Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Pam was continuing to struggle keeping up with the other salesmen. It didn’t help at all that her husband Jim was Dunder Mifflin’s top salesman and yet he seemed to put little effort into it. Her life choices always race through her mind. Could she have made a career for herself as an artist? Is she even good enough sales? Should she just go back to reception? Of course she knew she was stuck there. Suddenly, she felt a pair of hands on her shoulder causing her to jump. It was Michael Scott.

“Pam! Could I see you in my office for a minute?” Michael said lacking his usual enthusiasm.

“Sure Michael” Pam replied, worried about what may come. As they walked towards Michael’s office she ran her hands along Jim’s arm hoping for a response. But Jim was focused on tormenting Dwight leaving Pam feeling more isolated than ever.

The blinds and the door to Michael’s office was closed. As Michael tried to gather his thoughts all Pam could hear is the sound of heart pounding in her ears.

“Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam… are you happy in Sales?”

“Umm, yes, of course I am.” She replied back feigning confidence.

“It’s just that your sales are really low. And… I love having you here, but if Sabre notices, they’re going to make me get rid of you.”

“Michael, you can trust me! I’ve always been there for you. Just give me a chance.”

“Well, there is a potential client. Really big! But we can’t risk losing it…”

“Michael, you have let me get them, you know I can do it!”

“That’s what she said!’ Michael interrupted, creating an awkward silence.

Pam began to think. She knew it’s been a long time since Michael has been with someone and he used to make a lot of passes at her. She decided to try and sweet talk her way to get the client.

“You know Michael, maybe all I need is a good mentor. Someone who could help me ’do it’”

Like a reflex, Michael again replied “That’s what she said!”

Pam leaned forward towards Michael’s ear and whispered “I know. I could be ’flexible’ to your needs. And I’ll take whatever you want to give to me.”

Michael could barely control his maturity and was giggling uncontrollably. Pam walked around the desk and started rubbing Michael’s shoulders.

“So is there any way I could try to get this client?” as she looked down at Michael, she could see he had a massive erection. She only saw his bare cock once when she walked in on him while he was getting ready for the fun run and although she doesn’t care to admit it, she was turned on by it. At this point Michael couldn’t say no and gave her the clients information. Once Pam left Michael’s office and closed the door she could hear a sudden repetitive squeak of his chair accompanied by muffled moans.

She spent the rest of the day learning about the new client. His name was Sam Churchill and he ran a company she never heard of. Pam knew Kelly was an expert at finding out information about people, so she headed over to the annex. Pam was never a fan of that area, mostly because Toby would try and flirt with her in a really creepy way. Kelly immediately noticed Pam and was very excited.

“Oh my God! Pam! Hi! How have you been?”

Before Pam could even respond, Kelly already began updating Pam on the past week’s worth of celebrity gossip.

“So Kelly, there’s this guy I need you to find some information on. Like what kind of things he likes and stuff.” Pam eventually managed to spill out as Kelly paused in between facts.

“Oh my God! Are you going to cheat on Jim?” Kelly gasped in a loud whisper.

“No, no, no… he’s a potential client and I need the sale, so I figured if I knew more about him then… you know.” Pam replied defensively. Kelly began too google his name and pull up relevant things about him.

“Well, he runs a design company and seems to really love art and is super hot… and looking at some his pictures he really likes slutty girls.” Kelly informed Pam. Seeing the art and his looks, she was getting turned on by him.

“Hmm, do you think you can help me get an outfit that would really work for him?” Pam asked knowing the response she’d get.

“Of course Pam! I always say we should go shopping more!”

Almost instantly, Pam got dragged out to the mall with Kelly. As Kelly kept talking about outfits and what’s in style, Pam’s mind was constantly drifting towards the way Sam looked in his pictures. The thought of dressing in provocative clothing for a stranger and one as cute as Sam was making Pam horny. However, with Kelly next to her, there wasn’t anything Pam could do to relieve herself. With her arousal only getting stronger, she started noticing the curves Kelly has. The brief period Pam spent studying art, she never experimented with girls even though all her fellow classmates were fucking each other constantly. Pam imagined Kelly using her tongue on her wet pussy. A quiet moan of pleasure escaped her lips and she snapped back to reality to see they were at the mall.

Kelly knew all the ins and outs and quickly found a chic store with clothing to show off Pam’s curves that have been hidden in office wear. Pam tried to comprehend the vast variety of clothing options completely overwhelmed. By the time Pam had any idea where to start, Kelly handed her a pile of clothes for her to try on.

In the dressing room, Pam looked through the different outfits. She was surprised Kelly knew her size. The first outfit was a tight miniskirt and a small matching vest. Pam asked Kelly about a blouse, but learned that was the outfit in its entirety. Pam started to strip out of her clothes leaving her in her white bra and panties. She spent a moment to look over her body. Noticing a massive wet spot on her panties, it was evident just how horny she was. Pam decided to put her moment of privacy to good use. She slid her panties off, she normally keeps her pussy shaved but Jim has neglected Pam sexually and a small bush has grown. Sitting down, she circled her lips with her finger and begun sliding a finger inside her. Pam could already imagining being ravaged as her other hand unhooked her bra to start playing with her nipple. Getting impatient, two more fingers slid inside her pussy with her thumb rubbing her clit. Pam felt an orgasm coming and she was making a noticeable rustle. There was a knock on the dressing room door, but it went unnoticed by Pam who was moaning in pleasure.

“Pam, you should come out, I want to see how it looks!” Kelly said through the door.

The sound of Kelly’s voice pushed Pam over the edge as she loudly said “I’m coming!”

But through the door, Kelly thought she heard Pam say to ’Come in.’ Just as Pam had an orgasm, she sees Kelly staring at her.

“Oh sorry! I thought you were dressed” Kelly said eying Pam’s body and salivating over the sight of Pam’s fingers drenched in her juices. Pam knew she should stop and cover her body, but her brain and body sent mixed signals. Animal instincts took over and she grabbed Kelly pulling her in for a passionate kiss. Kelly tried to resist at first, but the feeling of Pam’s tongue massaging hers and the smell of her pussy drove Kelly wild sending her hands all over Pam’s body, embracing her touch and heat.

Pam’s hands quickly disrobed Kelly without breaking the kiss. Kelly’s tongue felt amazing in Pam’s mouth. But Pam started to lower Kelly’s head towards her crotch. Kelly quickly got to work on Pam’s pussy. Pam was enjoying the feeling of Kelly between her legs and felt another orgasm coming. She began to pull Kelly’s head closer grinding against her. As Pam was about to climax again, Kelly pulled on Pam’s nipples pushing her over the edge.

Pam was completely exhausted as Kelly was regaining her composure. “Wow Pam, where did that come from?” Kelly asked inquisitively.

“I don’t know, I just couldn’t help myself. I’m really sorry.”

“No, don’t be. It was really hot. Hopefully no one heard us… so… does this have anything to do with this client?”

“No… well… umm… I don’t know. It’s complicated.” Pam tried to explain. She was having a hard time trying to articulate her feelings because she wasn’t too sure what was going on either. Kelly tried to come up with explanations but it didn’t help. Eventually, Pam tried on some of the outfits and bought the first outfit she looked at. She felt it was the perfect blend of business and pleasure.

That night Pam and Jim were in bed. Jim reading a book while Pam was on her laptop trying to secretively prepare for her meeting tomorrow. Pam turned the computer off and started cuddling with Jim. Jim brushed her off trying not to lose focus on his book, leaving Pam alone with her thoughts. The idea of doing whatever it takes to make the sale was more of a fantasy at first. However, the feeling of neglect was making her consider it more and more. Would she even be able to seduce him? She was able to seduce Michael, but that’s not really a challenge. After all, Ryan seems to seduce Michael on a daily basis without trying.

The next morning, Pam got up before Jim woke up. She didn’t want him to see her wearing the slutty outfit she bought yesterday. Although, she wondered if Jim would even notice. Pam drove off to the client. The drive felt endless with butterflies in her stomach keeping her on edge. She arrived to the building. It a small building about the same size as her office building, but the design was stunning. It took her mind off Sam and to the beauty and art of the scenery around her. Pam was soon greeted by a friendly receptionist, she was a very gorgeous woman dressed very chic and ran the place in a very professional matter.

“Ms. Beasley, Mr. Churchill will be here in just a moment. Please have a seat. Would you like anything to drink? Coffee, tea?”

“Um, no thanks, I’m alright.”

The receptionist immediately went back to her work. A couple minutes passed and a well dressed man entered the lobby.

“So, you must be Pam. I’m Sam, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” Sam said pleasantly. Pam got up to greet him back but dropped her purse on the floor spilling its contents. Pam bent over to pick it up. She wasn’t used to wearing provocative clothing, and unknowingly gave a Sam a great view of her ass and thong.

“Let me help you with that.” Sam said as he eventually snapped back and bent down to help Pam out. He noticed some pieces of paper with doodles on them and began looking through them.

“Did you draw these?” he asked.

“um, yeah. There just some doodles I do when I’m nervous.” She replied, feeling embarrassed.

“These are really nice. You have a lot of talent. You could totally pursue an art career.” Pam begun to laugh a bit.

“I actually tried, but I don’t think I’m really cut out for it.”

“If you change your mind. Here’s my card. We’re always keeping an eye open for new talent.” He handed her his business card. “Anyhow, you’re here to sell me paper.” They proceeded to walk to his office. Most of the offices had an open concept with lots of windows except for one, his. Sam’s office looked almost like an apartment. It was very intimate.

“So, I know companies like yours are looking for the lowest costs, and the truth is we can’t beat them. But we can offer you customer service 24/7 and I promise I will be ready to fulfill your every need. I can be very flexible” Pam tried to say in a flirting tone.

“My every need you say? He said back, matching her tone. Pam got a bit nervous but pushed herself and replied, “Your every need.”

“Would you like a drink?” Sam asked as he walked towards a small bar in his office and poured two drinks before she could respond. They started to discuss specific details of the contract and terms. There bodies got closer together. As Pam was explaining logistics, Sam would run his hand along her leg and hair. He was much more forward than Pam expected.

“This all looks really great, but there is a slight problem. About 10 minutes before you got here I got a call from one of your co-workers, Dwight, I think. Anyhow, he managed to give me an offer. And it was a lot of savings. Now, I really like you. But we have to take the lower offer if it’s by the same company.” Sam stated with sorrow.

“What is the deal he is offering? It might be possible for me to pull out the same discount.” Pam pleaded.

“Well, he said it was a personal discount. Something about paying for it out of his commission.”

Pam felt defeated. She could match the offer but she needs to commission to keep her job. She felt like there was a rock in her stomach and a tear was starting to form in her left eye.

“Please, I really need this. And if you need me to do anything, you name it!” Pam begged. Sam leaned in and wiped the tear out of her eye.

“Don’t cry Pam. It’ll be okay. The offer hasn’t been submitted officially. So as far as the company’s concern, your offer is the one we’re accepting.” Sam put out his hand but Pam was so excited she practically jumped into his arms.

“Thank you so much!” She cried as she gave him a tight hug. Sam hugged back caressing her body. His hands started to drift lower towards her ass. As soon as he grasped her ass, Pam gasped and leaned back. They were looking into each other’s eyes. While Pam was reluctant, he saw tenderness and affection in Sam’s eyes. Sam begun to lean in for a kiss and Pam followed. Pam ran her fingers through his hair pulling his head in for a more passionate kiss. Sam started to pull towards a couch and laid Pam down as he got on top of her. He started to fondle Pam’s breasts while Pam felt a bulge in Sam’s pants.

She started to undo Sam’s belt buckle to remove his pants. Sam took this as a queue to remove Pam’s top and expose her breasts. He started sucking her right nipple as Pam unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out. It was much thicker than she expected. Her fingers explored every inch of his cock until she slid her hand further and found his balls. She was stroking his balls, giving them a light grasp matching pleasure surges she got from Sam sucking her nipples. Sam moved closer to Pam, straddling her chest with his dick right in front of her mouth. Pam kissed the tip of his cock and he twitched his cock making it hit her nose. Pam then wrapped her lips around his cock and moved her head further down his shaft. Her tongue was doing circles around his cock head making Sam moan in pleasure. She started to bob her head back and forth at an increasing pace. Sam started to match her rhythm with thrusts. Her hands continued to play with his balls and she could feel them beginning to tighten. Sam wrapped his fingers in Pam’s hair grasping her head and pulled her head closer to the base of his cock. Pam started to gag but Sam kept face-fucking her. Pam could feel his orgasm getting close, so she pulled back.

“Wait” she said softly. “I want you in me!” Sam pulled back, and removed her thong, still keeping her skirt on.

“I don’t have any condoms.”

“I’m on the pill” She replied immediately.

Sam inserted his finger in her slowly, teasing her. Pam was thrusting to get his finger deeper. Sam started to rub the tip of his cock against her pussy. This made Pam gasp in pleasure. He slowly slid his cock inside her, he made her appreciate every inch. As he slid all the way in, Sam kissed Pam lovingly and started thrusting as their tongues were massaging one another.

“You feel so good!” Pam said in between kisses. Sam started to grab her legs and bring them up.

“So, let’s just see how flexible you are” Sam said jokingly as he brought her legs on top of his shoulders. He held her legs tightly as slid in deeper than before. His cock was rubbing her g-spot with every thrust driving Pam wild.

They continued fucking like that for what felt like forever. Pam already came once and she felt a second orgasm coming. Sam was also getting close cumming. Pam felt his pace change as he pulled in for a kiss making Pam cum at the same time as Sam. They lied together, Sam’s cock still inside of Pam. Sam ran his fingers around Pam’s aureole.

Eventually, they both begun to get dressed. Pam started to feel guilty about she did. She could have kept the sale without cheating on Jim. It’s been so long since she felt someone so attentive to her sexual needs. Pam was getting ready to leave when Sam stopped her.

“Before you go… umm, your art. I wasn’t just complimenting it because I wanted, well this. You do have a lot of talent. And you would be a really good fit here… with me. Here’s my personal number, if you ever want to talk… or something.” Pam took his information and gave him a kiss goodbye.

By Yumiko

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