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Hi all am Jane now 30 year old. This is my story when I was 16 year old at present am a fat women you can call me a BBW but I was chubby from my childhood and was also very fat when I was 16. Am very fair black eyes and black hair I will explain you guys how did I first get attracted to my German Shepherd Max.

The summer vacation was about to start all other girls and boys had plans for the vacation except my family dad had some financial problems. I was always a loner in my class as I kept away from others class mates as they always teased me about my over weigh body many called me a white ass pig which I did not like so I mostly walked home alone. There was a guy named Tom I felt he was different and some one I could be friends with I decided to have a talk with him on the last day of school before summer vacation starts. I went to him with a smile and gave my hand forward to shake hands he was surprised and ignored me I was about to cry I ran home straight to my room and was in there till mom and dad came back from work in evening.

That evening dad and mom came home around 7.00 pm that was their regular time I came out of my room and dad had brought home a dog he it was a German Shepherd and was very big. At first I was really afraid looking at him and asked dad why has he brought a dog at home. He explained to me that the school vacation has started and mom and dad will be at work all day he told me Max (the new dogs name) will be at home to protect me. I was in my teens and actually did not care about any dangers in life I just gave a fake smile to mom and dad so they don’t feel bad. My room was near the kitchen so dad gave the Max a place near my room door so he could keep an eye and guard me all the time. It was morning we all had tea Max was very happy and well trained. I noticed he was not like other dogs just barking all day in fact he was calm and loving. I called him near me when I was sitting on the chair in my sleep T-shirt it was about knee height. I called him he walked up to me when I started rubbing his head and playing with him he was very nice we where friends in no time. It was now time mom and dad had to go for work I mostly took shower when they left for work. As they went I did as I was told by dad I locked the main door and window pulling the curtains of all rooms Max was following me all the time as if he was watching me and learning what I was doing. Then I went to my room no one was home so I did not bother to lock my room I dropped down my sleep T-shirt and panties near the bathroom door and went in to take a shower. After a long nice hot shower I came to room and saw Max was sitting near my panties it looked like he was playing with it I did not think much about it and just wrapped a towel around me and sat on the chair near the computer table and got busy with my Face book page. Max was sitting just near my legs I felt good and safe about such a big power full dog was there to guard me. After a while I got a little bored with face book and decide to check out some porn I did that almost every day as I never had a Bf and satisfied my self by watch porn and then I fingered my self. So I got busy watching porn playing with my Brest as I watched I was getting wet as I did that so I just let go the towel I had on me one had between my legs and the other on my nipples. When I saw Max was now standing and shaking his tail very fast he started licking my foot he had nice warm, soft, wet and long tongue I ignored him at first. Then some thing crazy hit my mind I had once seen a add while browsing porn site about animal porn I had never before clicked on it thinking it must be video’s about animals making love to each other so I never thought about checking it out. Now as I had a animal in my house I decided to see how dogs make love I searched for animal porn and opened the site. I was shocked to see it was full of girls and women having sex with various animals like horse, pigs, goat but most of them were dogs I could not believe my eyes there where man types of dogs at that time I did not know any thing about dogs so I started to play various videos of dogs having sex with girls. As I watched I got more and more fascinated about it I took a look at Max he was still licking my foot I took my legs up the chair keeping it near my pussy I was very careful doing this as I did not wanted to make a dog of his strength angry. I saw Max started to sniff near my pussy he must have got the smell of my wetness I kept still until he started pushing his nose on my pussy. His nose was cold and wet when he gave me his first lick OMG! it instantly sent wave of pleasure up my spine his tongue felt so wet and warm it was so soft nicely covering my pussy. Max was getting more and more interested between my legs it looked like he was searching for something. When I came to know he was licking me to eat the juice flowing out my pussy. I though this is the best way to feed a dog I used my fingers and I spread my chubby pussy for him. As I did that Max pushed his long tongue in me he was licking me so deep and good I reached a place where I could not hold my self and he made me cum gosh that was the best orgasm I had. Max got busy cleaning and licking all my wetness and he loved doing that. I kept still watching him and catching my breath back and slowly coming back to my sense then Max stopped I went to the toilet to wash up.

I was all the time thinking what i just did with Max was it good or bad but the felling I got was so nice I made a deal with my self that I will never fuck him I will just let him lick me.

It was about 1.00 pm I was making sandwich for me in the kitchen and I had filled Max bowl with dog food an hour must have passed Max had made me cum I was getting horny again watching him eat. I was in my sleep T-shirt no panties and bra under I sat on the sofa having my sandwich when Max came and sat near me keeping his head on my laps. I could feel his hot breath on my laps that made me even horny resulting in wetting me again. In no time Max was in action he started to push his head between my laps as if he is trying to say he wants to eat me again. I now trusted Max and I layed on my back keeping my one leg up on the back of the sofa spreading my self wide open for him this time Max was licking me from ass hole till my pussy this new touch on my ass made me go crazy in no time and I was moaning “Max lick me good boy” yes I was talking to him. I lifted my ass up for him he got locked on my ass and kept licking making me cum again. I was getting addicted to this now Max made me cum like I never did before and that also in no time. He cleaned my pussy again licking off all my wetness.

After having my lunch and getting my pussy and ass loved by Max I was watching TV Max was laying on his side on the carpet having a nap when my eyes got locked on his big balls. I started thinking how big his dick will be and those hanging balls looked so sexy must be as big as a tennis ball when out. I started to imagine all those videos I had seen where dogs knot the girls and keep her locked that way they moan like crazy all the till the dog emptied all his cum in her. I was already wet again and touching my self gosh am going crazy here. I thought I had just cum 2 times in last hour and am horny again. I did not want to wake up Max again frankly speaking I was feeling shameful about my body behaving like slut so I quietly walked up my room and got up on my bed. I got on all my fours and put my head down on the bed reaching my pussy and started to rub my self it was nothing like Max did but I still wanted to cum I kept rubbing but could not reach the point just got my self wet. When I heard Max jump up the bed “o bay you are here already” he took no time and got to work. I kept my self on all fours and Max was licking me again from my pussy till my ass I was now moaning out loud as he licked me in no time he made me cum again. That day I cannot forget how my body was going crazy. I took a shower again as it was time mom and dad would return from work.

I cleaned up the house dad and mom had arrived I had a big smile on my face I was actually happy with my new friend. Dad and mom also noticed my happiness but they had no idea what was the real reason. We had dinner I did eat like a pig that night as all afternoon Max had made me cum and my body was on fire. It was time to go to bed and my pussy was hungry again I wanted to take Max with me in my room but for some reason I did not want to ask mom or dad for their permission. I guess I was afraid they would say no. Dad and mom went to their room they must have long day everything went silent in no time I was down watching TV it was past 12 now I switched off a the lights and went to my room as I had guessed Max followed me in I locked my door.

Max was already trying to get under my sleep T-shirt when I was standing and trying to put on a dim light when for the first time I saw his dick just about a inch had come out. As I saw that I started to think about the promise I made to my self that I would never fuck him. I was still standing and Max was under my sleep T-shirt licking me like crazy I walked to the bed with him licking and following me. I kneeled near the bed placing my upper body on the bed pulling my t-shirt up till my waist. Max was still licking me I had kept my eyes closed letting him do what he wants. After 5 to 10 minutes he started to try and get on me trying to fuck me but he could not find my pussy. My body was on fire and now I really wanted to fuck him so I got up the bed and arching my ass high up. He came behind me and again started trying but this time I reached behind and helped him find my pussy as I had seen in the videos. As Max found my pussy he started to fuck me like crazy some times missing his mark but that felt very good as it was like a surprise when he did get in me. I pushed my ass back so he won’t slip out and that is when he really started to swell in me I took hold of his legs and he kept pumping till he could not move any more. I let go his legs I never had anything that big in me before my pussy was filled and I could fell his dick throbbing in me. When he started to turn I felt some pain but I ignored the pain. When finally he got me knotted that was when the real rush kicked in as he got his knot in place it came in perfect contact of my gspot I started moan as his dick was throbbing in me rubbing my gspot I started to cum many times as a result I could feel my belly was full of his and my cum. I grabbed the bed sheets with my hands and biting my lips Max was trying to pull out in between but he use to stop as I told him to stay. We where now knotted for more than 20 min and I was feeling his knot still very hard in me I really wanted to pee or may be the amount of cum that was filled in me was too much. After a long 45 minutes Max started to get soft I could feel cum spraying out and flowing down my legs when he finally pulled out I felt relief as all that cum got out of me Max stood there with his semi hard dick hanging it must be 7 to 8 inches I was surprised looking at it. I ran in the bathroom pushing out his cum taking a deep breath and very well satisfied. With a smile on my face I thought now I will never have to finger my self. (I will continue the story if you all like it)

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