lips felt like heaven as she glided over his dick. It was every man’s fantasy. Three cock hungry coeds all wanting his prick. And the hottest girl, Molly, the drop dead gorgeous teenage knockout on her knees in front of him. All wanting to, needing to, hungry to, desperate to suck his cock and swallow his load. Butters stared in abject lust at Molly’s pink haired head bobbing back and forth along the length of his dick. She looked up at him, a deep stare of equal parts innocence and pleasure and lust. It was too much. “Oh geez, Molly! I’m gonna cum!”

Georgia and Andi began shouting like cheerleaders, “Cum Butters, cum! Cum Butters, cum! Cum in her mouth! Fuck her sweet, little teenage mouth! Make her swallow every last drop!”

“I’m gonna do it, Molly!” Butters yelled in triumph. “I’m gonna…”

“What the fuck is going on here?!”

All four naked people looked towards Harry’s doorway in sudden shock. Butters’ prick slid out of Molly’s sucking mouth with a wet pop as he stumbled and fell on his ass before he could cum. There, framed in the doorway, in all of her 5 foot 2 inch fury, was officer Karin Murphy.

“Seriously. What. The. Fuck?” Murphy quickly closed the door with much less difficulty than Butters (he was embarrassed to see) and walked towards the sweaty pile of naked bodies. She quickly scanned the room and recognized Georgia and Andi slowly rising to their feet, Butters struggling to get his feet under him with his pale ass sticking up in the air and Molly Carpenter wearing one of Harry’s oldest and tread bare T-shirts as she wiped the drool from her lips and smacked her lips with a smirk on her face. The living room was a complete mess with furniture moved, rugs pulled up and the air reeked of sex. Harry’s large cat, Mister, was up on top of the book shelf with his orange eyes flashing and staring at everybody with rapt attention.

“Hmmm, Officer Murphy,” Molly purred as she slowly stood up, giving Butters a quick flash of her wet pussy before pulling her shirt down. “So good to see you.”

The naked pair of Andi and Georgia stood completely unashamed and spoke in unison, “What seems to be the problem Officer?” they giggled. They wrapped their arms around each other’s waists and began nuzzling each other’s necks.

The jiggle of Andi’s large, firm tits as the girls giggled and rubbed against each other drew Murphy’s attention before she regained her composure to speak. “Yeah. Um… The problem is that I’ve been trying to find Butters and the last anyone at the Coroner’s Office saw of him was him running out of the building saying he had an emergency at Harry’s place. So I came here looking for an emergency and instead find an orgy.”

The three girls broke out in fits of laughter at Murphy as Butters finally managed to stand up. “Well, you see Sargent Murphy…”

“Jesus, Butters! Is that thing registered as a concealed weapon?” Murphy blurted out when she saw Butters’ giant, throbbing prick. “And I thought Kincaid was doing well,” she thought to herself as she unconsciously licked her lips.

“That was the emergency, Officer Murphy,” Molly said as she moved to the police officer’s side so that she had a good view of Butters’ raging hard-on. “We really needed a cock, so we called Butters. Lucky us, huh?”

Murphy stared in open mouthed shock at Butters’ skinny, little body with it’s giant cock. “Yeah, I bet. Wait… no,” she stammered as she tore her eyes away from the monster cock and back to the nearly naked nymph, Molly. “That’s not… I’m… Well… Technically you’re all adults. And by ‘technically’ I mean you, Miss. Carpenter, but this is Harry’s home.” Murphy was trying her hardest not to look back at Butters’ prick but it was like trying to resist a siren’s song or gravity. A small wave of dizziness overtook her and she stumbled forward a step.

Molly quickly grabbed the petite officer by the shoulders to steady her, making sure Murphy didn’t fall. She tried to keep the smug glee out of her voice as she spoke to the dazed officer, “Are you feeling OK Officer Murphy?” Molly tried not to smirk as she began rubbing Murphy’s shoulders.

Murphy felt a blush creep across her face as she tried to steady herself and heard Butters yelp for some reason. “I’m… I’m fine, Molly. Just a little dizzy for a sec.” She didn’t even notice as the two naked girls came up behind her and started rubbing her neck and back. “And why’s it so hot in here?”

Molly grinned mischievously as she continued massaging the older woman. “Well, Officer Murphy, the thing is, it’s kinda like a spell gone wrong.”

Andi and Georgia giggled as they whispered into the confused Police Woman’s ears, “Or gone right.”

Murphy stood up straighter and looked up at the taller teenager. She licked her lips as she unconsciously responded to the three girls caresses. “And what spell is that, Miss. Carpenter?” she said trying to sound professional and authoritive but it was becoming so hard, she was just so turned on. Her nipples were rock hard and she could feel her suddenly wet pussy throbbing.

Molly watched Andi and Georgia trying not to laugh out loud behind the Officer as their hands slid further down Murphy’s back and around to her sides. A fine sheen of sweat gleamed over Murphy’s flushed face as Molly answered the Police Woman’s question. “It was supposed to be a fire spell. (giggle) But I think something went wrong.”

Murphy barely noticed as Georgia and Andi slowly started to pull up her plain, button-up shirt out of her jeans and Molly took a step closer. Murphy was much shorter than the statuesque girl and the sight of Molly’s barely contained teenage tits filled Murphy’s view. “And… and what’s th… that, Miss. Carpenter?” The horny Police Sergeant licked her lips at the sight of Molly’s large tits swaying in front of her face. It was obvious that the girl’s hard, bright pink nipples were erect and pierced.

“Sex, Officer Murphy,” Molly said as she slowly began unbuttoning the Police Woman’s shirt from the bottom up. “The spell seems to have raised the temperature of our libidos. “We’re (giggle)… helpless against it.”

Murphy’s mouth watered at the sight of the young girl’s large, firm, creamy tits stretching the thin material of her nearly transparent T-shirt. “Are… are you sure… that’s not just and ex(mmm)… and excuse to act like a pack of horny animals?” Murphy’s anger had begun to slide away and she was even more aware of the young women striping and caressing her. Turning her on more and more as her pussy continued to throb.

Molly bent down and gave Murphy a long kiss on her cheek, distracting the officer as Molly slowly opened Murphy’s shirt. Molly bent back up and peered and Murphy’s small breasts encased in a plain, white bra. “Where’s your hands, Officer Murphy?”

Murphy dreamily looked down at her hands. One hand was slowly gliding back and forth between Molly’s firm thighs and were drenched with the young girl’s juices. Her other hand was firmly wrapped around Butters’ giant meat, lazily jacking him off. “How the hell…?” she started to stammer. Molly gripped her wrist and began using it to make Murphy frig her harder as Butters began rocking his hips back and forth, fucking her fist. As the awareness that she had been giving hands-jobs for the last few minutes dawned on her, Murphy became aware of everything else that had been occurring. Georgia and Andi were pulling down her shirt to expose her bra covered tits, the feel of the two young women’s naked bodies pressed against her sent electric jolts through her hard nipples and now drooling cunt. She loved the feel of Molly’s tight pussy squeezing her fingers as she slid them in and out of the young wizard. And she shuddered as she felt the hot throbbing of Butters’ cock, so thick she couldn’t get her fingers all the way around it. Realizing everything let Officer Karen Murphy to a sudden decision, the only decision. “Fuck it.” She surrendered.

Murphy released Butters and Molly as the three girls leapt at her and began hastily yanking her clothes off. Molly shoved Butters to the couch with one hand as she used her other hand to hold Murphy’s head and plunged her studded tongue into the Officer’s mouth. Butters landed on the couch and sat silently watching their show and jerking off. Andi and Georgia finally got Murphy’s shirt and bra off, exposing her small A-cup tits topped with hard, pale brown nipples. The two naked co-eds dropped to their knees and began tugging off her work boots and jeans.

Murphy broke the hold Molly had on her head and gripped the teen girl’s shock-pink hair, pulling her down face to face with her. “Uh uh,” she said as she glared into Molly’s eyes. “You don’t fuck me, little girl. I fuck you.” She roughly sealed her lips over Molly’s gaping mouth and thrust her tongue into the shocked girl’s mouth. She thrust her tongue in deep, roughly rubbing and caressing the insides of Molly’s mouth, wrestling against her tongue and licking the insides of her cheeks. As she felt the teenager begin to reciprocate Murphy gripped one of Molly’s large tits and squeezed hard. “Jesus, these are firm,” she thought to herself. Molly had the kind of tits Murphy had dreamed about having as a young girl. She squeezed and kneaded the heavy orbs and caused the girl to squeak out as a tingle of pleasure and pain shot through her chest.

Butters sat in stunned silence. At the top of his head he knew Officer Murphy was an attractive woman but to see her now, nude and orally raping Molly… “Tight, toned, compact, like a coiled spring,” he muttered. He had always thought her body type fit the likes of a cheerleader or a gymnast. But to see her now, with the other three… “She’s like if Hayden Panettiere was a bit more fit. And a porn star.” His analytical mind figured that only a few more pounds of muscle she would look to masculine. “But those shoulders, the tiny waist, flat stomach, thick thighs and that tight, toned round buttocks… That has got to be the greatest ass I’ve ever seen. Rappers rap about an ass like that,” he thought and shocked himself by using profanity, even in his own mind. “But it’s so true,” he whispered.

Andi and Georgia finished pulling the horny cop’s pants, underwear and boots off to allow Murphy to step out of her now unwanted clothing. Now completely naked her ass-cheeks flexed in front of Butters’ wide eyes.

With the last of her clothing removed Murphy released Molly’s unbelievably firm tits and thrust one of her hands between the young wizard’s quivering legs. “Fuck,” she thought to herself. ”She’s so fucking hot and wet. But I am too. I’ve never been this turned on.” She ran her thumb over Molly’s inflamed clit causing the teenager to shudder as Murphy plunged two of her fingers into Molly’s burning cunt. ”And so tight.”

“Ohhh Fuckkk!” Molly screamed out in pleasure as Officer Murphy attacked her pussy. She had been the dominate one with Andi and Georgia and then again with Butters. But not with the Officer. The cop was just too much for her.

Murphy pulled her fingers out of Molly’s drooling pussy with a wet, sucking sound and broke off her probing mouth rape of the young girl. She held her fingers up, gleaming with the young woman’s spilled juices and licked her fingers clean. “Who fucks who, Miss. Carpenter?”

Molly was dazed and stared blearily at the police woman, her knees shaking. “Wha… what?”

Murphy released her hold on Molly’s head and used her hand to softly stroke and caress the sexually dazed girl’s heaving chest. “Who…” she squeezed the warm flesh, “fucks…” she brought her fingers to Molly’s hard nipples, “who?” and pinched hard.

“Oh God!” Molly screamed as she nearly came. “You fuck me. You fuck me!”

Murphy smirked in satisfaction and released Molly’s nipples. “And? ‘You fuck me’ what, Miss. Carpenter?”

“You fuck me, ma’am. You fuck me, Officer Murphy,” Molly panted, her sensitive nipples sizzling in desire.

Murphy patted the dominated girl’s head and ruffled her hair. “That’s right. But first…” she spun around and pointed at Butters’ cock which he was currently fisting. “…that’s mine.”

“What?” the skinny Medical Examiner blurted. He had been so engrossed in watching Murphy’s ass he hadn’t heard anything that she had said.

Murphy leapt at Butters, landing with her muscular thighs spread and straddling his skinny legs, his monstrous prick pointing straight up between them. Murphy leaned forward, her small tits pressed against his chest and her pebble hard nipples rubbing against him. She purred as she felt his overly endowed manhood pressed between their stomachs and began to slowly rub herself against it. She stared hungrily into his shocked eyes and a look of amusement flowed over her face as she began to softly kiss him. The horny officer began with small pecks around his chin and jaw and down his neck before raising up again to his mouth. Murphy slid her pink tongue into his mouth and lovingly stroked his tongue. As the seconds ticked by and she felt him begin to respond to her kiss she became more forceful and growled into his mouth. She grabbed his wrists and brought them up to her ass, encouraging him to grasp her thick cheeks. She released his wrists and gripped his head and kissed harder and began what could only be called another tongue rape the way she had Molly. Suddenly she broke the kiss and shoved Butters’ head to her chest, thrusting one of her firm tits into his mouth and moaned, “Oh Butters. I’m gonna break you like a pony.”

Butters gurgled around his face-full of cop tit. He began sucking noisily and wetly at the small breast, rubbing his tongue across Murphy’s hard nipples. And her ass, so hard, so tight. The flesh of her ass felt like warm silk but he just couldn’t get a grip on it. It just didn’t yield. Her ass-cheeks felt like they were carve out of marble and covered with hot, silky skin.

“Fuck, Butters. I need this,” Murphy gasped as she gripped Butters’ prick, still amazed at it’s size and the fact her hand couldn’t reach around it. She lifted herself up a little and brought the tip of his wonder cock to the entrance of her burning pussy.

“Ooohhh Mureehee,” Butters mumbled as he switched from one tit to the other.

Murphy licked her lips and held her breath in anticipation before she began lowering herself onto Butters’ cock. As the tip of his cock touched the entrance to her hungry pussy she could feel the skinny Medical Examiner shudder beneath her. She grinned as she felt the velvet head and first inch of shaft slide into her and stretch her tight. “Fuck! Butters is sooo much bigger than Kincaid,” she thought. She took a deep breath to steady herself, pushing more of her chest into his face before slamming her body down quick and hard. “OH FUCK ME! Fuuuccckkk!” she screamed as her cunt engulfed the giant prick and burning pleasure shot through her.

As the aggressive Police Sargent impaled her small body onto Butters’ cock he cried out, “Oh my, Officer Murphy!” Murphy’s tight, little cunt squeezed tight around his throbbing pole, gripping him like a angry fist. He could swear he could feel every throbbing bump and rippling ridge of her pussy clamping down on his cock like a vice. The feel of the female cop’s tight cunt suddenly enveloping and squeezing his dick froze him in place.

Murphy held himself in place, her eyes wide in shock and pleasure. Her muscular thighs were spread wide, her ass tight and clenched, her back arched, her firm tits thrust up and her head thrown back in complete bliss. Her mouth was wide open as she tried to gasp for breath as she thought, “So… fucking… full… So, so, so full.” She couldn’t move yet, didn’t want to. She just wanted to enjoy the feel of her tiny pussy filled and stretched to the limit with such a large, rock-hard, throbbing dick. “I can actually feel his pulse throbbing in his cock,” she thought in the back of her mind. She started to breath and looked down at Butters. His eyes were glazed over and he wasn’t breathing. She tensed her thick thighs and sent a ripple coursing along the walls of her pussy, massaging his giant prick.

Butters gasped out, finally remembering how to breath. “Oh geez, Officer Murphy. Oh… geez,” he panted.

“Humph,” Murphy smirked with pride as she watched Butters gasping like a fish. “Bet those little girls didn’t do that. Did they, Butters?”

Butters tore his eyes away from Officer’s Murphy’s heaving chest and small tits to look up at her. “No… no, ma’am.” A thread of concern crossed his mind as he noticed a malicious gleam flare up in the naked, sweaty officer’s eye.

“Well, Butters, you better hold on tight,” Murphy said as she flexed her tight ass-cheeks. “You’re about to get fucked by a woman.” She gripped Butters’ narrow shoulders and began rolling her hips back and forth. She shuddered in pleasure as her sizzling clit rubbed against his groin and he pushed his hips up, filling her with another inch of his thick meat. “Jesus! How big is he?” she thought to herself as she began chewing her bottom lip in concentration. Satisfied she had every inch that he had to give the wanton Officer of the Law rolled her hips farther back and forth and purred as his massive prick rubbed against her G-spot. “Oh God, Butters. It’s been so long. I’ve sooo needed a big dick in me. Filling me. Stretching me. Fuck, you feel so good. Every inch, Butters. I want every inch you have to give. You got that, mister,” she ordered as she began rolling her hips faster.

“Yes… yes, ma’am,” Butters stammered. He couldn’t believe what was happening to him. First Andi had her large tits wrapped around his cock, then Georgia had her long legs wrapped around his waist, then came Molly and her talented mouth and now… now Officer Murphy. A woman of such… such regard, such esteem. He respected her like few other people. She was such a strong woman with a forceful personality and a born leader, a cop, a officer of the law, a warrior against the forces of darkness. And yet here she was, fucking him with all the lust and passion of a wild animal, hungry for his cock, desperate for it.

Murphy bent her head down and thrust her tongue into Butters’ mouth, kissing him deeply and savagely, possessively. He was hers. His cock belonged to her and she’d use it and him however she wanted. She broke the kiss and licked his jaw. “My ass, Butters. Squeeze my ass,” she demanded.

“Oh, uh… yes, ma’am,” Butters murmured. He was till amazed by the feel of Murphy’s rock hard ass-cheeks. So round, so thick, so warm and silky.

“Mmmm… My tits, Butters. Put that mouth of yours to good use,” Murphy barked in glee as she began raising her hips up and down as she rolled them back and forth on Butters’ lap.

“Yes, ma’am,” Butters obediently replied as he began sucking on Officer Murphy’s small tits and hard, little nipples. The things the police woman could do with her hips and pussy was driving him crazy. He had never felt a woman do the things Murphy was doing. Granted his experience was somewhat limited but it still felt astounding.

“Good boy,” Murphy said as she patted his head before she wrapped her arms around Butters’ head to hold him to her chest. Holding onto his head as he nursed at her tits she began to pick up her pace, now slamming her hips up and down and riding him hard. Faster and faster she fucked herself onto the giant cock as it stretched her athletic body to the limit. “Mmmm, God yes, Butters!” she gasped out. “Jesus, I think I can feel you rubbing the back of my belly button!”

The three girls stared transfixed at the sight of the small woman riding the larger than life dick. Sweat was gleaming on her and Butters’ bodies and droplets rolled down their flushed skin. Butters’ thick glasses were fogged over and Murphy’s blonde hair was plastered to her head and grinning face. Her tiny cunt looked stretched as far as it could possibly go as her juices poured over his thick shaft, covering his heavy balls and then soaking into the cushion of the couch. The old couch creaked and groaned as the compact officer of the law fucked the skinny ME harder and faster. Her thick, round ass glistened as his hands roamed over her hard cheeks, sliding around and unable to get a solid grip.

Molly stared at Officer Murphy’s muscular ass as she licked her pink lips. She loved the wet, sucking sounds the officer’s cunt made as it swallowed Butters’ thick shaft. She moaned as sweat flew off the police woman’s tight ass-cheeks as she pistioned up and down. Molly chewed her bottom lip and her mouth watered as she intently watched the older woman’s juices leak out of her small pussy as she slid down the shaft, covering his cum filled balls. She looked over at her two masturbating friends and said, “Andi, Georgia? Climb up to either side of them and help out, why don’tcha?”

Andi and Georgia had been fingering themselves and each other as they watched the show. They crawled over to the couch, each taking a different side, giving Molly a lovely view of their pink pussy lips peeking out from under their asses.

“Does the officer need assistance,” Andi purred as she ran a hand up and down Officer Murphy’s sweat slick back.

Murphy panted as she answered, never breaking her rhythm, “I think… (fuckyes)… I think I have this, Miss.” She grinned and stared lustfully at the naked Andi. She’d love to shove her head between the red-haired collage student’s cleavage but she was enjoying her game more. “Noth… nothing to see her, citizen. Move along.”

Georgia giggled as she gripped the horny officer’s arms and whispered onto Murphy’s arms, “But maybe Butters does?”

Murphy looked down at Butters, never slowing her furious fucking on his cock. She had his head smothered against her chest and small tits and she let Georgia pry her arms from around his head. Still refusing to slow down her pace she released his head and gripped Andi and Georgia’s shoulders. “Oops. Sorry, Butters,” she chuckled as the Medical Examiner gasped for breath.

“Hu, hu, hu… No… No problem, Sargent Murphy. Getting kind of used to it by now. Butters’ glassed were askew on his face but there was no way he was letting go of the officer’s muscular ass to fix them.

Both Andi and Georgia laughed as they bent down and took turns kissing Butters, their tongues taking turns to roll around in his mouth. Ending in a 3-way kiss the two young women broke off and leaned up towards Murphy’s face. Both girls loved the look of intense concentration on the officer’s stern face.

Murphy closed her eyes, for a moment nothing existed except the feel of Butters’ wonderful cock filling her and the sheer, undescribable pleasure it was giving her. Her eyes startled open as she felt someone lick the tip of her nose. She grinned as Andi’s face filled her vision. Murphy grinned as she growled and gripped Andi’s red hair and plunged her tongue into the young ladies mouth. She ran her tongue throughly through the werewolf’s warm mouth, wrestling with her tongue before breaking the kiss and looked over at Georgia. Georgia smiled and licked her lips before Murphy leaned forward and repeatedly the kiss just as deeply with her.

Murphy broke her kiss with Georgia with a wet smack, “Oh, you girls are so yummy! Such good, upstanding citizens to help your local police.” She kept her grip on the back of the co-eds’ heads and began pulling them to her chest. “And on second thought, this officer could use your assistance, ladies.”

Both girls saluted, “Yes, ma’am!” and bent down, catching a hard nipple in their mouths and began sucking.

“Ohhh…” Murphy cooed, still not breaking pace with Butters’ cock. “Such fine, lovely, sexy citizens. Such good, good girls.”

Molly sat on the floor, alone, watching the show. Before Officer Murphy had shown up she had been the dominate one, the one in control and now it was over. The Police Woman had come in and taken over so easily. “I’ll get back at her, ‘tho,” the horny girl thought as she began sliding two of her fingers into her over-heated pussy. “Might as well enjoy myself until I figure something out.” Stroking her fingers over her clit she crawled over and knelt between Butters’ legs wanting to find out what he and the officer tasted like together. She just wanted to be included. She bent forward and placed her hands on each of the Police Woman’s ass-cheeks to brace herself, “Jesus. They’re like granite.” She scraped her fingernails across the officer’s sweaty skin. “I wanna taste you guys,” she meekly requested.

“Make sure you take care, Miss. Carpenter,” Murphy grunted as she leaned forward to give Molly easier access to her stretched pussy and Butters’ thick shaft. She released her holds on Andi and Georgia’s heads to brace herself on the back of the couch. “We don’t want you to miss a bit. Do we, Butters?” she chuckled as Butters only gurgled in response.

Molly began kissing and licking each of Officer Murphy’s ass-cheeks, rubbing her lips and tongue over every inch of the Police Woman’s hot flesh. The speed that the officer was moving her hips and ass didn’t make it easy but Molly made sure to cover every salty, gleaming, silky inch of skin with her tongue. “Jesus, she tastes better than Georgia or Andi? What soap does she use?” she thought as she smacked her lips. She dipped her head down further to Butters’ heavy balls, enjoying the way it glistened with the female cop’s juices. She licked her lips in anticipation, “Mmmm… Looks yummy.”

Molly pushed forward into the small area between Butters’ spread legs and underneath Officer Murphy’s thrusting ass. The sexy Police Woman’s thick ass was moving around to much for Molly to get very far so she settled for giving small, quick licks to the Medical Examiner’s’s cum filled balls. “Oh, fuckin’ yummy!” she thought as her mouth began to water at the taste of Officer Murphy’s juices covering Butters. She tried to run her tongue across Butters’ balls, nearly desperate for more of the taste, but the horny cop’s muscular ass was keeping her from getting close enough. “She could crack me like a walnut with that ass,” Molly thought. She braced her hands of the Officer’s sweat slick ass and pushed hard, trying to clear some room for her.

As Murphy was suddenly pushed forward her puckered ass-hole scraped against the tip of Molly’s nose and caused the hot Officer to yell out in a unexpected orgasm and lose her rhythm, “Arrrraaaggghhh!” As she recovered from her orgasm she sat froze with Butters’ cock still buried inside of her as her tight cunt clamped down on it and the muscles in her thighs twitched.

“Ah ha!” Molly thought as she licked her lips. “Kryptonite,” she whispered as she gripped Murphy’s tight ass-cheeks and spread them apart. With her long, wet tongue she abruptly thrust into the gasping Cop’s pink asshole.

“Oh Fuck I’m Cumming!” Murphy shrieked as her stretched pussy clamped down harder on Butters’ giant pole and her violated ass squeezed around Molly’s invading tongue. Her cum sprayed out around Butters’s prick and her body began thrashing around as the most powerful orgasm in her recent memory ripped through her. Her body spasmed and her back arched, pushing her small breasts out as she screamed in pleasure.

Butters’ gripped Murphy’s granite ass-cheeks as his own impending orgasm was forgotten. His only concern was keeping his friend from slipping to the floor and hurting herself.

Molly plunged her tongue in and out of Murphy’s ass, using her long, pierced tongue like a small cock as the officer screamed, yelled and moaned as she came.

Georgia and Andi had already released their sucking mouths from Murphy’s tits and were now reclining back and enjoying the sight of the cute officer cumming. As Murphy’s orgasm slowly subsided she collapsed against Butters and the naked co-eds could see the muscles in her abdomen and thighs twitching.

Molly slowly licked from Murphy’s tiny, puckered hole, up her spine and began nuzzling the older woman’s neck. “Gotcha,” she whispered mischievously.

“Oh, you little bitch,” Murphy gasped out and a sloppy grin slid across her face. “You’re gonna pay for that, Miss. Carpenter.”

“Maybe,” Molly giggled as she stroked Murphy’s round ass. “But first I got some plans for that tight, little body of yours that you’re gonna hate that you enjoy.” She sat up and looked at her two naked friends and basking in her new-found power. “You girls wanna give me a hand?”

The three girls pulled the languid, twitching, sweat soaked office of the law off of the moaning M.E.’s throbbing cock, causing both Butters and Murphy to moan out at the same time. Neither one resisted as the girls pulled Murphy off the couch and onto the floor.

Murphy slid belly first onto the floor like a well fucked, panting doll. She tried to move on her own but was still to weak from her senses shattering orgasm. “And… (pant) and what do… (pant) do you little girls think you’re… (groan) you’re doing?” she panted. She started to get worried when she heard Molly whispering to Andi and Georgia and them giggling at what ever she had said.

Molly finished whispering her instructions to Andi and Georgia before answering Murphy, “It’s nothing. Don’t you worry you pretty little head about it.” She was enjoying the power she had over the post-orgasmic Officer. Murphy had just walked in and took over from her and now it was her turn to take over from Murphy.

“I’ll show you some pretty little head,” Murphy mumbled as she tried to rise up to her hands and knees.

Andi and Georgia crawled over to Murphy, one on each side. “Now, now Officer,” Andi giggled. “No need to rush.”

Georgia giggle as she remembered something Butters had said, “When you rush, that’s when accidents happen.” She bent forward and kissed Officer Murphy deeply and after a few moments she felt Murphy begin moaning in response. She enjoyed the horny cops tongue in her mouth, Murphy was a great kisser. But Georgia’s main purpose wasn’t to make out with the Police Woman, it was to distract her.

The voluptuous Andi crawled in front of the Police Woman to sit down on her shapely ass as she spread her legs wide open. She looked up and winked at Molly who grinned and gave her a quick nod of her head. “Kiss me too, Officer Murphy,” she squealed excitedly. She gripped the Officer’s head and pulled it forward, pulling Murphy off-balance.

Murphy suddenly fell forward when Andi pulled her head. “Oumph,” she grunted as she landed on her chest with her muscular ass high in the air and her face sunk into co-ed werewolf’s pussy.

Andi giggled, causing her large tits to jiggle as she chanted, “Kissme kissme kissme…” and humped the stunned Officer’s face.

Without even having to think of it Murphy began licking up and down Andi’s wet slit from her puckered asshole to her clit, causing the young girl to moan out in pleasure. “Wait a minute…” Murphy thought to herself as her more dominate personality began to take over just as she felt 2 firm hands on her upturned ass and realized she was trapped when she heard Molly’s voice.

“Oh, Officer Muuurrrrppphhhyyy…” Molly called out in a mocking sing-song voice. “Who fucks who?” she playfully asked before spreading the trapped Officer’s upthrust ass-cheeks and plunging her tongue in.

Murphy tried to call out in shock as her ass was violated by Molly’s apparently freakishly long, pierced tongue. The young girl’s tongue stud popped past her tightly clenched ass and caused Murphy to try and scream out in anger and lust but her mouth was flooded by the tangy taste of Andi’s wet cunt.

Murphy had been raised very Catholic and have been very straight laced sexually and it wasn’t until she had spent a weekend with the possibly demonic hit man named Kincaid that she had discovered her anal fetish. She was actually kind of embarrassed to admit it but as far as her asshole went she was a complete submissive. Her and Kincaid’s sex had turned into a fight of dominance and as soon as they had figured out the effect having her tight hole stimulated affected her, Kincaid used it against her relentlessly. He had spent a day and a half riding her and got upset when she had finally told him to stop. A fight had broke out and then they had spent another day hate-fucking each other until their room had simply fallen apart. She couldn’t belive Molly had accidentality found out her weak spot but as the young Wizard tongue fucked her ass her submissive side reared up and she no longer cared.

Molly smiled into Murphy’s muscular ass as she heard the normally forceful Police Officer mewl weakly. And judging by Andi’s pants and moans Murphy had begun obedientiary licking the college co-ed’s pussy. She smiled devilishly as she pulled her long tongue out of Murphy’s tight ass to talk to Georgia. “Georgia? Georgia, sweetie?”

Georgia was still kneeling at Murphy’s side and playing with her own pussy and ass. She pulled her long fingers out of her cunt and looked over at Molly talking to her from around the Officer’s tight ass. “Huh?” she asked before remembering Molly’s plan. “Oh, yeah.” The college werewolf got off of her knees and sauntered over to Butters, blocking his view of Molly tongue fucking Murphy’s spectacular ass and of the suddenly submissive Police Woman tongue fucking Andi’s hot pussy.

Butters gasped in frustration as Georgia blocked his view and he tried to peek around her slender hips. When the girls had first pulled Murphy off his dick he had nearly been ready to cum but since then he sat stunned on the couch, afraid to move as she girls molested Murphy. As his need to orgasm passed he began watching the girls moving Murphy around on the floor and he began slowly tugging on his cock as Molly attack Murphy’s muscular ass and Andi had begun humping her face. He had barely even noticed Georgia until she had walked in front of him and blocked his view.

“Enjoying the show?” Georgia asked, cocking her hips and placing her hand on her elevated hip bone.

Butters looked up to Georgia’s face, his eyes traveling up her nude and gleaming body. He nodded and answered dumbly, “Uh huh.”

“Well, I better stop blocking your view then,” Georgia said as she got down on her knees between Butters’ spread legs. She needed to taste his dick. She smirked as he gasped when she used both of her hands to circle the base of his cock and slowly began tugging on it. She bent forward and licked around the spongy head before smacking her lips and enjoying the salty taste. She could swear she could taste all 4 of the women he had been with tonight. She licked her lips, opened her mouth as wide as she could, stuck out her pink tongue and then plunged her face down onto the up-thrust dick.

“Oh geez oh geez oh geez!” Butters yelled as Georgia swallowed the first few inches of his prick. He could feel her lips, tongue and throat work to try and swallow more of him but she couldn’t do it. She began bobbing her mouth up and down on the length she could get in her mouth and jacked off the base of his dick. He grabbed the sides of her head and returned to watching Molly and Andi dominate Murphy. Andi was still completely naked and her large tits wobbled around on her chest as she humped Murphy’s face. He looked over at Molly next, her thread bare T-shirt was pulled down and stretched across the top of her ass, leaving the bottom half of each firm cheek fully exposed as she tongued Murphy’s ass. A maniacal smile broke across his face as he laughed, “Best… Night… Ever!”

Molly gripped Murphy’s ass-cheeks and plunged her tongue deep inside the older woman’s body, causing Murphy to moan into Andi’s glistening pussy. “These are the firmest ass-cheeks I have ever seen,” Molly thought as she rolled her tongue in and out of the officer’s ass and caused the horny woman to shudder. Molly removed her tongue from out of the Police Woman’s tightly clenching hole and began probing it with her finger as she licked around the spit slick ring.

“Fuuuck,” Murphy tried to moan into Andi’s gushing cunt as the teenage Wizard’s Apprentice licked and fingered her ass. The instant Molly’s tongue delved into her tightest hole Murphy’s body surrendered. It was almost like a switch was thrown. When her switch was “off” she was Karin Murphy, Cop. But when the switch was flicked “on” she became Karin Murphy, ass-slut. She eagerly laid down with her ass in the air because that was what she was made to do and she eagerly lapped at the red headed werewolf’s tasty pussy because that was what she was made to do. She gripped Andi’s plump thighs as her skillful tongue worked inside of the coed’s hot cunt and rubbed her clit with her nose. Murphy looked up at Andi’s quivering chest, the young woman’s mountainous breasts swaying to and fro as she licked her lips.

Molly added a second finger to Murphy’s ass and caused the Officer to suddenly cum. “Fuuuck,” Murphy shouted into Andi’s drooling slit. Murphy’s body shook and trembled as the teenager made her cum and Murphy hated herself for it. She felt her pussy spasm as it released her juices and her ass clamped down on Molly’s invading fingers and sweat dripped from her trembling body. She panted against Andi’s pussy, humping against her face. “Got to… (pant) got to take… (pant) take control,” she thought as Andi came and her juices drenched Murphy’s face. And like a good, little submissive, Murphy tried not to miss a drop.

“Oh God Officer Murphy! I’m cumming again!” Andi screamed as her hips lurched forward. The young college student had lost track of the number of the times the Police Woman had made her cum and she didn’t care about the power play between Molly and Officer Murphy. All she cared about was that Murphy was eating her out better than anyone ever. “Yes, Officer Murphy! I’ve never had my pussy eaten like this before. You’re the best!” she said as she leaned back onto her elbows and spread her plump legs wider.

Molly glared at Andi over the swell of Murphy’s ass. “I’ll show her who’s the best,” she thought. She had two of her fingers buried in the sex crazed officer’s rear and slowly added a finger from her other hand.

“Oh fuck!” Murphy quietly gasped out into Andi’s gushing cunt. “I’ve got to do something. There’s no way I’m letting this little, pink haired tart dom me.” she thought. She released her hold on the college girl’s quivering thighs and slid two of her fingers into the lust filled werewolf’s wet pussy. As Andi gasped out in pleasure Murphy began running her tongue up the voluptuous girl’s pale body.

“Oh yes, Officer Murphy. You’re so good!” Andi panted as Officer Murphy rubbed her fingers against her G-spot and kissed her way up to her chest.

Murphy made her way to Andi’s giant tits and licked and nibbled at her wide expanse of cleavage. “Jesus,” she thought. “I could suffocate in here.” She knew she had to take control or else Molly would win and Karrin Murphy was too stubborn to let that happen. She bit and nibbled at Andi’s creamy flesh, running her lips, tongue and teeth across her pale skin. When she reached on of her hard, pink nipples she sucked the little pebble into her mouth, lashing it with her tongue, nearly devouring the warm flesh. She heard Andi moan in lust and repeated herself with the other nipple, covering the swaying breasts with enough saliva to make them them shine in the firelight. When Andi moaned again Murphy made her way up to Andi’s face and kissed her deeply, moaning in lust into the younger girl’s wet mouth. She broke the kiss and whispered, “What do you want?”

“Fu… Fu… Fu…” Andi panted as Murphy slowly pulled her back against her G-spot and to the entrance of her needy pussy.

“What…” Murphy licked Andi’s lips, “do…” she kissed Andi’s chin, “you…” she gave a quick peck to Andi’s left nipple, “want?” she finished before kissing the right nipple.

“Fu… Fuck me. Fuck me, Officer Murphy. Make me cum again.”

Murphy felt a sense of power return to her. Something she had lost when Molly had attacked her ass. “Lay down,” she ordered. Andi laid down completely and Murphy crawled up her body and lay her smaller chest onto of the younger girl’s softer, larger one. She looked over her shoulder victoriously at Molly and smirked. “Keep up the good work, Miss. Carpenter. I’ll be getting to you in a minute,” she said as she thrust her tight ass back against Molly’s fingers, using them to fuck her ass. She never broke eye contact with the Apprentice as she suddenly rammed three fingers into Andi’s cunt.

“Oh Goddd!” Andi screamed as she came again. The Police Officer began ramming her fingers in and out like a jackhammer and rubbing her clit with her thumb. “Yesss!”

Molly looked worriedly into Murphy’s eyes as the Police Officer smirked and then went back to sucking Andi’s quivering tits. She didn’t know why she was suddenly losing ground to Murphy but she had to do something. She looked around the apartment, searching for inspiration. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Georgia sucking Butters’ dick and she looked at the Medical Examiner’s mighty prick and smiled. “Better add a forth,” she thought.

“Oh yes, Miss. Carpenter,” Murphy cooed as she felt Molly add a fouth finger into her ass, filling her tight hole, stretching it. “You have such talented fingers, Molly. Keep up the good work,” she said with a condensing tone in her voice as she flexed the muscles in her ass.

Molly smirked to herself as she answered, “Don’t worry, Officer Murphy. I’ll make sure to do a real good job.” She used her fingers to stretch and pull Murphy’s tight asshole wider while trying to gauge the size. When she guessed the size was right she turned her head to the couple on the couch. “Georgia,” she whispered.

Georgia continued giving Butters a sloppy blow job, making loud wet noises that covered the sound of Molly’s whisper.

“Georgia,” Molly whispered slightly louder.

Georgia licked Butters large cock head.

“Georgia,” Molly said louder.

Georgia tongued Butters giant balls.

“Georgia,” Molly nearly yelled.

Georgia licked up and down Butters cock like a ice cream cone.

“Dammit,” Molly muttered under her breath. She reached out one of her long, toned legs and kicked Georgia in her naked ass.

Georgia stumbled off Butters’ prick but never stopped tugging on it with her hands. “Nu uh,” she whispered to Molly. “You had your turn. His cock is mine,” she said.

“That’s not it,” Molly whispered back, still finger-fucking Murphy’s ass. “Come here.”

Georgia crawled over to Molly and Molly whispered her plan into Georgia’s ear. “Oh, you’re evil,” she laughed at Molly. She got up and walked over to Butters, grasping the base of his cock and using it to pull him to his feet. “C’mon. Molly’s got plans for this.”

Butters followed Georgia over to the lesbian 3-way in the middle of the floor. “Molly wants you to fuck Murphy again,” she lied. “She wants to watch you fuck Murphy while she plays with Murphy’s ass. Get on your knees and line up.”

Butters watched Molly’s ass sway as she moved out of the way. She looked at Butters and tried not to belt out a maniacal laugh as she began giving him his orders. “Actually, grab her hips. Georgia will guide you in.”

Butters got down on his knees and firmly held Murphy’s waist. He was so nervous now, not that he’d get to fuck Officer Murphy again since he’d already done that, or rather she had fucked him, but that he’d finally get to see Molly’s hot little pussy.

Molly watched Georgia line up Butters’ dick with the wet entrance to Murphy’s cunt.

Murphy purred, “oh make it good, Butters. Make it good.” She was enjoying having her sense of power back. Even on her hands and knees she was in control.

Molly smirked, she’d beat Murphy one way or the other. “One,” she said as she drove her fingers deep into the horny officer’s tight ass.

Georgia tried not to break out into laughter as she thought about Officer Murphy and Molly’s little sexual rivalry. “At least we’re all benefiting,’ she thought to herself.

“Two,” Molly said, pulling her fingers most of the way out of Murphy’s and trying to stretch the tight ring of muscle.

Georgia giggled and held the base of Butters’ thick prick in her hands.

Molly used her free hand to press against Butters’ ass and Georgia mirrored her movements, “Three!”

At the same time Molly pulled her fingers from Murphy’s ass Georgia tilted the base of Butters’ cock up slightly, Murphy pushed her round ass back further and Butters buried his monster cock half way up the Officer’s tight ass. Just like Molly had planned.

“Holy Fuck!” Murphy screamed at the sudden intrusion.

“Oh Geez!” Butters yelled at the sudden intrusion.

“Oh Yes!” Molly laughed at the sudden intrusion.

“You people are seriously weird,” Georgia said at the sudden intrusion before crawling over to Andi.

“Oh wow,” Andi moaned as she watched the sudden intrusion. She cooed as Georgia began nibbling her ear and stroking her large tits.

“Oh geez, oh geez, oh geez…” Butters mumbled. “Ohhh geezzz…”

Murphy froze, eyes wide, fingers clenching the rug, toes curled, mouth open, her breathing stopped. She was in shock. Her small body couldn’t process the sensations shooting through her.

Molly climbed over in front of Murphy. “You’ll be getting to me when, Murphy?” she laughed.

Butters began slowly pulling his cock out from Sargent Murphy’s tight ass. He swooned faintly at the sheer pressure her ass had as it clenched his dick. “I couldn’t make a fist this tight,” he thought. “So sorry, Officer Murphy. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean…”

Murphy moaned, suddenly able to breath as Butters pulled his mammoth meat from her violated ass. Her breath was cut off again as Molly kissed her, laughing into her open mouth.

Butters continued apologizing as he pulled out of Murphy’s muscular ass. When he had only a few inches left he heard Molly squeal in surprise.

As Molly was kissing her Murphy realized what had happened. Molly had planned this. Planned to use Butters to dominate her. And there was no way that Murphy would let this little Wizard’s Apprentice get away with it. Murphy wrapped her arm around Molly’s head as she plunged her tongue deep into the teen’s mouth. Molly squealed in shock and pulled away, falling back and landing on her bare ass. Murphy turned her head and looked over her shoulder at Butters’ pulling out of her rear end. There was no way she’d let Molly dominate her.

“Where do you think you’re going, Butters?” Murphy asked, her usual authoritive tone gradually creeping back into her voice.

“I… um… Uh, I…” Butters stammered.

“Get that giant prick of yours to work, Butters,” Murphy ordered.


Murphy braced herself. “You heard me,” she said sternly. “Fuck…” she started to push herself back, “my…” she trembled as she felt Butters’ prick stretching her like nothing else ever had, “…ass!” She stopped when she felt the first half of Butters’ dick filling her, knowing she’d never be able to take any more without injuring herself. She panted hard and sweat ran from her body, dripping off of her hard nipples and she felt her pussy throbbing as her juices trailed down the insides of her quivering thighs. “Now!”

“Y… yes, ma’am,” Butters stammered quizzically. He started out slowly, making sure not to thrust into the Officer’s ass to far. Every time he pushed forward he heard Murphy grunt and he made sure not to go more that halfway into her tight, tight ass. Her ass was the tightest thing he had ever felt and every once in a while the horny police woman would flex her thick muscles and the pressure would increase for just a moment and cause him to grunt out, “Oh God.”

Molly, Georgia and Andi watched, stunned that Murphy was trying to take Butters’ giant prick up her ass. They stared at each other in wide-eyed disbelief for a moment, knowing that none of them would have even tried it, before turning their eyes back to the grunting Police Woman.

“Oh fuck, Butters. Fuuuccck,” Murphy moaned, trying not to pass out. She couldn’t tell the difference between pleasure or pain anymore as Butters’ kept slowly pushing in and out of her asshole but she wouldn’t give up. She’d take it. She’d win. “Fuck me, Butters. Fuck me,” she whispered.

Butters continued slowly pushing in and pulling out as he felt Murphy’s ass relax slightly. It was still tighter than anything he’d ever felt before but he was able to fuck in and out of her easier. He slid his hands from her waist to her rock hard ass-cheeks and let his fingers roam across her hot flesh.

As Murphy started to get use to what felt like a phone pole shoved up her butt she began rocking her body back and forth, meeting Butters’ steady thrust. The pressure in her ass relaxed a little as she fought past the last of the pain and felt a slow throb fill her pussy and ass. Every since she’d discovered her little anal fetish she’d experimented with things that she thought she might like; fingers, dildos, vibrators and once even a butt-plug. But the Medical Examiner’s cock was on a completely different level. Suddenly she felt the pressure surge up and break, washing across her as stars exploded behind her eyes. She froze, her fingers digging into the rug beneath her. All the pain, all the pressure, was gone. She purred deep in her throat as she began bucking back harder against her friends hard prick.

When Murphy started pushing back against him Butters gripped her hips again. “Oh, oh, oh…” he grunted as Murphy picked up speed. He’d been so worried about going slow and now he was needing to hold on just to keep from getting bucked off.

“Oh yeah,” Murphy grunted as she thrust her ass faster and harder against Butters’ wonderful dick. “So good. So good. Sooo fuuuckiiing goooood…” she murmured. She could feel the heat from her pussy and ass build and knew she was getting closer to cumming. Pushing up with her arms she got up on her knees. She raised her arms up and behind her and grabbed Butters by the back of his head. She looked over her shoulder at him as he stared at her in disbelief of her strength. “Make me cum, Butters. Make me fucking cum!”

The three girls also stared in disbelief at the fucking couple. Murphy’s toned thighs were spread wide, her wet pussy dripping onto the carpet like a faucet. Her back was arched and she pushed her ass back against Butters’ prick and pushed her chest out. Her mouth was open as she panted with lust and sweat rolled off her body. “Definitely a gymnast,” Georgia muttered under her breath.

Butters gripped Murphy’s sweat slick hips as hard as he could as he felt a familial throb in his balls. “Murphy, I’m gonna…”

“I’m cumming!” Murphy shouted. Every muscle in her body tensed like a coiled spring and her toes curled as her fingers pulled at Butters’ hair. Her ass clenched around Butters’ wonderful prick and her hips jerked as her juices flooded out of her spasming cunt.

Butters froze as his dick exploded, flooding Murphy’s impossibly tight ass with his thick cum. He lost his grip on her slick body and fell backwards onto his ass as Murphy collapsed forward. As the Police Woman landed he could see his cum dripping out of her ass as it slide to the floor and he gasped, “Oh geez.”

Murphy couldn’t move. She just laid on the floor panting with a sloppy grin as the occasional orgasmic tremor coursed though her body. “And that’s how we broke ‘em on the farm,” she giggled. As her strength returned she rolled onto her back, arms wide, legs spread and Butters’ thick cum dripping out of her ass.

Andi whispered to Molly and Georgia, “I can’t believe she took half of him. Hell, I don’t think I could take a whole inch.” Georgia nodded in agreement as Molly continued staring at Murphy’s prone body.

Molly thought to herself, “She’s gonna come after me when she gets her strength back.” She licked her lips and shivered as she thought of all the things the Police Officer might do to her; handcuff her, spank her ass, twist her nipples, grind her pussy against her face… A image of herself handcuffed to Harry’s bed as Andi and Georgia held her legs apart and Murphy rode her face and fucking her with a night stick flashed behind her eyes. She’d be helpless as the older woman had her way with her.

A groan drew Molly’s attention away from Murphy. Butters was crawling back onto the couch. “One last thing before I take my punishment,” she thought. Murphy had beat her and would take it out on her later, but first… “Butters,” she called out.

Butters made his way up onto the couch and slid bonelessly into the cushions as he heard Molly call out his name. “Ye… Yeah?”

Molly stood up and walked slowly up to Butters. “My turn.”

Butters, his spirit willing but his flesh weak, stared up at the teenage girl. “I don’t… don’t think… Give me… give me a couple of minutes. Just to get my breath ba…”

Butters was stunned into silence as Molly slowly began pulling her T-shirt up; up her toned thighs, up to her hips and he finally got his first look at her wet pussy. Her vaginal lips were completely bare except for a tiny thatch of hair just above her slit, dyed the same shocking shade of pink as the hair on her head.

“Cotton candy,” Butters thought as he licked his lips.

Molly’s shirt rode higher up to her slender waist and flat stomach, up high to just below her chest and then with a flourish she pulled it up and over her head, off completely, leaving her fully nude. She was a complete and perfect vision to Butters; broad shoulders, large D-cup breasts without a bit of sag and topped with pale pink, pierced nipples. Women paid thousands of dollars to have a body like that but for the teenage girl it was all natural.

Molly sauntered in front of Butters, pushing his knees apart with her hands. Her large tits swayed on her chest as she stared at the Medical Examiner’s limp dick. She looked at him with a devilish twinkle in her eye. “Well, you’re no good to me like this,” she said as she licked her lips. “I’ll have to do something about that.” She leaned into him, her large tits crushed to his chest as she kissed him hard and deep. She slowly kissed down his jaw to his neck and then his chest, rubbing her tits against him the whole time. Her nipples sizzled and sent electric bolts of pleasure to her steaming cunt as they scraped against his skin. She got down on her knees between his legs and noted with pride that his giant prick was already starting to swell.

Butters’ eyes were wide as saucers as he watched Molly work on his body.

Molly gently lifted Butters’ cock and balls in her hands, it reminded Butters of someone carrying water in their hands. She placed small pecks from her pink lips and dragged her wet tongue across every inch, and as he slowly expanded in her hands there were a lot of inches. As his cock grew she wrapped her delicate hands around the base and began tugging firmly.

Butters’ eyes were wide as saucers as he watched Molly work on his cock.

As Butters’ cock got harder Molly began tugging harder, faster. And as he slowly got harder she slowly got hornier. She wanted his cock. Needed it. She throbbed as she thought about taking it into her tight pussy. She felt empty without it and needed it to fill her. She released the base and brought her firm tits up, wrapping them around his shaft and moaning as she felt the warmth from his cock against her skin. She squeezed her tits firmly around the shaft and began working them up and down, running her pink, pierced tongue across Butters’ soft tip.

Butters’ eyes were wide as saucers as he watched Molly work on his cock with her tits.

A fire grew in Molly’s body, she was desperate to fell Butters inside of her. She hungered for it. Needed it more than breathe. And after what felt like a eternity he finally became fully had and she nearly clapped in joy. She climbed up and straddled the Medical Examiner’s waist and held his cock at the entrance to her burning, wet, throbbing cunt. “You have no idea how much I need this, Butters,” she gasped as she felt his cock head at the entrance to her wet, dripping hole.

“Uh huh,” Butters muttered, his eyes wide as saucers and torn between Molly’s dreamy tits and her pussy barely touching his cock.

Molly chewed her bottom lip as she slid down over the first inch of Butters’ wonder cock. “Finally,” she grunted. She had spent the whole day fucking constantly and it all felt like foreplay. Foreplay to this. Foreplay to Butters and his cock. She released Butters’ cock and grabbed his limp wrists. She slapped one of his hands onto her ass and the other hand to her chest. “No passive participation on this, Butters,” she giggled, giddy with excitement. She’d spent the last few hours teasing him with her body and now she was desperate for her release. “Now you’re going to work for it.”

“Y… yes, Molly,” Butters stammered, woken from his sexual stupor. The feel of Molly’s skin against his, her ass and tits filling his hands, her flesh sliding over him was a dream come true. She was his every adolescent fantasy come to life and she was currently sliding her tight pussy down his dick.

As Molly’s tight, wet, hot cunt slowly slid down Butters’ prick she moaned low in her throat. With every inch she took in her moaning got louder and louder and louder until she bottomed out and came, screaming in pleasure. “Fuck Butters! Oh Fuck you feel so good!” Her cunt clamped down on his prick as she spasmed and her legs twitched. Her orgasm roared through her like a river and her cum covered Butters’ heavy balls.

Butters grunted as he felt Molly’s hot pussy ripple around his prick, already he could feel his own orgasm building. He gripped, squeezed and kneaded her firm, ripe flesh as he bent his head forward and began sucking at the tit not covered by his hand. He simply sucked in her hard nipple and surrounding flesh and began lashing the silky skin with his tongue, nursing at her impressive chest.

Molly panted. Just the feel of Butters’ prick had set her off and she was stunned. His cock throbbed inside of her, rubbing against her tightly stretched walls and reaching places inside of her that she hadn’t even know she had. She slowly raised her hips up, moaning as her pussy pulled at his dick, not wanting to let it go. When she felt like she was half-way up the thick pole she slammed her hips down, shuddering in pleasure. She quickly set up a rhythm of quick thrusts up and down and rolling her hips back and forth. Her G-spot rubbed against the thick tool with every thrust and her hard clit rubbed against his groin with every roll. She had spent all day fucking and cumming, had just came off another incredible orgasm and was all ready feeling another one approaching.

Butters could only hold on for dear life as the horny teenage girl rode him like a eager porn star. He simply held onto her firm ass with one hand and a large, pale tit with his other and kept sucking on her hard, ripe nipple. He was in absolute sexual heaven.

Andi and Georgia came up to either side of the fucking couple, Andi running her hands up and down Molly’s back before latching onto Molly’s free nipple and lashing it with her tongue. Georgia watched for a moment longer before running her hand across Butters’ skinny chest, toying with his nipples as she kissed and nibbled on his ear and neck.

Molly was almost there, almost ready to cum. She felt Butters throbbing in her pussy and driving up into her and felt like he was about to cum as well. But it was Officer Murphy who finally sent her over the edge.

Murphy’s strength had returned to her as she watched Butters and Molly fucking. It was certainly one of the hottest things she had ever seen and her already wet cunt was practically drooling now. She made her way to Andi and Georgia and whispered instructions into their ears knowing that Molly was to far gone in pleasure to be paying attention to anything else than Butters’ magic cock. The two girls looked pleased to help her and she watched the girls’ ass sway as they walked way. She had so many naughty plans for the horny college girls but she wanted to watch Molly to finish with Butters more. And it was a hell of a show.

The horny Police woman sat between the college girls and they all watched the Molly and Butters fuck show. Molly’s tight ass was a blur as she rode Butters’ meaty prick, her juices splashing out and covering the Medial Examiner’s balls and soaking into the couch. Butters’ glasses were askew again and fogged over as he held onto the horny girl’s ripe body. And as much as she was enjoying the show it was time for her revenge.

After a few more minutes she motioned to Andi and Georgia and the two students walked back to either side of the fucking couple, running their hands, lips and tongues all over the fucking couple’s bodies. She couldn’t wait any longer and judging by the way Molly and Butters’ bodies were twitching she knew that they were about to cum. She strode over to the couple and placed her hands on Molly’s shoulders and whispered into the fuck-crazy apprentice’s ear, “Is this a private 4-way or can anyone join?” She slipped two of her fingers deep into her own burning cunt and moaned as she continued, “I owe you one, Miss Carpenter.” She pulled her drenched fingers out of her wet pussy and got on her knees behind Molly’s pale, firm ass.

Molly’s eyes shot wide open as she felt Officer Murphy spread her jiggling ass-cheeks. “Oh shit,” she muttered before she felt the malicious Police Officer shove her slick fingers into her ass. “Oh God!” she screamed as the most intense orgasm of her young life exploded inside of her. Her tight cunt clamped down on Butters’ monster cock and she could feel him shoot his load deep into her spasming pussy. She felt his prick fill her like a fire hose as she thrashed around on his lap. Georgia and Andi kept her from falling off of the couch as she shook and Butters bucked and thrust underneath her. She lost control of her body as stars exploded behind her eyes and electricity coursed though her limbs.

Butters grunted as Molly shook uncontrollably above him, he tried to help Andi and Georgia keep her from falling down but it was a little difficult as one of Molly’s D-cup tits slapped across his face and knocked his glassed off his face. He was losing his grip as his hands slid across her hot, silky skin, unable to get a firm grip. When Molly had cum the pressure from her tight, clutching puss had actually hurt and triggered his own orgasm and he flooded her tight cunt with his thick cum. Now he was afraid all of her spastic movements might actually break his dick off at the base.

Murphy licked her lips hungerly. She had never seen someone cum as much as Molly, it was almost like a dam had broke over her’s and Butters’ laps. She pressed her body against Molly’s thrashing back and hooked her hands under the girls arms. “Let’s get her onto the floor before she falls,” she said to the group in a slightly condescending voice.

The group helped Molly to the floor as her uncontrolled bucking started to calm. Murphy looked down at her gasping face as Andi and Georgia stared at her in bewilderment. Butters felt like he would never be able to get off the couch again. Molly just panted and stared wide-eyed at the ceiling.

Murphy placed her hands on her hips with a sense of authority. She looked down at the naked group and began giving orders, “OK gang. Now we’re on to phase 2.”


Hours later Harry Dresden, the only wizard to advertise in the Chicago phone book, returned home. “Stupid pixies,” he muttered under his breath as he disarmed the wards on his front door and entered his apartment. He was stopped dead in his tracks by the sight in his living room. His apprentice, Molly Carpenter, was on the floor handcuffed to his couch legs and her long legs were spread wide. The werewolves, Georgia and Andi, were holding Molly’s toned legs spread-eagle and fucking her pussy and ass with 2 police issue night sticks. Sargent Karrin Murphy was straddling Molly’s face and rubbing her cunt across the teen girl’s mouth. And last was Waldo Butters, Medical Examiner, kneeling behind Murphy and fucking her up the ass. Everyone panting, everyone sweating, everyone naked, everyone fucking.

“Finally,” Murphy gasped as she saw Harry enter his apartment.

“Hello, Harry,” Andi and Georgia said in unison, never stopping from the double teamed assault on Molly’s body.

“Oh, uh… hi, Harry?” Butters stammered as he slid what appeared to be a horse cock in and out of Murphy’s muscular ass. “Well, you see… the thing… Um…”

Harry quickly froze the group with a spell and spied his cat Mister sitting atop his book shelf with flashing orange eyes. “Stars and Stones, Bob! What the hell is going on here?” Harry yelled at his cat.

A orange, shimmering light poured out of Mister’s eyes and flowed over to Harry, hovering in front of his face.

“I told you to watch over Molly. What happened and why weren’t you doing your job?” Harry demanded.

“I did watch, boss,” the orange light named Bob answered. “You said to subtly make sure she didn’t try anything dangerous. And to keep watch on her.”

“Yes?” Harry gritted his teeth. “And?”

Bob, the spirit of intellect slowly moved back from the angry wizard. “And I watched her accidentally add to much rose stone to her elixir. And I watched her get hornier and hornier,” he said as he kept slowly floating backwards. “And I watched her with Georgia and Andi. And then I watched her with Georgia, Andi and Butters. And then I watched her and Georgia, Andi, Butters and Murphy.” He reached the trap door to the subbasement. “And then I watched Murphy and Georgia and Andi and Butters tie her up. And then I watched as Murphy, Georgia, Andi and Butters take turns with her. See boss, no danger.”

Harry sighed in exasperation. “Skull. Now,” he ordered, sending Bob to his home away from home in the subbasement.

When Bob was gone Harry released everybody from his spell.

Molly saw him and her eyes went wide with relief. “Oh Harry!” she tried to cry out from underneath Officer Murphy’s dripping pussy. “Thank god! They won’t let me cum, Harry. Please tell them to let me cum.”

Harry held one of his hands to his head and used his other hand to hold up his wizard’s staff, preparing is will to release a spell to remove all traces of Molly’s spell.

The End.

By Yumiko

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