Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

The fox hunt was just finishing most of the members of the hunt had gone home, 16 year old Cindy and her sister Tina who was just a few years younger were feeding and bedding down the hounds at the stables. A couple of anti fox hunters were near by shouting anti fox hunt comments. Cindy told her sister to ignore them, Tina said “they are frightening the hounds they are getting excited” she then picked up the water hose and went into the large barn where the dogs were housed to fill the water bowls as she did one of the hounds jumped up on Tina’s back ripping her tight riding trousers as it did, Tina shook the dog off then retreated back into the yard, one of the protesters said “look the little bitches trousers are ripped you can see her bum” the other two looked smiling as they did, Cindy snatched the hose from Tina and started spraying the dogs saying “this will cool them down and settle them” after half a hour the dogs were still excited. Cindy had removed her blazer because of the heat, the three 16 year old protesters had noticed how Cindy’s tight fitting tee shirt showed the shape of her boobs, Tina had also removed her blazer her just starting to develop boobs had been noticed pushing her tee shirt out. Cindy entered the barn with Tina following as she walked a hound ran in front of Cindy tripping her as it did, Cindy fell flat on her front, Tina tried to her help her sister up but also fell when dogs pushed against her, the dogs started to claw at the girls with their paws, Cindy felt her tee shirt getting torn, she rolled onto her back and tried pushing the dogs away but could not. Tina felt her trousers tear even more as the dogs clawed at nipped at her, Cindy felt her trousers being tugged while her tee shirt was being ripped by the dogs paws, she then felt the popper on her trousers snap open and soon her trousers were right down, again she tried pushing dogs away but again failed, she looked at her sister who was calling for help, Cindy saw that she was nearly naked her clothes in shreds, Cindy felt a wet patch on her bare pussy and realised a dog was licking her, she tried kicking out but the tightness of the trousers round her ankles prevented her from doing so, she felt her boobs being licked pushed the dog away but another started licking soon she could feel the whole of her body being licked, Tina could feel the same happening to her, Cindy suddenly heard shouting and the dogs scattered as the were kicked by the protesters who had come to investigate the shouting of the girls. The lads helped the girls up and took them into the yard, Tina put her blazer own said she would run and get help and started off on the half hour walk to the house. Cindy looked at the boys noticed the bulges in their joggers. The boys all walked off, Cindy picked her blouse up put it on. A while later two cars came speeding into the yard with members of the hunt jumping out. Cindy reassured them she was ok that the protesters had rescued her and Tina and had not harmed them.


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