Wed. Aug 17th, 2022

Sixteen year old Mandy had just left her boyfriend and was walking along the small country lane to the village where she lived, there was a cold breeze blowing and Mandy was wishing she had picked up her panties and put them back on after her and her boyfriend and finished having fun in the bus shelter, the breeze was now blowing round her love tube her short denim skirt offered her very little protection. Mandy decided that instead of walking two miles down the lane she would cut across the field which was only a mile and would save a lot of time, Mandy walked to the gate closing it behind her as she entered, Mandy started walking across the field as she past the gypsy camp she was surprised not to hear the dogs bark and see them pulling at their chains, After passing the gypsy camp Mandy heard a growl and just ahead of her she saw the two dogs, Mandy stopped walking feeling a bit scared of the dogs, the dogs moved in Mandy’s direction, Mandy got more scared then turned and started running back towards the gate as she ran she caught on something and fell flat on her front, the two dogs stood round Mandy barking Mandy lay still and after a couple of minutes rolled onto her back, the dogs moved closer, one dog stopped barking and started sniffing Mandy, Mandy felt the dogs nose on her legs, she heard the dog growl then the other dog was sniffing her legs she felt her skirt push up a bit then to her horror she felt a dogs nose on her love tube then she felt the rough tongue of the dog kicking her love tube Mandy was to scared to move and just lay there as the dog licked her licked tube after five minutes the dog stopped licking Mandy then saw the paws of a dog either side of her shoulders then a weight on her chest and saw a dogs head and at the same time felt something damp on her legs she felt the damp spot moving around on her leg and realised it was the dog’s dick, Mandy then felt it pushing against the lips of her love tube and before Mandy felt the dick push into her love tube feeling it go all the way in then felt it humping her Mandy realised in horror that the dog was fucking her and she could do nothing to stop it, the dog was humping away at Mandy and after a short while Mandy found that it was starting to feel good then found she was enjoying it and after a minute she climaxed the dog was still humping and Mandy came a second time.

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