Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Cindy arrived home from school just as it was getting dark, Cindy was extra happy it was her sixteenth birthday and her friends had clubbed together and brought her tickets to go and see her favourite group at a live concert, Cindy opened the garden gate went through into the garden closing the gate as she went started to walk up the garden path and tripped on the dog chain that kept the family dog chip from running off, Cindy stumbled forward but quickly regained her balance and cursed the chain as she rubbed her ankles before continuing to the house, after fumbling around in her bag for the keys to the door unlocked the door and went in. Cindy switched the lights on and saw a note on the kitchen table, Cindy dumped her bag on the floor picked up the note and read it, the note was from her mum telling her that she would not be home till the morning and to look after herself, Cindy smiled thinking great peace and quiet and went upstairs to have a shower, after her shower Cindy went back down stairs to the kitchen with just a towel wrapped round her body, after drying her hair Cindy went to the fridge to get some food and saw a note stuck to the fridge door saying ” feed the dog” Cindy grabbed the dogs bowl emptied a tin of dog food into it added some dog biscuits mixed it up and took it down to chip as she did Cindy caught her ankles on the chain again stumbled forward an fell flat on her front where she lay dazed for a few seconds, Cindy started to get up as she did she realised her towel had come undone and was laying on the floor, Cindy then felt a nudge as chip tried to get to his food, Cindy then felt a wet patch on her bum realised it was chip’s nose and said” get back you mutt and wait” Cindy managed to get to her hands and knees then felt a heavy weight on her back and realising it was chip said ” get off me you mutt” Cindy felt chip licking her ear and a , wet patch slide over her bum,  realising the wet patch was chip’s dick Cindy yelled get off and tried to stand, but the dog was to heavy and Cindy could not get up or shake the dog off, Cindy felt the wet patch push on the lips of her love tube and yelled “get the fuck off” and creamed out as she felt the dog’s dick slide into her love tube and then start to slide in and out, Cindy said ” no get off me you stupid mutt” and again tried to shake the dog off but could not, chip was humping away at Cindy’s love tube after a few minutes Cindy started to get aroused and was soon enjoying having the dog hump her after a few minutes Cindy groaned as she climaxed but chip was not finished and five minutes later Cindy climaxed again when chip had finished Cindy got up and staggered back to the house where she showered again. Next day when Cindy arrived home from school Cindy patted chip as she entered the garden and said to him, if my mum is not in the house I will come and fetch you and you can stay in the house, Cindy went to the house and after looking round found the note from her mum telling her that she would be working again and to look after herself and don’t forget to feed the dog, Cindy thought the dog will get what he wants and so will I and went out to the garden and got chip.

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