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This story forms part of the Julie Journals and for years has gone untold as many mainstream sites won’t publish this subject matter.  By way of background you may want to read The Julie Journals – The Biker Gang.

This is a true story though I have changed a couple of names to protect the innocent (or the not so innocent) and because it’s about me I have written in the first person as if I was recalling events for a diary at the time they happened, hope the style works for you.



Closing my laptop I looked at the screen, half in frustration and half in planning. Another evening chatting on a beastie site and the same old questions came up, “How did you start?” and “when are you going to do it again?”

The first question was easy, it all started when I was 19 and the four hells angels I was living with decided I would try dog sex. At first I hated it, but over the following weeks, I grew to like and eventually love it. My lover King, a large German shepherd, became my protector, and the only living thing in the house that treated me with any form of kindness.

The second question was the main point of my frustration. I accepted the fact the first time I was coerced, and a lot of the time under the influence of illegal substances, but the questions turned like worms in my brain, “would I do it again? if I did would I enjoy it?”

Two decades later, and now an upstanding member of society, would I do it again out of my own free will?  Give myself to a dog? Stick my ass high in the air like a slut, and beg him to mount me, and use me, and pound me with his angry red dog cock?

As the questions swirled in my head, one quick check between my legs provided the resounding answer that I couldn’t get myself to verbalize. I was soaked; my nipples were standing out, trying to poke holes through the only thing I was wearing, a tee shirt that I had stolen from my live in boyfriend.

So here I was, just post my 40th birthday, having never shared my dog sex experiences with anyone offline, and I knew that I had to do something about that. For anyone who doesn’t know me, I am one of those people who once they set their mind to something, will do whatever it requires to achieve it.

The only remaining question was …..how?


The rudimentary outline of a plan has started to come together, and I figured I needed three things to fall in line, to allow me to achieve my goal.

First, I needed a dog. There were plenty of offers around online, but caution dictated that this would have to be something I did alone. Although, I sat pondering the PM sitting in my inbox, from a guy a few towns over, offering his three well trained St. Bernards. They were the father and his two boys, both fully grown, so they would work together and this meant nearly a metre of dog cock between them.  Rereading it for what seemed like the hundredth time, alternating my mouse between the Reply and Delete buttons, had my juices flowing.  The final sentence, which mentioned high definition cameras and how I could wear a mask to protect my identity, sealed the deal for me, and with a click of the mouse button, I watched the message disappear into my trash folder.  No way was I going to allow someone else to hold this over me, again, and quite frankly, the biggest thrill about this time around, is that this was something that I’m was doing exclusively for myself.

Second, I needed a location. At home would seem logical, as our house is secure, the entrance way protected by electric gates, and reasonably isolated.  Set back far enough on the large lot, none of the nosy neighbours could easily see into the windows from the road, although, the large back garden was definitely out.  I can just imagine old Mr Jones, the widower next door who just happened to spend two hours pruning the same ratty hedge last summer, as I sunbathed nude, getting an eyeful of my naked pussy being ramrodded by an eager canine.  I’m sure the sight would kill one of them, the hedge or old Mr Jones!

Finally, I need opportunity. I knew nothing could happen until and unless my live-in boyfriend was away. And away for a while, not just down the pub for the evening, as I knew from experience that these things can take time.


This is getting annoying, I want to do this, no I NEED to do this, but unless the damned planets align, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.  One thing that occurred to me was training as I had no idea if King was trained or not, but by the way he took to me, I am guessing that he was. This needed to be my next task, if I found a dog that was untrained, then how would I train him to perform?  Would I need to train him, or would he just know what to do naturally? Were there any dangers? For a fleeting moment I entertained the idea of asking my boyfriend if we could get our own dog, but then thought better of it, as until I knew what to do, and whether it would work, it was best that I waited.


Clicking open the password protected file, I reviewed my notes from the various conversations I have had while researching this objective.

“Peanut butter – but not too much” was my first point, which made me giggle, as I wondered if a dog preferred smooth or crunchy?

“Let them know they are boss and don’t push too much, be patient,” read the next entry, and I knew that was going to be hardest task, as the desire that has been building for four months now and was burning through me. I thought about it most nights, and especially when my boyfriend took me from behind, which is his favourite position. I would always close my eyes and imagine being covered by a dog’s heavy, furry body, and I would cum hard all over my boyfriend’s cock.

“Keep it to a single room, and on a simple command, unless you want them to mount whenever they feel like it.”  This entry made me laugh, as when I read that line, I couldn’t help thinking to myself, “Single room my ass, if I can find a willing dog and the appropriate privacy, he can fuck me whenever, and where ever, it goddamn likes.”

It was that final thought that really got me going, and made me mentally picture myself in various rooms of the house, with various dogs covering me, and fucking the life out of me.  I couldn’t resist sliding a hand under the waistband of my joggers, and into my panties, and down across my freshly shaven pussy. Whispering to myself under my breath, affirming how I was a dog slut, I could feel myself getting hotter and hotter and the desire to tear my bottoms off and search for my dildo was intense.  Resisting the urge, as my boyfriend was just upstairs, I had to make do with just pushing a finger deeply inside myself, then slowly sucking it clean.


This month should be called “May Not,” as I was starting to have serious doubts now. Would it ever happen? Was it really the right thing to do? There had been a report recently in the news about a woman, who had been caught with a dog. The public outcry was huge, and the humiliation she suffered must have been intense.  It made me second-guess this decision, yet at the same time, the urge felt like it was getting stronger, fuelled by the knowledge of just how taboo and socially unacceptable this was.  Frequently, at night or early morning, I would log onto beast sites and spend hours in the chat rooms. The discussions there would get incredibly descriptive, and I would often sit on a towel, soaking it through, as we talked in vivid and gory detail about dogs fucking me. Usually, I started with just my fingers, but nearly always ended up using my dildo, as I fucked myself to toe-curling orgasms while I chatted.  Never fully satisfied with masturbating, I would almost always beg my boyfriend to take me on all fours, so I could imagine he was a dog fucking me, as memories and fantasies merged together.


Oh wow! The first two planets have aligned, as my boyfriend just informed me he needed to travel for work, and would be away for July, and half of August, giving me six weeks alone, at home, to execute this plan. All I needed now was a dog.

My first idea was quickly crushed.  Even though I pleaded with him that a big, virile dog would be perfect protection for poor little me, stuck in the big house all on my own, my boyfriend stood his ground, and laughed at my argument, his hands holding his sides.

“Protection??!!” he said between bouts of laughter, “I have the deepest sympathies for any poor schmuck who decides to try to take advantage of poor little you,” dissolving into tears at the last words.

With that idea scuppered, I actually thought about trying for a dog-walking job, but suspected the reality of the work involved would be a lot worse than the fantasy. In so many ways, I wanted to throw a full on temper tantrum, and scream the house down, but decided to control myself, so I wouldn’t have to explain to my boyfriend what my frustration was all about.


I tried to contain my giddiness, I really did, as Lucy sat and sobbed at my kitchen table. JJ (my boyfriend) had already left on his business trip, and I was still no nearer to getting a dog. Suddenly, the stars and planets aligned, and I bit back a full on grin, as my beautiful, red-headed neighbour sat there crying her heart out.

“We will have to cancel our holiday,” she sobbed, “the kennel we were going to put Hector in has gone bust, and every other kennel is full at such short notice.”  She sniffled and dabbed her eyes with a tissue, then broke into a full on bawl again, “It would have been our first family holiday with our kids and my parents.”

I had to stop from screaming with joy and leaping around the room, Hector was their family pet, and not just any pet, he was a magnificent Great Dane, friendly as anything, and I knew from the casual glances that he was fully intact.

As casually as I could muster I said, “I could look after him, if you wanted, after all we are neighbours, he knows me, and would be great company while JJ is away.”

She almost leapt on me, and she hugged me tightly, thanking me over and over again.  As I felt her pert breasts pushing against mine, I had to resist the urge to give her tight ass a little grope, as I had always wondered and hoped she might swing both ways.  However, I wasn’t going to chance ruining this golden opportunity, as the dog-sex gods had literally dropped an amazing canine specimen in my lap, for an entire week, a whole dog fucking week!

Over the next week, as Lucy’s family prepared for their holiday, we worked out a schedule of what was required for Hector, in terms of food and exercise. All I kept thinking, however, was about the real exercise we both would be getting.  I casually slipped into conversation that it would be best if we moved his basket to my house so that I wouldn’t have to worry about him alone in their house, and I had the perfect spot for him in my utility room, where he would be warm and near the backdoor.

Under my breath I whispered to myself, “and I have the perfect spot he needs to fill.”


I waved them off, as the SUV, over-packed with luggage and the loving family, left for the airport. Hector sat dutifully beside me, looking a little forlorn, as he saw his Master and Mistress disappear down the street.

“Don’t worry,” I whispered in his ear, “I have some special treats for you while they are away.”

I let Hector settle in the kitchen, while I stripped totally naked, as I wanted him to be very use to my body and smell. Sitting beside him on the floor next to his basket, I stroked his head and body, working my greedy hands down towards his belly. Gently touching his furry sheath, his red cock started to grow, and grow, and grow. “How bloody big was this thing?” I thought, as his cock started to twitch, as I worked it gently, his watery pre cum covering my hand.

If there were any doubts left in my brain, there were certainly none in my body, as I felt myself get wetter and wetter, the more my hand massaged that heavenly dog cock.  Hector must have smelled my excitement, as he started to lick at my face and my nipples. His wonderfully rough tongue had my nipples hard, and made my aching pussy even wetter.

I reluctantly let go of his cock, and crawled away slowly on my hands and knees, wiggling my ass invitingly towards him.   He was on his feet in a flash, and I stopped, allowing him to bury his snout deep into my ass and pussy.  I opened my legs further, as his long tongue rasped the full length of my pussy, causing me to moan loudly, as the tell-tale tremors of a pending orgasm grew inside me.

The sudden moan of pleasure caused Hector to stop and lift his head, unsure if he had done something wrong.  Putting my head down on my crossed forearms, lifting my naked ass higher into the air, I whispered words of encouragement to him, and he eagerly started licking again, clearly enjoying what he tasted.

“I guess I’ll never know which type of peanut butter he prefers,” I giggled to myself, but the licking suddenly stopped and a feeling of emptiness and frustration washed over me.  My frustration didn’t last long, however, as Hector decided to do what came naturally and mount his bitch. Well not so much mount, as he didn’t really need to rise that much, he just took three steps forward and then the tall dog stood over my crouching body with his leaking cock and starting to jab at my hind quarters.

“This was it…the moment of truth…do I really want to do this?” I asked myself, and the reply came screaming back through my brain in a millisecond, “too fucking right I do!”

I could feel Hector stabbing at me with his cock, leaving trails across my ass, and I reached under myself and grabbed his cock, which seemed to have grown even thicker, and guided his glorious phallus into my pussy, which was well lubricated with my intense desire.

“OH…….MY…. FUCKING ……Godddd!” I screamed out at the top of my lungs, as he drove his cock home, burying it in me to the hilt, in one mighty thrust, filling me like I hadn’t been filled for over twenty years.

Resting my head on my cool, tiled kitchen floor, I braced myself with my arms, as Hector went to town, slamming his cock in and out of me, like there was no tomorrow. I didn’t even need to touch my clit, as the first orgasm burst through me like a flash flood, but Hector never broke stride.  He had a new bitch under him, and he was going to use her to the fullest.

I could feel his baseball sized knot banging on my pussy lips. It was either too large to enter, or I wasn’t relaxed enough, but Hector needed to seed me, so he did. His hot jets of cum spurted deep inside my pussy like a fire hose connected to the hot water tap.

He pulled out almost as soon as he had cum, and since he wasn’t locked inside me, a river of his seed mixed with my juices cascaded to the floor leaving me feeling so empty inside, but so incredibly satisfied, at the same time.

Hector went back to his basket and started licking himself, as I continued to crouch in the same position, trying to catch my breath, smiling to myself that this was going to be a very good week.


When I got down stairs, naked, Hector seemed very pleased to see me and he could not have had any idea just how happy I was to see him.  I made sure he was fed and watered, as after his outstanding performance yesterday, I was eager to let him knot me today.  Just the thought of it had made me wet all through the night, and I had even considered sneaking downstairs and waking him.

Assuming the position once more, I presented myself and waited for Hector to notice, which didn’t take that long. The delightful sensation of his cold nose in my ass, and his long rough tongue lapping at my pussy, soon had me moaning and my juices flowing.

Then he mounted me, my body tingling from the already familiar feeling of his soft belly fur rubbing on my back, and his throbbing cock found what he was seeking, and drove home again on the first thrust.  The feeling of fullness, and of rekindling this deep taboo desire, was as wonderful as yesterday, as he slammed in hard and fast, although perhaps a little more measured than the previous day.

I felt his knot banging against my pussy, demanding entry, so I took a deep breath and relaxed myself as much as I could. Then it happened. That intense flash of pain flashing through my body like a lightning bolt, as the knot initially drove inside me, followed by warm wave of bliss, as my pussy clamped around it. I couldn’t believe how deep he was inside me, as it felt like his cock was going to come though the top of my head.

I felt his knot start to pulse and throb inside, as it swelled even larger, locking him into his new and very willing bitch. When he started to pump his seed deep into my womb, a series of consecutive orgasms crashed through me, as I was literally impaled on his spurting cock.

A sudden sharp pain reminded me that I should have support underneath me, as I almost collapsed under his weight, my legs like rubber, nearly causing the massive knot to tug my insides out, as I slumped to the floor in an orgasm-riddled heap. Eventually his knot subsided enough to slip painlessly out of my battered pussy, and as he pulled away this time, he shot his seed so deeply inside me, that hardly any spilled out of me, unlike the last time.

They say that Sunday should be a day of rest, but not for Hector and me, as he took me several more times over the course of the day. As soon as I sensed he was ready, I would get on all fours, and wait to ascend into doggie heaven.


I stood in front of the kettle in the kitchen, my body aching from the battering it had taken the previous day, my short robe wrapped round me as I waited for the kettle to boil, and listened to dawn chorus wild birds outside.  I was startled out of my daydream, as I felt a cold wet nose poke under my robe, and Hector’s tongue once again found my pussy. Knowing that my coffee would have to wait, as I saw that he was already showing, and knew we both had the same idea on the perfect start to the day.

Obediently dropping to all fours, Hector mounted me quickly, and drove his cock deep into me, sending an orgasm throughout me in an instant. He seemed more dominant this morning as he fucked me; his head above mine, looking around the kitchen, as he took his bitch unapologetically. I was under him, head hanging down subserviently, happy to feel his cock inside me again.  There was no question as to whether I was going to take his knot or not, as this time he forced it into me early and again pumped me full of his seed.

After he had finished and extricated himself from me, he gave my pussy one huge, appreciative lick, almost as a thank you, before retiring to his basket with a satisfied look on his face, as I struggled to my feet and made my morning coffee.

As I stood there feeling his seed trickle down my inner thighs, a devilish thought popped into my brain. Reaching between my legs I collected a handful of his seed, mixed with my own juices, and licked my palm, savouring the taste our mixed secretions. Once my hand was clean, I pressed it again to myself, and scooped out more of the mixture, allowing it to drip into my coffee, before cleaning the last droplets from my fingers.  I repeated this a few more times, and then stirred it into the dark brew, and I can tell you honestly, I have never had a morning coffee that tasted so divine.


Hector had started his day just as he wanted, by fucking me first thing, as soon as I came downstairs, but today he seemed especially randy indeed. It seemed to me that no sooner had he finished, and I had cleaned myself up, he wanted to fuck me again. By early evening, it felt like he had fucked me a hundred times, and I had given up trying to clean myself up between bouts, enjoying the slutty feeling of being full of and covered with his cum.

I had moved a leather footstool into the kitchen so that I could lay over it, supporting myself while he fucked me.  As I was trying to get into a comfortable position over the stool, he once again mounted me, but this time, instead of him finding my battered pussy, his cock jabbed at my anal star. The sharp pain at my most sensitive spot caused a moment of panic as he jabbed at me, and before I could work out what to do, a white hot flash of pain shot through me, as he found a hole he could use, and drove his thick cock into my ass.

I have enjoyed anal over the years, and have always loved that initial pop, as a guy’s cockhead pushes past my sphincter muscles and enters my ass, but this was so much more primal. It felt like he would surely tear me apart, and draped over the stool there was no way I could get away from Hector, as he repeatedly forced his cock deeper into my ass.

Hector’s watery pre cum, mixed with a lot of my juices from earlier sessions that day, made everything slippery enough for him to keep going, and he started to fuck my ass at a rapid pace, sending waves of pleasure and pain through me. Realising that he wasn’t going to stop, I relaxed and the burning sensation began to subside, and I resigned myself to enjoy his anal assault. Reaching between my legs, I rubbed my clit a few times, and felt his seed from previous mating session oozing from my body.  As my orgasm hit, I must have tightened my anal muscles around him, as he let out a yelp of pain, and then started fucking my ass again with a renewed vigour. I could feel his knot banging against my ass cheeks, but thought “no fucking way he’s gonna knot my ass.” Then I felt his cum shooting deep inside my anal passage, spurting great jets of hot cum so far inside my ass, I was sure I could taste it.

He pulled out of my ass with an audible pop, leaving me slumped over the footstool, panting like the bitch I had become, a bitch with a huge smile on her face, and an ass full of dog cum.


Hector looked at me with a quizzical and seemingly disappointed look on his face, as he saw his new bitch arrive in the kitchen, dressed in joggers and a tee shirt.

“We need fresh air,” I bent and mock scolded him, but all he did was look at me and lick my face. I suppose he got his fresh air when he went out to do his business, but I needed to run and work a different set of muscles, other than the ones that had been over-worked the past few days.

Hector greeted the word ‘walkies’ with as much enthusiasm as he did the word ‘mount,’ and soon we were running though the back garden and out into the fields beyond. If you haven’t run with a dog before, it’s a dangerous occupation, I can assure you. Their pace is so much faster than ours, and as they run along side you, they can change direction and accelerate, any time they choose. That can be away from you, in front of you, or across your path. It’s the latter option that can cause the biggest problems.

Whether it was a rabbit or just sheer devilment, that’s exactly what Hector did.  Without a bit of warning, he turned sharply to his right, and I went straight over the top of him, and down in a heap, in the bushes along the side of the path.

Whatever it was he had thought he saw, when he saw his new bitch in the position a familiar position, his focus changed immediately. As I got to my hands and knees, and was about to get back up to my feet, he was on me in a flash, sniffing at my upturned ass, then mounting me, keeping me in the all fours position.

I knew that this path was fairly secluded, but the thought of succumbing to him out in the open, with the possibility of getting caught, had my pussy flooded with wanton desire.  I couldn’t help myself as my brain screamed, “if Hector wants his bitch, then I have no choice but to comply.”  I simply reached back and pulled my joggers and panties to my knees, without even trying to stand, as he feverishly jabbed until he eventually found my soaking wet pussy, and buried his cock in deeply.

Gripping my waist, he started to pump hard, filling me full of his wonderful cock, a feeling I was quickly becoming addicted to.  It was at this point that it occurred to me that while an outdoor quickie might be OK, if he tied me, then we could be stuck like that for a while, increasing the likelihood of someone happening upon us.  Luckily, my joggers bunched around my knees held them quite closely together, preventing him from slipping his knot in, although he was certainly giving it a good try.

I had to bite my arm to stop myself from crying out, just in case there were any other walkers or joggers within earshot, as I came from Hector’s pumping.  After he had filled me full of his seed, and dismounted, I pulled my panties & joggers up and tried to run on legs of jelly. I could feel his seed seeping out of me as I ran wobbly down the garden path, and loved the warm feeling between my legs.


By now, Hector and I had fallen into a nice routine.  I would wake; come downstairs naked, and he would give me a proper ‘good morning’ fuck. I would then sort out our breakfasts, and then would settle down for a longer morning session where he would knot and breed me.

He had just fucked my brains out, and had locked and turned so we were stuck ass to ass, when it happen.  “DING DONG!”  The unmistakeable peal of the doorbell cut the sounds of our combined panting.

I figured it must be the post lady with a parcel for me, but I was far too busy and enjoying myself to worry about that too much. I reached under and started to touch my clit, building toward another orgasm, as Hector’s knot pulsed inside me when it suddenly occurred to me, “shit! She knows the code to the gate.”

Down the side of the house was a drive with electric gates, which required a key code for entry. This meant if she came to the back door to drop off the parcel, she would walk right past the large kitchen window, which would reveal the scene of me on all fours, with a very large, satisfied Great Dane locked inside my equally as satisfied cunt.

Pure panic started to set in, as I imagined the papers, and headlines, and the reporters camping out on my front lawn, when “DING DONG!” went the doorbell again.

This now got Hector’s interest, and still locked in me, he barked at the door and tried to move towards the sound. When a Great Dane moves and his cock is knotted inside your pussy you have no choice but to move with it, and I felt him tug me towards the hall and the front door. I heard the letter box open and thought, “If she looks through that letter box, she would get the sight of me being pulled down the hallway by my pussy.”  To my relief, flap of the letter box banged closed, and the card saying ‘the parcel would be at the post office for pickup’ fluttered through the air and landed on the mat.


After the scare from the day before, I decided that today would be Hector’s day of freedom, especially since his owners would be coming home the next day. Kneeling down in front of him, I grasped his big head firmly and told him, “I want you to fuck me all over this house today,” and his response was simply to lick my face, as if he understood my words.

I crawled around the floor on my hands and knees, and it didn’t take long before Hector decided he was horny. He pounced on me in the lounge, and I barely had time to brace myself over the arm of a chair, before he was on me, and in me. My pussy formed perfectly around his cock now, and I pushed back against him, bracing to his thrusts, as he frantically drove in and out of me.  As soon as I felt his knot, I pushed back hard, and moaned with pure pleasure, as he slipped inside and locked in, filling me full of the seed that I craved.

About an hour later, I crawled up the stairs catlike, and shouted to him as I did. You could see the look of confusion on his face, as he saw his bitch beckoning him to a part of the house he wasn’t supposed to be in.

As my naked ass turned the corner onto the landing, lust overcame his fear of doing something wrong, and he bounded up the stairs in three long leaps. I crawled into my bedroom, as he was sniffing and licking, clearly wanting his bitch to stand still.  Lying over the bed, I looked in the full-length mirror and could see his mighty cock jutting our from under his tummy.  The sight was the most erotic thing I had seen, and I enjoyed the vision of beauty, as he mounted and slid home inside me, as the scene unfolded in our reflexion.

As I looked at the mirror, it was sort of like watching a movie, yet at the same time, the undeniable sensation of his cock driving into me made it clear this was real life. I threw my head back and howled, as I orgasmed, which seemed to spur him onto newer heights of passion and enthusiasm.

That night he slept in my bed, and I couldn’t resist playing with his cock, loving how hard he got, and how his cum leaked onto my hand. To avoid getting too much on the sheets, I spent a lot of the night with his cock in my mouth, sucking his pre cum and swallowing it. A couple of times during the night, he became frisky, and almost like he knew this week with his new bitch was coming to an end, he would wake and nudge me with his big head, to assume the position.

Climbing joyfully onto all fours, I moaned with pleasure, as he fucked me to countless orgasms, before pumping me full of his cum. After his knot had subsided, and he had slipped out of me, we would fall into a slumber, only to awaken a few hours later and repeat the entire process.


As the sun broke into the bedroom and the first few rays hit my face, I felt Hector climb onto my back, almost as if he knew this would be our farewell fuck. Hector didn’t seem concerned with anything besides fucking me, but I had tears of both joy and sadness running down my cheeks, knowing that in a few short hours, this incredible week of dog fucking would be over.

As I handed his leash back to Lucy, she smiled and gave me a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin, which they had brought back from holiday, as a way of saying thank you. I remember Lucy asking me how Hector had been, and I tried to contain my smile to a minimum, as I told her how much of a pleasure he was to look after.  I swear I nearly orgasmed on the spot when Lucy said, “maybe you can look after him again sometime.”

As they walked away, Hector looked at me over his shoulder with those wonderfully expressive brown eyes, and I couldn’t help but blow him a kiss and whisper, “until next time.”

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