Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Amy was the biggest trouble maker in the small country village where she lived, she was very fouled mouth, drank cheap cider, and bullied anyone, at sixteen years of age she did not have any friends in the village, her fellow residents wanted nothing to do with her and stayed clear of her, but there were quite a few of the male folk who would love to have got her in their beds, many a boy had jerked off thinking about her naked. It was a late evening as Amy lay in the grass just outside the grounds of the big mansion that was about a mile outside of the village, Amy knew that the people who lived at the mansion were away on holiday and that the mansion would be empty so there would be some rich pickings inside. Amy lay looking through the mesh fence checking that there were no lights on that could mean somebody was inside, after seeing there were no lights on Amy pulled a pair of wire cutters from her bag and cut a hole in the fence big enough for her to squeeze through and after going through the hole she had cut made her way to the house and cut the wires on the alarm and after testing the alarm was off by rattling the doors she pulled her glass cutter out of her bag and cut a hole in the glass of the patio doors which she then climbed through, after looking round the downstairs part of the mansion Amy headed upstairs where she knew the jewellery would be which she knew she would easily sell. Amy decided that before getting the jewellery she would have a swim and went to the large swimming pool where she stripped and dived naked into the pool, after swimming a couple of lengths Amy climbed out of the pool as she did she heard a deep growl spun round and saw six big Doberman dogs, Amy cursed herself for forgetting about the dogs which were advancing towards her, Amy realised she was trapped, two of the dogs rushed at her knocking her off balance as she fell Amy hit her head knocking herself out for a few minutes when she came to it took her a few minutes to fully focus and when she did she realised the dogs were licking her naked body, Amy froze in fear as the dogs licked her body she felt one licking her love tube and others her boobs, Amy was to scared to move and just lay there after five minutes Amy was starting to get aroused and started to enjoy having her body licked and after a few more minutes was feeling horny, the dog licking her love tube moved further up her body still licking and as it did Amy saw it’s pink dick sticking out and thought oh shit no and when she felt the dick rubbing on her love tube she cried out ” no fuck off” and when the dog entered her love tube she screamed out, the dog started to hump Amy who could do nothing to stop it, after a few minutes Amy felt the dog cum then pull out of her love tube but soon another was licking it and Amy soon felt it penetrate her and start humping her after awhile Amy found that it was starting to feel good and relaxed and after a few minutes climaxed as the dog humped her, after a half hour Amy lay on the tiled floor as the sixth dog humped her moaning as she came for the fourth time, the dogs were soon laying on the floor ignoring Amy who crept out of the pool area collecting her clothes as she went and locking the door behind her and headed for one of the many bathrooms where after having a shower got dressed and left the mansion making a mental note to return to the mansion again before the owners returned.

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