Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

16 year old Mandy was well fed up, schools were on holiday and her parents had gone away for a week leaving her on her own to run the farm that was miles from town. Mandy knew her mate Sara would be over in a hour, she got out of bed went and had a shower after which she did not dress just put a gown on went and had breakfast, as she finished Sara arrived wearing her baggy tee shirt and shorts. The two girls sat talking for a while until Mandy said come on you can help me feed the pigs. The two sixteen year old girls headed towards the pig sty and after feeding the pigs went to the boar pen where the 12 boars were making a heck of noise. Mandy got the feed pushed the gate but it would not open, she said “fucking thing about time fixed it” and started to climb the fence, as she swung her leg over the top a boar hit the fence hard making it wobble causing Mandy to fall head first into the pen landing flat on her front,  Sara quickly jumped down into the pen to help Mandy up, the boars were trampling over Mandy as they scrambled to get the spilled feed, Mandy screamed “get the the fucking things off me” As Sara bent to help Mandy a boar knocked her flying, now both girls were struggling with the boars trampling over them, Mandy felt her tee shirt being tugged as the boar hunted for food, the flimsy material tore and the tee shirt came away, Sara was trying to get up and felt her gown which was flapping open being pulled the gown came off leaving the hapless Mandy naked, Sara was trying to fight the boars off and felt her shorts go the same way her tee shirt had, now both girls were naked, Mandy screamed “get off me” as the animals licked her body looking for food, she heard Sara yell “the fucking this is licking my cunt” Mandy managed to get to her knees but was  pushed forward landing on her hands she then felt a heavy weight on her back and saw hoofs either side of her face, she struggled but could not get up she then felt something wet slide across her bum and realised a boar was humping her, Mandy struggled but not get the boar off she then the wet thing on the lips of her pussy and screamed in horror as it slid inside her and start to hump, she yelled “help me it is fucking me” she hear Sara give a garbled sound managed to look round and saw a boar humping her face, after awhile the boar on her stopped and got off she turned tried to pull the boar from Sara but felt another boar mount her she saw a board had mounted Sara and was humping her, after what seemed like hours the boars left the girls and both girls climbed out the pen and fell on the ground exhausted, after awhile Sara said “I got boar spunk in my mouth”  Mandy said “I think at least 4 fucked me” Sara said “I had three fuck me 1 in my mouth” she looked at Mandy then added “your nipples are well erect you enjoyed it” Mandy said “you can talk look at yours” both girls went to the house and showered after they sat in the kitchen, Sara said “hey we ain’t got to feed the horses have we” Mandy said “no but we got to feed the boars again in 8 hours” 8 hours later both girls were naked on hands and knees in the boar pen.

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